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Episode 7: You’re No Angel
Even the greatest companions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) were vigilant about their faith. No matter how confident you are in your Iman, you’re no angel. Be protective of it.

Ramadan 2017

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So now I want to come back and recap. So everyone, welcome back to the faith revival. So there's a very famous incident that took place that I'm going to bring back to the end of this episode. And that's the incident of a companion by the name of humbler or the little toddler at home, who went to Abu Bakar, Ilana and said, naffaa Hamdulillah, he said that I have become a hypocrite humbled has become a hypocrite. He said, Why? He said, because when we're with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam we feel like our faith is full. I mean, I feel like I'm not connected to this world in any way whatsoever. Then I go back home and I'm overtaken by family and I'm overtaken by thoughts of the

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world and it all goes out the window. He and Bubba cuddle the law. And when he heard that, he said, Well, in that case, Rebecca is a hypocrite. So they both went to the profits license them claiming to be hypocrites, and the prophets lie some of them he said, that if you were to be with me the way or if you were to be in your own time, the way you are with me, the Safa hudco Mona Mona, aka, the angels would shake your hands if you were able to maintain that level of emotion all the time, the angels would shake your hands but he said what I can say to him was a time for this a time for that not a time for good deeds and the time for major sin, meaning there are going to be times where

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you're not going to be able to have that level of Eman and faith. Now, this is where it becomes interesting. The fear that they had you had the best human being that was not a prophet ever to walk the face of the earth going to the Prophet slice Allah and claiming hypocrisy, that actually was the character of the companions. Even I mean what Aika who was one of the second generation of the Muslims, he said I met over 30 companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he says not 100 min homea coal in Nevada, in the hawala he managed to breed with Mika yet, not a single one of them claimed to have the none of Jabra he or Mika, either the angels Gabriel or Michael. All of them knew

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that they were always always in danger of losing their email. And then having maneka didn't meet any companions he met IE he met sad. Casa Isha Herrera, some of the great ones, and he said that was their characteristic. What that means is that they knew that they were not like the angels in that even if they reached a position where they were comfortable with their eemaan or they felt like they reached the benchmark, they could not become complacent, because unlike the angels, we can then fall gibreel does not have to worry about falling one day, nor does Mika in are the great angels may have lost peace and blessings be upon them all because Allah has secured them from their desires, and

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they are free from choice or free will, in a way that would cause them to fall. We on the other hand, no matter how high we reach, we have to worry about that. And even Botha, the great scholar who explained so he had a body he said, Look, these people lived and they saw the time after the prophet SAW the law, how it was set up and think about how much changed after the Prophet sly son passed away. Just the general Baraka the general blessing that was missing because the prophets license presence was no longer there. So they all feared for themselves. And that in and of itself is a sign of a man. And the mom has celibacy Rahim Allah says marhaba who in the morning when Amina

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who Illa Manasa no one fears hypocrisy except for a believer and no one feels safe from it except for hypocrites. Only the hypocrite feels safe from hypocrisy. It's a sign of faith, to be vigilant to be worried about losing that faith. And with the data or the law under the great companion used to be heard after every salon, asking Allah Allah protect me from hypocrisy. Oh Allah protect me from hypocrisy. Oh Allah protect me from hypocrisy. So a man by the name of Jabez, he said, I said to a Buddha, what is it with you and hypocrisy? He said, he said, leave me to my Lord. He said, verily, a man is snatched away from his religion in a moment, and it escapes him. He man can be

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taken away from you in a moment. And it's often when we are not thinking about the dangerous to our enon. When we become complacent imaginable, hooray to asking Allah, Allah protect me from adultery and theft. You were listening to the previous videos on major sins and probably thought to yourself, that's talking about someone else. Maybe I can send that video to them. I would never drink alcohol. I'd never commit adultery. Alcohol at the great Mohammed, the great companion who narrates all the Hadith said a lot protect me from getting from drinking alcohol or from committing adultery. Why? Because when he said that shavon that the devil was at the highest point and look where he fell to

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because he wasn't vigilant. So this does not mean we become paranoid with our email. This means we always think with vigilance and we always protect it and guarded and we don't leave it open.

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And susceptible even to the major sense that we never think that we are capable of committing. That's where the problem is. It's part of a man to feel protective, overly protective of your email. Now, here's the beautiful thing about how Allah May Allah be pleased with him. Remember the prophets lie. Some said the angels would shake your hands if you were to maintain that state of faith all the time. hamdulillah is less evil America. He is the companion of the Prophet sly Salim, whose body was bathed by the angels when he passed away Subhana Allah. So the more we fear hypocrisy, the more we will be kept safe from it and sha Allah to Allah. May Allah protect our Aeon from ever being

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corrupted by a major sin or a minor sin and protect us from ever feeling complacent with it, so that we do not so that we do not fall into the things that we do not think we're capable of. May Allah protect us, and May Allah safeguard our eemaan alumna I mean, see you next time inshallah. Son I want to come on time advocates