Lessons from the Isra’ and Mi’raj

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Allah Allah

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Allah Allah Hina Mohammed a want to study and or he want to stop at all who want to study one hour will be later I mentioned already emphysema woman CRT I'm early now they know me yeah the law furthermore when they're wanting a woman who follow the law Why should the ILA in the law Why should he care? Why should one know Mohammed Abu Rasul Allah? Allah salla Allahu Allah Allah in boca de waterland Mini in 110 this leaking will hurt your tendon, Marian and Allah will be here all wasabia sudo Warfighter heavy are in an army ny minocqua luganville firm belong mugsy hieromartyrs, Eaton, EBI and an ohmmeter What are Solon and what he what he said it was Allah who was robotically while

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he was heavy while there Jimmy minister Nabhi so nutty walk that we are 30 here laomi Dean, and my bad foot was equal one FC we talk a lot Hey, Tyler, play lahoma tequila. Yeah, Allahu Maharaja was Akuma hyphal. I said, All praises due to Allah alone. And then we seek aid and assistance in to him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Truly em Allah subhanho wa Taala guides knocking this lead and he Humala leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and everyone is said there is nothing worthy of worship save a lot alone. And then Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is both a servant and His Messenger. Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed our Prophet Mohammed sung Allahu Allah,

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you will sell them with many different miracles and evidences, and I'm the greatest miracles Allah subhanaw taala granted our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the miracle that is wrought with my Raj. The Knights journey is rot and mal Raj the essential up to the heavens. Allah subhanaw taala mentions this journey in the Quran. So behind a lady s ra the Abbe De Lima minute Masjid and her army lemma, Oxo Allah de Baraka

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linaria who Minaya Tina in Navajo semi arid Basu, Allah says that Subhana Allah Li exalted is the one who Han is how far removed is he from imperfection, Allah is glorifying himself that he is far beyond imperfection. What is the evidence of the perfection of Allah subhana wa tada the exaltation of Allah, that he gave this miracle to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he took this his servant from Israel Hello, I'm in Mecca to most of the doxa which is blessed to show him of our signs in no Hua, SME or go see it He is the all hearing the all seeing the date of the assault and Mirage is not entirely known. But many people attribute it to the month of Rajab. And since we're in

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the month of Rajab, we decided to speak about this topic, and extract some lessons, because there are so many lessons we can take from the throat and mouth. So many different events that happened within this one event and one incident for us to learn from. Let's take some small lessons in the time that we have together. Realize, first of all, the backdrop of this incident. This incident of an assault on Mirage, most likely happened towards the eighth or ninth year of the hinge before the the time of Mecca after that he signed up before a where the profits are longer I do send them faced some significant losses, where his Uncle Mo pilot died. Animal pilot was the one protecting our

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Mecca because he was respected and he was the leader of a chief of the tribe. And realize most of the data we have about our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being attacked physically, when they brought the carcass of the camel and they stood on his backs from Allah wherever you send them, when the alphabet tried to choke the prophets of Allah Islam for with his garments from behind when they tried to assassinate and come together to kill the prophets of Allah. Allah

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All of these things happen most likely after Mr. Pradhan passed away, because I'm a pilot was the one giving the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam political protection, where people no matter how much they hated the prophet and cursed him and said filthy things about him and threw things on the path that he would walk, they still held themselves back from physically attacking him. But when that will upon him died, they began to physically attack him because there was no political protection for our Prophet sallallahu sallam. And then that same year, the prophets wife Khadija, Ravi Allahu Allah now passes away. So if mo pilot was the one protecting the prophets, I send them

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outside of his house. Khadija was the one consoling him and encouraging him and helping him and protecting him inside of his house. And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam lost two people who he was depending upon in his mission to deliver Islam to humanity. And then that timeframe, the prophet SAW Allah and someone to apply it. And he called the people have applied to come to Islam, and what did he get from them just sarcasm and attacks from them, that they would sarcastically remark to him, couldn't Allah bring someone better than you as a prophet, and that they eventually got the children of their city and the thugs of their city and paid the money and said, Dr. Muhammad, and they attack

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the prophet SAW Allah and he will send them with rocks and stones until he bled some Allah who don't even send them in this timeframe, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam felt, you know, where the world is crashing down upon him what he felt all the supports that he had in the dunya were taken away, Allah subhanho data gave him this gift of the astrotwins Mirage almost to remind our Prophet sallallahu how to send them that there is something even if everything in this world is not there for you, there is something outside of this world. There's a loss of Hannah with Allah and His gifts and His Majesty. And so to go quickly through some of the story that we can learn from the

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prophets on the low end send them according to one narration is sleeping in the house of Romana, when the ceiling of the house opens, and the angel gibreel the sense now gibreel used to visit the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, but he would visit from the door. But this time, all of a sudden, the ceiling opens and Djibouti descends from the very beginning, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam could understand this is something different. This is a different issue that's happened. This is a different visit from Julian. And Julian opens the chest of our Prophet sallallahu annual send them and he washes the hearts of the prophet SAW Allah essentialism. And the Prophet says that

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jabril brings a gold basin filled with wisdom, and Eman, and he pours this basin into the chest of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And this is something very interesting when you think about it. First of all, there's so much symbolism to extract from this, but the promise on the lower end is about to see a great miracle. He's about to see a fantastic miracle, and a miracle beyond all the other miracles. And we spoke about this last week. The Miracle really only benefits the person who has a man, the person lacks sincerity in them, right? You already have sincerity you see the miracle your your Eman increases, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has to be prepared for the

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magnitude of the miracle he's about to witness. It hasn't said if another human being saw even a fraction of what the prophet sallallaahu Selim witnessed during the assault with Mirage, that person would lose their sanity. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was able to experience this and see it. Allah says in the Quran, Mazda has lost

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his eyesight didn't rove and wander he didn't like lose his sanity. Well, my thought brother, he saw everything. He saw everything. He understood it, and he brought it back and he related to his companions, some along the way I do send him How was he able to see these things outside of this world in a different dimension, he's able to see these things and understand that and keep your sanity and bring it back and teach the people because Allah subhanaw taala prepared him with a man and prepared him with wisdom. And the more you increase in your own wisdom and Amen, the more you will be able to see the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala and understand them properly. And so

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gibreel brings to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the animal al buraq. Moroccan, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam describes it

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as broccoli or focal CMR he says it's an animal that is bigger than the mules, or sorry, bigger than the donkey and smaller than the smaller, smaller than the mule. So he describes this animal and he describes it as moving you know, basically the speed of light. And budoff comes from idea of lightning. So it's something that moves the speed of light. The prophet SAW, I said it was being introduced to this animal that no other person really has seen before. And again, it's an indication to the prophets of Allah, wherever you send them you are going to see things that Allah has created, that human beings have no idea that it exists. Unless counter itis is where Hanako mela tell me that

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Allah creates that which you have no knowledge of

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How you know every day they're discovering a new bacteria, they're discovering a new organism, they're discovering a new form of life that they never knew existed before. And these are things that we can find how about the things Allah created that are outside of this dimension outside of our understanding where our sight, our perception, and so he sees this summer Allahu Allah usnm is being introduced to you're gonna see things. You're gonna see things right now that you haven't seen before that other people haven't seen before. And he rides and rock until he arrives at the Luxor. And when he arrives at Mr. Luxor, he stands to pray to Rockers, and when he prays there, all of a

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sudden he sees all the other prophets gathered in Mr. That officer and he says the time of prayer comes and and when the ration Jamil pushes him ahead to lead the prayer. So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam here is now leading the prayer in measure the Luxor surrounded by all the other prophets. And this is an indication and signifying and a message to our Prophet So Allah is me, he is the best of the creation.

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Because here he is leading the best of the people are the Prophets, and the one leading the prayer, some of them are listening was the best of all of them. And in this also the indication for us to our own man, the old man, Muhammad Sallallahu I use him is the best owners that Allah has created the best nations and allies created. And so you know, there is no better place in the masjid, the nobility of the place. There is no better people than the prophets, the nobility of the company, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and there's no better place in the masjid than the place of the meme. So the Prophet takes the most normal place in front of the most noble people, some Allahu

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Allah to send them this is why our prophet SAW Allah who said and tells us and so you'd want to add them What if I am the master of the children of Adam, meaning I am the best of the children of Adam one. And this is not a boast, the prophet is not boasting. But this is information we need to know. Because when we know that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is the best of the creation, we try to emulate him, right, we try to follow him. When we know that he's the best of the creation, we we pray for him, we send Sunnah and send them upon our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and after this prayer, God and brings the Prophet sallallahu, and you send them to things to drink from, he

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brings some wine and he bring some milk. And realize at this point in time in Islam, wine, alcohol was not hot. At this point in time, you know, the rulings come in over time, this ruling had not been revealed, it was still held on. And these two, in these two, you know, vessels are brought to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet is told, choose what you want to drink, choose which one you want, and realize both of them are held out at this time nothing is held on and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam chooses the milk and he drinks from it. And when he drinks from it gibreel says to him, Alhamdulillah, Allah dakka will say para. He says All praise belongs to Allah who guided you to

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the fitrah. And the scholars, they say the prophet SAW Allah who it said him even before it was made, how long, the prophet always hated intoxicants. He always hated alcohol, he always had an aversion to it, he always turned away from it. And so the Prophet sallallaahu

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Erickson says to the Prophet, so I said, he said, if you took the wine, your owner would have been misguided, but you chose what was the fifth Rob. now realize the fitrah we talked about the fifth or last week, that inner intuition inside of ourselves that that default factory settings that Allah set upon us, within us, right is to always choose what is pure. And the prophets on the lower end chose what was pure, he was given two options, milk in wine, milk comes pure from the animal, you don't need to do anything, you take it from the animal and drink it, it comes pure for us to drink. Whereas wine is goes through a process. It goes through fermentation, and fermentation is bacteria

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literally eating away at the thing. And so, you know, fermentation is the corruption of bacteria on the thing that it's fermenting. So wine is corrupted, and milk is pure.

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Milk nourishes you nourishes your body. And wind is what intoxicants intoxicates destroys corrupts your mind, if you were stranded in the middle of a desert, and all you had was one cup of milk, that cup of milk would extend your life that would make you live a little bit longer, maybe someone will find you maybe you will find land or find a city in time. If you were stranded in the middle of the desert and somebody gave you wine, you had a cup of wine, drinking that wine would make you die faster, it would make you dehydrated faster, it would make you urinate more, yes, this is a scientific fact you can go look it up. And so you would actually die faster if you drank wine and

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then the hell of the desert by itself. Right. And so this is parallel something very interesting. Milk nourishes and wine destroys the profit slice and then chose the best choice.

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And he chose out of his fifth round. And this is an indication to all of us to do what to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Aeneas and because the Prophet chooses always what is best, and it's best for us to follow the Sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu. He was

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the Prophet from a lowercase and then begins the mirage. He begins ascending through the heavens. And of course, there are so many different ideas and so many different lessons we can take. But the prophet moves to the heavens, and each heaven that he arrives at the gates of he needs a prophet who is waiting for him. At the first Heaven, he meets Prophet Adam it has sent him the second heaven he meets Prophet Isa and he said, I'm in the third

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area together the two cousins. And then in the third heaven, he meets prophet Yusuf audience and I'm in the fourth Heaven, he meets prophet Idris and then prophet Toulon, and Prophet Musa in the sixth heaven and Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam in the seventh heaven. When he meets Prophet Musa each time he meets the prophets. He says, I said, I'm alikoum and they respond with senem. When he meets Prophet Musa there's an interesting detail the after he meets Prophet Musa and he said to him, Musa and he begins to leave, Moosa begins to cry, and the angels asked more, so why are you crying? And Musa incidences this young boy, Musa was born much earlier than our Prophet from Allah is Allah, He

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says, this young boy will enter Jenna with more followers, and a better oma than mine.

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And so he begins to cry. Now, why is he crying, he's crying out of jealousy, he's jealous. He's jealous, he's gonna have a better oma than me, he's gonna have better followers than me, he's gonna have a better standard on the Day of Judgment than me. Now, normally, we think of jealousy is a bad thing. And jealousy is normally a bad thing. When the prophet SAW Allah when he was in him said lesson in the fifth and attain, do not have envy do not have jealousy, except two types of jealousy. What is the Prophet slice Allah mentioned, he says, you see someone who has a lot of wealth, and they spend that wealth for the sake of a lot. And you see someone who has a lot of wisdom, and they

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use that wisdom to teach people and to judge it between people, ie, the time where you can have jealousy is a positive jealousy, not you're jealous of that person. Oh, he's doing better than me. I want to tear him down. No, that's a negative jealousy, but a jealousy of Panama, this brother gives so much sun, I wish I can be like him, I wish I could have money so that I can also give so much stuff. I see this person doing so much good. I want to do good to that mentality, I don't want to tear him down. I don't want him to do less good. I want to do more good. I want to do as much good as that person, that mentality, that type of envy is a positive envy. It's a good envy. I see this

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person fasting a lot. I don't want to stop him from fasting and tear him down. I want to fast Also, I want to fast a lot to this type of positive envy is part of our religion. And it's a good thing, and one that we should have as well. Now the scholars mentioned, why are these prophets, one after the other in each heaven arranged like this, and there's a symbolism here the scholars talk about some people erroneously will say, well, Prophet Adam was the worst prophet. I had to believe. And that's why he met him first. And probably Ibrahim is the best and that's why he met him last. No, this is not the intention. Rather, there's a symbolism here he's meeting these prophets in this

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particular order. Allah subhanaw taala is reminding him of something every time he sees these prophets, when he sees prophet to add an audience to them. You think about the story of Adam, do you think about how Adam was created for Jenna and created in Jenna, but then he had to leave Jenna and he was able to return to it. Right? And Jen, though, was the holiest place in the app era. Well, guess what's, what is the holiest city in in this dunya the city of Mecca. And it's as if our last house I was giving our Prophet a symbolism a forewarning. Just like Adam had to leave the holiest place Jenna, you are going to have to leave the holiest city Mecca. And just like Adam will go back

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to Genoa you will be able to go back to Mecca as well. So the prophet SAW Selim is being told almost before it happens, you're going to have to leave Mecca but inshallah you will return just like Adam was able to return when he meets Lisa and yeah, he sees two people who their own people attack them their own people killed them. And so it's a reminder to our prophets in the lower he said, You're not the only person whom your own tribe, your own people turned against you. When he meets us if and he said that you think about the story of Youssef and his brothers and how his own brothers plotted against him. The prophet SAW Selim is realizing Hey, your own nation your own tripod are plotting

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against you trying to kill you, just like the brothers of Youssef tried to kill him and tried to get rid of him. What happened at the end. At the end, Yusef forgives them. At the end they realize their fault. What happens at the end of the story of our profits and loss. Someone already said he comes to Mecca and they accept Islam.

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And he forgives all of them. He doesn't say you did this to me on that day now I'm gonna take my revenge No He forgives all of them and in fact he says the same words that use of it he said I'm says when he forgives the people of Mecca and he mentioned he sees Idris Ali Salaam and Idris Allah how the only thing mentioned about whether he said no Quran or now mccannon Aliya, we raised him to a high status to a high place and the Prophet salallahu audio sent him his mention is that his will be raised as well. And he sees profit when it is set up and profit how on earth acnm was, you know, despised by the people but then eventually they accepted Him and it's a reminder to our Prophet so I

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said even though you know the people didn't like one in the beginning we ended up loving him. They will love the Prophet Mohammed Salah love wherever you send them. And he sees Prophet Musa and Prophet Musa is the Prophet most similar to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. I sent him with the same experiences and hardships and difficulty. And then he sees Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam and Bradley Ibrahim is the Father, the great great great great grandfather of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he sees Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salaam and this reminds him of his own connection to all the prophets. But when nobody had always talked about it, you would have to suffer

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in order for

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me allow him the Los Altos and Mr. IRS will allow you on early he also had busy woman what

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I don't want to take too much time but to you know very important themes that we have to discuss. Of course, we know the story of slowly becoming obligatory happens during the swallowed mount Raj, that Allah subhanaw taala tells our Prophet that there are 50 prayers of obligated upon this oma 50 solo acts obligated upon the oma the Prophet sallallahu Sallam leaves and Musashi. Sam asks him What did your Lord obligate upon you? He says 50 prayers, Musa tells him go back and ask for less. So he goes back and asks for less. According to one narration, Allah makes it 45 and the other narration lamesa 40. He comes back, Moses has still too much go back and he keeps going back and forth, until Allah

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subhanaw taala brings down the number of slots to five. And still Moosa tells the Prophet it's too much go back, the Prophet Muhammad's Isaiah says, No, I don't feel comfortable going back, it was 50 now it's five. And he hears the voice of Allah subhanaw taala, saying, I have made it 50 and this is now my rule. So this story that we all know. Now somebody might ask, what's the wisdom of Allah? How that is saying 50 and ends up five? Doesn't Allah know the future? Doesn't Allah know what's going to end up five? Why does he even begin at 50? Why do they keep going and coming and going and coming and have this whole story play out the way that it does? It's because Allah Subhana dies. There's a

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lot of wisdoms here. First of all, Allah Subhana Allah wants us wants to remind us of His mercy, His mercy upon us, he doesn't want to make life too difficult upon us, you need to be Communist or whatever you need to become winners. Allah wants things easy for you, and doesn't want things difficult for you. So Allah even though we we should be worshipping Allah so much more than we actually do. Allah wants to make things easy for us out of his Rama out of his mercy. The other point that is incredibly important for us to think about is 50 prayers. Imagine right now, we had to pray 50 times a day. So your 24 hours in the day, you're going to eliminate eight hours for

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sleeping, right. So how many hours you have left, whatever it is, you're going to take those hours and now you're going to put 50 prayers in there. It would come out to basically you're praying every 20 to 30 minutes, every 20 to 30 minutes, you got to get up and pray. Now, if you think about that, what is the last panel data really showing us? It's known as the purpose of this life should be are you guys have a must? The purpose of this life should be us worshipping Allah, that we shouldn't be worshipping Allah all the time. And so Allah subhanaw taala is, you know, he made it easy for us, but he wants us to realize our objective in this world is to worship Him. So kinda what's the other

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point that I want to mention inshallah, before we end, is the prophets of Allah Islam comes back to Mecca. And he wakes up and it seems like Allah has indicated for him You have to tell people what has happened. So he wakes up in Makkah, and he tells, he sees a Buddha, Allah Buddha looks at him because his enemy, of course, but he looks at the prophet SAW them sitting, looking very concerned. And we just said, What's wrong with you? And the Prophet tells him, I went to Jerusalem and came back in one night. And Abu Jamal can't contain his happiness. He's like, so happy that the Prophet is saying something that sounds so outlandish to him. So he tells him if I bring people with you

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tell them what he told me. The Prophet said, Yes, I well. Somebody runs and shall tell people come, come, come, there's an announcement. So people are interested. This is the enemy of the Prophet and the Prophet together, want to announce something, everybody's coming together. So everyone comes together and that Buddha tells the Prophet, he told them what you told me. So the prophets I seldom said to the people, I went

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To do something, they came back in one night, and people started to lose their mind, people kept laughing. People were slapping their their thighs from how bad they were laughing at this thing that sounds crazy. And then some of the people began who had actually been to Jerusalem started to ask the public's equivalent questions about Jerusalem. What does it look like? You're saying, you went there? I was there. You know, I spent a few months there. Now, tell me about the marketplace. What does it look like? Tell me about this landmark. What does it look like? Now the problem is that you went there quickly, one night and came back went there at night. You know, it's not like he saw

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everything. So the photos I said, I'm starting to feel, you know, he said, I felt my chest was constricting. I didn't know how to answer these questions. He said, as I felt that I saw, I must have that in front of me. I could see on the horizon, all the juice and

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all of the liquids. So they began to ask me questions, and I could, I could give them the detailed answers because he could see it right in front of them.

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And they took this story, one of the people when he heard this story, he went running to a blockbuster deal. He said, Can you believe what your friend is saying? The crazy things he's saying? He's saying that you want to do some came back in a single night? And then we'll look rhodiola and second coil. If he said it.

00:26:16--> 00:26:51

Then he said the truth. And this is what became known as a Sadiq The one who is the truthful one. We believed in the Prophet site, he said, because if he said is the truth, he said, How can you believe in this? He said, I believe in something far stranger, I believe that he's receiving revelation from Allah subhanaw taala. But what's crazier to think of he went to Jerusalem and came back in the night where he's receiving revelation from Allah, look at the, the intelligence of the Allahu Allah. Now, why is this part very, very important for us to think about? When we think about scientism, you know, believing in science almost as a religion, we believe in naturalism. Everything has to have a

00:26:51--> 00:27:14

natural explanation. Otherwise, it can't be true. Right, these very popular theologies and ideologies that are prominent in society right now. Like people at that time would say, this is an impossibility. It's impossible. It's completely impossible for someone to go from Mecca to Jerusalem and come back. This is a trip of like a month to come back in a single night. This is an impossibility.

00:27:15--> 00:27:53

Today, is that impossible? What if I told you somebody went from Mecca to eclipse and came back in a night? Is that impossible? No, we could just get on a plane, you'd go here on a private plane, you can do it in like an hour and come back. It's really not that big of a deal. If I told you somebody was seeing Jerusalem live while they're in Mecca, is that an impossibility? Not anymore. Take a take out your cell phone, you can get a live feed of whatever city in the world and you can see alive. You go Google Earth, and you can see the whole city right now. And you can see every single landmark and describe it right. So things that back then they thought was impossible. Today is really not

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that impossible. Right? And so when people talk about impossibility, how could you believe this? This is impossible. They're projecting their own limited understanding of the world and possibility. Right, and we as Muslims believe, unless God is beyond our limitations, so even if sometimes there's something that you know, we can't understand as human beings, that's okay. That's okay. Because we believe in Allah subhanaw taala, who is limitless, Hannah Horta, Allah. And this is something that's incredibly important, the one who created the laws of the universe, the laws of gravity, the laws of what we think is possible and impossible is also capable of contradicting those laws. subhanho wa

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Taala This is something that we should always think about an increase our men and Allah subhanaw taala because this was a sign to the oma as well that Allah Subhana Allah could make the impossible happen. They were being persecuted and killed in Mecca. Allah made them eventually conquer Mecca and only a few short years, Allah made the impossible happen for them. Allah subhanaw taala can always make the impossible happen. And that's why we should always turn our hearts to Allah subhanaw taala Finally, before we conclude, brother acid, who is a brother who prays in this semester often and volunteers all his time for our audio and our video Mashallah he's a great brother his mother passed

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away he's asking for all of us to make a hot for May Allah Subhana Allah forgive your sins and enter her into Jenna Mian in Aloma exclusive Luna Nabi Latina haveno solo Allah username with Sima along with Sadie was said Amanda Selena whenever you know, have you been hammered along with Sally Adam hamady Medical Jackie run abroad or Sunday Alejandra todo armscor Sonia hiragana Serato Suleiman de la Yama Dean while he was heavier prerenal prohibiting Well, I no matter mean, one in evangelia has slowly been allama letter and a few more common I hadn't been in LA for a while I haven't been in LA for a while I think in a local data, while Mr. Imani lasha feta. Well, I won't say Lasseter, well,

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how would you determine how I did dunia would athlete or Hey, look, I didn't want NFL soda. hella data was so tough. You might have your hammer rock I mean, hello mostly Islam one scene, where are we from the elements that help the audience

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