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AI: Summary © The upcoming Haven event at the European Islamic center in Manchester is a celebration of the completion of the mission ofielding the Islam of the return of the Son of the Earth. The conflict between the United States and Iran is discussed, along with the importance of learning from the events of the previous year. The speaker emphasizes the struggles of the personality project Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali
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love watch by Allah watch man one in

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on behalf of estado Arman and the entire bi unit team, we wish you read Mobarak the Kabbalah Allah who may now Amin Khan, may Allah accept it from us and from you may He forgive us all and meet our trials in this life be met with ease and relief from Allah Amin especial thanks once again to the team at the European Islamic center in Manchester for hosting us.

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So, what I wanted to share with you in this in these few moments, on this incredible occasion of an E there's just a reminder for myself and for all of you from of course the life of Ibrahim alayhis salam. This is an occasion this Hajj occasion, is actually very central to our religion. It reminds us not just of the legacy of Ibrahim alayhi salam, but also of the fact that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was given victory to restore the mission of Ibrahim Ali's and to complete the mission of Ibrahim or at least somebody when he liberated the Kaaba, and he destroyed all of the idols. So we're celebrating two things at the same time.

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Yeah, okay. So we're celebrating two things. At the same time, we're celebrating the legacy of our father Ibrahim alayhis salam. And we're also celebrating the fact that the final messenger Muhammad Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam finished what Ibrahim alayhi salam started, as actually both of those things at once. And it's also important to remember that this occasion of performing the hajj and the old here are the animals that are sacrificed just a small thing that comes from the seal of the prophet before we go to Abraham rallies around the first time the animals were being sacrificed so that the Hajj could be performed, is when the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam actually

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saw a dream that he is going to be doing this and that in that dream, he took the companions with him and they went, even though at the time Makkah was under the control of the enemies of Islam. And less than two years before maybe a year and a half before then, the people of Makkah had tried to take over Medina. Tay, they laid siege to Medina, in what's called the Battle of other hisab. To try to kill every man, woman and child in Medina, they were going to commit genocide in Medina wasn't a battlefield, like butter was a battlefield or it was a battlefield. This was different. The people of Morocco are coming inside the city. And they were planning on killing everyone civilians too. And

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by the grace of Allah and the planning of the prophets, I saw them and the suggestion of ceremonial Pharisee you'll remember the famous trench that was dug, that saved the Muslims in that time. And Allah revealed along Surah to describe that incident. So that was not too long ago. And we know those people in Macau, the mushiya Goon are very thirsty for the blood of the Muslims. And now not so long after that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam sees a dream that they're going to perform Hajj and he says to the Companions, let's go. And you do when you go to HUD you don't take your battle swords with you, you don't take your armor with you. You don't take your shields with you.

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Right. And it's not like the Muslim army was enough anyway, because if they weren't enough, they would have met on the battlefield. They were overwhelmed. And that's why they had to dig a trench. But now they're supposed to go with the, with the intention of a haram and, you know, like Allah says, Allah Azza wa ala fosu, kawaji, Dolphin Hajj, you know, and there's no fighting and Hajj, there's no argument in hajj, that you can even have a simple argument, much less war. So they know they're basically going to if we if they agree with what the Prophet is saying, sallAllahu wasallam it's like they're agreeing to get slaughtered because they're walking into a city that wants to kill

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them. And the and the people because this large number of Sahaba agreed to go they just decided to go because the Prophet saw a dreamer of course, we're gonna go. But when they decided to go, because the enemy the people of Makkah, they had just like nowadays, we have spies, enemy countries have spies against each other, right? They gather intelligence. So they gathered intelligence, and they found out that the Muslims are coming. This was great news, because now we can just meet them in on the road and just kill them because they're not even armed. They barely they'd be probably just have enough daggers to slaughter the animals and back then you didn't go and do Hajj and then you go buy

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an animal or go online to order zabiha somewhere you have to take your animal with you. You're gonna sacrifice the animal you took with you. You're not You're not even sure if you're going to have an animal there. So so they're gonna come and they don't have any weapons. They probably have a few weapons but they have their daggers to slaughter the animals that they get there.

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And the enemies coming in, you know, when the Muslims find out that they're coming, then one of the Sahaba suggests, by the way, there's another way to get to Makkah that human beings normally don't use because it's so dangerous. And it's so difficult and it, you know, imagine going through sharp bushes and sharp rocks where it can cut your legs and bleed you and things like that. And that was the path that led them to the place called Arabia. And that's how the Muslims went up to the BIA. And they got there with their animals somehow. And when they finally got there, the Americans found out that they're there, and that this was too close to America. So there was even an attempt to kill

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the Muslims and assassinate the Prophet slice of them. Even at her they BIA even then how that happened. And after all of that, they realize this is too late. They're already here. And there is an official rule in Makkah, even before Islam, the official rule was you're not supposed to spill blood in this region. And even the machinery who knew this rule? So the McCanns were kind of stuck. Now, we can't kill these people openly, because they're in safe land. They're in safe territory. So now we have to figure out how to negotiate with them. Right. And I won't give you a summary of what happened at Holiday BIA. Many of you should look that up and you shouldn't you should search this

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episode in the life of the prophet license. But I'll give you the conclusion. The conclusion was fine. We won't fight.

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But we won't let you do hedge. You have to go back where you came from. You can't do Hajj, the first time the Prophet alayhi salam saw the dream of doing Hajj the the celebration we're doing right now the first time that that happened, the people of Makkah said you can't do it not allowed this year come back next year.

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And the prophets lie Selim commanded the Sahaba to shave their heads. You know, when you complete the rituals, you shave the head so shave your heads slaughtered the animals slaughtered? Yeah. And by the way, the when you slaughter the animals, guess where the meat is going to go? It's going to go to Makkah.

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It's going to go to Makkah. Right. So the first time that the Bihar happened, it was one of the most painful episodes and the life of the sahaba. We celebrate this victory, but this victory came at the expense of many tears. Like it wasn't an easy thing that we are celebrating now. And we should we should it should be a reminder to us that you know when we see footage now of the Haram, and millions of people doing blow off and doing that Lele and millions of people seeing the bake Allah Humala bake and the slaughter happening and there is celebration and all of these things that we and we look at it, we wish to go there. It's really important that Allah has made these these moments in

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the year, they're called Shah. Right? These are times to remember where this all came from. So I'm going to just take a few minutes and also take you back to Ibrahim Ali Salam, though there are 1000s of things to learn from Ibraheem Alehissalaam I just want to focus on one small thing that Allah says about him in sort of soft fat, when he says if Jarrah bajo be Alvin Salim is Caudalie Abhi. He will call me he Mata Abu Mata taboo dune.

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Allah says about Ibraheem Alehissalaam that when he came before his Rob, with a sound heart, with a heart that safe, so which which has lots of layers and meanings, and it's also it's a commentary on the entire life of Ibrahim Ali salaam, no matter what difficulty Allah put him in and whatever challenge Allah put him in, he remained good with Allah He didn't have a bad thought about Allah ever. He just as he never had, Oh Allah, Allah planned something bad for me, or Allah is putting me through a hard time his heart was always calm. When he when he when his heartfelt towards Allah. If Jarrah who because Vincent him he always came to his love with a sound heart with a calm heart, and

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which is really interesting, difficult thing to accomplish, right? Because our hearts go all over the place. You know, sometimes you meet people, you say, Hey, how's it going? Alhamdulillah I don't know why Allah is doing this. But alhamdulillah you know, I don't know what Allah's wisdom is, but there's so much happening with my family and this and that. And then people, some people, you know, they have their own problems, but they don't want to talk about their own problems. So this is our own Why is having so much trouble. But Alhamdulillah Allah must have some plan and doesn't sound like your heart is in a good place. Right? And Allah says that about Ibrahim Ali said, but what do

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you highlights particularly in the Surah? And so I thought about his sound heart is one particular moment when he says, If God had the OB, he will call me mother taboo, when he said to his father, and when he said to his his people, what is it that you people are worshiping? What is it that you're worshiping? Now let's break that down a little bit. He started by questioning his own family. Ibrahim Ali salaam started by questioning his own family and in your family. Traditionally, this doesn't happen anymore, especially not in Buxton families, but fathers have a temper.

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but not not in a you know, everywhere else. So he questions his father and he says, what is it that you? What are you doing? This is wrong? What are you worshiping? So the son is questioning his father and you imagine when you question your father, even if you don't question your father disrespectfully, if you said that I don't think that's a good idea. Baba, I don't think that's a good idea. I think that's haram.

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A boo boo, do you think this is wrong?

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I don't think the prophet will allow this. I don't think I think there's an ayah against this.

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I imagine your dad's response would be Oh, please tell me more about this. Islamic education that you've received that I've been ignorant of, and let's sit and get educated or your dad's gonna be like,

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he's shocked to hear me.

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Well, you think you're talking to

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what do you think? Come here, say it again. said if

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you're walking, you're you just stepped on a minefield. He's just stepped on a landmine. It's gonna blow up. Ibrahim Ali said I'm questioned his father. And we know Allah is giving us the summary. Allah gives us the story in a couple of words. But the reality of it is he was getting yelled at he was getting screamed at maybe even getting hit. Eventually he gets kicked out of the house. The father says Stay away from me. I don't want to look at you again. Why God Malia Get away from me like the the father kicked him out of the house. Now does any of that sound like if you were experiencing that your heart would be calm with doesn't. This is the kind of thing where everybody's

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your fair, your own father is attacking you. Of course, he didn't stop there. He went outside and said this too. And he said something that nobody wanted to hear. He had an unpopular opinion. He questioned something that everybody was agreeing with. And everybody's enraged with him and his own father's enraged with him to and his father saying, You're humiliating me, you're embarrassing me? Why can't you just be like you were before. Just be quiet. Nobody wants to hear you. You see, nobody likes you. I don't even like you. This is the kind of thing he has to hear. But before Allah tells us all the things he had to hear, and by the way, when you hear ugly comments from somebody on the

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internet that you don't know, right, then it doesn't really make a difference. But when you hear ugly, painful comments from your own family, from your own blood, then it's it's sticks in you like a dagger and gets inside. And then those words stay inside you. They keep hurting, they don't go away. In fact, you even see that person and you're reminded of those words again, and you see them 10 years later, you're reminded of those words, again, there's not an easy thing to get over anybody else saying something, any random person saying something, they're not important to you. They're not in the inner circle of your life. So the question is, why is that because Allah created us human

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beings and the unit of human interaction. The first unit is the family. And when you know what that means the family is like, there's, there's a security around your heart, but the family they can get past security. They get to be inside. So they're in the safe zone. Now they have access to your heart. People outside they don't have access to your heart. They don't if somebody here a stranger, I don't know they get some they get upset with me. It might bother me but not too much. It's okay. But if my own father, my own mother, my own sister, my own wife, my own child, if they get upset with me now that that cuts me differently, that hits me and it will disturb me it will take the

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peace away from my heart. So this is what makes that statement incredible. He says Allah says in the jaw or above will be URL bin Salim is called Le a b He will call me Hema that our Boon How does he have a sound heart he's he has a calm heart. He's completely okay with Allah. While everything in his life is set on fire. Eventually, literally, he's going to be attempted to be set on fire. Right? So how can those two things coexist? Allah is teaching us something amazing about the religion of Ibrahim, and because we are the religion, we follow the religion of our father, Ibraheem Alehissalaam militar unbecoming Rahim, this is for every one of us. And this is one of those

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takeaways we have to take. We have to keep in our hearts in our minds in in the life of Ibrahim on this, I'm of course, just as a quick connection. So you all of you are aware, I'll just take two more minutes.

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Ibrahim Allison's earliest test was with his father.

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And his last test was with his own child.

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Right. So what Allah did with him is actually he had him experience both sides of it. You know, here he had an experience all of it like the the experience of being tested as a father, and the experience of being tested as I know my time's up. So I'll take just one minute and wrap it up in Sharla. And what I wanted to give you in this in the takeaway here is that if you are good with Allah, if you know Allah is pleased with you, if you know you're doing something that you know it's right, because you have a Quran you have evidence from Allah

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by himself, then people getting upset with you doesn't bother you anymore. Even if it's your own family. Even if it's your loved one, they're really upset with you. It's not a problem anymore. Your heart will remain calm. And if your heart gets really disturbed, that must mean your connection with Allah. And maybe what you're saying, you're not clear enough that it's the right thing. May Allah azza wa jal make us committed to the right thing and make us connected to Allah. The way Ibraheem Alehissalaam was connected to Allah. So the painful words that come towards us are no longer painful, and we're able to bear them with the kind of faith that Ibrahim Ali Salam. Kalani Welcome

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to Quran and Hakeem when a family will eat Camilla tea was lucky.

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I hope you guys enjoyed that video clip. My team and I have been working tirelessly to try to create as many resources for Muslims to give them first steps in understanding the Quran all the way to the point where they can have a deep, profound understanding of the Quran. We are students of the Quran ourselves. And we want you to be students of the Quran alongside us. Join us for this journey on Vienna tv.com Where 1000s of hours of work have already been put in, and don't be intimidated. It's step by step by step so you can make learning the Quran a part of your lifestyle. There's lots of stuff available on YouTube, but it's all over the place. If you want an organized approach to

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