If everyones God is the same, then why many Religions

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Good evening, doctor. Greetings to you. I'm a Hindu. My name is Sandy. And I've been watching your videos on YouTube since long time.

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Being a Hindu I do respect other religions. I do respect Allah Prophet moment. I started my school in my childhood in a Catholic school, where I was taught about Bible and Christianity and Lord Jesus. And later on after a fifth standard, I came to know about my own religion, being born in Hindu family. And today, I do at times get attracted towards other religions. Okay, there is some common link between all religions. I have a basic question to you, doctor. Basically, I am from the science background, a pharmacy Guy. Today I'm authorized financial consultant. So, today what I look out there in the market is, many religions exist on planet Earth. If human being is the same, if

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human organs are the same, if the human body system follows the same heartbeats, blood flow, the same blood the same year, the same nose, if everything is the same, the creator has to be the same, the supreme power is the same. So if the supreme power the same, why do so many religions exist on Earth today? What is going to be the future now onwards, because if I go as per Chronicle Books, as per history, before 1000s of years Hinduism existed, then came, Lord Jesus, then Prophet Muhammad. And now today, what I see in front of my eyes is there are many religions, and every religion has its own pros and cons. So being a human, I get confused. I am and who I should respect my religion,

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as well as being a human being, I should respect other religions. So what is the final truth and what is going to the future for centuries ahead? The brothers asked a very good question, that there are so many different religions more than 4000 years back was Hinduism. Then Jesus can speak be upon him came 2000 years back or Christianity, then Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him came 1400 years back, something that's similar, some things are contradicting, there's so much of confusion. God, our Creator is one human body is the same creator has to be same. So why this confusion? It's a very good question. The reply is given in the Quran in surah Al Imran Chapter three verse 19. It says, In

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Medina in the lightest Psalm, the only religion acceptable in the sight of God is Islam, that is peace acquired by submitting a will to God. Almighty God only gave one religion to the human beings.

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As I said earlier, Almighty God has only sent one religion. But he has sent many messengers, when he sent messengers who got messages. By the passage of time, the message got changed.

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Again, a new messenger came, he bought a fresh message.

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Again, the people change it again, a new messenger came, it happened for many years, down the ages. But all the messengers bought, the basic message was the same.

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Almighty God, the last and final message

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was the Quran. Now you will ask me this question.

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That why did God revealed the Quran 1400 years back? Why didn't he reveal the Quran directly?

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They will look around directly, no confusion. You know, my son, he wants to become a doctor. He tells me, Father, Abba, why do you put me into nursery then dunya Gigi cynic at first I wondered why you put me in school, directly put into medical college.

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And then suddenly, if you want to be a doctor, first you have to go to nursery, pre primary, primary school, secondary school, medical college, then you become a doctor, you can't directly

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enter a medical college because you will understand. So Allah subhanaw taala, who is our Creator, He knows very well, that human beings would not be able to grasp the complete message of the Quran. If it was revealed earlier. 1400 years ago, Almighty God is our Creator, He knows this time, the time has come where human beings can understand the message. So that the reason previously he sent messages

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which were there, but not complete, because human beings could not understand could not grasp. As the message change. He sent a new message, a new messenger that the reason all the messages that came before the Quran, they were meant for a particular group of people and meant to be followed for a particular time period.

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All the messenger that came before the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem

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only sent for a particular group of people and was meant to be followed till a new message came.

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Almighty God

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he knew 1400 years ago was the time when human beings can understand the final message the Quran, he revealed it. And he sent the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Since Quran was the last and final message, it was not only meant for the Muslims or the Arabs, it wasn't meant for one particular group of people, it was meant for the whole of humanity. All the messages that came before were meant for a particular group of people. And the message was supposed to be followed for a particular time period. Because Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was the last and final messenger. He was not sent only for the Muslim or the Arabs, he was sent for all of humanity.

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But now today, you asked me, why are the different religions, our creator sent only one religion via human means kept on changing, but even in the corrupted form, I have a formula. I have a formula which will not antagonize any human being. I tell all these human beings at least believe that there is one scripture which is 100%, the word of God. So the Hindus would not mind agreeing, I believe whether to be 100% Word of God, the Christian would say, I do not mind believing Bible to be 100% Word of God, the Muslim will say, I don't mind believing Quran to be 100% Word of God to I tell them okay, now, let us agree to follow what is common in all these scripture? What is different? We'll

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discuss tomorrow. Let's not fight over the differences. Let us agree to follow orders common and at least we'll be sure that what is common in all the three scriptures, this at least minimum is 100%, the word of God.

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What is different, maybe the Word of God may not be the word of God that we can discuss tomorrow. When we do a research, and I being a student of comparative religion, I have studied the way that after the Punisher Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Old Testament New Testament Quran, when I do research have come to know that all the scriptures say that there is one God. All the scripture says that God has got no image has got no photograph, no painting, no statue, no idle. All the scriptures say that Almighty God does not beget, noisy begotten.

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All the scriptures say that the last and final messenger to come with Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. I have quoted in this session, many verses from Hindu scripture that Prophet Muhammad the last and final messenger I've quoted from the Bible.

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I've heard from the Quran.

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So at least let us agree to follow what is common

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Bible, Vedas, Quran all three things that you should not have alcohol. And of course that Amalia answer, all three things you should not gamble all three things that you should not have cooked. So let us agree to follow what is coming.

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So we have to agree that there is none God, you have to believe Prophet Muhammad is the final messenger of God, you should not have alchol you should not have called to pray we have to do the sujood all the the common points. So I'm asking the question, that if you say you are a Hindu, and you say that you respect other religions, I must mean the question Do you believe that there's one God

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as for books I do. Do you believe that idol worship is prohibited?

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That's a confusing area. It's very clear in the Hindu scriptures your god way chapter 32 Verse number three Natasa Fatima Asti of that God there is no prathima there is no photograph, no painting, no image no ID no statue, same thing is repeated in Titus chapter number four summer 19 Natasha but the majesty of that God there is no prathima no image, no photograph, no painting, no stretch, you know, I

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was confusing brother.

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I mean, today my knowledge is just like infinite. No, no, you have your knowledge like infant when a person of knowledge talks, you should believe it.

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So why don't you believe

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as I said, I do respect Prophet Muhammad idol no respect, respecting one thing following you the other thing, if you respect the person, you have to follow His guidance.

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So, question goes in the same direction what I was asking to you that if I am Hindu, if I believe in Hinduism, but still, when I step out of my home, I have to follow my colleagues. They are the society members, or human beings on the leader must support the other society members are robbing if your other human beings start robbing him you start robbing.

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Rather if your friends start robbing will you Rob

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I will have to defend myself. Will you Rob Yes or No?

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If somebody is robbing me, no no You said that you have to follow the other human beings at the society if your other friend start robbing other people you will start robbing.

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Will you rob others?

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I don't think so. There is a point in robbing others guy because you know robbing is wrong. So that time you will not follow society. Follow the society when it is right. Do not follow when it's wrong. God has given you gray matter brain. Correct. So if you're Hindu friends are going against the Veda will you follow without your Hindu friends?

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They have to follow what is written in the books. Yes, forget about them. I'm asking you about you. If you're a Hindu scripture says don't do idol worship, will you do idol worship? No, then I will not. So now do you believe I Live worship is wrong? Again, as I said, I have to study more. I'm not clear what you study when you study today or tomorrow when?

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Maybe today or tomorrow? Okay, fine. I've quoted so many references from the Scripture about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God? Yes, I do. If you believe don't do you have to follow His commandments. I may have to buy me again. If you may believe in then you may. If you do believe in you do have to follow it simple English.

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If you say maybe the messenger of God, then you can say maybe I'll follow him. When you say surely the messenger of God then you have to follow him through a lever

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but it will a messenger of God deceive you.

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But again, you have to be a Muslim to follow Prophet Muhammad. No, no, you have to be a good window also.

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You have to be a good Hindu and a good Christian to follow mama Salah Salem.

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If you are not a good interviewer, if you're not a good Christian, you will never follow a prophet Muhammad Salah Salem because Hindu scripture says the undimmed Rishi, the Kalki outta a prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, I gave references you know, if you want I can give again Do you want me to give the references again or profit numbers and then the scriptures I can listen to your references, I need to go through them fine. So inshallah go today, tomorrow, I would give you the first time then there the lady there you to I would give the first chance, then I will call you a truthful person. Go today, Google check on the net. I gave at least 100 references. There are more than 100

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in my lecture. If you see on Hindu scriptures talking about Pradhan masala Salam, talking about one God talking not to have alcohol, not to have poor not to gamble, what will different will discuss tomorrow, at least what is common you should agree to when you're talking about getting human beings together. I'm giving you a formula which will not offend you. I'm not telling you follow that we did not mention in the new scripture.

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I'm telling you follow what they mentioned into Scripture and the Quran 100% You will be a good into good Christian and even enter into Islam

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may not be good Muslim, it did enter and then your scripture says you have to follow the guidance of the last messenger you have to follow the Quran. So if you follow the Quran correctly, and the thing of the Prophet masala Salam, you will be a good Muslim and I'm waiting there inshallah if you can do it today, tomorrow inshallah we can interact. Thank you very much doctor.