Ramadan Read-Along – Baqarah 2257-259 (Page 43)

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How long wordy you levena man who you three do home minute lumati Elan No, Wallace ina Cafaro Le

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O whom are or who do you what do you do now whom Elia

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Google moto who to your free Jonah whom Mina nudie Isla Luma Who

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else have

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the whom fee how hard you do

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um Tara in the

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Ebola Hema field won't be he

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who law will move is gone evil he more or be a levy you you are you me to call or you work with me on Ebola he moved in a law hanger de Bisham see me and machinery Tifa DB have DB Hamina and Mel Rebif Ambu heater levy Kapha walawe Hula De Luca OMA Ward he mean Ocula the mountain Rolla Poirier de we're here for we are to NARA Allah Ruchi hyung Allah Rudel, she has all

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you he had the HE WHO BARDA, Moti ha Amata who law who me at the Museum of Gaza on Comm lobbies on our lobby studio woman over

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on Bella Vista me at

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Isla amico Ushaw Vika

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Isla Miko shot RB gala Miata sun. Wow.

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Isla Hema Rika wa Nina J.

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Wong Whoa. El Rey Olam, UK Eva feng shui zu

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que fun Shih Tzu has to my neck su la ma Salem. Bay Jana phantom tava Jana who call on

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Allahu wa ala kulli che in body