The Perfect Day 20

Wisam Sharieff


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The last step could just turn into a video guys, right? This is literally where someone would need to pay 1000s of dollars and see it truly and if you can do it please go do go to Unleash the Power Within this is not a plug, I'm telling you it will work, go to date with destiny. Those are both Tony Robbins, Tony Robbins programs and no I didn't attend them. I'm still telling you if you can, those are a place for you to go to do this step. That's the real place to go to do this step.

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And Instagram is never going to change your life scrolling, scrolling through videos, but if you've gotten this far, except that everyday up till now has been perfect. The pain, it's perfect. It shaped you to who you are. The Agony the regret, the sadness, the addiction and even the pleasure from the highs.

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Thank you. Thank you. God, I thank you for every part of the puzzle. Please forgive everyone along the way. Pray for everyone along the way.