Iok Umrah 2018

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So what does forgiveness feel like? And if you're looking in your mind, you're not going to find it. I asked you to take the elevator down to your heart and say, What will forgiveness feel like? And if you get that feeling inside, you know, how do I know I'm not forgiven, open yourself up to a completely different feeling. Get on the bandwagon. It's a ritual I've been doing for the last five years, I'm really, really blessed. I hope the same blessing that shining light comes to you. But I ended my year with Amara and that allows me every year to not only be forgiven, have my expectations forgiven blown out of the water, and I get to redefine forgiveness every year. And guess what? Allah

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makes that even better and better. I happen to be headed out this year to ask Allah subhanaw taala is forgiveness in his house? I'd love to take you all I'd love to be your guide. And I'd love to be there when you get the answer and say, You know what forgiveness feels like? I'd love to be there with you.