Categories of Muslims Post September 11th

Yasir Qadhi


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The way I see this there's categories of people when it comes to these types of crimes, number one, actual people who committed acts of violence. People who wanted to blow the plane up people, obviously, understandably, not only do I think it is haram and unethical, we understand the government's going to jail them to life or whatever we understand that, okay. Category Two were those who themselves did not commit violence, but who financially supported or passed out the materials, and pre 911 that probably wouldn't have been a crime, or at max, a misdemeanor or minor felony. Okay. But post 911, those types of people were basically given 15 years, or maybe even life.

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Okay. And that's unfair and unjust, even though they might have done things they shouldn't have done. But they didn't actually harm people. Right? Right. The third category, which is difficult, are those who are genuinely innocent.

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But they

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unwittingly helped someone who turned out to be able to first two categories.

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And some of your friends I know are also in this and I know people as well in this third category, where they didn't know. And a Muslim brother needs some help, and they give him that help. And because the government is so paranoid, you know, they're gonna get thrown to jail as a material support, right? Yeah. And this irritates all of us, because and I've said this to, you know, government officials, whenever it gets the chances, like, you can't target three and four, or else you're going to make it difficult for us to help you in anything. And then the fourth is the worst of all, and that is the setups that is the completely innocent people whom the FBI basically

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completely sets up. And then, you know, pretends were terrorists, you know, and you know, that's a fourth category. Do you have any other categories? And these are the four that come to my mind.

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I'm sure given enough time we can get more more nuanced. I think that that's sufficient detail inshallah. So my point is that our sympathies for categories three and four,

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should not cause us to forget there is a category one. Yes. Yes. Right. And,

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yes, we feel bad for Category Two, they got sentences they don't deserve. But at the end of the day, in this ultra paranoid world that we're living in, you know, I mean, it's like it is what it is, you know, and we should learn what wisdom is, we should learn what you know, how to speak the truth in a manner that is the most effective and I hope in sha Allah that we can learn from those with wisdom that are actually speaking the truth and again, in this lecture, I've said multiple times the real cause of of terrorism is the stupid instability and chaos that we ourselves have created but

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