Wisam Sharieff – Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah 10 of 10

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The hosts of a YouTube series discuss the importance of actions in shaping one's behavior and behavior. They discuss the ways in which actions are reflected in the writing of daily scripture and how it can be used to create a change in one's behavior. They also mention a series called " 10: days of hudge" and encourage viewers to use the tools of their daily scripture to create a change in one's behavior.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Welcome, friend, days of Hajj, we've spent the beautiful part of this month together and on day number 10. After we acknowledge the power of these days, and we know the days outside of this won't carry the same charge, you may not have the exact same amount of motivation, the exact same amount of discipline, you've turned it up.

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And you found that a lot of the acts of worship started from within positivity, not being thinking ill of others having a good opinion of a law. And that's why you're using his names, his attributes, thinking about his favorite person. We then found that a lot of those acts of worship, were then rooted in Quran and so we read Quran, we recited Quran, we developed our flow in Quran.

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And then day eight and nine happened.

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We had to reflect on how we celebrate, we had to reflect on how

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there is a water being

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that's filling up our space. And that Wi Fi can continued connectivity is drowning us. And now we're learning to breathe under water, where this is the norm.

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Day 10 What if and you will friend?

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What if you are returning from Hutch? Oh, man, I wish I could go for Hutch. What if you were returning from hudge?

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How would your life change? Would it be back to

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would it be just came back from HUD? I gotta catch up on all these shows. I gotta catch up.

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or would there be a transformation a shift? A metamorphosis.

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And I know you want to think yeah, I'm gonna go have my Malcolm X moment I'm gonna come back transformed.

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Okay, so let's do the micro transformation.

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It's the 10th day, the days of hudge people are going to start flying home soon.

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Would you write personal health? How about your finance, your diet, relationships? Personal we all know deep down we need work. Health is the external.

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We know our relationship with the Quran. So relationships, we're all thinking about family. What about with the Quran? What about with yourself with your Lord, and from your Quran? That's your relationship with yourself bills to relationship with your Lord, then from there, sure. You have so many responsibilities right after God, you've got the Prophet peace be upon him is love. And then you got loving your parents acknowledging them.

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In the days after

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the days of hudge.

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Who are you going to be? What part of your life is going to jump back on the hamster wheel? I gotta get all this stuff.

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Or was hudge

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and the days of hudge a pause in the world that we're in to remind us no matter where we get,

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no matter what watch I'm wearing? Or what car I'm driving or what box I'm living in.

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I'm still going to meet Allah subhanaw taala

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you can take it positive or negative, right? It's a very anxiety inducing. Guess what is there going to happen? Have we had to get through this together? You please do go through this phases of anxiety first, like it is overwhelming. It does change your actions.

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So in the 10 days of hudge Oh ALLAH prepare me to be the person who goes to Hutch and then execute my heart so that I can come back a changed person. And does that make full sense? Do you just magically go in in 10 days blue?

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Or are you preparing for hudge? From this exact moment? Who are you a slave of Allah subject in his kingdom? Who are you?

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Someone preparing for HUD? Who are you? A recycler of Quran? Who are you?

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Somebody who chooses the 10 days of Hutch friends, the right is going to end here. The movie franchise series ends here. We'll pick up again next year. You take away from these 10 days. What you need. And let's make the rest of these days shine.

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10 days of Hutch

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Hajj days, there have been a privilege to be together. I pray you benefit. Bunch of resources underneath for dua series playlist of supplications. You can use them throughout the year are on WB W it's out there. We're on revolutions a YouTube channel. It's out there friend.

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I think you've built a world for yourself. Let's utilize the tools was Salam aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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