Ramadan The Month of Love – Day 14

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The importance of practicing what one is learning to achieve in order to live in a non- Muslim culture is emphasized, with a focus on praying for God with specific events and practicing the Witter practice after finishing a surah. The practice is highly recommended for individuals who wake up from the law or when they are late, and is not mandatory. It is also highly recommended for individuals who want to practice it.

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Miss Smith, you

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said Mr de como rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam on out of Surya may last pantano accept from all of us may have lost Pantanal give us more life to live more this Ramadan and even even more life to live more and more Ramadan Yara biani. May Allah benefit us from what we are learning? And may Allah Subhana Allah make us practice what we are learning to become gradually, or quickly or immediately, beloved by Alice pantalla by learning what he loves, and practicing what he loves. Some of us may say, this is difficult for me, maybe I cannot do it. It's hard. It's tough. This is the first time I hear this. I will say one thing to myself before

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anyone else. For us living in the non Muslim countries these days, when we talk to our non Muslim colleagues, and we say to them, we fast for 1617 hours, the usual response will be this is too difficult. I just had this conversation very recently. And it's like, No way not even water, I'm gonna die. And the answer is no. It may sound hard, it sound hard, but when you do it, maybe in the beginning, it is hard, but then it becomes very norm. Actually, by the end of Ramadan, when we finish and the day of eight comes in having breakfast feels very weird. So panela that's what we learn. Everything is easy, because Allah Subhana Allah makes it easy, and especially when we are

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doing things to please Him.

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Today, we're going to learn about something Allah described himself of it, and he loves it. And he want us to do it in one Hadith Subhan Allah and the Hadith is like this in Allah with your full width for Algeria.

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Very nice Hadith. It's narrated by Abu Dawood, it says, Verily, Allah is one

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loves odd numbers. Pray with people of the hora. Let's see one more time. Allah is odd one. Allah is one loves odd numbers you I believe with. For Algeria, help Quran, pray the width people of the Quran. So let's come first to Allah His width, then what? Your full width. What does that mean? He loves odd numbers. And then we will talk a little bit about the Witcher that we can practice. Allah is one, Paul who Allah had, say, Allah is one.

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That's a fact that we Muslims, is the basics of our belief. We believe.

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There is no god no deity worth of worship, except him.

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So Allah one you're a bull with this is what we need to learn. Very interesting. Allah Subhana. Allah loves odd numbers, loves odd numbers. For example, let's take acts of worship. Allah prescribed made obligatory five solder. When we perform mobile three times when we go for HUD off circumambulation around the Kaaba seven times when we go between Safa and Marwa, we do the same, the walk between the two mountains seven times

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when we cast the pebbles in had seven times

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the day of the trip and hedge the three days that are so special of the aid the festival during how or three days. Allah made an oath in the Koran bite or chef a while what the odd the evil. I mean there's many meanings of a chef that will work but one of them is the odd that's in acts of worship, even in his creation and if you look throughout the Quran, and again this is the month of the Quran may or must fantana make reading the Quran for everyone is easy. What did Allah says smrtv heavens seven a lot of the earth seven right he create his creation is also in odd number, an odd number one kind of each kind. But that kind may be true for other reasons meaning man and a woman, male and a

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female but in general his creations A lot of it is odd, one odd number or the number in Allah which Allah is one you're a bull with. Loves odd numbers and this is something practically we can do whenever you go buy in grocery. Now you'll learn this hadith a lot your head bull with so I am buying fruits.

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Apple and I'm going to put make it odd number and you're near your intention. You're doing something Allah loves my shopping becomes act of worship because I am doing I chose this number because I want loves it. So always try in as much as you can in your daily life to do the things that Allah loves with the intention. I am doing this thing to because Allah loves it and I want a lot to love me. So you're able with Allah loves the odd numbers.

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Even now in Ramadan Allah Swati Satya said I'm used to break his fast with odd number of dates one or three because it is a one loves it loves these odd numbers. So remember this and I don't have to explain why this part we should all get to the point enough Allah loves it. He said it clearly in this hurry. Allah loves it, I am going to love it. Then come the order for our chiru.

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Now coming to solitude with the prayer the odd the single sila, one ruka one that we do after we finish our surah in the night for Otilia Al Quran. All people of the Quran, perform Witter. And what is Witter is the last odd one little girl we do at the end of the night, or Ramadan. This is very,

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probably very familiar with a lot of people. This year, maybe we're not seeing it, watching it may Allah subhanaw taala make it easy, but in general, in general aroma, Juan comes to us with Salatu tarawih with the the extras taraweeh. The night PM, the night standing Insider, and we do eight or we do 20 and then at the end, we do three, two and one or three together but the point we end up the night signer with an audit number, with an odd number of Salah that we make a lot of drama in it. We do a lot of supplication that solitude with this foreigner to Luther is very beloved to Allah subhanaw taala and it is so no more awkward. It's a stressed upon, he did it all the time. And he

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his Salah to our center is not an obligation, meaning like praying lover or praying for God, but it's very close to it. And so you can have already said in a hurry. Ma asani halevi My beloved friend meaning or Swati Salatu was Salam asked him you're actually advised me to do three things or sign?

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Oh Sani hirakata you're actually first our Swami he advised me to faster three days, three days of the month. All kata you took out in the day before after sunrise and before midday, and an altar about an hour. And I pray one locker before I go to bed. So it is highly recommended. When do we do it depends on you. Let's take it now these days in Ramadan, if we are praying in JAMA or we are praying in a group and the Imam, our leader in the surah perform that which will pray with him.

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Even if you cannot finish everything before midnight, because the recommended is you do the water in JAMA. How about if you're doing it alone, or the Imam didn't do it? Then you do it yourself. Either before you go to bed or before fudger you wake up for support and you do your waiter before fudger which one is better? It depends on you in general. In general doing it before fudger is better because that's the time where it's a special time in the night where a lot pantalla with His Majesty descend to the lower heavens and then he looks and says anyone asking for forgiveness. Anyone has a need I can give to him. So that time is better. However, it depends. Are you a person who for sure

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you will wake up before fudger or you will not? If there is doubt then the best to be on the safe side. Do the Witter before you go to bed, if for sure you're going to wake up from the law then do it delayed unless you prayed with the group delayed till before further. So Allah with less remember,

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Allah is one Subhana Li set chemically he shaped nothing like the like of Allah. He just go through His name's nothing is like him. No one is knowledgeable, but him or no one knowledgeable like him. The one and only no one is merciful, like on last on time, a lot with law one only

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You're a Bluetooth he loves with. And I want to remind all of us that whenever we love someone, we always try to do what they love or act, something they love, especially in front of them. This is a human beings. What about Allah? And he's teaching me and you. Allah Witter is one love is Witter. Choose odd numbers as much as you can in your daily life with the intention with the intention of the fact Allah loves odd numbers. I want to do this in an odd number when possible. Then how to pray your Witter. Pray your water, highly, highly recommended an extra ordinary voluntary deed, usually one usually done at the end of the night after selecting Russia and after the extra slots you do.

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Either you do it before you go to bed, or you do it before so whole preferably before the budget before so that we'll figure if you can, and you are sure May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Again, teach us what is beneficial for us. But let us practice what we are learning. May Allah make this practice easy for everyone does that come along?