The Perfect Day 21

Wisam Sharieff


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And yes, if you can accept the days up till now forgive everyone, guys, gals, maybe if you viewed things on the internet that were not responsible, would you pray for their paradise? It what? Yes, please, please pray say I hope they all go to paradise. You use them you use them and you and I don't need to explain this to you I pray that they go to Paradise, except it they provided us the internet provided you some type of abstract pleasure. A drug gave you some abstract pleasure, thank your Lord for experience and say Oh ALLAH thank you for making me who I am. And that is a very difficult part. Because what if you fall into the addiction After saying this and oh my god, what if

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I make a mistake somewhere in the daily log?

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Every day is perfect. Every day will lead you to the perfect day. So I want you to stay in that moment. Say everything has been perfect and will be