The Perfect Day 22

Wisam Sharieff


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Everything has been perfect. And it will continue to be because it's not about the world revolving around you and every traffic light turning green, you're able now to recognize it isn't I can control my anxiety I can control those difficult moments with three minutes of breathing, sitting and meditating and maybe at this level, you could stop and pray verbally Arabic English physical prostrations a who knows, sky's the limit here, friend, but I think that's why you have the backbone of belief. And I haven't talked about God or said anything about religion or a law or creator. But it's always been the spine in the background, that there is source there is God, there is a Creator.

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So today,

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I hope that you would accept with me every pleasure, every difficulty, and as I started this discussion with you all, I was in a moment of anxiety I fought with my eldest son, and we made up but I accept every mistake and every one of them