Start Walking Barefoot – Vlog 1 – 40 Days To Umrah

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The speaker is reciting a video about walking and transformation in a video. They discuss the concept of transformation and encourage viewers to take a look at the video. They also mention a movie and encourage viewers to catch up on it later.

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Santa Monica Tila vlog one getting started with a little bit of ice the first few days we're going to talk about being barefoot. We're talking about that physical prep, you'll be doing a lot of walking. So I'll talk to you a little bit about walking and getting prepared for around but for now, let's take a quick second to recite together.

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How do we learn initiate for new war G Bismillah. You walk

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up, bull Whoa, aha, a walk or slower than

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one year

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well, I'm wrapping up today didn't get as many clips as I wanted in the gym. But I'm wrapping up today we talked about the Barefoot concept. Remember, this is a 40 day progression. So if you're starting to walk around and your feet hurt, remember, you have to listen to your body. humara is all about transformation, and trying to raise your standards. If it's your first homerun, it's all about transformation. If it's your second or multiple, then it's about raising your standards. So let's work on that together. I'd like to close out Thursday night surah duquan surah number 44. So if you can, and you know you're catching this at another time to catch up on surah number 44. Who do we

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love him in a shame on you? Raji

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sort of 44 Surah Doohan

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what will Keita Bill mobi?

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Open it up for you?

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Dude have it along.

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that movie, let him mobile or 13 in

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VD fie ha You fall to Kulu Emmeline, hacky

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mom in Marion Deena in goon more CD in sight at the la novia. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. It's only two pages, three pages rather. So if you can take a look at the quad tonight, you'll really appreciate it. I'll catch up with you tomorrow. We'll start taking this step by step but I pray you're ready to make that transformation for yourself. We'll set out why decom or medulla