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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss their packing and importance of ironing out clothing before leaving a location. They also mention their upcoming trip to Houston and their flight to Dallas, emphasizing the importance of making clothing packaged properly and avoiding obnoxious behavior to the TSA. They visit a restaurant in Dubai and a tour of the airport before ending the trip.
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Long Walk. Long work long one crow love.

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Long more one more work on long walk on one hand. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you, around you and May peace emanate in all that you do the day before departure, I thought we'd take a few minutes to see the kind of activities I would do to prepare the kind of packing. But also, so I can introduce you all to my family. One of my big inspirations in life is my dad, abou is my hedge, hedge buddies. So I will be with you all today so that we can touch base. We'll talk about packing, we'll talk about last minute things. We'll talk about what's available over there and Inshallah, we will prepare ourselves to depart and meet tomorrow.

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Okay, so the chaos that is here, I always recommend we do. I take a gym bag, that's totally off course. Do your snacks and foods and make sure they're packed properly. If you're going for long distance chocolate won't survive well do your toiletries, you can come on in, do your toiletries, and then make sure you're ready for the pack. Now a lot of people second guessed this, Jana. A lot of people second guessed this, but I press my clothes before going iron de lint a you are going to the Haram like what more place would you want to be crisp and clean and fresh? And number two who is going to pull out pants or a tunic and a stove and iron when you're over there? Yes, the iron is

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available. So for every single article of clothing that will be worn pants for tunics and two Solbes and the other shirts are all pressed. And then I put them in the back and then it's a really quick, you take them out and you get to press them again. Not once not twice, eight times I have gone for O'Meara and or HUD and on every trip I say Oh ALLAH thank you so much for helping me iron before I left. Love the galore Humala bake love bake, shady guy like bake in

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one Yamata laka one mole Sharika duck first leg of the journey began the Tobia just to get my heart started Houston to Dallas DFW to

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DFW Dallas to Houston. I'll see you all once we are landed and meet up with our group.

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aside until everyone started my journey, first class upgrade HUD miracles begin

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with the law the first of a few trains that we will be taking. I landed in Houston Hamdulillah you guys saw the first class Hodge miracles are beginning I got my own train card here. So super amped. I will take it in terminal three. And the next time you guys see me I'll be with

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us. I don't want to go on too long. Guys. Here we are D nine at our terminal. And behind me the chapel folk are already praying. You can see the people making so long so that mood begins to build. Everyone asked themselves. Is there a clicking point? There isn't necessarily a clicking point. Right? You have to make it for yourself. Are you gonna be obnoxious to the TSA lady who raised her voice when she like take take our shoes? Are you going to be obnoxious? When does Hutch begin essentially allow the environment to give you 10% of a boost. And then from there, it's all you. I am accepted to be a passenger on my way to judge. Let's get those affirmations going.

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Okay, friends, I'm humbled 12 hours into the 14 hour flight. Things are great. You got to keep yourself occupied very up the activities. My wondering if I could ever do a 16 hour flight without watching any movies or TV and Alhamdulillah I did it for two hours to land in Dubai, I managed to spill a cup of mango juice on me so that was fun. But marketing doesn't place smaller spot to pray here. And we're gonna land in a little bit and come to buy the plane ride is all about varying activities. Try to knock off two to three hours at a time. Read, Write, color, sleep, eat, sit and think train your DUA list. A lot of things you can do but there's no way you can split up 16 hours

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without having to wait for some time. I'll see you guys in Dubai. And for full disclosure after I made the comment that I got through a 14 hour flight without watching a movie. They bought breakfast and I was compelled and I watched a documentary. abacus

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to some small to jail too big to do small enough to jail. It was about the 2008 crisis and abacus a Chinese bank that was really picked on amazing

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I enjoyed the documentary but I still want something I thought to keep that as a full disclosure. Let's get to the evening and I'll see you in the morning maybe we'll catch further together.

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So lights are back on are about to start are just said two people are praying making up their us from the heart. It really is a beautiful sight. Let's get started in Dubai. A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah we made it we're here in Dubai and I definitely don't feel like it was a 16 hour trip. I feel wonderful at the airport is absolutely empty, beautiful as it is. We're going to take the train and head to baggage. I'll see you guys inside the hotel assalamualaikum again, friends here landed in Dubai. They had that 24 hour layover, layover, we leave tomorrow at 630 It is 20 minutes from midnight. On the fourth, tomorrow will be the fifth. We will land in Makoto Makoto 9pm. Let's say we

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will get by Omar by 12. I think I should close day one vlog out on this.

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I am I'm happier than I've been in a very long time. I don't know. As soon as we got out of Dubai airport, I realized there was no stress, there was no tension, there was nothing to do. And that feeling really really opened me up. I really love my age group look forward to spending time with them. But I am super amped to share some two hours and I've got and things that I've never done with you before looking forward to greater dua. Let's begin. This started out as a day before prep and then turned into day of travel. So let's call this day one and I'll see you as we begin the journey tomorrow morning. Allahumma Inala decreto, Ashok Rika, Hosni arriba the TIG, and to keep it fun I

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want to put in my this guy over here, he wants to go

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and I want to announce my Hodge intention. Oh ALLAH forgive me by making me forgiving. Oh ALLAH forgive me by making me less judgmental. Oh ALLAH forgive me by making me more forgiving and allowing me to love those whom I judged I saw shake that will be seen at the airport number just something it happens you're like

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start seeing the right people start getting that right feeling so a mom

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to Imam that would and all traveling with him Salaam is upon you all our journey begins and I'm talking to the to you all making the DUA Allahumma inna Isla viktiga was shook rica or Hosni riba take praying, you all enjoy the journey as much as me. Let's move into our first 10 days, which will be about breathing, sitting, still, stillness, silence, resilience and acceptance.