Yahya Ibrahim – A Productive Home in Ramadan

Yahya Ibrahim
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Am fusina woman, Dr. Medina? Yeah Hindi healer who phenomenal Lila woman you will follow her the other way shadow Illa la ma. Cherie Cara who eyeshadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah, what are pseudo? Some of the lohani who are early he was like me he was sent him to Sleeman kathira. A lot of Masoli was sending Boise to abetik LSA Ed now and maybe you know, Mohamed infidel welline. Or suddenly we're sending wuzzy to America last 18 and Mohamed el erian Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina, Muhammad Ali, I mean,

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ask Allah Subhana Allah to eila in beginning

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to make us from those who remain firm upon our tail hate upon singling him only in our worship in our attempts of faith, pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala keeps us and our families upon the truth that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes the truth evident and clear for us that we are able to choose it and follow it that Allah subhanho wa Taala also allows us to be witnesses to what is false hood and be clear and manifest to us so that we can make the choice to be distant from it a lot. I mean, pray that Allah subhana wa tada sends His guidance into our hearts is light into our life and lots of hands on Tada, except our fasting our days of hunger and thirst, as evidence for our obedience to

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Him subhana wa tada that we have preferred his words do as being more important to us than our material once the loss of Hannah Montana makes an effective change in our life, in our condition on a result of the tequila that we experience in this blessed month, of elevated ariba, elevated worship elevated

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Eman that we seek with a loss of Hannah horchata. And it is, of course, an honor and a privilege that hamdulillah that we gather together even though it's virtually to seek out the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala in this blessing month of Ramadan. And I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes us from those who are fortunate, and that we are given the assistance to allow you in this dunya and akhira that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makes us from those who are lovers of each other lovers of those who have shown us aggression that we are able to overcome it and deal with deal with it with equity, justice and peace a lot. I mean, and I guess that is probably the most fitting start

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to the concept of protecting our house. Now of course at hamdulillah all of you, whether in person or virtually would be very aware of my dear brother, Shahab where he says, wonderfully received course.

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Practical in its sense, about the importance of being on guard and following the tradition of the prophets of Allah, it was similar to maintaining a course with our homes, our families and our loved ones. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala continues to foster in our homes love and equity and empathy, a lot of them I mean, so just to keep things moving in a way that I believe is ideal for this particular discussion. I wanted to speak about, you know, a certain number of points and principles that are important for us to implement as individuals and as collective families. And especially when we're speaking about, you know, the COVID edition, speaking about some of the

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altered states that we find ourselves in that that which was familiar, and that which was anticipated, or just the mundane, this is what we do every Ramadan. And this is just how things are meant to be that we abdicate our own acts of self worship, because somebody else is going to fulfill that on our behalf by leaving the tarawih prayer, I don't really need to know that much on you know, all I need is really what you know what gets me through. And all of a sudden, were put in a place where we need to command our families to sell now, which is very similar Of course, to the construction of a lot in sort of Baja, what more electabuzz Sala was stopping alayah command your

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family to to prayer and remain ever virge vigilant, enduring and patience

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with that regard to be constant in that. And therefore when you look at the construct of the whole and one of the clear concepts that you see that whenever Allah subhana wa tada wants to teach mankind about their relationship with him, he speaks about their relationships with each other. So the way that Allah subhanho wa Taala one

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to instill in us the values that are better for us to adopt better for us to spread in our dealings with each other, in our dealings with other people, Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah gives it to us through the Koran in the stories of those nations before us, in particular in the lives of the prophets of Allah. So I actually have a book, it's called love stories from Nepal and, and that the purpose behind the book is that when you kind of think about the love stories from the whole, and we never assumed that that was meant to be a love manual in that sense. And that's something that you can benefit from in that capacity. But all of the stories of the haoran are learning vehicles for

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myself and yourself, about how Allah wants us to conduct ourselves in life, how to implement these laws, how to live in a sustainable way, with ourselves, communities, neighbors, families, and enemies.

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So if you look into the horror, and you look at family structure is the number one educated process. So whether you begin from Adam, or new, all of it are different stories that highlight different circumstances in my life and your life, and about things that Allah wants us to attain in our mocassin in our intents of fulfilling and aims and objectives of fulfilling that the Shetty out of a love of path that a lot destined for us to travel in this life. So Allah subhana wa, tada, you know, if you were to consider the dynamics, if you wanted to see a husband and wife who cooperate upon truth, you find Ibrahim and sada Ibrahim, and how do you find Adam, and what if you want to see, you

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know, a family who comes together in repentance for something that they've done wrong? The story of Adam is very healing and purifying, and it's an important element of study. Actually, I did a program on my on my new website

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So, you know, just as an instructive program, and we were studying the draw of Adam alayhis salam. And I'm just going to share my screen because it is an important kind of

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thought for you and I to have that how this comes about and why it's important for us. And I want you to consider that Allah subhana wa tada one says, to better ourselves, and to be able to acknowledge our mistakes. So I'll just share my screen and I'll navigate towards it. So if you're, if you're on if you go to Yahoo abraham.com and just go to watch

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the live session

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that is occurred.

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So it takes you to and of course, this is this is free of charge. So the video is broadcast there and you can go back and watch it there how to ask a lot for what you want. But there we are, we stopped at this lesson of Adam and Noah. And in the story of Adam there, there's so many lessons that you take. And one of the lessons is that a loss of Hannah went to Ana asks us to join with others who are seeking reformation and forgiveness. So when Adam and how why they ask Allah Subhana Allah for his mercy, what they actually do is they say, Ah, no bene, our Lord Valentina and fusina we have wronged ourselves, both of us have come together in that acknowledgement. And there's this

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sense of humility and purpose with a lot subconto with Anna so that's a really powerful kind of message that you find you also find new Holly is that um, becomes another example for us as a family structure. So not only is that um, his son, his wife, both of them are wayward. And Allah shows us that it doesn't matter how well you practice faith how committed you are to a law that that can be a test in life that a lots of kindness to Allah may test us through our children and our children are tested by us we are tested for our spouses and our spouses are tested by us and know although his test is with his people, amongst those people who he is tested with his his his son, but when the

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very final moments of his you know, as it's raining and the flooding he says yeah, buena Jakub Nana as is in solitude ride on the ship. Come on to the ship of salvation. But it's conditional to you practicing faith in the right way. parlez le illegible No, no, I'm gonna climb up a mountain. I know what I need to do. I don't need you. You're not

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important for me to take this advice from. So that very essential concept is is very important for us to consider. as, as, as Muslims, that that's another life story that you find in the hole. And if you want to see the example of

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you know, another husband and wife who

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walk upon a path of marriage, but one of them is treacherous. You find the example of new families that

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if you want to see you know, Brethren, brothers blood brothers who connive and cheat and have hate for another one of them, you find the story of use of, if you want to see the opposite of it is this story of use of once again, where he forgives them, and he protects his brother neck then, if you want to see brothers who cooperate on truth there's Moosa and her own, if you want to see, you know, families who love their children

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in a correct way and in a capacity that empowers them and makes that that love shine through. You can see the love of Ibrahim for his smile and his half even though they're distinct so there's a example of being distant or on a work assignment or or not being able to raise your son except through proxy, or your children through proxy. You want to see a single father with daughters that example of lose a single mother with their child money and if you want to see an example of a father, who and and wife who are, you know, so, you know, husband and wife who really want to be parents the example of yahia waiting and making your art show many years until a love blesses him

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Korea with the Elisa Lam cousins who cooperate upon truth. Yeah, yeah, and he Salli wa sallam.

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So all of these are really vivid examples. If you want to see a wife, who lives under the tyranny of a dead spot and a despicable husband, you have the example of Asya, the wife of your own. And if you want to see the example of, you know, a woman who

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is loved by her husband cared for by her husband, you find this story of Moosa Angela. Hi, if you want to hear about a story of treachery, and somebody who connives and cheats, even though their husband is a dignified example, you see the woman who seeks as relief, to seek to full use of away from his senses of morality. And he says, in a horrible way, your husband is a good man, my The Lord of the house, he's never wronged me in any way. So use of alia Salaam is very conscious of his relationship towards others. So you can join along, of course, to the the session that that has passed. You know, if you go to yahoo.com, you can kind of listen to what we did in the first

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session, and it's on every Saturday, inshallah. So that, I think, is a really first important point of start to understand that the whole arm is meant to be our manual meant for us to understand that all of those stories that were shared for us are moments that you and I can experience, maybe not all of them, but all of them in certain points in our life. And it's We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from experiencing the greatest fitna as being a part of our faithfulness in him. So I wanted to begin with, I guess, a discussion that is coherent and kind of providing a checklist. I'm a kind of checklist kind of guy. So when we're speaking about, you know, keeping our families or

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right and doing things in the right way, the first and most important step is to trust and understand faith.

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And I think one of the biggest stumbling blocks for a lot of families is that they're unwilling to accept that there's a greater pie, they believe in a lot, but they're unwilling to accept that there is a greater force that has brought them into the place that they're in prosperity and adversity. So think of what we've learned with COVID so far, so kind of a lot. One of the greatest lessons for me was, I'm not in control, and I can plan as much as I want. So in this calendar at this time, my plan had been Subhan Allah in the beginning month of April, and it was to travel and they take this tour to the lands of Hades so I take people to bajada and plush Kent and, you know, it's it's such a

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beautiful journey on that heritage tours. And if you you know, if you ever

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want to connect with the history that we have as Muslims, these are, you know, really essential places

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To attend to, and it's important for us to know where we came from, for us to be able to appreciate where we want to go. And

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it became a really important process for me to, to kind of continue in that, in that regard. And in that capacity and some kind of law I had planned our tour was to go from, it was fully sold out, Mashallah, as it is each and every time that we go, it's such a blessing.

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It was to go to Pakistan and from Uzbekistan, to do Islamic Bosnia and to travel through Bosnia, and for bosnia to begin Ramadan with Emma on the way back here to Australia and begin the month of Ramadan with my family. So it was going to be about 11 days or 15 days, with their own rock, and khandala hamesha have had tickets are booked hotels are confirmed. Tourists fully booked, everything is ready to go. But the huddle is from Allah, it's my in my Nia to have done that aroma in the month of Ramadan. That's the kind of law we asked a lot for its reward, even though we can't fulfill it. Number two is Hajj Subhana. Allah I, I'm a moderator on some of our HUD groups. And, you know, I

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last year I had 440, people with daughter Salaam and my HUD group, that I coordinate that group with them, the level six group, and Subhanallah, all of us are just waiting, what is it is the door going to open Is this something that is going to be possible. And I think for some of us, it's a it's a drop in the heart and on the lips and demonstrated in our southern has seeking to be able to fulfill that act of obligation, you and I are not in control, you and I are not the ones who are able to make those decisions for ourselves in an ultimate sense. So understand that fate is a very important part and parcel of my life in your life, that it's something important for you and I to be able to

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submit to the other of Allah. And that's why certain statements of Allah hamesha you know, being able to speak to your heart and say, This marriage was not going to go through, although we have love for each other, our families are not accepting of each other. So Pamela, it's the mother of a lot. And I gave it an attempt and it was honest, and it was pure, and we gave sober fun, we did the best that we could, but some kind of law, it's not best. It's not meant to be it's not written, it's not fated. And in other circumstances, it might be that you are not wanting something to happen in the in the opposite spectrum. And some handle a lot a lot befalls you as a child to kind of love who

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you were caring human mid term that, you know, some have a lot you're a you know, he had to

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be delivered early and did not survive. And I know that this is something that is incredibly traumatic for some of our our families. But it's a moment where you take pause and take stock and consider the other that is a very much a part of our life. So when we speak about Qatar, I want to simplify into three things, to understand that there are things that happen to us that are descended upon us by Allah subhanaw taala, that they can be a part of our, you know, genetic code and the illness that is destined to arrive that's already in us, but we don't know. And it could be that there are things that happen within us in that sense. And there are things that happen to us so

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you're standing at a red light and you know you seatbelt on everyday you're not breaking any laws and everybody else is at a stem cell so panel law from the rear end you get rear ended and you weren't doing anything wrong. And to handle law, it's life altering it's other you can't say as a profit I sell them teaches us low men can hammer shape on to say if I had if I didn't go out that day if I took a different road that is a statement that the shape on whispers in our heart to lead us from belief in the other. So that's the those are the first two things happen within us beyond our control were predestined within us and things happen to us that are beyond our control. Number

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three is how we respond to the first 2am i a person whose heart hazaribagh contentment with a lot I'm a person who finds ease in my heart Am I a person who is able to adapt and save up that a long shots and could lay use even a marketable low laner This is the other over law and what He wills has occurred say and to explain nothing befalls us except what is known to Allah.

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Millennials even in the market of a lower limit written for us who are mo Nana, he is our master and ally affiliate our kill moto chiune. Let the Libras put their trust in the one that they trust and

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so having an understanding of that having an understanding

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of color, whether it's rules regulations and, and scope is is a very empowering thing. So I encourage you to explore studies in fact, number two

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for our families is to master the fundamentals of our faith. Like to understand Sunnah. So candlelight, I've received so many questions from

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brothers and sisters.

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That made me feel really sad in my heart that after so many years of teaching Subhan Allah, I've been teaching about faith in Islam since the 90s. So forgive me for you know, letting you know how old I am. I'm an old dudes. Pamela. A lot more radical than that. Yes, man. I know. Absolutely. Now, what's enough? Oh, love football. Okay, now we're hearing our sight, our energy and our youthfulness alone. I mean, but you know, I used to alternate with one of our instructors, Dr. Abdullah Hakim, a mentor to myself at Mazel Tov, and way back in like 1994. So So Pamela, so I've been teaching for a long time. And so Pamela, it surprised me that people who I've known who have been attending a lot

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of our sessions and classes and you know, that they asked, really

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essential, but really simple questions. And that's why faith essentials, it's such an important platform, faith IQ, is a really important platform three minute answers to questions that come up in our mind. So I had, you know, a sister saying, Jeff, how do I pray behind my husband in the home? Where do I stand?

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Is my son allowed to lead me in prayer? You know, those kinds of questions.

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And those are things that we are forced to now rethink our fundamentals. What do we know? How do I fix this mistake chef in Asana? I said, I got up from this, the first sudo, then I didn't make the second one. What do I do I just go back and do another dude. Or how do I fix the front, I just replayed the whole prayer again. So those kind of things are really important fundamentals, that should not be absent from myself and you. And that's really the basis of what we do here with a meditative within method of essentials within

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IQ. And also for, you know, my own personal website, you know, why do we make out to a law, and I've made the website intentionally, entirely free of charge it so that it can be provided as a service in that sense. Of course, we welcome support and donations, but that's really the purpose behind it, that it moved me so much, that somehow a lot, even some of my students who have spoken to about many of these issues, it is something that is important for us, to always seek to master the fundamentals. So how do you master something two ways to understand the knowledge base, and to put into practice what you know, to understand how I do things, and then to get yourself trained up by

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doing it? So how do I met I, you know, manage solar? How do I do it the right way, I got to think these are the things that need to be done. Some do cannot lie to me, it's only praise, you've seen me pray. And once I've mastered it in that sense, then I need to, I know the knowledge of it, then I need to put it into practice, teach it to others. And that's the third point, to become an instructor to others. The greatest way for myself to practice Islam, is to talk to you about it, and to remind myself in you, without giving them the cotton fabric, what we mean. And you can see this from a lot of the drama of the prophets, I send them it's not that he means in himself, but it's not

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for the betterment of all of those who are seated around them. He wants them to know what it is that he's asking for not because he's in need for a lot to protect a man in his heart as much as they are needed, and that he is the source of the law, the source of information and conveyance of that information.

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Number three, is

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respond to problems in their infancy

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before they fester into bigger issues. So learn how to respond to failure, learn how to respond to conflict, learn how to develop resilience. It's a word that not many people speak about, which is another word for sub, right. So the word sub, it's correct translation would be at resilience, that you're able to go on patiently. The definition I like to use for somebody is resilience, that you bounce back, you get up off the ground, and you're not helping

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Down by, you know some of the thoughts and feelings that are defeatist within you. So you have a sense of energy and combat, how to respond to agitation how to respond. And a lot teaches us this. So in the month of Ramadan, the prophets like Selim, he teaches that if somebody shows this aggression that we say in the Islamic, I'm fasting, it's not that you have to say it to them. But it's a reminder to yourself, I'm fasting, I'm in a consecrated sacred state, I'm seeking to obey Allah, I'm seeking to do this in the right capacity. And I don't want to ruin my fast even though I'm right to respond to unright, to say, a response to you, but I'm not going to, because I'm not

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going to argument I'm not going to debate and I'm not going to discuss it. And I'm just going to hold myself to a higher account between myself and Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore, responding to conflict, responding to it, in the positive way is important. I always teach, I teach for augmentative love notes, Mashallah, it's a very mushy course. But it's a very practical course. So, in the practicality of it, one of the things that I teach is

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that it's good to learn how to fight with your parents, with your brothers and your children in your household in a way that doesn't compromise your faith doesn't compromise your ethics doesn't compromise your Islam. Another word for fight is, you know, conflict. So I need to know how to say to my father, no, I'm not going to do that. Blah, blah, without being disrespectful without saying it that no, who are you to tell him? No, but there's ways that I can listen to my father, take on board everything he said, make a decision that's different to it and not lose my respect for him or have him having a lack of rebar, that I'm still bothered on Diwali day, a person who was respectful

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and kind and gracious to my parents, even though I didn't follow and in practice what they had asked of me, because in my understanding, and in what I believe is the truth, it is opposite to it. So that's important. And that saves a lot of households, it saves you a lot of grief, with your in laws, with your, you know, your parents being aggressive towards your wife and making her feel in a in a difficult place or to your husband, which is also likely that you are able to push back in a respectful way without making them feel dishonored, but at the same time, standing your ground and protecting your spouse from an onslaught or a statement or an action of a loved one of your parents.

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And that's really, really important, how to respond to conflict, how to respond to this small before they become large. And learning how to cut off the path to that is a really, really important process.

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Another important point on the checklist is

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excellence speaks for itself. That if you treat each other with an attempt at excellence, meaning and unending attempt of doing things better, of trying to maintain cohesion and love and support for each other, if we attempt to make each other partners in the relationship, that I give the best of myself, and therefore I demand the best and expect the best and return that the way I demand what I want from you is not to ask of it, but to demonstrate it first and myself and the people of the self that people of the past the righteous they used to say things like this to each other on their wedding night. Crew Neela Who am I so lucky. If you become his servant, he will be your slave. So

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handle I imagine a daughter hearing that from her mother today. It's really wise words, Cooney, Allahu Allah, treat him with the respect that you would give to a king. And you will find that he will make you his queen to handle law because how can you be queen of the household if he's not King? And how Why would he want to treat you in a way that he isn't that isn't reciprocal, and isn't elevating to his massaging to his ego it for lack of better words.

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Another important point is you can't attain success on your own. You can't achieve what you want except as a complete coherent family unit. And as much as you want to do things on your own and that's it. I'm going to do it. I don't care what she does my wife or my kids. I'm going to do my prayers today. If they join me, they join

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If they don't they join. No, there has to be a more systematic systematic understanding of what actual success is, and how we protect our homes and our families is not by being unilateral in our decisions in our acts of worship in our intentions, but it's very much in being a person who is willing to engage with others and fulfill the needs of others.

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Next is to connect with the whole and, and, you know, connecting with the Horan is really important, it was really beautiful to see that everyone kind of followed in the pursuit of summarizing Quran and making the Quran something easy and attainable for others. And so Pamela, you know, two years ago, my Ramadan Project Online was referred to as a juice a day and if you go back and just hashtag us a day, this is something that you'll appreciate. But I wanted to share with you another resource now I'm on Mashallah chef Yes, of comedy, and almost all of them and they're both doing a very similar project. But this is the original Alright, brothers, alright sisters, you know, now

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Mashallah, lots of Allah, Colombia, lumpwood, Babak, and all of the efforts, I know it has this funny number RM 40, which is eight US dollars, right. So this is the E book and it's accessible, and you can download it. Basically, the aim behind that just a day was, I wanted people in my community in Perth, and initially it was recorded in my office, and you can go to my YouTube page, and you'll be able to see it. And just a day, it's a 10 minute five to 10 Minute Summary of every chapter of the whole. And so what the intent behind the the section of the origin is the Jews is. And at the time of the Sahaba this word Jews wasn't even the Tabby name. It only came a little bit later when

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people became lazy. And instead of having the Orion in suva, meaning a section that is finishing the hall and once every seven days, they said no, no, let's spread it out over a month because it's inconceivable that there won't be a Muslim who reads a hole or at least in a month. So they're not they divided the hole and into 3030 sections. This was in the era of huddle, not Rashid, as offer Allahu lenola to the Jews, you know, up to where it is in sort of a Baccarat and, and Baccarat game and Allah Emraan that became a section that has become a visual. And the aim of Jews a day, of course, is to summarize the essential principles that are found in that section of the Hold on. It's

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not a substantial book, it's 190 pages, but it's something that I think is very readable. And a juice, each juice is about five to six pages. And it's very easy for you and I to sit with your families actually, the project that I gave my son or mother, who's 12 years old is every night before we end our total Leah is that he gives a summary of a juice a day and my daughter gives a summary of love stories from the whole on May Allah allow us to practice that child law. And I hope it's something that could be a benefit to you in your home. And you can find it at

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TV press, I'll put a link to it on my Instagram and my Facebook page in the coming minutes after my session with you in Sharla. And perhaps it's something that can be shared

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with you in your groups be named to Allah. So I thought that that's something that's important to share with you as as an important resource to connect yourselves in your family the whole on, and that does not necessarily need to stop in the month of Ramadan. And of course I'm not gonna you know, tear you down in that sense and say, you know, why are you you know, worshipping a lot more in Ramadan. That's, that's how I am I worship a lot more in the month of Ramadan. And guess what, that's how the prophets I said that was, as well, that Rob Milan and this mnemonic, he describes the profits I sell them, which is another point on my list, which is to take advantage, advantage of

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seasons of good so the season of good is the month of Ramadan, take advantage of this month of Baraka patience of fasting of adherence with Allah subhana wa tada and increase your productivity and that's why Muslims historically had made it the month where they give the greatest zeca give the greatest sadhaka it's the month where myself and my family we want to elevate that act of of worship of Allah subhanaw taala but outside it you should continue to practice it. So I'm in Sydney Maliki used to say 10 interviews I send them a joke the proper was always generous. Well enjoyed my akun future Ramadan but its greatest generosity when the month of Ramadan

00:35:00 --> 00:35:48

Actually last in the last 10 days, as well in particular, and, you know, so on my list as well is ransom your family with your generosity and charity. So give a video up on your family you know ran some of your family. You know when our son is born, or our daughter is born, we make our FIFA and we slaughter you know two sheep for the boy one sheep for the girl. Many of you are like, Ah, that's unfair. Actually, if you think about it actually makes sense, a boy is much more difficult to maintain them upon a path of truth that it requires you ransoming ransoming that boy with double what it is for a girl girls to have a lot. There are Rama from Allah, there's such a blessing there,

00:35:48 --> 00:36:34

our sisters, our daughters, our mothers and our wives, and Allah has facilitated mercy through them. And that's why many of the prophets of Allah had daughters, as their children who lived on such as I went to VSI send them an email, Ahmed would write a congratulatory note for anyone who was given birth to a daughter, and he say, welcome to the club of the prophets of God, right? Because that's where mercy resides. So I want you to think about the importance of ransoming your household, ransoming your family by giving an effective act of charity, and there's no greater way for you to give to others as an act of charity than that you spread it with the neediest and the poorest,

00:36:34 --> 00:37:21

especially for their food in the month of Ramadan, especially to provide its time. And if for, for a believer in the month of Ramadan earns you their reward of their fasting, and they keep their reward, who hearing that would not move forward towards that. And, you know, I want it to be something that is an important process in my life in your life, that I can adjust the condition of my household with adjusting the condition of an other family. So the prophets I sell them gives this vivid example of a man who wants to change his condition but can't. So he says, Well, I'm going to change somebody else's condition by giving charity and he goes out in the night gives it one night,

00:37:21 --> 00:37:51

second night, third night, hoping to affect change in their life. And there will be a session that will do that. I felt that Heidi, as a live feed in the coming days with us here in sha Allah on Ramadan. 360. So I'll just hinted that, but I do want it to be something that you are charitable and our charity partner This here is his human appeal. I'm going to share my

00:37:52 --> 00:38:32

my project that I've done with the human appeal. And I want you to know this and it's not out of you know, I was the first and I'm delighted to give to this particular project. So you can see there that my donation there is I was the first donator. And the reason I say that to you is I want to be an example for you that you follow in that regard. Now, of course, I'm not asking you to put, you know, a similar amount. But I want you to share the burden of feeding, I only get involved with charities that is for food security and fulfilling the needs that are essential to all of us as human beings. So I only deal with orphans and I only deal with with food security, and this

00:38:32 --> 00:39:18

particular project. And if you go to just eating and just put in your head Brahim, just giving calm I do want you to share in the height of because I'm going to receive your reward because I'm inspiring you to it. And I'm delighted that you know we've raised in Australian dollars 60,000. That's on this one. The same pledge is also running on my Facebook and it's about 30 35,000 at the moment as well. So nearly 100,000 Australian dollars to feed the needy. And so Hanalei was just sent these, I want you to see what you know, 130 or $140 provides, well, this is what they get in their care pack. And it's two particular countries like Bangladesh and Iraq and Pakistan, Somalia, and

00:39:18 --> 00:39:59

Yemen. And just yesterday, we added the UK to Panama, because there are so many people who by this time in Ramadan, having lost some of their jobs and so on, that they've been severely impacted, and were unable to maintain themselves. Women have domestic violence that they've experienced in support of a law. Some of the families that their their their father is unable to provide due to illness and so on. So what's this care pack that's given to these people who we ask a lot to make as a source of their food. May Allah make my hire the reason for their work?

00:40:00 --> 00:40:47

livelyhood May Allah use me in that sense. So they get rice, sugar, flour, chickpeas, lentils, tea bags, milk, powder, pasta and five litres of oil, and there's no meat there, have you? I can't remember, any Ramadan, that I that there wasn't meat on the table that there wasn't some type of meat on the table. And when I looked at that, that's for a month, they get a month supply for $130 or $140. And I thought to myself some kind of law I don't think give them any meat in my mind, it was just something that we we don't see that and your children wouldn't be able to kind of reconcile that. So I asked you to go out onto my page inshallah, onto this, just giving calm, and just putting

00:40:47 --> 00:40:51

your head around him. So if you if you would just go to just giving

00:40:53 --> 00:41:35

and just type in your head, write him in the search bar. It'll bring up my this cause and I pray that you can show it some generosity and love the evening light Allah, What's the reason? Well, I want your reward. And I don't want you to lose it much Allah. But number two, I want you to make your Nia that this is a way of rain sending myself rain sending ourselves from the debt that way and you're going to say how are you going to give if we're in debt? Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says that from the qualities of the believers, whether they have or they don't have they give one sisters have had a lot she gave $1 and I was having to Nah, that's beautiful. May Allah subhanho wa

00:41:35 --> 00:42:16

Taala accepted. If you're you know, there was a, you know, if you're from Malaysia and you give 10 Malaysian ringgit, and that's just, you know, $2 50 or $3 us and haven't done enough, it's not something for myself or you to recall that it goes towards feeding someone for two days, for example, I want you to think of it in that sense. So there's nothing that's too little, don't, don't underestimate the higher because its impact in your life is reflected in a very important sense. So I want that to be something that you kind of consider that Allah subhana wa tada wants you and I, to help and assist others as a way of helping ourselves.

00:42:19 --> 00:43:05

The prophets I seldom used to make this too and I'll end with it in sha Allah. When somebody gave him food, and somebody shared food with him, the Prophet would make their own or invited the prophet to your home. If the Prophet sat at your table, and he ate from your food. This is the door that he would make for you, he would say, offering the commissar May Allah allow those who are fasting to break their fast with your food Subhan Allah. wa salam aleikum, Allah he can make the angels make solid data upon you may they ask a lot for your forgiveness and your peace and security. With that Gara como la whoa Freeman And may Allah subhanho wa Taala make mention of you with those who are

00:43:05 --> 00:43:47

near rusty? And those are the words that I leave you with? I asked Allah subhana wa tada after writing the commissar mo Mei on account of your generosity, that Allah continues to aid those who are fasting through your food, and Allah blesses us with this process. Also, let's have a common Mullah. He can send his angels to make up for us. Whether Khurana law or female, may Allah make mention of us in the books of La leave those who are in the Most High, and may we all rejoin, with our Wi Fi send them in the highest levels of getting a total dose of Holy Holy *? That was tough for a lot of all the money when it comes to stuff it all in order for Rahim I'll leave a couple of

00:43:47 --> 00:43:51

minutes for some questions and answers being the last time

00:43:54 --> 00:44:21

out there for that I'll be touching on that humbler? Yes, we do have a head back with us for a few panel discussions for our massive iluminar inshallah we'll be having part as part of Ramadan 360. So keep an eye out for his name in the upcoming schedule. inshallah. So the next, the first question that I see submitted in the q&a box on faith essentials facebookers Feel free to chime in and the first is brother Allah, Masha, is that a doula or a vicar like Mashallah for what they love Allah? And when do we say it.

00:44:23 --> 00:44:33

So this particular job is something that is pronounced at any moment in time, and it should be part of your morning rituals and evening rituals should be something that you and I regularly mean.

00:44:34 --> 00:45:00

And it is also in the naza, that it is at a time where we found something has befallen us and something has, you know, affected us in that sense. So it's not something that you restrict, but it's something that should come to mind when you find yourself in difficulty. remind yourself of the holder of a law remind yourself that Allah is in control, that a law who has brought about this is also able to relate

00:45:00 --> 00:45:07

There are a lot who has brought this upon us is the one who is in ultimate command and control. So

00:45:09 --> 00:45:50

the next question is a little off topic, but I will honor it to say what it is. How does one deal with having bad thoughts about a lot in prayer? I used to think it was from Trayvon and fight them. And if it happened during Ramadan, too, then are they coming from my nuts? This seems to happen more when I'm exhausted. So, so Pamela, one of the reasons that prophets lie Selim says to us, axiom of Wonder will always have good hope and thought about a lot because it can come to a believer that they have thoughts of why has a lot put me in this circumstance. I've been praying to a lot these people who are next door, they don't pray to Allah, they don't know Allah, and their life is more

00:45:51 --> 00:46:35

seemingly blessed than my life. And the reason much of the thoughts come is a part of it. that very first point that I spoke to you about which is the essential is that we don't understand color, we don't understand that we are tested with good and adversity equally in different capacities, that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who we need to always understand his Hickman His mercy. And so in that which Allah restricted from me that his mercy even though I can't see the wisdom in it, why did I lose my child? How could this How could there be any wisdom in that? No, there's wisdom in it, but it's not yet known to myself in you. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to quell the pain of

00:46:35 --> 00:47:13

our heart and to make easy our affairs and to allow us to humble ourselves before a loss of Hannah with the ANA. No, my dear brother or sister was asking this question. This isn't a sign that you're an unbeliever in a lot. This is a sign that there are things in your life you haven't resolved with a lot and that you need to look back at to find counsel with the matters of faith that relates to the other and find effective solutions to the things that you're enduring that are put you in this place where you are thinking about a lot in a way that you know is unbecoming. And that's why you asked this question, ask a lot to give ease to your heart to your life condition and to make easy

00:47:13 --> 00:47:15

all of our affairs in this life.

00:47:16 --> 00:47:17

Aloma happy I

00:47:18 --> 00:47:27

mean, I don't see any questions I just see like stars and hearts coming in from lights and lights coming from Facebook. So inshallah we will close off the session here.

00:47:28 --> 00:47:31

Yeah, I didn't want to ask how fast the shipping on these

00:47:33 --> 00:47:38

so I know it's wonderful. I'm glad that they came out to you in hardcopy, but the E book is a really

00:47:40 --> 00:48:14

good solution quickly inshallah that it it can be a benefit in the month of Ramadan be in the light on Okay, I think we have time for all platforms Apple and Android much more. That's amazing to hear. Honestly, this is a great and it's an easy quick read both of them to take on regular read it the family in the month so I do recommend for those of you who have a chance to check out love stories in the Qur'an and it is a day I personally found them really beneficial as well. So does that volunteer for putting those together and for making them available to us? And inshallah We look forward to having you back on the platform very soon. I know this is very early in your day so I

00:48:14 --> 00:48:21

will let you inshallah enjoy or maybe go back to sleep no are going to catch my bedroom now with the family in July.

00:48:23 --> 00:48:24

Okay insha Allah May Allah accepted.

00:48:25 --> 00:48:33

inshallah, we will see you very shortly. here once again for giving us your time. The rest of you please stick around for a little bit but inshallah we'll that's the shift go and

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