Wisam Sharieff – Prepare For Planking – Vlog 6 – 40 Days To Umrah

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their upcoming workout and upcoming project, including planks and boog slowly. They also give instructions on activating the shoulder and ankle, purchasing a cesosse ball, and holding hands together. They stress the importance of not overdoing certain activities and mention a previous blog. They also mention a workout video and a beard and hair bouncy.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you, around you and may emanate from within you. I just wrapped up the day here on Tuesday, they're swimming for the kids, there's classes in the morning, and I got the chance to get my workout in so Tuesday's a little bit more of an aggressive workout in the sauna, a lot of heat. If you're wondering, that's for our dragons of Quran project. And I don't know what that is, but it's gonna it's gonna work for us. If you want to, let's get started today, I thought you and I would do some reading of sort of mold get some resistance in but for day six of our overall vlog prep, I do want to start talking about a few items that might help you out, I want

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to start rolling out the bottoms of your feet with a lacrosse ball or a tennis ball. Nothing hard like a cricket ball, I want to start rolling out the joints because in the first three days, we got to where conscious, we started breathing, reading Surah Mulk. Like I threw out a different a range of things that you could be doing. But now I'm hoping and praying B isn't a law that we can start to focus on one set, focus on the feet, start to roll out the pain on the bottom of the feet, break down some of the tension in there, get rid of some of the toxins, get rid of some of the emotion stuck in our feet, roll out any of the bunions the the crooked and uncomfortable toes. We're gonna

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try to roll them out and get them ready to go back to the to the place where the prophets Allah Wadi was someone walked and to become aware of every single step that we take. So I'm going to be focusing on that today. A little bit, we'll be talking about it. And then I will conclude with how about we hold some planks? I haven't heard much from you. How is the push up plank going? Are you finding these last two fingers or are they are they waking up? Are you finding that your shoulder is a little bit more activated? Are you finding that your toes are turning in and that the crest of your hip, your groin, where the hip bone is is turning in or you find the knee falling in just a

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little bit? Remember, none of this is going to hurt you it's all part of the healing process. So on day six, we'll get into a quick plank of stuff that lol Alim La Ilaha illa Allah, whatever the thicker you're using to get through, and What's that you say three minutes into day six block and we haven't taken a breath. So just like all the grand revolutions students do here. This is the QR said if some of you are used to it, take the breath from the furthest part of the room and start bringing it towards yourself.

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Bring that air inside hold the air at the top begins cycling the air out through your nose

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at the bottom, I want you to start cycling it in

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holding that air now today a little bit different suck a little bit of the air from the mouth You still got that nose air.

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Now no tension the neck is free. But what just happened there your sternum got free your sternum freed out now out through the nose.

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One more into the nose.

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hold that breath at the top relax. Absorb the silence the stillness now into the mouth.

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No, I'm not tense, but I want your neck free. And I want you to cycle that out through the nose. Can you do that?

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Take control your breath. I'll see you over in the healing center. I want to start hanging today just so you see it, and then we'll talk more from their

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friends. This is my third time making this recording for whatever reason it keeps erasing. So for that reason, whatever time I have left today, I was talking to you about purchasing a lacrosse ball from Amazon. Then after a few days, we're gonna move on to an 12 to 18 inch foam roller. And I'd like you to in the future. If you're interested in opening up the joints, I will ask you to purchase a door Jim, I will not be able to do any explanations on the benefits or what I hope to do. But I will just jump for a moment. I happen to have a foot round. We're going to talk about the lacrosse ball and the feet in the last two recordings I did. But I do need to get over to my dad's to take

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care of the night responsibilities. So with whatever time we have left, day six was all about opening. I did do some stretching. I don't want you to have to do pull ups. I want you to start stretching and opening the juncture of the joint so that the show that the the key part where the joint is supposed to be flexing where it's supposed to be strong how it's meant to be used. Is has healed opened up

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Now you have a lot of flexibility in the joint

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let's start with sort of mock be it in large what we have left for the evening. No regrets it was a nice it was a nice blog it got erased twice and I'm ready to go with the flow. Deep breath in. E o l a rose will be lucky Mina show you on your Raji

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we were on I have four six who are 67 or 5101 does a in some ah duniya BMO sabe How are John

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what John? How would you militia clean? What are dead in Houma the bursary what Xena Katha Ruby a lot be him either Bucha one

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will be selling mostly either

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goofy has me Rula hasha he Paulo here for that card with I make yours will mean voice you could Lamma. TFP fellow Jun Salah whom? Salah Khazanah to

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Allah media T community on rubella Andrija Anna Anna, do you want the Verna? Circus the vernal pool lamina Zan Allahu mujer che in tomb it laffy Walla and in Kirby

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sort of Allahu Allah them for now.

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I wouldn't be surprised with all the things that I had in the vlog today stretching, planking, doing these other things. This is the only thing that makes it I hope that your prep for Umrah is going fantastic that you do find that you and I find this moment together in Madina Munawwara in our first four days and we read surah Mulk together if this portion of the vlog makes it through, I will play with you after this but if not good night Peace be upon you around you and you're already a tuning fork of peace. So keep emanating it from within you was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Don't go by any door gyms or anything yet, we'll talk about it again tomorrow.

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If we can get one installment of planks, I would love to see you turn your hands in. Remember, turn your toes knees and hips in towards the groin. So you're going to feel the body the main pressure is going to be on the inside. You're just trying to hold La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and as you hold that clink, just turn yourself make your posture comfortable. La ilaha illa Allah La ilaha illa Allah La ilaha illa Allah na in our in law Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, try not to lock out your elbows. La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, La ilaha illa Allah open up your hands, Mohammad Rasool Allah

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le Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul of la ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, La Ilaha in law, I recommend you bring a knee in, support the body weight, and then just bring yourself to a comfortable posture. I thought we'd do that together. Once or twice we'll get to the the planks on our forearms. I want to do the DUA plank and then I want to do a hands down plank, but I think that's it for today. Friends, have a great afternoon Peace be upon you around you. And you are already a tuning fork so pieces is pouring out from within you will set on one ACHEMA to Allah

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