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Assalamualaikum brothers sisters, I got some amazing news for you and I'm really surprised that the mainstream media hasn't picked this up. Let me tell you first of all the physical side before we do the spirit, the spiritual side, sisters, we've all had loved ones that passed away. A mother father, brother, sister, a close family member, but one of the mercies of our deen is that with the right intention, we can go ahead and continue to do good deeds on our loved ones behalf and what greater of a continuous good deeds so that the Giardia than investing on their behalf into D center and masjid and mega Dawa center that will benefit generations to come in Sharla so click the link below

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donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you. But let's meet a former pastor by the name of ohm la z dotabet.

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converted to Islam in a church in his own church get this makes the Sharla in church. They were supporting what I was saying they will also say it everybody repeat after me ash, although now this is a South African priest of 15 years leader of his congregation from the Corinthian church of South Africa. So a priest for 15 years, leader of the congregation to putting things into South Africa, it's got about 100,000 followers, I want you to imagine this, you're going to Sunday service. And you got the priest, your priest, the leader of the congregation giving you should have the same the shahada, the declaration of faith that there's nothing worthy of worship, we said the Creator of the

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heavens and earth La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah he's saying this to his congregation, he is actually accepting himself Islam. And now also his congregation is also coming to Islam Subhan Allah, everybody repeat after me ash other.

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Witness, I guess nothing worthy of worship, there is none worthy of worship except Allah except Allah, Muhammad and Muhammad peace messenger. Messenger.

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I mean, I've been doing this a long time. I've seen monks priests, I mean, you got left wing right wing conservatives, you name it. If someone's sincere, and they're seeking to know the purpose of life, and they look in Islam, they're going to be doing the same thing. But to see such a large following in his own church. And three months ago, I made the Shyla. In church, they were supporting what I was saying, they will also say it, those 1000 voices sing one, given the shahada with me.

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Witness I guess, Your Worship, there's nothing worthy of worship except Allah except Allah. And Muhammad

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is the final message later, it's said that this church, it actually turned into a masjid. This is a prophecy that is being fulfilled. This is right in front of your eyes right in front of our eyes. This is a truly amazing and this is just another sign that God Almighty Allah is putting out there for you to see for the world to see that Islam is definitely the way of life from the Creator of the heavens and earth. Now, I'm really surprised that there aren't many other news sources covering this. We've had some Muslims cover this, but we don't have this would be great for some of the mainstream media to go ahead and cover such amazing stories like this even local media. I mean, some

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news, hopefully they'll watch

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the show that we do right now on this news update. Amazing news update. Might I say, and hopefully they'll pick up on this story. And this is this is something amazing to report on, ends up getting invited by the Saudi government now to come and do homage. Then he explains a little bit of what happened. It doesn't matter. It's just a three. We came again and again and the last time this voice became aggressive now. Tell you that I went it was a congregation I said now, I'm going towards these people. I'm gonna tell them I told them.

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You know how we how Allah made it is

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he's just accepted

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all of them. Then, when the next meeting came on the next convocation, everyone was wearing

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to White Coat us in all of those the accepted the accent.

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And we know dreams can come in different types you can have dreams come inspiration that comes from the crater from God Almighty you can have dreams from the ramblings of your mind, you can also have dreams from the devil. But if you have a good dream, and now it leads you to look into Islam, and then you look into Islam, you said, Man, this just makes sense. worship one God, wish that the Creator, not the creation be morally upright and all the time it just goes if you're human nature goes is the natural way, then you can also have a dream. And that dream now how do you know it's from the devil because it goes opposite to what God Almighty wants you to do. Now you get a dream.

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And in the dream, it's it's calling you to identify as something that God Almighty then creates you to be as a lamppost as an animal as the opposite of the body part that you are created with. That's the problem. Now now that goes against. Now you can say this is some this will be a dream of the devil and this will be from the satanic forces, you get the difference, okay. But when you have a dream, that's now something in line, and then the person goes, it's a sign and then you go investigate, and you look at Islam, and you look at the teachings you'd like, Man, this just makes sense. It's the pure monotheism that I'm invited to, is the way of Jesus, Moses, Abraham and all the

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other messengers. Last the fundamental problem, Muhammad, that's all

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it's a, there's a chain that was there from the beginning. It's not different religions. Anyways, you look at it, and it just makes sense. It's nothing strange, esoteric, no strange superstitions. It makes good ol common sense. And now, you share this with your congregation they accept now he ends up getting invited to HUD, she goes to the hudge. And he's kind of going over this and explaining some of his experience, who he is and what happened and what not. I mean, this is just truly mind blowing. It's amazing. But this is prophesized in, in Islam in the Quran. This is something that Prophet Muhammad also foretold that this would be happening 100 ahead. Then he saw

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Muslim brothers coming. I said, I've been waiting for you. I've been waiting for you. I had a dream

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that you will come here

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peace be upon him, Mohammed. When we went up here, he was alone.

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I will follow the footsteps.

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And I believe by following these footsteps,

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of my pupils in South Africa would follow his footsteps to see the light. Now before we conclude, I want to also introduce you to another priest who was on his way he was on a mission sent on a mission by an arc Bishop. And on his way, he ends up getting stranded so he goes to a church and ends up at a mosque. And now he's relaying this story. This is a very interesting story also by another priests in his congregation, talking about the Brotherhood and the love and his wonderful experience. Sleeping in a masjid a mosque is simple. You go anywhere they tell you a Muslim, Muslim.

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Anywhere you go to they will tell you a Muslim is the brother of a Muslim.

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I have shared with you hear a terrible thing. I hate sharing it.

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I will send by the Archbishop somewhere. And I got stranded on the way. I went to a church to go and tell them that they should I want to spend the night there. I heard the pastor and the wife arguing inside.

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I told him I said look, I will not sleep in your house. I want to sleep in the church.

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Sir, they didn't allow me.

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I left that place and walked to a mosque.

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The only thing I said is Assalamu Aleikum

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and he looks at me say Mala he said LAHIA it NUMA tahini. It should be similar Bismillah Bismillah

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he said I should I should sit Bismillah

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so he told me he was he was eaten is gonna go it's a Marlin Bismillah

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sir, we finished he said Marlon is a masala to numb with your corner

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to encase it.

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I slept in the mosque

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in the morning,

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before the early morning prayers before he knows that it is not only say Salaam Alaikum

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I quickly step out? Sir? Is it with that kind of Christianity? Will that are you are you thinking we can we can dismantle that force,

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our self centered, self seeking self glorifying Christianity

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a Christianity that only thinks about himself.

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Alright, so there you have it, you had a South African priest the 15 years take shahada, the declaration of faith La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul. There's nothing worthy of worship except the one creator that created the heavens and earth, Allah and Muhammad is his messenger, this would automatically include all the preceding messages that came Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, you name it, David Solomon, Ishmael is all of these were messengers that came with this exact same message worship one and only one God don't worship nothing in creation, but the one God nothing else but him alone. That's it, and obey the messenger that was sent a year time. At Jesus's time he was the

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messenger so you will say hola, hola. Hola. Hola. Isa, which was named rasool Allah, Jesus the messenger. And Moses time Moses the messenger, and this time Muhammad is the messenger. He's saying that in front of his whole congregation, they accept Islam, and they're going by this book now the Quran. This is the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them. And the authentic prophetic statements which we had the Hadith, I like to give this to you. You can go to the deen To see what led this man what teachings is he living by now? This is all illustrated in this book. I'll give it to you for free.

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I believe this is will can do it for United States and Canada. And also if you have any questions don't be shy. Tell him Eddie sent you call the numbers. Yeah, look, I was watching the deen show and I had this question. You got some misconception your head you got some ideas about Islam? And you're like okay, let me before I go ahead and take the next step. I need these things cleared up. Go ahead. Tell him I sent you one 800 662 Islam Operators are standing by to go ahead and answer your questions even help facilitate if you want to visit a masjid a mosque if you want to take your Shahada. Because you're thinking deeply you are reflecting what's the purpose of life? Why am I

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here? Why have I been created, like every human being should be thinking and contemplating because death is a reality. And when it comes, you can't go back and retake the test. And when you're being tested, we're being tested now. And this is another sign like you've seen with these priests and pastors and whole congregations coming to this truth because it fits like a glove. And I guarantee you, if you can dig, this main message, worshiping the Creator, not his creation, everything else, God Willing will fall in place. But do your homework. I need you to do your homework and *. Just like if you need directions in life. If you need to go somewhere, and you need and you were stranded

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and you you need to know which way east or west and you would ask if you needed some money if you were hungry. Imagine you hadn't eaten for days. And you're starving. You'd be begging for food. What about begging for guidance? It's more important than any of these things begging for guidance. really knowing what you're doing in this life. Who do you ask it from? From the creator of life they guide me? Guide me guide me enough said peace be with you. A Salam alikoum we've been told that they're out to kill us all. So I'm gonna go brothers and sisters. We went to the streets to ask Americans about Islam. Here's what they said. Do you know anything about Islam? No. Do you know

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anything about Islam? No. Sadly, do you know anything about Islam? Not really. Do you know anything about Islam?

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No, sorry. You know what Islam means? Islam? No, we've been told that they're out to kill us all. That's what you've been told that Muslims are out to kill you all.

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Well, that's it. I say on TV. Anything. I know it's in the Middle East. Well, you're gonna have four wives, brothers and sisters. As you can see there are so many Americans who don't know about Islam. We need your help to change that help us to build the deen center the first Mega data center in America click the donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you

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