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AI: Summary © The hosts of YouTube videos introduce various YouTube content and share their experiences with various topics. They discuss the history and use of shayona, its use as a tool for language development, and its use as a tool for inner peace. They also provide random adventures, including a tour of a church and a bookcase, and encourage parents to practice Surah NAS. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a chat box for viewers to participate in a video chat.
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As Salam or Aleikum, wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh welcome moms, dads and everyone joining us for Koran adventures. Today is episode number 10. So if you're joining us right now, this is a final episode for our series. And let's just say for a season, but the month of Ramadan is coming up. So if you're catching this, and you have the opportunity to start again, start your Quran adventure one more time. Do this all again during the month of Ramadan. And I think it'll be a blessing for you and your family. A salaamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh to everyone joining us live if we could get that one in the chat box and K so 1k that the episode is geared and spoken towards kids.

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And the character that I am comes out when I speak to the children's audience. So if we could abide by the rules of the now and allow the innocence of childhood to continue, then I'll take that one kg in the chat box or a simple thumbs up would give me the idea that we're not going to have more complicated conversations for the next 22 minutes. We're definitely going to stick to the story. Linda bark Lo Fi comm Great to see you, Linda, I know you know this background. Gina. Let's keep it one. Let's keep it for the kids. So for all of you who are ready let's count it down together EOO A woohoo bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim

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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who. Welcome friends. I've got one question for you. What's going on in the Koran?

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whispers whispers all around sometimes inside without a sound whispers whispers all around some sites sometimes inside sometimes all around. Do you ever have thoughts of doing something bad? It shaped bond trying to pull you in and make you sad?

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And don't you be scared in any way? Allah subhanaw taala protects us and he tells us what to say or who do below him inertia you poor neurology join me with a surah NAS Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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cruel to be beaten as money King mass Isla hin mass militia really was was he will harden us a leather you us we Sufis will do the nurse menial read naughty word.

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If you read it along at home give you yourself a 114 in the chat box if you just recited to a nurse and at home, give yourself a one four if you're watching it as a recording if you read surah NAS so whenever you're feeling like doing something bad to lie to steal or to make someone mad, use these words. They have so much power to protect us from whispers every moment every hour. Hey, it's a pretty good story. You should join me and my friends will recite the story from beginning to end. Well, I hope to see you soon reciting every letter, you will recite better and better. Come join us for today. Today's final episode of Goron adventures from here to Ramadan friends. That's our next

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step. I'll take that cue a in the chat box if you've been here with us. Mark Lau faecal more aleikum wa Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu friends, a privilege Gina and

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Hilmi and family Baraka Lo Fi come to everyone joining us recited to rhamnus Nomura and family Assalamu alaykum and again friends if you're joining us live please introduce yourself and or more importantly, your kids to the chatbox who's joining us today for our Quran adventure. Would you let me know as I welcome everyone formally to Quran adventures. I'm Imam Musa. And as you're joining us today, do we have any Quran princesses out there? Can ladies can you show me your Quran princess crown? Does it shine when you recycle?

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are on or do we have any Gron dragons out there?

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Grand dragons? Can you show me your dragon breath?

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Well, whether you're a Quran princess or a Quran dragon or maybe you're just a kid, come join us today for Quran adventures. Let me have a five in the chat box if you're going to warm up today for the adventure with our three mystical Jana fruits, apples, oranges, bananas, would you try apples oranges banana as wonderful five five in the chat box if you're joining me for the E O A. There you go. E O A. And if anyone wants to feel the power of their or onic energy let's drop in and in the chat box for Namira and family and see the power of your ability to spread love your ability through your connective love of the Quran. Hit that power adventure, hit the adventure button right now. And

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praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and send some love towards an EN near mirror and family bark Lo Fi COMM

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And I think that's a beautiful thing. Send love through your love of the Quran. And I think you all can feel that Quran adventure building right now. Our five sounds are made of e o o a great if there's anyone nearby. Are you close to mom or dad? Or is there anyone special in the room? Could you introduce me?

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I'd like to introduce you to someone very special in the room to me. And that's tidy. Tidy, might just look like a tiger to a lot of you. But Tige is very important to me. And I think any of the parents who are watching. This is Tige a tiger who says this cat feels cool on the back. And it says this because I was given this Tige in New York bought from the Bronx Zoo after teaching 120 are on classes. And so this was a celebration. And so Tige came here to join me for this Quran adventure. And he's been with me for a long time.

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Sister Amina Park la vie come salaams upon you and family friends. It's a wonderful occasion when I can share a trophy, a trophy of Quran on my Quran adventures. This is one of the trophies I received. And so for me, this is my important guy who's here in the room with me. If mom dad, a big brother or sister or with you tell them all together. US salaamu alaykum. Assalamu alaykum welcome them to the Quran adventure, because today on our Gron adventure, we're going through a surah in the Quran called Surah NAS. Can you say surah? Nas?

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Nas Surah NAS. Let's say it again. Surah NAS NAS means

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doesn't have a wonderful sound it means mankind, all people. Let's try that together. All people and nice. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Now let's talk about our key something to remember for today.

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When I think of something bad, I remember Allah Could you repeat that for me? Please? Would you say that together with me? When I think something bad? I remember Allah when I think something bad. I remember Allah. Allah hola my fabulous somehow it will art and that's me praising Allah subhanho wa Taala on our adventure. So when I think of something bad, I remember Allah when I think of something bad.

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I remember ALLAH, can you say it to

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when I think of something bad? I remember Allah.

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Wonderful. You got it. Now let's talk about the story of Surah NAS Surah NAS takes place a long time ago in a place called Saudi Arabia. And that's where our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he lived there in Makkah. And so in the place

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stat he lives it's still there. You can go there. It's called MCCA. It's in Saudi Arabia, the Prophet peace be upon him was telling the people of his time that you should worship Allah alone.

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And he told them the right things to do. And he told them, what are bad things? And he said, You should only worship Allah but the people in his town, do you remember? Did they worship only one God? Or did they have a lots of gods like idols, and they had good luck and bad luck. And they used to do all sorts of different omens. Right, they would make different promises, and promises to idols and say, Well, if this happens, I'm going to do that, and have lucky numbers and lucky colors. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Nothing brings you goodness, luck, fortune, other than Allah subhanho wa taala. He told them that there were what they were doing was wrong. And he said

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that lying was a wrong thing. Cheating was a wrong thing. Stealing was a wrong thing. And to wish evil thoughts on people to do magic

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was forbidden, speaking badly, saying curses to people, like calling someone a stinky head, just not allowed. We're not allowed to do that. Because with the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam staff said that that was the right thing to do.

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Or making fun of people that are not the same or hurting someone's feelings by making them feel alone. Well, in Arabia, he found that a lot of people were doing a lot of bad things. And he would teach them that you must stop to do this. And he would tell them that there are better things to do. You can help this you can help the poor, you can take care of the orphans. You can listen to your parents, and he told them about someone who is always working against you and me. And his name is Shay thaw DAAD

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shaytani a regime shaytaan the accursed shaytaan was someone who used to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and serve him. He was a jinn a creature made out of fire. We are a creature made out of clay, who was invisible to human beings. He used to do so much good stuff. And then Allah subhanaw taala allowed him to worship amongst the angels. Angels are made of light. But when Allah subhanaw taala created the first human being are the Malay salaam, that's us. The first of us are the Malay Salam, the first prophet, Allah subhanaw taala created him and shaytaan the fire creature was like, I don't like this new baby. I don't like this new person who's this new person, the Malay Salam was going to

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be placed on Earth as a prophet and as a leader and shaytaan wished he could have that kind of respect and power shaytaan wanted to be

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like, like that special. One day Allah subhanaw taala told all the angels who are worshiping Allah doing what he was saying, and shaytaan to make such the towards Adam out of respect to bow, like you might have seen someone to curtsy or to Sajida out of respect. And so now the angels were all told, okay, make such the, towards this. This direction. If God told you to do it, you would do it. Everyone did it. Then imagine just shaytaan he did it.

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He stood there with that feeling. You know you've had it before. No, I'm not doing it. I'm not going to listen. And that feeling comes over you shaytaan complained to Allah He was arrogant and angry and full of anger and hot air. He thought he was better than other Malay Salah so he disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala.

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And in that moment, he said no, I will not and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, Allah ma Menaka Allah let us do the is our to Allah azza wa jal said, when I commanded you, why didn't you make such that towards others?

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And a belief said the famous words that will be an echo of every bad guy's words from now till every villain you've ever seen. I'm better than he is. Allah sent them down after this to the earth and shaytaan swore, I swear I'll get revenge on you or them. I'll get revenge and I will

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will sit in front of you come behind you, distract you to a right divert you to your left, and I will bring bad things in front of you and make them look fun and exciting. And he would try to get everyone to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala till the Day of Judgment

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and so Muslims don't do bad things, but shaytaan definitely tries and promises us. So shaytaan works to get you and me to do bad things. And He does this by whispering into our years, not just in our ears, but directly inside of our hearts. He pulls our on on our emotion that he meant we're mad, he makes us mad, or I'm not going to say sorry, and tells us bad things that make us think more and more until we start wanting to do bad things ourselves. That person hit me. So I'm gonna hit them back double. That's what che Don wants from you. And so Allah subhanaw taala gave us Surah NAS and something to say to protect ourselves with a three layer forcefield how many layers friends can I

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have that three in the chat box? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, if you're gonna take that three layer forcefield and so Allah subhanaw taala gave us Surah NAS and something we can say to protect ourselves blow on yourself lightly.

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read surah NAS inside you and below on yourself. Quietly

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very lightly, we don't want to blow any spit. Or we don't want to blow any germs anywhere. Because when we remember hola shaytaan goes away. So if you say ooo bIllahi min ash or new Raji. Can you say Uzu

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we lie he Mina Shame on you, Rajiv, who beat him in a che for neurology. But know that shaytaan keeps waiting to come back. Of course, that bug spray are all do biller works, but the bugs will come right back. But know that shaytaan wants to come back and whisper to you to steal or cheat or lie or be angry or not listen to mommy or give an answer and not say okay mommy, Yes mommy. Okay, papa. Okay, Baba. That's why it's important for us to always remember Allah, to mention his name and say Alhamdulillah a stockfeed. Allah Subhana Allah, try it with me Alhamdulillah a stone fear Allah Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah a stone fear Allah Subhana Allah and when do we do this? And when we do

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this, we will protect ourself when should we do it? When you feel scared? If there's something scary on TV, or you feel scared at home, or you don't know what to do Alhamdulillah or stuff it Allah Subhana Allah, and then you feel just as strong as you do right now. And when we do this, we protect ourselves from Shaytaan We also learn that there's a surah

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there are some

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team members that work on Team shaytaan Go Team shaytaan and what do they do? They whisper into our hearts. They whisper into our hearts and they hold they make us want to do mean things. So today, dear friends, if you're here with me, that I want us to practice Surah NAS every day.

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And I want us to ask Allah subhanaw taala before we sleep and we keep in mind that what is right and what is wrong. So we always make good decisions that Surah NAS will be three layers of protection Say it with me. Will ooo be Rob been NAS? Malley in NAS. Isla hidden.

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The first three is create a force field around me and for me, and then I have the opportunity I have the chance to use it as a force field of of protection. Did

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You want to ask the question that Tige asked me earlier? Where is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this story? Where is the Prophet peace be upon him?

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Friends, I didn't get to catch any of the names of our Quran princesses and our Quran, Princess. So if anyone has, if anyone's here with their kiddos, please do let me know. And if you are parents here with me, then I hope you're inspired to be able to take your own kids on a Quran adventure, which entails a few words of vocabulary, you doing an evenings worth of research, maybe you you don't do other scrolling activities in the evening, but you give yourself one evening a week of research. You look up the surah. And you can do this with your kids as well. This is a great platform for you to talk about vocabulary, and what we're about to jump into right now. Kids and

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parents were was Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam in this story, where is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam our Prophet? Well the prophets Allah Azza wa sallam was in Arabia in Makkah, where he was calling people to worship Allah subhanaw taala. And to worship one God, and to be good people to treat people well, and to speak kindly to others and to avoid doing bad things like hurting people lying, stealing, and letting them know that they should protect themselves from Shaytaan and that the mission of shaytaan is if shaytaan was playing a video game. The point of that video game would be to make you disobey Allah to make you get angry, say bad words, tease people

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shaytaan would say more points for me. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us this surah as a means for protection and asking Allah subhanaw taala as layers of protection around us from the whispers of shaytaan and that's where Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in the story. I have three vocabulary words can I have a three three? If we can take if you can do this with me friends

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barkcloth Hichem Linda that is awesome to you and everyone there

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Princess Kara Are you watching us here on Quran adventures? What a beautiful experience and are fond are are your family and kids there as well? Wow, you all have a joined us for the three adventurer words. So a lot of people go on a grand adventure but some of them miss the adventure Words. Today's adventure word number one. Rule Zoo. Bring your tongue out. Like saying where the animals live. But with a zoo sound can you do that? Can you say? Zoo? Zoo? Like not a zoo? But a zoo? Zoo Zoo?

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Zoo Zoo. I I asked protection. I asked your invisibility cloak I asked you a protection cloak Yeah, Allah protect me Yeah, Allah put a force field around me Uzu I seek us for a force field around me. Adventure word number two non us it means people

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Kara did I get it correctly? Mommy and Dad Did I did I say it properly?

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For yard for yard did I get it correctly? Friend salaams upon you all friends for yard. Are you here watching your grand adventure with us? Bark low Fico.

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Well first off to Grandma Nadira Farik allow FICO salaams upon you.

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Nadira, it could also be Nadira.

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And friends. We'll keep our questions here in Quran adventures. How many young kids here would like to wear a crown on the day of judgment that shines greater than the sun? How many people would like to wear a crown? Give me that see in the chat box. For those of you Liam Baraka Lau ficam salaams Liam. Liam, would you like to memorize the whole Quran? Would you like to go on the ultimate Garage?

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On adventure, would you like Linda? Do we have any Gron true princes and princesses who will wear the crown not of a prince or princess, but have a Hatfield or Hatfield law, there we go to you out there

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who Sabre, who

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guided path to you all friends, a crown be bestowed upon you. And may you after these 10 adventures and bark on the greatest Quran adventure that there is the Quran adventure with your trusty steed to the very top of the mountain where you will wear the crown of half of of the Quran, where you will wear the crown of haffi law of the Quran. Allah Huma Amin Allahumma, Amin, and so from grandma down to mommy down to Quran Princess ladies, will you memorize the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and leave the logistics the how tos to Allah subhanaw taala will you leave the details to Allah drop that one one in the chat box ladies if you're going to memorize the book of Allah subhanaw taala

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and leave the logistics to God.

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And for those of us who are looking for the logistics of how do I balance add a whole lot more of Allah into your day and the balance will find itself find look for peace look for harmed look that you're on Adventure always lead to the treasure of inner peace

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can I get Kevin K p three? Kung Fu Panda three if you understand inner peace friends here on our grand adventure last episode, your karate adventure should always be ending on inner peace. Kung Fu Panda so I will take that K p three in the chat box if you're on Adventure is going to lead Gina and Liam May your grand adventure begin with excitement and end with inner peace so everyone right now Mona and family or Armand Rizwan and family out their friends may this Ramadan be your May your Quran adventure begin with the pursuit with the map to inner peace really friends kids out there that's it Ron pins s k p3

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Cara I want you to truly be out there if anyone's seen a Dora episode ask Dora to grab the map and our bookbag and boots and let's head out because we're gonna need all the help we need. So next time you see their Blue's Clues friends out there you know they're going to Jana. So think about them remind asked them to you know the map, how are we going to get there, and maybe Blue's Clues can help us find the way So friends, these are all the adventures out there. Maybe we'll employ he-man and some of his help. And we'll find the Smurfs along the way. Parents please do your best to weave the reality that your children exist in today, weave it into their now weave their dean, my children

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are not sure if we're on Man suit is is atomic or if it runs on

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the same fusion software that Iron Man has. So there is a Quran man, we just haven't advertised him too much. So I want you to do your best.

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And how can you be more positive friends that that is going to come by having more alone time with you your or on Adventure should lead to inner peace. Rowdy to be law here. We're Bill Islami, Dina where we Mohammed in Abuja. So thank you so much for joining us on this wonderful journey, this wonderful adventure. And I want you to have these three words and conclude with me, not means people and us we sue us we sue, can you say it to whisper you must whistle. I'll take a 114 if you will be reciting Surah NAS with me as we conclude

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as we conclude 10 weeks 10 episodes of Quran adventures. I'll take that QA in the chat box. If you've been here for a few and you could understand. I'm proud of us. I'm proud today.

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Thank you so much.

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Liam have we tagged

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He appreciates you 211 For all do our oh do B lie he

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mean ash che Bonnie

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Neal Raji with made lie he lie yield rock by Newton rock he

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will rule do we rob been as Molly Keane Ella he nurse will share real laws was he Luca mas a you as we Sufis go do the mass Meenal didn t work

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and I want to take a moment I are USA in the chatbox friends we've all wanted this for a while you've all said it last Ramadan you said keep the kids stuff coming. Who kept the lights on guys who said was Sam let's bring this show the kids show back.

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Thank you so much friends that I our USA in the chat box on that 31st minute of the our friends. This is a privilege. Thank you so much kids for being on the adventure with me. Let's bring back all our backpacks. Let's saddle up, get back home wash out your shoes after a great season of Quran adventures. Thank you everyone for joining us today support Islamic Relief in getting relief to others if they have provided you a source of relief right now for today in the last few weeks if you benefited I'll take that to a in the chat box. And if you want to benefit people even more i are USA Baraka Lo Fi comm

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we're gonna we're gonna work on the I hope you're not calling tigey A doll like oh my dear God, could someone help me out here

00:32:13--> 00:32:42

Tige would be very offended if you called him a doll and then Gina Can Can I get a little bit of help here? This is not a doll. This is Tai Chi, the trophy of 121 classes of Quran Tai Chi is very little action figure can can we say action figure? Tai Chi is I have a doll here somewhere. There are plenty of dolls here. Could could we at least call him an action figure.

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I think even my children are upset back here. Bark lovey conference. It's been a privilege to have you all with me. That's a tiger. So thank you very much. This is very much a tiger. And it says this cat feels cool. I hope you all can enjoy bark low FICO, QA Mustafa. I hope we get to meet at an appropriate time to answer questions. Munir bark lofi come to you and family. Yes, this cat does feel very cool. Loving salaams right back to you friends. And all the kids out there just no everyone here on the Quran adventure. We love you. We shared great times together. And love is a feeling it's a verb. And I think we all had it during our adventure. So next time I see you, if you

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want to feel loved. It's okay if you feel loved. Next time you see me outside, you're like, I like him. Yeah, I like you too. We're gonna have a wonderful future coming together, kiddos. Let's look to brighter horizons. We are the kids who are going to make things happen makes make things happen by wishing them in our hearts by seeing them in our minds and by praying to Allah subhanaw taala thank you so much. Munir Baraka lofi come to you and family Munia more eyes and family Salam is upon you guided path productions. Love upon you May you experience the verb of love multi fold with your permission friends for the final time on this season. Subhanallah Baker Avila is at the armory also

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ephone was salam ala l Mursaleen. Will hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen

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and join us whenever we begin our Quran adventures again, a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh loving salaam loving salaam friends I hope you I hope we can celebrate today in paradise Allahumma inni as a local Genova call Robert E. Lee Harmon podium well I'm on

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to becoming an author Robert E. Lee having phony warmen Allahu Mata Hello Verna Amin and well I'm Alana Amina real world Senator nominal caribou? Are you the nominal hiya Annissa in Nakata Allah Maha in our

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Your motto for sudo pray for yourself. Pray for your parents. Pray for your offspring. Pray for the world at large. Subhanallah Rebecca mobilicity and my sinfulness Allah Allah and mursaleen well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah goby. Beautiful friends. Thank you again, and we will end on three two was salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah.