Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 20

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The loss of Hannah and the importance of being out of it have been discussed, as well as the need for people to pray and pray for the future. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to understand their emotions and recognize their success, as well as the ongoing struggles of the public, including their lack of knowledge of Islam and their desire to buy in a state of submission to Islam. They also mention a former worker who used to joke about being a trainer and encourage others to follow the salon's guidelines. The segment ends with a promotion for a study on fall in a study on Islam.

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Miller from the LA salatu salam ala rasulillah salam, salam, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela

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we left last night. And I said, when you go home when you are in gentlemen, this is a surprise waiting for you every time. This is where we stop, right? What's the surprise? It's parallel with the loss of Hannah what Diana described

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the spouses in gentlemen, he said autoban a taraba.

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Auto is the plural of our job. And our last mantra says, you know, that describes a woman by being out of it means a woman who will always praise her husband, and we'll wait

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for him with nice words. You know, when you go home in dunya

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some people are smiling, that gives me a message.

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Okay, so in gentlemen, shala your wife every time she would see you coming back, you look more handsome

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than the time you left her and you go back home, she would be more beautiful than the time you left her. And she will be waiting for you with a poem.

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Can you imagine that? That's the meaning go for autobahn, the plural of

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a traba means she's gonna be the same age like you. And you're not gonna move from that age people in general, will be of the beauty of the surah that we started tonight. So number 12, what is it called? So I use the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam said oh to use of shuttle Jamal usage is the lamb was given half the beauty on Earth.

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So people in general will have the beauty of use of the strength of musala ceram who lifted the cover of the world that needs 10 men

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and the age very solid Saran 33 That's it. So what we're not going to get old engine. No.

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We said last time for announcements will be made when you make it to the anomalous pattern that all of our steps to gentlemen

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the first announcement that

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has written that the people of Jelena

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that they will live and will never die lecom Fiona and taho falletta Muto Abba, the Configure

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fella so Abba you will be you know enjoying the bless

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given to you by Allah and you will never feel miserable again.

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Let comfy ha

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unpossible fella this combo you will be healthy you will never be sick sorry doctors you'll have no job in gentlemen shadow. I know I know you make lots of money now stuck for a lot you know? no jobs engine okay?

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Let them feel

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editorship. Go fella.

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You will be young and you will never get old. Subhan Allah. Allah was in the Quran, Allah talks about generally say, you know, the bush law, the glad tidings that the angels will come to you at the moment of death, they will say, la, la come

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alone, two of the strongest emotions, which is fear and sadness. What do we fear? We fear the future, because it's unknown to us. amaretto right. So don't worry, your futures are London.

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And when you feel sad, you feel sad that you miss something in dunya because you are lowering your gaze, you stay away from interest instead of it from harm. Allah says I'll make it up for you in July.

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So no sadness of the past. No fear about the future.

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something more that I want to share about so I use because I spent five years of my life doing a PhD on spy yourself, so I can let it go without making some comments.

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The Sheikh was reciting today

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The beginning of soil.

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If I were to ask you a question, how many of you are going through hardships in the past? Now? unexpecting in the future?

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One hand, every single person should raise 10 hands if you can, right?

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This life is supposed to be a test, right? Now the second question, which is very important, especially the young ones, they come and say,

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what's wrong? Why is this happening to me? I'm a Muslim, and I pray eight times a day.

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Do you pray eight times and auto? Correct me brother?

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Are you mad at me? I'll give you a tea inshallah, after you finish the tea that you like, have a smile. Okay.

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the question is, people ask this, they say, why is this happening to me, I'm a Muslim. You know, I've been to Amara many times, I even do Hajj twice a year.

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Once in the winter, once

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I found this Ramadan, okay. And I also do know after, after,

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and still struggling in my life. But somehow I look at my neighbors, there are Muslims. And when I got married, I have two children. One of them has been in high school for the last 14 years.

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And the other one is disabled. Why?

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But my neighbors have to learn. They have four houses, they have five cars, they have four children with blue eyes and blue hair.

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So why is this happening to me?

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Do you think if Allah gives you the delian? Does that mean he is pleased with you know, when Allah gives his testing, or when the legend is, is also testing?

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Who is better? Me You are Yusuf Ali Salam.

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That's the main mission of oil.

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I call this Sora the embodiment of patience.

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If you understand life, when the person was asking men acrimonious,

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who is the most noble person in the history of mankind? The boxer and didn't say me?

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We're talking about lineage here, right? It's abusive al Kareem, Abdul Kareem Abdul Karim, who carry?

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No one in the history of mankind can match usage when it comes to his lineage, right?

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So if we're going to measure it, if a lot is someone that is mad at him, you're mistaken. Let me count with you quickly. I'm going to finish. How have you lost your mother when you were three years old? Have you been deprived from your father for 40 years of your life and your father was still alive? Have you been thrown into a world by your own brothers? Have you been, you know, sold as a merchandise? And you are the son of a prophet? And you will your grandfather as a prophet and your grand grandfather as a prophet?

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Have you been serving in the house of a woman who will try to seduce you to commit adultery with her? Have you been thrown into jail for 10 years? And despite all of this,

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he was happy.

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So does this mean if a lot this is someone means he is not happy with him? This life is a test. So accept the color of Allah in your life will love if you understand this, you will never be depressed, never.

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And despite all of this, when Allah Subhana Allah after how many years of a test after a test, a disaster or catastrophe, and at the very end, in a a 101. In the same surah

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Allah made him the Aziz of Egypt. Now you have power, you have authority. What do you need? Do you need more? Any human being will think about what now? I became an ISIS of Egypt. I want to be the emperor of the Middle East. ambition, right? Look at this. What did he say at the end?

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daintily minimal. Allahu Akbar. He's not saying I'm smart. I did a PhD in economy and political science. No, he said, your alma, you have given me authority. Anything that Allah gives me I have to be grateful for. It's not me. It's from him.

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Heidi, and he told me the interpretation of dreams, and you made me a prophet, for

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you are the one who created the heavens and the earth in a unique way.

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No one can support me in this life for the life to come except you.

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What do you want us? After this beautiful introduction, and praising Allah, ask, what would you ask

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a Muslim?

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What is this your ultimate goal? After all of these tests, and now you are thriving, and you having authority and power on what you need is to buy in a state of submission to Allah. Yes, not only listen, and learn the second listen.

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You Sue. You don't think you're righteous and you're making dua to Allah to allow you to join the righteous ones?

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What Allison of humbleness you ally if we pray

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among missing one Salah, you think you're lucky? That's use of being humbled? He said, Yeah, alarm? I don't think I'm right. Yes. Allow me to join the company of the righteous ones. So brothers and sisters, this Sora is, is like in it's an encyclopedia. If you think about anything that you might learn in this life, studies for use of fall in sha Allah, and after Ramadan. Here's the teaser for you inshallah, we're going to finish off in fact, to start with just a little go to salt Yusuf insha Allah for all of you, but I can't leave you with a cliffhanger. An old woman came to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and she said prophet of Allah at origin. Pinilla

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So, you see the professor used to joke because somebody has like no, stop joking. She

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said I don't care about you. I follow the salon prop salon. Okay, so the salon said to her, no old woman will be allowed in and the sisters are gonna fight me now when I look at the watch and say, I wish I could continue. But the cliffhanger till tomorrow inshallah. We're going to see what the President said to her.