Ramadan Read-Along – Baqarah 2253-256 (Page 42)

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All right friends welcome to that third day of Ramadan we didn't get in a lot of the second Joe's but nothing is holding us back let's get started third pay third just first page still on sewer but Bella Rosa will be he Mina shame on you Raji deal tell Russolo felt one ba ba Humala ba mean whom Mang Kalama Allahu

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wa Tyner isa burner Maria MALBA ye na t was a year then will be ro l kudos. Wala OSHA

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Allahu Malko data La La Vie namun bar de him. Me Bardi Hemu bar Dima manager

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at hormonal Bernina to Allah Kenya dalla fu wala Kenya Tala fu fam in home mama now I'm in home and CAFO one owes

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a law whom out Bonta Lu Allah King no law half my Luma UD read Yeah. Are you Halloween? Boo

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boo me Mao was up on mill poverty yet D a TA

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fee he was hola to hola shafa while Kathy Runa humo Lottie Moon hola hola Illa one how you call you?

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Who sinner to wala Nome la Houma this summer Do you want my feet? Oh, man the lovey

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dovey Oh, lovey is ne er la MUMA Bina ad him warm up on her home Wallah you hate on Abishai E.

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Me Noreen me, meaning hearing me he loved me Masha

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was here Accorsi you who's our tea will wala who do who have zu Houma Wahoo ally ally you lovely Lana claw her feet deed But about a year no rush do me in LV family. Full Ruby or Gu dy You mean

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for God This stems cerca

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de luz Thorung la fille Islam Allah ha log who sent me on Arnim