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Now we're about to start the next Surah but I need you to keep this in mind I need you to keep the step by step process that we are going to now reflect each verse as we walk through the Quran to Surah Fatiha. Bismillah AR what do we learn? I'm going to show you on your regime again I seek refuge with Allah subhanaw taala from che Blondie occurs it in the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, I will stop here and give you a few points. It is the longest surah in the Quran, approximately. Here we have 286 verses majority of the surah Now is revealed in was in Medina, and we do realize and I say majority because a few verses at the end were not revealed here

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and opinions say not on this earth. During the travel that was cool sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had because it's Medina, Medina Quran two types of Quran, Moroccan Quran fastpaced Allah the Malecon young one at all wrong camera. Yeah, it bout it bangs on the heart It wakes up the mind. It stimulates the emaan the Medina and tourists are a little bit more spread out the ayat are a little bit longer. They talk about gum they talk about stories of Zambia you will find for example, I small gushing spring is like a muck and is that the water is fresh and it's it's gushing out at you. It's making you it's motivating you it's fresh. And the Medina and eyes are like longer passages of

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rivers. You can listen to them or a lower leader to heal their own wounds how to lay Nick

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and you hear the verses and you can you get laws out of them you get different, more mature rulings on what is going on in the Muslim ummah. So you will see this this difference what we're doing now are the longer more beautiful, more beautiful sections of the river, not strong and powerful, but they're softer and and maybe a little bit easier to digest. So we start this Medina in Surah, which is the longest tour in the Quran and we will be going a little slow here so that you can grasp the overall presentation of what I'm going to be presenting for the rest of the Quran. Surah Fatiha right in front of us. We have it with us. We start early

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me knee Alif Lam Meem. As you saw in the introduction we discussed lift Lam Meem our roof, thought the letters that are miracle letters, none but Allah knows their meanings. If you'd like to go back to the introduction, we discuss them in detail there is that equal key Taboola you Buffy Allah subhanaw taala says this is the book and we're putting in parentheses of God. There is no doubt there in and we've discussed this before what book starts by saying there is no doubt there and then he can kita Ebola you Buffy who there their little mood 13 There is no doubt there in it is guidance for the Motor theme. So Allah subhanaw taala starts out with three letters we can't understand when

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you come to a book. When you come to a doctor and the doctor says

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you have an aortic valve issue. You have an epigastric swelling, your lower right quad, your terminal ileum is going to have to be resected. When you go to the doctor, what do you tell him? I don't know what that means. Could you explain and as soon as someone says something you don't know, most human beings humble themselves. So when you come to a book and Allah subhanaw taala says Alif Lam Meem three letters you don't even understand that you can Kitab Allah you Buffy who the little Moroccan Humble yourself for there is no doubt in this book of Allah subhanaw taala there is no doubt for who it is a guidance for those who are multi. We're going to stop here for a moment and

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take the word taqwa and split it into three branches. Taqwa is going to be broken into fear of Allah subhanaw taala is wrath, fear of Allah subhanaw taala or disappointing Allah or incurring the wrath. Second is the hope that Allah Allah subhanaw taala is mercy. Second is the hope of Allah subhanaw taala is mercy and all of his promises. And third is consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala watch the progression, you start saying, and I have to get up for Fudger because I don't want to go to hell. Then you go, you know, unless panda gave me such so many things. He promised me John, if I get up and do this, he promised me and He gave me so many things around him. So the hope turns from into

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love. And finally you're in a constant state of awareness. You are conscious of Allah subhanaw taala your alarm goes off or doesn't go up. You get up and say, Allah created me. Allah wants me to do this. So next time you hear and you're going to hear it by verse number 17 and 19 Lacuna Coil and I want you to keep this verse radical Kedah will already Buffy who the little puppy

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And I want you to keep that aware. We have it translated in all three translations as God fearing. We are now breaking it into our study, fear, hope and consciousness. Now who are those who fear, hope and our consciousness, the conscious of Allah subhanaw taala those who believe in the realms of the NS unseen, those who believe, and Latina, you know, and I believe we were your team owner sada when we met Rosana home, Yun Falco, and so right off the bat, there are three characteristics of the believer. Those are those are who believe in the realm of the unseen, and we're going to discuss this more. Why is this coming out in the beginning of the book, we live in a time of science, if it

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can't be proved up here, don't touch it doesn't make any sense. I don't believe in it, because it's not rationally tangible. It's not something that I can touch, feel and understand, if I can't put in my pocket probably doesn't exist. Allah subhanaw taala is giving us the opportunity. These those who believe in the realms of of the unseen, this belief in the unseen Allah subhanaw taala Day of Judgment, angels books Ambia leads you to those who are dutiful, to establish their prayer set by Allah subhanaw taala very important that you hear it see the words here while you d mu now Slotta that they establish the prayer not that they get up and pray, they establish the prayer and we are

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going to get into that in more detail set by Allah subhanaw taala Have you not met the people who say yeah, I pray when I feel good or I pray all the five salons in the evening because I concentrate well or I pray a few salons I miss Fajr the establish the prayers as Allah subhanaw taala has has said what and who spend in charity, who spend charitably out of which Allah subhanaw taala has provided for them. And again, you're going to look at the word Swami Mao was up on whom you can feel Poon

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Allah subhanaw taala doesn't start here by saying and give out of what you have

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a give out of what Allah subhanaw taala has provided for you. I provided it for you give from that I'm the one who gave in the first place and we'll see how Allah subhanaw taala increases that as time comes to pass. Next we have one Latina you may know nabina Zilla elago Zilla, meno public what will after the home you will be known. Now the next criterion or next characteristics of these people thus far Who are we describing every modality and who is that the everything is going to go back to Surah Fatiha. Siracusa Lavina And I'm Daddy him keep that means that the the Anantha the shahada, they saw the Hey in the Gambia, the companions are they salatu salam but the Allahu dadan

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were amongst those who are chose who are Allah subhanaw taala favored Allah subhanaw taala favored them because they were Mati they were Murthy because they believed in the realms of unseen they were dutiful and establishing their prayer as Allah subhanaw taala prescribed it, they spent charitably and putting that in parentheses, or that which Allah subhanaw taala gave them

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and those who further believe in this Quran. I want you to keep that in mind. Why is this being a why is that being brought up here? And why is that being added, and who spend terribly out of what We have provided them and those who further believe in this Quran that has been sent down to you. This is a next verse. Now we're starting Well, Latina you want to be my own ZTE, Laker wama on Zillow mean, no problem. three elements here again, everything's coming in threes. The person who spends a lot of what God gave him already, he's the one who believes in this Quran. And he believes in the books that came before the law that will injeel and why does he believe and a lot of people

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say no, no, those books were changed. Why does he believe in these books will be a hero at home, and that he believes in the aphylla you can own. And I'm going to give you three different translations of the word firmly believe I'm going to give you that the revelations that came before and those who have utter certainty. And as we see throughout the other various parts of the Quran, and those who have who have a certainty in the hereafter. All three of our translations are telling us that their belief in the hereafter is strong. I have to take a point here. Why didn't we say Mr. biller here? Why didn't we say I'm an biller? He will your will after he will malarkey. He will get out we will

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not begin you will find this common theme throughout the rest of Surah Baqarah. Here what is that common theme that Eman biller can become perverted. You can only believe in Allah it's only me and God I don't need intermediaries. Then you can believe in the Gambia by themselves and what happens when we only believe in Namibia? Think about it. What happened to Eastside Islam? What happened to the blue

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of the belief in Jesus. We started celebrating his birthday we started singing songs about him, you know, red and green we started leaving off into one way, what is the soul and firmest form of Eman that will affect your actions? What is that Emanuel Astra believing in the hereafter will wake you up for Fudger believing in the hereafter will stop you from interest believing in the hereafter accountability that I will go back to God, Allah subhanaw taala will ask me about a B, C, D and E, what will you do to account for to it what will feel at home you will be known and they believe in certainty. So verse number four I want you to reflect again and those who further believe and we're

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adding this in this Quran that has been sent down to you oh Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a revelation from God and who believe in the scripture that has been sent down to the prophets who came before. So Allah Azza wa salam, and those who within themselves have utter certainty of the inevitability of the Hereafter, and I want to keep that this one word will be accurate, you come up known as translated in nine or 10 Different forms here, the inevitability of the Hereafter the fact that it is coming, verse number five, it is these who are advancing upon the path of guidance. And that's what we've been looking for Siddhartha Latina, and I'm doubting him at dinner, sit almost

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tell him, it is these hula Iike and Allah subhanaw taala is referring to Allah Iike Allah who dumped me rob him What will the ICA human mostly Hone here is where we will end out our first section, our first ruku it is these who are advancing upon the path of guidance from their Lord and it is these who are truly successful. Allah subhanaw taala said, for what will eat your home will mostly hold the characteristics of the monthly home for you ask Allah subhanaw taala even assault on Muslims Siddhartha Latina and I'm Daddy him. Then when he started to describe it, that you can get Abdullah like Buffy hood a little more talking, that there's no doubt in this book then you know that these

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characteristics if found in a believer will not be shunned by Allah subhanaw taala for the Promise of Allah is never to be rejected.