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AI: Summary © The importance of reviewing one's behavior and values to better themselves is emphasized, along with the use of Mahabharmas in religion to address one's behavior and emotions. Believers in a person being a good person and their actions leading to harm are also discussed. The success of the Prophet Mohammed system and the agenda for the upcoming weekend are emphasized, with emphasis on protecting oneself and others from the "overcome of the pandemic" and finding ways to overcome the pandemic. The segment also touches on the importance of avoiding social media and the potential for "overcome."
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Come to the end of the Gregorian calendar for the Christian calendar that we find at the moment, whereby many individuals assessment individuals, amongst their society and influence on our society begin to reflect upon what has taken place over this year. Whether it be the world of politics or economics, or natural disaster that they say, are things that are taking place, people begin to review and begin to study, and to look at the mistakes that they made previously, and how they can begin to better themselves. Also, as Muslims, we don't have a set moment as such. And there's no harm at times when a Muslim is part of their life to begin to review and assess themselves. We all

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know that when many of us we face, things of this dunya whether it be a job assessment, or career, or form of interview, how many of us would get worried or begin to get worrisome about what we're about to face? But for some of us, we find Unfortunately, when it comes to thinking or reflecting about what we will present, in front of the read interview, or the real appointment with the laws of Canada either

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to begin to throw this to the back of our mind, that life has become life of entertainment and life of rejection does you find that how many Muslims? What unfortunate come out and celebrate on this paganistic festival of New Year's Day that we find many Muslims will go out there and participate in their rituals and celebrations. We know that as Muslims is not allowed for Muslims participate in specific days, especially days, which are based upon immorality of bad behavior misconduct, for them is a materialistic society to enjoy themselves. And then it talks about poverty. For example, months and largest gatherings on this New Year's Eve that you find, will take place on one of the beaches

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in Brazil. What a 1.5 million people up to 2.5 million people gather. And how many people are living underneath the poverty line, yet they have so much money to spend. The second largest gathering in the world will be in Sydney in Australia, we were more than 1.5 million would gather the largest firework display would take place and Trafalgar Square not too far away from us. How many people gathered there as well? And how many of our Muslim young men and women go and participate and get involved in all types of Mahabharata and follow him in a drink of alcohol and taking drugs and bad behavior misconduct? That's what some of us are liable for she has become a real believer is the one

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that betters themselves just like amongst a society, they are lead people begin to better themselves, and to look at their downfalls and begin to have lofty aspirations and goals and you find a hadith now you will double movement in Washington, Marathi. The believer is never stopped from the same hole twice. The believer never makes that same mistake twice in their life. The believer is one that betters oneself betters herself is able to see the mistakes previously and begin to become a better individual, that that which has been attributed to criminal cabal has civil and full circle, and to have several bring yourself to accountability before you vote for

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accountability that day. So the clever individual is the one the clever mob in the believer, he's not one that assesses himself or herself ever every single day. Every single night the believer sits down and begins to reflect that did I pray my prayers punctually? Did I pray them appropriately on time? Did I make Zika? Did I do something good? Did I do something bad? How can I better myself for the following day. That's how the believer is not just a way of disbelievers or people don't believe they also have this concept of reassessing himself and bettering himself. Even though we find out most of the rituals and practices are based upon paganistic rituals. Even the first of January you

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begin to read it historically, January is taken from the Greek god or the Roman god pagan that we find that either they used to worship by the name of Janus, Janus means person with a door, meaning a door this God is supposed to have two faces, a face that looks to the future and looks at a previous year, so becomes the spirit of the following individuals. So most of the moms most of the names, most of the titles are based upon paganistic rituals and practices, we fail to understand and begin to think there could be some hate and goodness, and things that they're doing. From the time that we find the believers or those individuals from a better man the servants of Allah Subhana

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Allah, when Latina, una Zhu, y, Bella Maru kerama, believers a bad man, we mentioned the talks about the servants of Allah Subhana Allah, why are you bad? Man, I lead in a I'm sure that I'll be home now. Why?

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Allah Subhana Allah, they walk upon the earth in a state of tranquility, in a state of peace in a state of humbleness, why they're called the Mujahideen ignorant individuals all around us that we find we say things about Islamic

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comments about us make comments about everything. What do you believe are safe, they're not worried about these individuals, the unknown johanne they ignorant individuals, they say to themselves, peace be upon you or peace and that's it. And then the secret they continue the believers have a loss of candor Anna, a bad man well, Edina Nagesh Hakuna zoo. They never ever make testimony to fall for a zoo in a general meaning Arabic language means false testimony, any form of lying a false oath, but it has an inner meaning implicated also mentions it stuff see the highlight that zoo is Aria dimucci keema. Kufa any day of celebration, any day of data, which is specific to them, it's

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not allowed for a believer to greet them on their days, why the man who loves women will care about when they go past, people are wasting their time wasting like naruki, Rama, a wolf and a move in a normal manner. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when he saw what certain people did, or he felt that urge to go and visualize them, really see what happened to the profits of the law sellers, how a lot of data preserved the best of creation. He just wanted to go and visualize what possibly the people are doing on a day to celebration when they get together. As he began to descend from the mountain, a form of sleep came over him and he fell asleep. He never visualized that that's the best thing

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about last Panda and that is the blessing we want to be thrown upon you. There's no need there's nothing special to go and visualize to go and see what is there to visualize what is there for them to experiment, what is there for them to go and visualize nothing but gopher and disbelief come in show verbena. How In fact, you have never ever seen her arm inside the line, but somebody takes them and encourage them and highlight this is something good. And you find the following year that our same young individual does so insane people have become some of the worst of individuals, because that person has taken him towards something which is held on the believer never encourages another

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harm upon another individual. Maybe the believer lives a life of harm themselves. There's something incorrect themselves, but a believer does not lead other people towards wise, whoever needs another person to advise will carry that same reason will carry that sin as well. So the believer is very vigilant about the life of not being an individual who causes people to lose her arm it was incorrect practices. As the Quran highlights what are our

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what are our one word is one encourage one another to was good to his piety towards good action towards righteousness. Don't encourage one another towards animosity towards hatred to bad practice to evil practices towards sins. So the belief is very vigilant in encouraging people to come to the path of hey the path of goodness so we as Muslims begin to make that Mohammed server to make that accountability for ourselves. The water we presented that will be brought forth in front of a lawsuit bandana, do you think that will be presented in front of others and that will be the righteous actions of the individual that is what will help the individual on that day as a Sofia

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highlight otaku Yamato de la

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una semana de la moon tokuyama una de la Vega de whereby you're going to return back to Lawson, Canada and no so you will be oppressed. Nothing can be hidden from Allah Subhana Allah, it happens to be an atom's grain mustard seed of goodness, a lot harder and bring it forth from that day. No one can conceive that from what was underlined. And he finds a sudo command whereby look man is talking towards his own son. And it's mentioned to him even happens to be mustard green, which is underneath the rock, what happens to be the ocean, a lot panda Allah will bring it about when bring it forward. He's the most often the most of it. So nothing can be hidden. Under under an activator

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of goodness, could be the goodness that tips the skeins to help that individual to enter into paradise. And I was the opposite and activate of evil. Because many times we find inside our society, more and more people begin to say it's only a small sin. It's only a minor sin. It can be only a minor sin, but really what the fuqaha mentioned that you finally schemer, this allow it to stay mean and kabaya continues repetitious nature of a minor sin and when she's classified as a Kabira is classified as a major sin and I call the five there is no major sin man is stiffer. If a person makes tombola safer in Canada and all types of sins are wiped away by Allah Subhana Allah. So

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in this world that we live in at the moment, that people begin to dissect the world of sins, they fail to understand that those minor sins, or those major sins, or those minor good deeds will be something which you benefit individually on that day, that you find a prophetic tradition. Never ever should have been Eva, that

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roofie say, don't despise any good deed, any good deed. don't despise it. Don't call it politically the most beloved thing to

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me, Allah subhana wa mahalo color is the action which is done in a regular basis when he happens to be small action. Somebody, some people may think it's a small action to do

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To read a call out every single day, to read a few I had to read a heavy to do some sort of thought to do a good deed person yesterday or continuous in a regular basis. does that leave you some hunted Allah for the sake of Allah spandana on a regular basis, don't lose focus, don't lose hope every single thing is documented with the last panda. Yes, at times the individual needs Bushra needs an encouragement that people say you are doing good or you're doing bad. But a real believer carries on no one Bushra could hire 10

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believers that you find whenever glad tidings or this dunya and likewise in Santa Clara. I described those individuals before this ayah Allah in the holy ally now hopefully Allah in Wallonia de Lune and la dee da

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da, da mo push Rasul.

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Allah, those are the only

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those individuals who persevere who continue the path and the journey towards a must. There is no fear, no grief upon them. A Latina woman walk down the hall, those who have mental illness and data and that deep conviction. Well, can we have tacos? They have tacos? Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala it takes you to obedience, and it takes you away from disobedience. If any individual understands this meaning of taqwa, yes, there's many, many descriptive natures technical studies with Taco Bell taco Lysa panda is something simple while we're at Mountain wollombi, Madame de Luna bossy, yeah, you have a lot of time to read you, wherever you are, be Madonna, he watches over us.

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He sees all of our actions, he watches them and he knows all of our actions as a person develops that inside their heart. That is Dakota, Canada and in the mayor of Chicago. He and the brilliant man does individual reach a certain level of early that doesn't mean all of us I know people who are in and you're in whatever you

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whatever you implement is classified as an enemy in front of a locum in a nurse how many people in terms of Torah was Shahada? What the hell do you mean Jamia Allah, Allah Nia ferrania you graduate from this university or this institute holy Shahada have this title that called the alien that has become her journey has become an evidence against them marito una sola. They don't implement the sooner they don't teach it sooner. They don't revive the sooner they don't encourage the sooner they speak against it. They speak against it, but then is a puja against them. So I have also known as the one when caleffi hayati person becomes deficient inside their daily lives you have a bonus, we

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will move on mini encourages the believers fine and if it does have weakness, that certain discrepancies are valid, but you should cling to the sooner that Masako be sooner our foster teachers are on hold fast to the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed system. That is the path of success. That is the path that you find it those individuals who live a concert life and try their best to please Allah and Allah does the final day of judgment that demand is of good deeds will be given to those individuals who've done the actions in a state of secrecy. So many of us we do our actions to be praised to be known people speak whenever the real believer is the one yeah, you know,

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seek moments inside your life that is hidden things inside your life, just as he concealed our sins and our mistakes on a daily basis. We don't want anyone to know our sins. Likewise good deeds, dude in that moment inside your life that already have lots of good deeds you've done and inshallah, later on you will see the mountains of hate the mountains of goodness, when you can act on those under Allah, you will say, Where did this come from? Where did this come from? Where does it come from? Where is this hunch come from? Where did this come from? Where do these cookies come from? Where did they come from? you encourage another individual, you reminded another individual, you

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took them by the hand and said yes, he is not befitting for you to attend these functions. And these wretched days for you to have this practice. Your good brother have good etiquette of good behavior. Stay away from these practices, contribute as much as he can be. These words could enter into His heart, make him to stay away will come in and ask how many individuals when you deliver the right message to them, you give them the right and the right words, you find that their heart is a heart which is full of reception. A heart wants to accept the truth. But when a person comes when shinda comes with the call, comes in with a hatred, complete animosity COVID trying to belittle the

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individual that how can we those hearts begin to return you begin to return that and enter two more elements of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was sent as an individual who had a fineness of characters inside his life. That's the Quran mentions Well, I couldn't have done a valley that can be done for to me honey, if you'd been harsh inside your life. You'd be rude to the subjects around you learn for Dummies. They will split away from you but a messenger you find inside his life. Why am I suddenly

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telling me we don't send you except for mercy to all of the world like was in a suit you told me that we find a job assuming I'm physical as easily Not anymore. I need to hurry soon on a conveyor. Many era ofa Rahim Allah

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subhana wa sallam indeed is common messenger from amongst your own so it grieves him in Homs and it bothers him you're not coming to war.

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path of guidance. How do you soon alikum there is no meaning at all for Rahim, these are the sefa Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, He is merciful, his compassion, he's kind, he's humble. He's caring about the people around him. That's what we should be in this path of Allah Subhana. Allah worried about the subjects around us. For everyone individually comes to the motion, there's possibly more than 999 individuals minchie babina, from amongst you from womenfolk from society involved inside Muhammad monitor solver. We couldn't even imagine at the moment someone's are living in a perfect world. We don't seem to understand that that level of Maha Brahma that we find that are used for

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that communities and has gone beyond a level that we cannot imagine anymore, from the level that many of us may have grown up seeing my elements of Maha Brahma is traveled far beyond that, because of a lack of commitment, a lack of devotion, a lack of reminding the people around them in a way of trying to bring them back to the powerful under under was given by a Minda remind him about the days of Allah hamdallah reminding all of us to return back to Los Angeles, and any sensible individual will begin to make that make that accountability. No, no. No can we disbelievers return back to the powerful Love and Honor if they return back? Why can't the Muslims the Muslim youth around us Why

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can't they also return back to the apartment last panda Allah it all needs a skill in that abilities, a trophy? We don't like to panda Allah to remind them to return back to the powerful not under Allah for their own benefits for their own welfare for their own success. It doesn't benefit us in any manner. It doesn't benefit a Muslim woman. It doesn't strengthen anything. It benefits the individual they own sauce inside this dunya likewise in Baku, Kalia there was

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a Muslim he never stops.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Sunday was in demand and Amina Mohammed. He was certainly submitted I don't believe

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without a shadow of doubt, there is a great element of struggle, that apart from a loss under under, especially living environment sound surrounded by so many temptations, so many desires to go back and leave keekaboo Jana was simple to me how Andean such a Muslim with the book of Paradise, and a descriptive nature of Paradise and the blessings of the people of Paradise because sometimes we find that many times, we begin to scare people about the bad ending. But look at the opposite. Don't read the good ending of the believers read the place we did not mean we the pleasures, we the delights that will be given to the believers who persevere on this path. And as we go inside the same

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chapter, so just before that we find that he's done the essential movement agenda to cafe this word is a prison for the believer in a pride as a disbeliever. And then I had these begin to talk about that when a Los Angeles created paradise and created the hellfire. When he prayed and he saw the paradise and said they were overseas, they probably don't want to straightaway dive into paradise. Take the treasures of Paradise take the good dwellings of Paradise and overseas gentlemen want to stay away from it. So look under the highlighting surround paradise with obstacles hope for the agenda to build

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Russia and surround the Hellfire Russia

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surrounded with desires with temptations surround Hellfire, every single path of temptation is a path that leads eventually the person towards gender and as you find that the believers adult individuals, cooler yester will be to follow our agenda hubbies believers are those individuals See the difference? Something which is hobbies, something which is impure something which is haram, which is forbidden Kula yesterday sabetha was in front of us Panda and that which is pure and impure is not the same one of our agenda

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for Taco Bell, even though the bad things look at the Quran describes it. Agenda

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startles you. It begins to mesmerize you begin to attract you and makes you come closer towards it. But the real believer understand that all that glitters is not gold. all that glitters does not attract you to something which is good and rather attracts you to something which is haram. And there is no exaggeration is that most of these people, even the celebration, that they make that vow they make that promise and never going to do it again. Most of them who drink they say I'm not going to drink again, because they have no other option. They follow they have no spirituality, motion, they feel sick, they throw their their handles admit is something which is bad for them. But that's

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the only way they can carry on their life because they don't have spirituality. Most of you read their promises that they made that it will be started. You know what many of their promises are on his New Year's Eve that they make their promises to give up drinking to give up smoking.

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To give up drugs to become more of a a family individual take care of their children take care of their wife take care of their career that's amongst the top 10 resolutions they make inside their life but we know the following day they give it all up because what do they lack in their life? They lack a man they don't have a man and monotony find a man as I mentioned that if he loves panda sent down straight away, don't drink alcohol don't drink covered, you know what many of the companions would never ever given up drinking alcohol does not blame upon them.

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It is be part of their life used to be part of their life, but because they did not have email, so I should mention that because I had came down to E mania to develop the email when finally the iron hammer came in man was inside their heart. What do you find about them straight away the if they came, they began to abstain from it, stay away from it rather before they began to ask questions. Yes, aluna Canyon hungry? Well, Mason, they ask you about wine and drink. Or if I mentioned they will come to sell our item. So Kara had Taku they began to get worried that we're drinking and we're offering our prayers. Some of us communists stated drunkenness. gives them a mind rebuking tells

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them don't come to sit at a state of intoxication in the final IR comments.

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You're letting me know in among some

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ribs from an amorous shape on French Honey Boo Boo Luca dakara describes comma

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the mother of all since a man may never commit any scene inside his life while active Maya chable summer he knows when a person drinks alcohol that person for decades commit adultery kills steals life maybe to their mother they're totally children. That is described initially as

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the mother of all things that you find fun steady boo, stay away from him, La La come to fly home and not go on many things I mentioned who remain illegal. This is made haram upon you. But when the Quran mentioned steady boo, Tina Basha Dominica hareem

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mentioned when the Quran mentions Alinsky nabba. a chatroom in a hurry is far more severe than currency This is upon you, it goes far beyond that, that from every single element every single way, abstain from anything to do with alcohol does include you find a hadith in Sahih, Muslim 10 individuals or 10,000 individuals who commit Shabaab in a day say I'm studying in a university, I'm sitting in environment, I work with my colleagues, I don't have an orange juice with them, I sit on their table. And a lot of other knows best happiness, same individuals at the city with an orange juice or sitting in a table or city, the environment or just going into the pub or whatever it may

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be within events, you become the same individual begin to drink those substances.

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Because the Sharia says don't sit on the table where someone is being said, Don't sit in that location. Don't buy from that location. Don't sell in that location. Don't transport it don't close the gate on delivery. Don't sit there all of it is haram in Australia, every single door is closed. But no can we begin to make excuses. Next a work environment it's career is my friend is this is that we are shy, we have a symbol we hold fast to them to protect us all to protect. So to save ourselves an icon, we continue to journey towards a loss hamdallah to encourage all of us to stay away from the path of mukarram stay away from the path of even Yes, it's going to be a difficult

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task to stay away from the Shahada. But know that the end reward will be immense with Allah Subhana Allah that those individuals control themselves and control their life. That

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is with the loss of the ANA, some Allah give us all the trophies and ability to stay away from the cinema.

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Whatever is apparent from the scenes of whatever is hidden, take it cool to all of our young brothers and sisters and the people around our society to try to stay away from voice inside these days and the rest of the day that we returned back to love Come down in a state of tranquility state of peace and the state of humbleness and acceptance from Allah Subhana Allah in Nevada warm Allah equal to Sultan, Allah nebby Yeah, you're Latina on a Sunday with a steamer along with Silvia Allah Mohammad Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim and naka de Majeed along my verdict, I know Muhammad Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim Endoca me to Majeed, Tina Fey. Dunya Hassan COVID Sierra de hacer una joaquina Durban opennebula nanfu sana Willem de fildena without an akuna Minh ha city proper Ophelia rihana Latina savona via email when

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Dena Amman Robin

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Robin Africa Alena sobre wasapi aka mana one Sudan calm and carefree Guevara to the solopreneur Tina

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kurama in Naka, Antigua Roberto Roberta have lent me as well Gina wasabia Tina kurata

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tokina Emma cobalamin Nikita Samuel le watauga Elena in

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Nikita well Barbara him out of the corrupt electricity and malossi food was Salah muramasa Lena will handle into Europe either either mean almost an article you're coming from abroad.