Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-052D Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 175-178

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The shams and fears of shams in Islam include fear of people, the desire to be fearful of people, and the desire to be fearful of followers. The importance of minimizing fear and avoiding fearing oneself is emphasized. The negative impact of the Prophet sallali wa sallam on people, including those who rush into cover and commit suicide, is discussed, as well as the punishment of individuals for their actions and mistakes. The punishment is not for everyone, but for those with a history of success and history. The punishment is related to the culture of the MMA, where individuals are punished for their actions and mistakes.
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Last cantarella says in nama Valley comerciais Tano. You have with Alia in nama indeed only Valley como shaytaan that was shaytaan and he that was only shaitan. Who was you how we feel Alia who you how we flew, he was frightening, meaning he was trying to make you fear. Alia who his allies, anyone people came and said when the travelers of our little case when they came and they said that oh Soufiane is preparing to attack Medina, this was actually a trick of shaitan shaitan wanted you to be afraid of his allies who are the allies of shaitan the Mushrikeen right. And we also learn about another men noraim He also came and he described to the Muslims about you know how to she can wear

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so many and what they were talking amongst themselves and what their intentions were and what they were planning to do. So the companions did not get afraid. They said husband Allah Who an airman will kill and their Eman increased. So Allah subhanaw taala told us here that that was just shaitan trying to frighten you from his allies telling you to be afraid of them. He wanted to put you in fear. But fella to half whom do not fear them. You should not fear the Olia of shaitan you should not fear the machine. instead. waha phony, you should fear me meaning you should only fear a look in control mode meaning if you're truly believers. So desire shows us that shaytaan actually tries to

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make the believers fear those who disbelieve and he shaitan tries different things in order to make the believers fear the disbelievers. Why because when the believer will be afraid of the disbeliever then what will happen? The believer will be afraid to proclaim his faith, afraid to practice his faith. Right? You will feel less of himself, he will feel very humiliated before the disbeliever he will feel very weak before him he will not have confidence before him. He will feel very unworthy. And like this. It happens with many people that one thing after the other they begin to leave of Islam out of fear of people until a point comes when you know they have loved so much of Islam

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because of the fear of people. So Allah says Allah takaful, Omaha phony, don't fear them. Instead, you should fear me in contempt meaning if you're truly believers. So this is one interpretation of the idea that in the Medallia commercial Tony Yoho with Alia who and Hugh Howey for come, he was trying to frighten you of his friends, who are the friends of shaitan the Mushrikeen there is another interpretation of this is that in the Modelica shaytani U haul. We fought earlier that shaitan frightens his friends, and he shaytaan manages to frighten his friends only. It is only those who are friends of shaitan who listen to shaytaan and befriend him who succumb to fear and he

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they become cowards and they give up. And these are the hypocrites. Okay? Because some of them I said that Alladhina Palomo NASA in the NASA Kojima that it was the hypocrites who said to the believers that which again, are you know, planning to attack you for show him so fear them? Why are you going to fight them again? You just suffered at their hands or hood? Why are you fighting them again? So the hypocrites were afraid of the machine. Why? Because the hypocrites are the friends of shaitan and shaitan has influence on the hypocrites shaitan has influence on people who have weak faith. So they are afraid to believe they're afraid to do what is good. They're afraid to face any

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challenges shaitan paralyzes them in times that require action. So, this is shows us that the one who falls into fear when shaitan frightens him, he chose that shaitan has an influence on him. Now, of course, fear is something natural, right? Fear of danger, fear of, you know, huge challenges. This is something natural, but fear needs to be managed. Just like other emotions, you cannot let fear overcome you. You cannot allow fear to lead you to dictate your choices. There comes a point where you have to recognize the dangers that are around you. But then you put your trust in Allah and you do your best and you increase your fear of Allah. Right because you know that you're

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answerable to Allah. And then you know, this way you can manage your fear. So Allah subhanaw taala says Fela Taha for whom do not fear them will call phony fear me instead, any Oh, you who believe Do not fear the Friends of shaitan whom he frightens you from or do not fear the followers of shaitan the allies of shaitan because they cannot harm you excel.

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With what Allah subhanaw taala, has already decreed for you. Instead you should fear Allah alone, in whose hand is any Via de Mallacoota equally shake, in his hand is the ownership of all things. He controls the four locks of all creatures, right, including your enemy. So the people whom you fear are actually under Allah. So why are you afraid of these people? Fear Allah who has power over these people in control, meaning if you are truly believers, what this means is that fearing Allah is actually a requirement of iman. And it is not possible that a person believes and does not fear Allah, a true believer will certainly fear Allah, he must fear Allah, this is a part of iman, there

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has to be hope, and fear whole from what the man that Allah been water, heaven. Right? Fear is mentioned with hope in the Quran. And notice how Fallout, the half of whom will have phony this has mentioned together do not fear them. And you should fear me any instead, you should fear me, which teaches us that the fear of Allah actually minimizes the fear of people. And if anytime you find yourself in a situation where you feel afraid of a person, right, where they expect you to do something that is wrong, right, they want you to do something wrong, and you're afraid to disobey them. And if you just focus on that person, and you think that oh my god, if I don't listen to them,

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they're going to do this, and they're going to do that. And they might harm me this way, or they might harm me that way. If you keep focusing on them what they can do, then of course, you will increase in your fear of them. But if you shift your focus to Allah azza wa jal that I have to answer Allah, Allah will ask me about this. This is something that Allah has imposed on me, or this is something that Allah has forbidden me from then when you realize that Allah is greater and you are more afraid of displeasing Allah, then their fear of people will become less. The more you are afraid of Allah, the less you are afraid of people. This is why Allah subhanaw taala says in the

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Quran in so many different places that we should fear only Allah and not people, like here Fela Taha for whom will have phony in total Bukhara I have 40 We learned what a Yaya for her Boone was a Yaya for diccon right me alone, you should fear in through trauma either I have 44 Filatov Chawan NASAA work shoni Do not fear people. Instead, you should fear me. And when you have fear of Allah, this emotion is also a bother and you're rewarded for that. Because this is a part of iman. Alright, so there's, you know, fear of Allah. This is Avada All right. And then there is natural fear. Okay, like you're afraid of a snake. You're afraid of an ant. You're afraid of a spider. You're afraid of

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a disease. This is something natural. Okay. But then there's the fear of Juba, any such fear that makes you a coward. You're afraid to live freely. You're afraid to speak, you're afraid to contribute, you're afraid to, you know, do things with confidence. This kind of fear is very detrimental and we should ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from such fear. What are your Zune? Kalinina you said your own Phil Crawford, and do not be grieved or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by those who hasten into disbelief in no home laying your daughter Allah has che indeed they will never harm Allah at all. You read Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah Allah whom help one Fil A hero.

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Allah intends that he should not give them any share in the hereafter. What a homer either win or Aleem, and for them is a great punishment. In this ayah Allah azza wa jal consoled His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by saying, Well, I your husband can Latina you said your honor, Phil Cofer that the people who hasten into disbelief should not grieve you. This thing should not make you sad, while Aria zonca Leia zonca This is fairly Old Navy, Kenny, this is a command of prohibition, that this should not cause you to grieve. Yeah, his own cut from prison has a known who should not cause you to grieve and Lavina you said your owner filco for the people who are swift in

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disbelief. They should not cause you to grieve. They're rushing into cover should not make you sad. You see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he wished that everyone would be Muslim. So when people disbelieved, and some were swift in their disbelief, of course, this caused the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam immense pain, immense grief

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If and the word you said your owner this is from seen Rhine surah is to be swift. You saw the owner they are swift meeting they hasten Phil Kufri fee in El kufr disbelief and what is meant is that they hasten into our my little coffee and eat their swift in doing the actions of gopher, or what this means is that they rush into cover itself. So fee gives the meaning of Isla any they rush towards Cofer. They're very quick in going towards Cofer. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he felt very upset when people did not believe and when instead of believing they were not only rejecting the truth, but also opposing it and preventing people from it. This caused the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a lot of sadness in total and around iron number 33 Allah subhanaw taala says but narla Mu inner who Leia zunow Olivia pollun We know that you are saddened by what they say for a no whom lie you cut the wound aka well I cannot boil Amina be ayatullah huge hurdle. And indeed they do not call you and truthful. But it is the verses of Allah that the wrongdoers reject. And this would cause the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam a lot of sadness. Now it is said that this idea is about people who left Islam who rushed to exit Islam. So they're running towards Cofer, and they're committing Cofer after coffee. Right? That should not grieve you

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Oh, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then it is also said that this is about the kuffaar of flesh. They're being swift in Cofer was what that not only were they disbelieving themselves, but they were so active in their cover, how they came at whether ready to fight the Muslims, and then they came at or heard any, they were actively engaged in COFA. It is also said this idea is about the hypocrites, right? Or that this idea is about the Jews there Cofer after coffin. So this should not grieve you Oh, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And previously I mentioned to you about the massacres of Rajveer and build Morona where many Muslims were deceitfully basically taken out of

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Medina, and then they were surrounded and killed. So this was people being swift in their disbelief, right, that they tricked the Muslims and they killed so many of them. So the word you said, Your Honor has been used, because it shows that first of all, they go into cover without contemplation without thinking about what they're doing, you know, like a person rushing towards something, you know, for example, you see a child rushing and running towards something, and the child does not even see what he's headed towards. And all of a sudden, he bumps into a chair bumps into a wall and hurts himself. So likewise, these people are just rushing into COBOL without thinking of what

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they're doing, or the word you said, Your Honor has been used, because you said your honor fee is to continue to do something and need to be swift in something means to continue to do something like in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentions you set your own little hierarchy, that they are swift in doing good things. And what that means is that they do not delay in doing good things, and that they are busy in doing good things because you sign your own a fee, they're constantly engaged in doing good things. So here, this is the opposite. You said your own cover. He they are constantly in cover, he getting worse by the day committing cover after cover. Now, the question is that how could

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this not grieve a believer? And he think about it if someone literally leaves Islam? How is it that this should not grieve you, or if someone is an unbeliever and they are very active in their disbelief? You know, for example, there are people who are not Muslim, but their mind their own business, right? And then there are people who are not Muslim and they have made their mission to constantly attack Islam to constantly harm the Muslims. So how could this not grieve a believer? And especially if you know when the believer is supposed to be someone who wants good for others? Alright, so we are happy when someone embraces Islam, and we are sad when someone leaves Islam. So

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how could Alladhina you set your own Africa for not greed, the believer? So the responses and Allah Subhana Allah knows best. First of all, that there being swift in disbelief should not make you sad, because Allah is with you. You are not alone. So for example, when the machine came in, but that and then they came in or hood and then they said they were going to come

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again. So don't be sad about that because Allah is with you. Yes, these people are very, you know, zealous and very eager to attack Islam and they're very active in that, but you're not alone Allah is with you. And then secondly, there are them I say, that do not grieve about this, and this is grieving that is morlich any destructive grieving any do not go to an extreme in grieving, because any emotion whether it is anger, or sadness or any such emotion when it is in an extreme amount, it becomes detrimental. So same thing with sadness with grieving right with worry ensuited father is number eight Allah subhanaw taala says Villa Tudhope nap sukar lay him has a rot so do not let

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yourself perish over them in regret, honey, yes, you are sad that they don't believe but that doesn't mean that you grieve yourself to death into to calf is six Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, I look a bow here on nepsac Allah athyrium then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them. Meaning don't do that. Don't excessively grieve over these people. So we are forbidden from mobila Phil Hosen. Okay, from going to an extreme in grieving, and you see otherwise also, for example, when someone dies, then yes, we are allowed to cry. We're allowed to feel sad, but what is not okay is wailing. What is not okay, is grieving past three days. Right? And grieving past four

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months and 10 days for the widow. All right, any there is a limit that Allah subhanaw taala has set. So likewise, when you see people being swift in Cofer exiting Islam, or in the case of the hypocrites, any eager to cooperate with the disbelievers, and help them this should not make you sad, right, because extreme sadness leads to exhaustion, it leads to weakness, it leads to self destruction. So Allah subhanaw taala consoled his messenger that Wilaya zonca ladina you said your honor Phil Cofer inner home lair goodwill Lucha che, this is the reason behind the prohibition to not grieve excessively, that the fact is that indeed, these people will never harm Allah with

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anything, any BS people, no matter what they do, they cannot cause any harm to Allah, because Allah subhanaw taala is rich, and because of his Lena, in his perfect richness, the obedience of people does not benefit him. And the disobedience of people does not harm him either. Right? Because Allah subhanaw taala is completely free of need of the entire creation, as we learned in a hadith Bootsy, that all my slaves, you can never reach a point where you can harm me. And you can never reach a point where you can benefit me. So you are not capable of harming Allah or benefiting him. So these people when they're disbelieve, when they rush towards disbelief, or when they're swift in their

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disbelief, they cannot cause any harm to Allah. Like in a hadith Bootsy, we learned that if all of the people, right that Oh, my slaves are the first of you, and the last of you and the men of you and the Jinn of you, all of you, were to be as wicked as the most wicked heart of any man among you. Can you imagine if every single person became extremely wicked, like the worst human being ever, then that would not decrease my domain in anything, any, you cannot cause any kind of harm to Allah or Zoda. So Allah subhanaw taala puts things into perspective over here and reminds the messenger salAllahu alayhi wasallam that they're covered is no big deal. It's no big deal to Allah, and they

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are actually harming themselves. When these people disbelieve when they rush towards Cofer remaining in Cooper committing cover after cover, they are only harming themselves. And look at the word che les you don't like a che che anything. And this is not Kira, any big cannot harm even the slightest, in fact, they cannot even harm the one with whom is Allah. Right? As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said to have been our basketball de la Mourinho, that if all of the people were to gather together to harm you with something, they would not be able to harm you except with something which Allah has already written for you. So this is Allah's power, they cannot harm Allah and they cannot

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harm the one with whom is Allah. Now they're gonna say that Elaine will do Rula shaker they will never harm Allah at all. What this means is that they will

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never harm the deen of Allah nail dude rule Deena who any they can never harm the religion of Allah right or Lengyel do Alia who they can never harm his friends, any the friends of Allah, okay? Because if you think about it, the people who are swift in their cover, like for example the Mushrikeen of Monica or even the hypocrites or even the people of the book in Medina, they were not aiming to harm Allah. They were aiming to harm Islam and the Muslims, right? But Allah subhanaw taala says you're laying a literal Lucha shader, which shows us that an attempt to harm the Muslims and attempt to harm Islam is actually an attempt to harm Allah. And since no one can harm Allah,

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therefore, such people cannot succeed at inflicting harm upon Islam or upon the Muslims. But now, if you think about it, did they not cause some kind of harm to the Muslims at erode? They did as we learned earlier insert earlier and run ir 111 lainnya de rue calm Illa other they will not harm you except with some other Hindi with a slight harm they cannot cause you real damage. They can only cause you annoyance or some form of slight harm they cannot actually destroy you. So in the home layer, the ruler has che, this is the religion of Allah, UD the Allahu Allah Jalla whom have been Phil O'Hara, Allah intends that he should not give them any share of good in the hereafter. You read

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Allahu Allah intends Allah that not yadgir Allah He makes LA home for them for who? For Olivia you Sadie Runa, Phil Cofer that he should not make what how lung a share of good where fill in the hereafter meaning this is a punishment for them that such people will not have any share of good in the hereafter. Now the word health is from households law and how is basically a fortune okay? Any a share of good or rather a huge share of good okay and good fortune. It is said Roger unhealthier. Roger and Hal Leal meaning a man who has a good fortune of sustenance and he is wealthy, okay. So, Allah wants that they should not have any share in the hereafter meaning they should have no good in

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the hereafter, nor Janna, no reward. So that means that they will only have Jahannam because they took their how their share of good in the world, like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said there's a hadith in Sahih Muslim, the meaning of the hadith is that the believers rewarded for his good in the world and in the hereafter. Alright, but the caveat is given the reward for his goodness in the world, right and in the Hereafter, he will have nothing. Why because he disbelieved in Allah. But Allah subhanaw taala gave him something in the world, in the Hereafter, the caffeine will have nothing. So you read the low Elia journal O'Hagan Phil Subhan Allah, these are a people

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about whom Allah subhanaw taala says that he does not want them to have any share of good in the hereafter. He does not want that they should have any reward any goodness. So what happens then in the world, Allah subhanaw taala lets them rush towards gopher and be swift in cover, and do cover on cover. They go further and further in COFA. And in contrast, we learned that there are people for whom Allah wants a lot of good in the hereafter. Right? And these are people who are killed in the way of Allah. So you read Allahu Allah Jalla whom help and Phil Achill wala whom either buena Aleem and for them is a great punishment, or that one or lame This is Nikita any a very, very great

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punishment because of their being swift in cover. Now, on the surface, it seems like people who are swift and Cofer are winning, they're succeeding and by inflicting injury upon injury on Muslims or by going further and further in their disbelief, but in reality, they're only collecting firewood for themselves while a home or their wounds are lame. Then Allah subhanaw taala says in the ladina stata will call for a bill Eman in Alladhina. Indeed those people who ish Thoreau will kufra who have purchased disbelief Bill Eman in exchange for faith. And he did took cover and they gave up Eman. So this is describing the people who use either your own or Phil Cofer, who are swift in

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disbelief. Any like I mentioned this I was about people who became apostates, right or the hypocrites. So these are people who took over

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And they gave up Iman, they had Eman before but then they gave it up and they took over a soft Allah in South Africa and number three, Allah subhanaw taala says about the hypocrites that delicate Vietnam Ave thumma kufan They believed and then they disbelieved. So they took over in exchange for Iman. So I 176 talks about the disbelievers All right, an Iowan 77 is talking about the hypocrites, or both of these verses are talking about the hypocrites, and all of these opinions are valid, but the kuffar and I'm gonna feel Koon Okay, all of them. Allah subhanaw taala says regarding them that laying your goodwill Lucha che, again it is. They can never harm Allah at all. They cannot harm the

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religion of Allah they cannot harm the friends of Allah. Lena Buddha Allah che wala Hamada when Aleem and for them is a painful punishment, very painful punishment, extremely painful punishment. Now notice how at the end of the previous I was said, well, Amara, Donna Aleem and for this it said Well Mr. Doblin Aleem right, one group will get a great punishment, the other group will get a painful punishment. But for both groups, Allah says lainnya doula has che, they will never harm Allah at all. And now intuitive Bacara also we learned about those who disbelieve in Alladhina Kufa rule so we're on our layover under the home I'm Lemington did home law you may know Hatha Mala who

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are Allah rubidium, or the Sumerian Marla absorbingly Shower Willa Hamada boon or lien for those who disbelieve is a great punishment and about the hypocrites what has been said over there. Well, Omar Dhawan Aleem will be my Can we agree Won't they will have a painful punishment because they used to lie. And here you see the exact same thing those who are swift in Kufa will have other born early and those who give up Eman for coffin Yanni the hypocrites they will have a painful punishment or they're going to leave. Then it is sad well a Serbian AlLadhina cafardo Annamma Nam Lila whom highroller unfussy him and let not those who disbelieve ever think that because we extend their time

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of enjoyment it is better for them. In nama normally LA home Leah's dad who is summer we only extended for them so that they may increase in sin wala Hamada boo morphine, and for them is a humiliating punishment. Now here layer seven, they should not ever think. Okay, layer seven, the noon Shuddha 10. This is for emphasis, and they should indeed nothing meaning they should never ever think. Okay, who should not think Alladhina Cafaro those who disbelieve so those who disbelieve should never think what should they never think that Annamma Nam Lila hope that indeed the fact that we're giving respite to them or a nama can also mean that indeed what? Okay, meaning that indeed the

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things with which we give respite to them, okay. So they should never think that the respite that we're giving them is what is hydralie unfussy him it is good for their selves. So they should never think that their respite is good for them. Now, what is respite? What is normally normally is from him lap, meme lamb well, and INLA is essentially to leave something or someone for a long time, okay to leave something or someone for a long time, there is the idea of leaving for a long duration. Okay. And in law is to basically delay in giving punishment, any to not catch right away and to delay in giving punishment. So those who disbelieve, imagine the time of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, they were living comfortable, easy lives, they were fulfilling their dreams, their goals, they were inflicting harm upon the Muslims, they were rejecting Allah and His Messenger, they were opposing and mocking the truth. So this was their in law. This was their respite, the fact that they were left for a long time and punished and they were left in their comforts in their ease in their enjoyments All right, so they should not think that all this is good for them, because it's not actually good for them. It's actually very bad for them. And many people think that, you know, if they're living an easy life, a good life, you know, in spite of their, you know, disbelief or in

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spite of their opposition to Allah, then the fact that they're living a good life indicates that they are upon

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The truth, it indicates that they're doing something right, and that God approves of them. So it is said, No, this is not good for these people, you see this dunya has no worth near Allah, and he gives this dunya to whom he loves, and also to those whom He does not love. And we learn from Hadith that if this dunya had the worth of even a mosquitos wing near Allah, then he would not give even a sip of water to the disbeliever from it. This is the worst of the dunya near Allah. So, if someone has worldly success, okay, or they have, you know, a lot of wealth and riches and freedom and ease in life, that is not a sign of God's approval, they should not think that it is clearly and forcing

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him, that it is good for them. In total Arafa 32 Allah subhanaw taala says, regarding the good things in life, that they are for those who believe during worldly life, and hardly Satyam will PM, but exclusively for them on the Day of Judgment. So, in the world, in the at this time, indeed the riches of the world are basically shared between the Muslims and the non Muslims, you will find a fakir Muslim, a very poor Muslim, and you will also find a very poor cafard you will find a very rich Muslim and you will also find a very rich cover. And the reason behind worldly riches or their deprivation is not Iman and Cofer. Okay, it is not an indication of Allah's approval of a person.

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Okay? Any if someone is rich, it doesn't mean Allah is happy with them. It doesn't mean that they are upon the truth. And if someone is poor, it doesn't mean that Allah is displeased with them or that they are upon falsehood. No truth is known by what the truth is. Anyhow, Allah subhanaw taala has made it clear in his revelation, okay. And falsehood is also known by the same means. So, if Allah is to leave someone for a mcdata Leila and he for a long time, you know, in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned about Ibrahima and Islam that his father said to him, that what God Malaya and he leave me for a very, very long time and you just leave me forever. So, the long time that the

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disbelievers have spent in comforts as individuals or as nations and over generations also, this is not necessarily good for them. In fact, this is not good for them. It is not in their favor. Why? Because in nama known Lila home Leah's dad who is the MA Allahu Akbar, in NAMA, indeed only known Lila whom we give respite to them. Why Leah's dad who efma so that they increase in sin? Any the only reason why Allah subhanaw taala has given them this long time where he's not punishing them, and they have no freedom in this world. And apparently they're very successful, living comfortable lives. This is just so that they can increase in sin. So then when the punishment finally comes, it

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is a huge punishment. StuffIt Allah, like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah gives respite to the oppressor. But then when he takes him over, he never releases him in Noma, normally lonely as Dadoo IFMA. Now, think about the context, the mushy Keene of Makkah, when they came at, but after that, imagine, if they weren't ever able to come and attack the Muslims and fight the Muslims and they all just died, then what would happen? Would they increase in their sin? No, they wouldn't. But those who came and offered after that increased in their sin, and then they came again until they were killed in their cover. So what happened? They increased in their sin, right?

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They oppose the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam, they oppose Islam, or they kill an innocent person, and they're not caught right away. And what that means is that they go further and further in their sin. So by the time they leave this world, what has happened is that with MMA, they have accumulated so much sin when you're younger Biller, and this is the answer to the question that, you know, why do evil people get away? Or you know, how come a person who does something wrong is able to do wrong things over and over again in the world? How come they're not punished right away? This is the response in the minority loneliest dad who efma Allah subhanaw taala delays them

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why so that they increase in their sin and then they are 100% deserving of the punishment of *? In nama normally loneliest Dadoo atma. So this delay is not because Allah is

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unable to punish them, or that he approves of their actions? No, in certain would be known if 55 and 56. Allah subhanaw taala says AR Suvarna unknown with Doom being a melee weapon, necessity ruling and filthy rot, Bella Yash Arun, do they think that because we have given them abundant wealth and children, that we are hastening unto them with good things, that we're very happy with them, and we're rewarding them with good things. No, the fact is that they don't perceive, they don't realize that they're only going further in doing wrong things. And really, this is something that each person needs to think about. You know, for example, when you do something wrong, and you suffer

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something in life, you know, for example, simple thing, you're speeding, where you're not supposed to, right, you're driving in a way that you should not be driving. And then what happens? You get pulled over, you learn your lesson, right? You learn your lesson that I should not drive recklessly. But imagine if a person is driving recklessly, and they don't get caught, and they don't get caught, and they don't get caught. Then what happens? Their habit becomes driving recklessly, they put themselves in danger, and they put other people in danger, in a religious sense. Imagine if a person you know does not pray, for example, and nothing happens. What will they do, they will leave another

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salah, and then they will leave another summer. But imagine if someone leaves salah, and all of a sudden, they say you know what, I'm not going to pray the hood. I'll see if I want to pray later to deliberately leave their salon and they go out and they fall on the ice. What are they going to think this is because of my leaving my salah, and they say tilba tilba stuffer, Allah I'm never going to do that again. They learned their lesson, right? So if a person is not able to do something wrong for a very long time, they're actually very, very fortunate, very fortunate. But on the other hand, if a person does something wrong, and nothing wakes them up, nothing you know stops them in

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their tracks. Then they go further and further in wrong action in nama Nam Lila, whom Leah's dad who is Ma so really people who are not able to do something wrong for a long time, they're prevented from doing wrong things. Then it shows that Allah subhanaw taala wants good for them. And people who are able to do wrong after wrong zoom after loan. Then it shows in the Manoli, lonely as dato Isma wala whom I double morphine, and for them is a humiliating punishment. Stuff that Hola, honey for those who disbelieve and apparently delivery, honorable, respectful, opulent lives, okay, but they spent all of that in Crawford, what will happen on the Day of Judgment, a punishment that will

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humiliate them. Now, with regard to our thoubal Maheen the rhythm I say that or that will morphine is only for those who disbelieve, okay, because morphine This is from how noon, any morphine is one that brings down any one that humiliates one that brings Sahar, anyone that really makes someone small. Okay, so these are people who had false you know, pride in the world, or a kind of honor that they weren't deserving of in the world. And in Jahannam, they will be humiliated. I can look for Anita said, that loop in NACA until our Xyzal. Karim that taste Indeed you were very honorable, very dignified in the world, but now taste the punishment. So while a homer Addabbo Mohini for them will

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be a humiliating punishment. Alright, let's listen to the presentation of these verses in

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