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Hasan Ali
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When the body is been washed hadith of Buhari when the body has been washed, when the body has been carried by people, it will either say one of two things.

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Either it will say,

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a studio a sitter or quickly quickly. Take me Come on, stop wasting time. I want to go, I want to go to my home, I want to go to my final abode on the go to my grave, either the body's saying this, we saying it, but the people next to us can hear it. The soul is speaking. No one No one who's watching the body can hear it. But he's speaking on the second one is the person says, ha, ha. What are you doing? Hey, guys, where are you taking me? Hey, where are you leaving me? No, no, don't. Don't talk with

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eBay saying that. I don't want to be that second person who says that? Every one of us is going to the home. If there's one person who's not going to the great for your 100 right now.

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Absolute Absolutely. Because it's 100%. For now, what am I prepared for the great because Rasulullah sallallahu told us, he said three things will follow you to the grave. Your family will follow you to the grave. Your monies and assets will follow you to the grave and your Armand and your actions. Whatever you did in your life, in your house, outside your house in your whole life will follow you to the great yellow gentlemen with Nan, two of them will return your families will bury you they will return back. Your assets will go to your grave. You still own it. Then they come back. All your assets, all my assets every single thing I had every item I had in this world all of its distributed

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to all my heirs all the people love to stay gone. The only thing that stays with me is my armor. That's now the new home sweet home.

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That's it I've now got to my grave now what we're facing my grave I face in my grave that what the prophets Allah said either is going to be rolled up in the oven, Jana is going to be one of the one of the best places I've ever been to paradise paradise on earth basically can't get into the full thing of this where the soul goes and so on. There's a there's a

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there's a whole talk of mine on the internet if you want to see it and it's has helped a lot of people who have had people passing away in their households. It's called Six lives of the soul. Six lives of the soul. We can just YouTube it and you find it. The soul is ghostly, you know CG, the body stays inside the inside the gray, but it feels it has a connection with the soul and it feels what's inside. But whatever is happening to the soul over there. It feels it inside the gray. Anyway, long story short.

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I've left my home behind everything we did my whole house assets. Where am I going? Allah says

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every single person will come along to Allah.

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Now when it comes to Allah on the Day of Judgment, I have no hope. I have no home the grave was a temporary home when it comes to Allah on the Day of Judgment now my alma, Amal, everything I've done fazes me. There's no There's no turning back. There's nothing I can do about this. Now I want you to think about this. The moment you go into the grave, my friend, which is we will go into the greatest answer yes or no? Come on guys. One big shout yes or no? Yes. Okay. As soon as you go in the grave, there's no Wi Fi.

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There's no Wi Fi passcode there. You don't get inside your game. You say what's the Wi Fi password, please can have the Wi Fi password. And people do that. And when they go to the house, they do that they go to any place. What's the Wi Fi quick? Wi Fi password. There is no Wi Fi.

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There's no lights. There's no electricity. There's no PlayStation five down there. There's no Xbox down there. There's no smartphone down there. The world can have the iPhone 20 By the time you've died, they can have the iPhone 21 iPhone 22 Whatever. There is no iPhone down there. There's no Samsung down there. There's no There's no device down there. There's nothing.

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There's no there's not even any politics down there.

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There is no BMP down there.

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There's no Awami League down the Astor Zeebo my whole life on life.

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There's no you know, labor down there. There's no conservative down there. There's no government down there. There's no one. There's no kings down. There's no biggest nothing. There's no parties down. There's no friends. In all the friends you have every single day, I want you to think about your friends right now. All of them above the earth while you're alone in the grave. None of them come Come with me. There is no mother there. There's no father in there. There's no child.

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