Righteousness In A Bottle Part 2

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And where we left off was the transition between community service and the establishment of the prayer. We didn't just say that we need to start praying but alas pantalla used the word or revealed unto us. What are Bama slon

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hamdulillah al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool e nebia, Karim. A salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters in the Irvine community.

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Today's goal is to really wrap up our conversation on righteousness in a bottle, part two. So let's take a quick recap of where we were. We started with the main point of the main thesis, that religiosity being a righteous being a religious person couldn't be put into a bottle of well, he prays a lot, or he looks religious, or he does community service, or he pays or he has a good relationship with the people around him, but it needed to be a complete and total package. So you might not be perfect in one section, you might not be perfect in your relationship with all your family members, but it's something that you're striving on in order to become connected with a less

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parent Donna. So what we've done thus far is i a 177, of Surah Baqarah. And it has been termed and deemed it to be or the idea of righteousness. And what did we see a Lost Planet Allah told us lacell bill

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Lu Han

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malady boo. Oh, Alan King, Bill ramen man, man I've been.

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I've been so lucky. Tyler pointed out to us that righteousness was not only was not merely turning your face from right to left, but righteousness was an entire package. While lacking and not contrary, righteousness was a complete package. The person who believed in Allah who believed in the Day of Judgment, the angels, the Prophets, and the books brought by those prophets. And not only did they believe in Allah subhanaw taala with their tongue, but their belief manifest into a huge part of their life being community service. Now, look at the words together. And if you have the opportunity, I want you to follow along, what I tell man and they spend their wealth. Now this is

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not just their financial wealth, their time, their energy that which Allah subhanaw taala has given them well, I tell Matt, specifically, we can say their finances specifically, but not exclusively. So they spend their money Allah hope be heed this despite the fact that they have love for it. Now think about this, when you donate something that's torn and ripped, when you give your extra time, to your family members, then sometimes you're giving the cheapest part of your time. But when you take out of your wealth, your time, your energy, for the categories that are less pantalla has given its despite your love of it. So you might be able to sleep one more hour, but you could get up early

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and spend time with your wife. Or you could get up a little home early from work and you could have made a little bit more money but you get home and you spend time with your kids. You ask them what's going on with their homework. Um, remember, it's spending out of those facilities. Allah gave you time, energy wealth, it could be your ability to explain things. What did Allah give you? If Allah gave you a cool heart, if Allah subhanaw taala gave you you don't have a short fuse. It's done that talk to your kids. So I hope that we will run out of time I want my son key. What my Sakina Wabi Sabi. So Allah subhanaw taala told us that we're not only going to spend it on just our family, but

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our near relatives are going to get that from that which we love, our wealth, our money, our time, our energy, our smile. We love sometimes just our dignity and sometimes our

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Ego. But we put that and say, You know what, I haven't seen this family member in a while I've been arguing with them, I'm gonna kind of step back and have a little humility we spend on our family members, the near relatives, the orphans, the needy, and the wayfare. And the one who asks, so think about this, your family members who are near your spending on them anyway, those who you're talking to or not talking to, you're definitely spending on them. Now, look at this, the orphans, they deserve your rights. But then it's not just the orphans, but it's the needy. And it's not just the needy, but it's someone who is a wayfare, someone who's traveling in the path. And then it's the

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person who asks, and sometimes they're like, why should I give this person they're, they're asking for a handout. Sometimes people don't have their trust in Allah subhanaw taala, as much as you do. So when you give to any of these categories, don't think that you're doing a favor, give it to them, knowing that you are doing what Allah subhanaw taala asked, and then with that kind word, or that little gesture, or whatever they need to, you know, should also have trust in the last panel, Donna, was sat in, in and those who asked what fills your cup, and freeing the next from slavery. And you can see the part one of this video what we talked about there. Now we're going to transition from

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this huge sector of community service. I'm worried about the orphans, I'm worried about everyone in the community, my family members who are wealthy, or who are not wealthy, I have a nice word for them, I have a kind word for them, I have a gift for them. I ordered an edible arrangements for them, but they're rich. So unless you're near relative spend on them, it brings family ties together. And it's the unit of the society that is the family and extended relatives. Now we're going to transition here to the third element. So we had those who believe in the facets of belief, those who are concerned about community welfare spending on all these different levels of the

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community. But then the last part of our data says, what, famos sligh lanto zanka What a Bama, and they establish the prayer, I want you to get make a transition here. When I say religious, you think the guy who prays a lot, and is always wearing white, but we don't think about the person who's striving to establish that prayer. It could be the brother who is establishing a Masjid, it could be the brother who, in a gathering, you're sitting with your friends. And you're the one who says guys, it's time to pray. We really should pray. Even if we're out at playing basketball, we're out at the theater, we're out at the mall, we really have to establish the prayer. So on the internal level,

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you're establishing your own prayer, when you're with your friends, you're establishing the prayer, but then think about on a grander scope. Those people who are putting their efforts into building the true facility of a mustard, and those who are giving effort into building a facility where not only the prayer can happen, but the prayer can be established. Let's have a discussion about that when we have the opportunity, I want you to think about a place where young people can come and maybe do some sporting events, and they're naturally then at the mosque to pray to see how we establishing the prayer doesn't just mean putting up walls and say okay, now we have time and prayer

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for time. But even a daycare, or even a food bank, these things when they're connected to the mustard. It establishes the prayer. And it puts a medical clinic connected to the mustard automatically the needs of the people are being fulfilled. So they're there to make the prayer will Obama salado.

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And they give zeca. Now, here's the tremendous part, you might be saying, but I just spent them five categories of people on top of spending on the five categories of people on top of buying and gifting something to the people around you to your neighbors to the orphans. Now at that once and twice a year, you're giving that allotted amount of Zika so that the community can flourish under the eight categories of Zika. The internet, I'd like you to look those up what are the eight categories of Zika and what has the lowest pantalla asked from us. Now, we have three components, I am believing in God and all of the units around that means I'm believing in the Day of Judgment, the

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angels I'm believing in the prophets and the books that they brought. And that belief manifests in me spending on the community and acting and giving time to the community building a high school giving energy for a battered women's shelter, these are all spending on a hobby, then I am not only an internally being spiritual so I'm building the prayer from the individual level. But now I'm building the blocks to have a facility where I can pray and under greater scope. Not only am I building that building, but when I'm at the park and it's time to pray I established the prayer and I don't feel shy to tell my friends Hey, it's time to pray we're gonna go ahead and print

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now spending of this aka A lot of us are faulty A lot of us know people who are not spending as much time calculating theirs aka we can look into this together as a community. Now the fourth component tremendous while mu foo and IV D him is

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that those people

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people when they make a covenant, or when they make a contract, or they make a promise, what move foreigner they are those who fulfill that contract, I want you to split the concept of fulfilling a promise into two. What's the first promise that we have between ourselves and the last part of Madonna, he and Ghana,

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Ghana starin. You alone, but we worship and You alone will be asked for help. That's promise number one, you might fall out a few times on your promise to Allah. But get right back up. And remember a lot I told you were the only one I was going to worship and the only one I was going to ask for help. The second that we make are with the people around us. The covenants are if you're a teenager, you're sitting there and you told your parents that you're going to spend this much time studying, that's a promise, the covenant to the people who are your gateway to God. And we talked about this, if you can make a promise to the parents who gave you life and you can see them, then you'll be able

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to fulfill the promise with the one who you cannot see a lost pinata. So if you can't be humble and have servitude and fulfill the rights and just do what your parents say, how are you going to do what Allah subhanaw taala says you can't even see him. And then on the parental level, when you and your spouse are sitting together, and you told yourself, I wasn't going to yell at her, I wasn't going to, I wasn't going to get lose my cool just because I'm going to use my spouse goes either way husband to wife, wife, the husband, that I'm not going to just take my aggression out on them without any control. So these are promises we make. But let's take this up to a society level now. I

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mean, a lot of times we look at business, and we realize, you know, get into business contract with anyone except a Muslim. Why? Because Muslims won't keep their word. Muslims won't keep their word when doing a business contract. So we'll move on. And the idea here is to religiousness righteousness, split it into two, on the fourth level, keeping your promise to God. And if you break that every once in a while you falter, don't break it. You falter on your promise, with the last time that I get right back up, make up that prayer, get right back up, ask for forgiveness for that sin. And the second component is when you make a promise, whether it's business or financial

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transactions, when you make that promise of a nigga of marriage, stick to that. And every time you falter, go back to the to the words, when you took the hand of your wife and you told your father in law, I will take care of her, I'll make sure that she's happy. And do that when you took the promise from your mom. And your mom said, you know, be respectful to your husband, fulfill his rights be available, so that you can share lovely moments together. Think about that, I would like you to be isn't allowed to remember that. We make a lot of promises. And a lot of times we forget that those promises have the opportunity to be the covenants can be re filtered, the covenants can be rebuilt.

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So remember the promise to Allah, and the promise of the creatures around us, the human beings and the environment around us. Now all of these things will move forward beyond the means to do so I've labeled four levels of religiosity for different bottles, if you will, looking religious acting religious speaking like your religious spending, like your religious praying, like your religious and keeping that covenant with the people around you. And now you at home. It's amazing how les panda puts these words with he knows he says and this is not going to be easy. So Allah subhana wa tada says, and after you have believed, done righteous actions, encourage the good on multiple

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levels, we'll slow it down

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and have patience. and patience. Alas, pantalla doesn't just leave it leave it open and ambiguous, okay, just be patient, be a nice person. And if someone attacks you just be patient, Allah subhanaw taala is giving us this chance. And he's saying, Look, there are going to be three bottles in which you're going to need to be patient. First, wasabi, Diem, be patient feel the best.

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In times of suffering, and a lot of times we think it's not fair and we're not in a good position. But unless practicing in order to truly be righteous, know that you're going to need to be patient on multiple levels, when the going is tough, and you cannot react back. Okay? When the going is tough. And you see someone talking about the dangers of Sharia law and Islam is being put down, then you can't do anything against that. Yes, you can strive and work with organizations, but overall, we're not in this in a state of power. Have patience in that part, one long war and during times of hardship, so when you're not in a position to reach

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have patients then when you are in a point or a place of difficulty and hardship, what love war. Now I want you to think about this, if you're in charge of anything, you're a parent, you're a father, you're a mother, you're a husband, a wife, an employer, you're the president of an organization. Remember this much, you have power. And something someone on a lower level might be disrespecting, you have patience, then have patience during a time when you have the upper hand. And now Allah subhanaw taala takes us to a next the next stage. And in this stage, he says, what he

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backs and at times of stress, I want you to think about this. If you're being patient, when you're the oppressed, one, you can't fight back if you're being patient when you're the strong one. And you're in times of difficulty, think about in times of stress. Now, what are these times of stress, when you have the ability to fight back and the other person is in the wrong as well, and you're actually fighting a jihad, you're struggling against an opponent? Have Slava have a limitation in how much you retaliate? Now, these things are going to take a lot of time, these steps of sub are going to take different facets. And if Allah Allah wills, after keeping our covenant with Allah, and

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keeping our covenant with the people on keeping my covenant to you, to make this second part of the video, that's digestible. The difficult part to digest are these three levels of patience, I'd like to open these up be isn't Allahu taala and separate them into categories so that we, as the urban community can sit down and say, Well, what are practical action items I can do to become more patient? When my wife irritates me when my husband is losing his temper with me? What are actual things that I can do? And I'd like to pick that up. Now, once we get there, but it's not we're going to be practicing and knowing that being religious is going to take time, being truly righteous is

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going to take energy, and having patience is going to go through levels. But Allah subhanaw taala says one that flower blossoms, and when the petals of the rose open up, and the belief the man in Allah, Allah and all of the things that he's asked us to believe in the spending on that which we love, and all the categories of the community, and the establishment of the prayer and the giving of the Zakah, and the keeping of the covenant to Allah and to his creation, when all of that is fulfilled, and the shades of patience are seen on the skin tone of that believer, Allah, he can levy nose or down poo, those are the true. Those are the ones who are wearing the true perfume of

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righteousness. Those are the ones who are truly, truly beautiful, and truly have the fragrance, the color, the texture, the thorns, and the body of the beautiful rose. they encompass all things, not just one.

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whoo, Turku. And those are truly the one and those are the ones who are surely that goon who are righteous, who are really religious, who are really fearful of the punishment of a lot hopeful in his promises and and his mercy and conscious and aware of Allah subhanaw taala. Those are the people who have done.

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Now before we stop, I don't want you to just see this as the completion of the lecture, I want to continue. I want us as a community to develop this concept, that religiousness each person's going to have strong feet, someone's going to be good in community service, someone's going to be good at punctuality of the prayer being there for all five prayers. I want us to now see the shades of religiosity, I want us to see it as this is the strong point of somebody. And we don't see someone as less religious or more religious. We see someone as all of us are striving towards religiosity striving towards being conscious, aware and fearful of the punishment of a law in different facets,

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but all of us are struggling in all these parts. Before we end though, I want you to look at this word with our Eagle Latina. sodoku Next time you say that guy is really religious. Think about this ayah does he truly embody all of these things? What would I eat Gohan with the spoon. And is he amongst them? Is she amongst the Mottaki? Why do I want you to see this word? Where do you remember this word coming up before you remember earlier?

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me, Danny Can you kita

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he who doesn't mean mood

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and Islam mean this is the book that has no doubt in it. The book that is with Allah Subhana Allah that has no doubt in it for those who are mortality. For those who are next time you you're like you read the definition you're like okay mucked up the God conscious, fearful of God's punishment hopeful and his mercy know that this ayah encompasses it. So if we truly want to be healthy, be isn't Allahu taala we're gonna try and I really mean it like a workout plan. We're gonna try to hit all these facets. Let's start talking about Emma, let's start talking about Amina sloty had righteous actions. Let's talk about let's start talking about dough. So we help though I see bill

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help encouraging the good And lastly, the slump and encouraging righteousness. But if you look at this ayah Do you not see it kind of reflect one surah no cron Illa Vina

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the belief that we looked at the beginning, why me new slon

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and the righteous deeds spending on the people in the community. One

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long been how and encouraging the good by establishing the prayer, one

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slow bill slump,

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and encouraging and being steadfast in patience. There's great wisdom in the eyes and the Quran. We need to spend a little time and realize it isn't. Let's look at it together. I will speak to everyone soon. I'm hoping that you're staying up with the homework from the last part one homework now I want us to start getting out there. Go to your neighbors and Juma. maybe buy them some flowers or go to your neighbors and buy them a little basket of something that is representative of sweet say, hey, today's Friday, you know it's a day it's a festival for us. We go for prayers, and maybe see the scene a little bit more clean on Fridays. Make your Islam public without making it in

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someone's face without giving them you know, hey, you should become Muslim. Let them see your son first. So let's try to stick with the four things we had last time. Cut out one day a week where you're not involving yourself with inorganic spiritual food, music, ESPN one day a week. Just one day a week we talked about it. You'll see it from the last clip and be isn't that I'm looking forward to meeting everyone again, if Allah wills we'll spend some more time together. This is Ira 177 of Surah Baqarah jacquela. Heron was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah