The True Qualities Of A Believer 03

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The speaker discusses the importance of acceptance of Islam as a means of avoiding negative consequences. They stress the need to adopt Islam as a means of being a Muslim and cater to Islam by dressing in a way that aligns with Islam's culture. The speaker also criticizes the Christians for their actions and their lack of graduation from high school.

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In almost demeanor one must be met for every Muslim man and woman. Now we heard we hear the word all the time Muslim, I'm a Muslim you say, oh, what religion are you I'm a Muslim. But what is a Muslim? A Muslim is a person who continuously and all the time submits, surrenders and gives himself up from A to Zed from start to end.

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To the almighty Lord, this is the main of Islam.

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Its submission to the one creator with absolute obedience to His law.

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We must adopt a hollow of Islam if you want to be called a Muslim. You as a Muslim to be called a Muslim, you must adopt all of Islam.

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All of it. He did not adopt one path or do not like the other part. I'm going to chuck it out the window now.

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There is a fault deficiency. Your Muslim your status as a Muslim is diminished. It's boys slowly and slowly until there's no stem in your life. No is them in your life.

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We must adopt al Qaeda and the Afghan he did not leave the camp and thank God Qaeda attacked al Qaeda and Linda cam, which is it's rolling. No, you open your arms wide for the Afghan for the arcada social matters the Islamic social matters, economics, politics, all of it. Say if your door open in your home, open your front door, the foot Dalia Islam into my home,

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the father them enter and embrace it with your arms. And how do you cater for Islam? Do you cater by pouring a cup and drink for it? And a piece of chocolate cake? No. The way you cater for this word for this day is by implementation.

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This is the way you cater for Islam. Not by saying I'm a Muslim. Sit down, relax now.

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You cater for Islam by implementing all of Islam. Yeah, you have Latina M and o the whole office Tell me

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well, Tabby otowa t shaitan in hola como todo bien.

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Oh, you believe the almighty lord is addressing us because we are all believers, are we not? So are you who believe and in Islam, complete League, all of Islam and not follow the footsteps of Satan of Satan. For indeed he is nothing but actually explicit enemies.

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So when you open the door for Islam, in your home,

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you do not allow after Islam enters the footsteps of Satan to follow in the footsteps of Satan if they follow that means you are going to be taking what you want what you desire, and throwing out what you don't want at the window.

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So you make sure when you enter Islam in your home, close the door and prevent that devil

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that Satan, Satan the cursed from following that Islam and into Islam with full embracement this is Islam. You get many brothers who I've heard recently criticizing the Christians. Why do they criticize the Christians they say only Christians for one day a week, every Sunday.

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Sunday is

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when I have the bread and wine. The wine is supposed to be the blood of Jesus. And the bread is supposed to be the flesh of Jesus flesh.

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Anyway, they criticize the Christians

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saying that the only Christians for one day Why would the same Muslims they only Muslims in Ramadan.

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When Ramadan comes other Muslim, they embrace all of Islam. They stop praying. They fast. They stop theft. They stop drinking alcohol. They stop smoking hash. They stop doing evil only in this month, but when this month is over.

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I felt imprisoned. I was locked up and go jump from one

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To another animal dawn comes they feel a burden on them or Ramadan's gonna come or better prepare myself for it.

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Have they entered the stand completely?

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And I Muslims No,

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because at the Hulu is sin Mika, they did not enter a stand completely.

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They are nothing but lawyers. This is the first quality

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which you can attain salvation very clearly in Muslim mean well Muslim at first quality for every Muslim man and woman