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enough men who want to stay in who want to start fiddle when older we learn who surely am fusi now women say yeah Melina Maria de la who Fela movie woman you Bill Federer had Yella y Chateau La ilaha illallah wa wahoo luxury color y shadow Edna Mohammed Abdullah he was Sulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Sleeman. kathira Yeah Johan levena topo la haka to party

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while at the moon in the end to Muslim moon. Yeah, you had NASA to Rebecca moon lady hollow cocoon Neptune were hidden. Well, hello. I mean, has

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Wilbur Semin humeri Jalan Cafiero when he saw what the law lady does?

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Maybe he will or ham in the law again?

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Yeah, yo, hi levina man, a couple law How are pulu Poland study that? Use lecom arema kumanovo Fiddler comme de Nova. When I neuter illa Huwa Rasulullah who shot first of all Lima My bad. Always we begin with the praise of Allah we send our prayers of peace upon our whenever you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testified that none is worthy of worship but Allah and that I would not be Assam Allahu alayhi wa sallam is his worshiping slave and final messenger. I remind myself in you, with the tough blood of Allah azza wa jal to raise our awareness and our consciousness in our love and our fear and that we're hoping to the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for this life

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and into the next.

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Now pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes us from those who have this tough life in a capacity in our private life much more so than we seek to show each other publicly a lot of them. I mean, the blessing 10 days of the month of

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the hedge are soon upon us. And then hamdulillah we're in the twilight of the second last month of the Islamic calendar then,

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this is a time where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would get the Sahaba and his oma ready and motivated for the special 10 days to come. Allah Subhana Allah tells us, well fed you

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by the breaking light by the sunrise as it arrives. Well I erlin ash and by the significant 10 Knights. Many of our demands that he referred to these blessitt tonight are the best nights and days that the day and the world will ever experience in any one calendar year. And that would amount they speak about Witches of greater value the last night of the month of Ramadan or the last 10 nights and days all the villager and the majority opinion the great

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As your opinion is that it is these 10 days that are assumed to enter upon a Sunday or Monday in sha Allah, Allah Allahu Allah will hire me Allah Allah with arrival to us be with good and facility Allahumma amin, and they speak about the 10 nights of the month of Ramadan as being significant, but that they are limited just to the nights. But the 10 days of the hedger are the nights and days together. For us as Muslims we understand that the beginning of a day actually begins by the measuring that precedes the rising of the sun. So when Allah Subhana, Allah says, Allah, Allah naturally says if Allah saying that if you begin the day properly from that evening hour and carry

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through into the day, this is where you will find prosperity. Some of the other odema they have mentioned about Allah Subhana went to Allah speaking to Musa alayhis salam, Allah Subhana Allah says, Well I've not Moosa I made a covenant and a promise to Moses and I brought him forward to to resign. He came out of Egypt with the exodus with Benny Islam, he and Allah made a promise of 30 days. And these were the days of little clear that it's almost as if that the Hajj of Musashi is Salaam, who we know used to perform hajj, Allah tells us in Surah tell us that as a part of his matrimonial process as a part of his Nika moose Ali Salaam promised to fulfill femenina he judged

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eight Hajj cycles in service and in assistance to the family of saphira, who he married into Ali. He said, What are the Allah Who?

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This is a very significant statement that the 30 days where they're

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not happy? And then Allah says then I favorite him with 10. Most of them have a serene they say that these 10 days are the 10 days of the hedger and that the hedge of the people of Binya saw he was commemorated in that process of musar Lee is Salaam that he received the Salah team, the the instructions that were to be given to Benny Israel, and that there were 40 people who attended with him. Now Allah Subhana Allah granted them this special gift of the teachings and the laws in the speciality is of faith that would carry through for the children of Israel in upon truth if they maintained the course. These 10 days are the days of great significance and connection to a loss of

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Hannah and what they are the moment of connection of Ibrahim and his smiley Brahim and his heart, well, loss of Hannah Subhana Allah orders that Ibraheem alehissalaam show his commitment to Allah by sacrificing his son. And it's in these days of Hajj that we find that are assumed to be upon us, that we commemorate that same cycle all of these special realities happen in these 10 days that are coming soon upon us, as a part of our belief as Muslims that whenever I look communicated as scripture and on and there's a board and the Injeel, and the Torah, that it would fall in the month of Ramadan, but for the significant aspects of worship where Allah Subhana Allah went to either with

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make it a religious celebration of actions and practice, it was in the days of the hedgerow

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well fed you.

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As the day dawns upon you don't be of those who slept through the night well I add in ash. So Allah brings forward in the first idea, the rising sun and the breaking of the dawn. But Allah says that for you to receive the highest of that new day for you to have a new beginning, and a new page and a new life and a great repentance. It begins while early in the night that you are to seek Allah subhana

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wa chefchaouen and in particular in the odd night, and even the odd is the greatest day in the calendar of a Muslim. The Odd night is the ninth night, ninth day of the month of the hijjah, which is young we're out of the day we commemorate the recognition of a lot of the acceptance of the Toba of Adam and how was the first time human beings returned to Allah seeking forgiveness from him Subhana Dada fat, they came to know each other and they came to know their weakness before Allah and they came to know their need of asking Allah for repetitive and the day of alpha is the day we returned to a lot in recognition, recognizing the inequity of our sins of the year that has passed

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and is soon to depart. Recognizing that we have an opportunity to make and change our fate. Recognizing that we have a place of asking a law for

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forgiveness, and that our record can be set alight, and therefore the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that the one who fasts,

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the day of

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their sins of the year have passed and the year to come, are granted expiation and forgiveness. And this is a great phenomenal reward from Allah subhana wa to Allah, that is rare. Most of

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it all of them have motherhood, they recognize that after the fasting of the month of Ramadan as an obligation, there is no other day of greater importance for a believer to fast then the day you have out. And if you join with it, that days that came before it, the days the eight days preceding to it, then this is a great merit and a great reward for all of us in sha Allah while I

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was chef a well what? well lately either, yes, how quick the night departs, how quick people forget that it's in the night, that they find their honor between them and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and that that begins in these particular days. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in the authentic hadith.

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He said some A lot of us lm shut off and movement Tiago who believe the honor of the believer is that they establish a part of the night in their prayer in their devotion to Allah. See, the word honor usually refers to being recognized for something that you've exceeded others in. So people honor you, because they see in you a merit that others are lacking. So they say can you please stand up? We want to acknowledge you we want to honor you on this special day, you are brought forward you are given something that other people are not giving you know, lots of power to Allah inspires this in our prophets, I send them that the honor of the believer is there a piano is where others don't

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recognize them, but Allah recognizes and sees them. And that's why it's a recognition from a lot where you are brought forward on the Day of Judgment, because you were overlooked in this life but you did not overlook your duty and your newness to a lot was shift a what? well lately either Yes, how quick, the night will depart and you will have the federal arrive. how quick you will lose the beginning of the day with a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Baraka for my oma is found in the early moments of the day, in the day immediately after the breaking of the dawn. It is an eternal soon of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that a person remains awake, it's not an

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obligation, but is a consistency of the prophets I send them to remain awake after the federal prayer in the remembrance of a law in the place that you are prayed and the measured that you are prayed and the more so love that you found yourself in until the sunrises and you're actually prohibited according to the correct opinion from offering for that Subhan Allah May Allah bless us with a return to admit you they'll hold on to it and never we were you have people so penalize you perform Hajj after so lots of failure. Everybody wants that reward, which you receive a phenomenal reward that we will speak about of having an equal reward to had. If you were to remain in that

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place of your prayer, remembering Allah, asking Allah for his forgiveness, seeking your repentance and then standing up and continuing your prayer. Having done your Sadat in Gemma in the masala and not departing from it until the sun rises with your cow What a magnificent reward that a person can achieve even though they have not headed out towards the blessings land. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was one who gave us these opportunities with Chef a wet through his Suna well lately there is healthy Malika possum is there not a vow that Allah Subhana Allah has given to those who hold on to those who practice to those who seek to remove their sins to those who want to

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repentance and return back from that which ails them between them and Allah subhanho wa Taala. The 10 days that are soon upon us are days that should be taken away as a great advantage by the Muslim oma. Sadly, of course most of us we get inspired with the advent of the month of Ramadan. And as the month of Ramadan comes because of the collective behavior of all of us as Muslims, psychologically it's easier to worship Allah, it's easier for you to become motivated to come to taraweeh because others are doing it too fast with others who are fasting to give with charity when you see others being charitable, but these 10 days what makes them special

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is that

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They are meant to be days that are private between you and Allah nights that are private beginning the days between you and Allah. One of the things that I wish to just shed light on before June so truly saraha is why has Allah chosen to speak about the night and not wear a yarmulke and the 10 days and speak about the daytime? We said first it's to show you that the day begins and where you will earn the greatest reward in the evening that precedes the day which is part of the day in Nepal, Anil February kanima shoe that you're reading of the Quran, it's witnessed by Allah, witnessed by the angels recorded and accounted for you as you begin your day. But one of the things

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that you know we'll have the odd is that it doesn't leave any ambiguity. So Allah Subhana Allah speaks to is that Korea in two places in the world and with two different instructions, and Allah subhanho wa Taala says to the courier, do not speak to your family to your people. I felt that

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for three days, I mean, another place

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in Serbia three nights. And it says if Allah is saying that in the language of the Allah when you speak about the night that precedes the day, it includes the day that is to follow up until the time of us have assurity in your heart that as you proceed forward towards a law in these days as they come upon us. These are days that are sacred to us as Muslims, that we seek to take a great deal of reward within them. We have five days that we celebrate as a as Muslims by vocations that either fit

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the needs of

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the days of the hedger, the day of alpha and the day of now, they're all separate from each other. Those are five occasions that have different filters and principles that lead us to celebrating them. The fifth day that we celebrate is the day of Joomla. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says about the day you have Joomla is redone fill out of the NA Doomfist summer, a celebrated day on earth and a celebrated day in the heavens. What do we mean by celebration where the worship of Allah is increased in it in a way that it isn't in other moments in the day, week or months that are similar to it. So in these 10 days, we celebrate our relationship with Allah through worship, in the

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day of our offer in the day of the day of sacrifice in the day of providing all of these leaders towards seeking a blessing, successful blessing 10 days and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept from us the little that we do and increase it for us a lot. I mean, I pulled up holy hell I was stopped for a while all the money went up.

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And hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah he will slow down to what Sarah Miranda, Miranda Nabil Javad Mohammed Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh watamu tasleem Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Habibi, now whenever you know Mohammed in filler worrying also the wasallam was it robotic Allah say you know, whenever you know Mohammed in Philadelphia, it was all he was wa Sallim wa barik alesi et now Habibi. Now whenever you know Mohammed in film Allah Allah Allah or hameroff imeem it's important for us to have a battle plan and a strategy for success and to limit due to the time constraints that I'm under just myself to three essential points for you and I to capture the tsunami of the profits I sell

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them to gain great reward in these bloodshed 10 days and to make us from those who have this honor between us and Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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First and foremost, set your intention set your knee up from now too fast, the day of alpha and the day of alpha is the day before the day you've read. It is the day where the hedgehog assemble it is the day that is known as the ninth in the month of the ledger. We pray the loss of pattern with Allah allows us to stand in arafa once again, to ask him and beg him for our sins to be forgiven. And to grant us how you're in this dunya higher in the alpha and to protect us from the punishment of hellfire. But more importantly, we also see knowing that we cannot attend to Hajj this year, that we increase our love and devotion to Allah in this day of alpha. And it begins with abstinence from

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that which Allah has prohibited and we symbolize this with cm. The reason Allah Subhana Allah enshrines this according to the mammal has alley is to make it upon a believer who normally has excesses that they restrain themselves just because they're fasting. Fasting doesn't allow you to eat and to drink and to hold yourself back from your spouse naturally eating

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He says your awareness, it becomes a weird idea for you. So you become an elevated believer in your mentality and psychology of repentance. Just because you're fasting on the day of alpha, it would be much more difficult for you to try to come to Allah seek forgiveness, repent to Allah in a state other than submission of fasting to Allah. So it becomes an external internal Suna of the prophets of Allah. Why do you SLM inwardly and outwardly that you fast to Allah reminds you to submit to Allah and to seek forgiveness? What is it that we say when we fast? What is it that we do when we are waking fast with our family or friends, we are in recognition of a law that he is the one who

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orders and we are those who are his creation who listen, we are those who say submit and now we hear your command or law and we obey. And that is the essential message of the day of artifacts that we shed our clothing, we shed our luxuries, we shed our work our families, and we stand in that plane of out of saying, La Ilaha Illa, Allah, the hula,

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hula, hula, hula, whoa.

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That is the greatest drought, of signifying the oneness of a law, the supremacy of a law, the completion of a law, that none has a place in our hearts, in our behaviors in our minds and actions more than a law. That message is found with us here in Perth, and wherever you may reside or be around the world as an essential message that we should maintain in our hearts. So fast the month of alpha with that intent, foul, it's the day of alpha with that intent that you were submitting to the command of Allah. Number two, make sure that if you are not a person worthy of zeca, if you and your household you and your family are not worthy of receiving zecca, that you pay an oboe here, or a

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sacrifice and upper band, to fulfill it and to enjoy it with yourself, your family and your community and the poor. And if you are able to do an oboe here here in Perth, where you're able to get a sacrifice done keep a third of its meat for yourself a third of its meat for your neighbors Muslims and non Muslims cook for them third of its meat for our non Muslim and Muslim neighbors and friends and community and the third for the poor. One of the beautiful Ethan's

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is from Abdullah hit me I'm gonna get off and say hello hottie when he ordered that butcher has a lot to slaughter for him the old the poor ban, he said to him

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when you've slaughtered it, and when you've cut it up,

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in yahoodi, make sure that the first person to receive of its meat of it, it's as a gift is my neighbor, the Jewish man. And he said, I yahoodi I give to a Jewish man before all these other Muslims, he said cadaveric alumina Rasulullah. This is what we learned from our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. If you're unable to fulfill the demand in your community, what for whatever restrictions, and you seek to fulfill it externally, with your family back home or with a community that is deprived, whether in Yemen, or Somalia, or our brothers and sisters, or whether it's with that we grew up people that we are people wherever it is that you seek your bubble cat,

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you go make the intent that you have made somebody you're working, that you have transferred this right on to somebody else who is responsible for it, and that this wealth is not a general set up. It's not something just to give charity to the poor. But this is a cool band and the neediness you seek to have with a lot and then all the hair that you make in that regard. And in that mean, in the middle of a valley Ma'am, Abu hanifa, it becomes a requirement for the one slaughtering to actually make mention of the person who the slaughter is being done in his name. It is sufficient according to the sooner that one sacrifice or one share is done upon a household for one household for one

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father, my wife and children and those who are living with them in a consistent state. But if everybody has different revenue streams and they are able to finance for the full band, then there was higher than that, and it's a requirement of the men have already ma'am Abu hanifa make sure that you fulfill your Oba here before the time of need arrives and that you have fulfilled the organization of it. You can do so for the first second and third day after the so that it is not like zeca to fit where it has to be done before the prayer but I recommend that you get it there so that there is an enjoyment

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Amongst the Muslims within our communities in sha Allah third and finally, just due to the shortness of time is connect yourself to the hole and in particular reciting of it in the evening hours with yourself and your family make a habit in the next 10 days even if it is just to pray to rock the Quran and translation of reading the Quran by night means to pray with it even if it's to rock so even if it's just after Salah to ensure that you pray to rock out before your shift I'd want or for rock or a week up a little bit before so let them set you ready to rock especially living in the winter months as we are here in Perth. It is much easier for you and having to do that now. set your

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alarm yeah it to 5:40am wake up and pray your to do your sada before Salatu and federal arrived the evening learning to honor yourself on the Day of Judgment by honoring Allah in the evenings when your street is darkened and quiet. Let there be life in yours so that the life of your household the wakefulness of your heart shows and set separates a mark between your house and the neighbor who has been absent of their belief in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah May Allah unite and ignite our hearts upon truth.

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I fully fully had I was still feeling lost all the money will come along it will have to happen or document to worry about no more looking at Nava alohomora. document girl who that were to play our hammer Rahimi in Aloma in the cricket worship cricket was nearby dedic La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran to be Nepali mean, la la la hula Sheree color la Cala hamdu Allah coalition Kadir we pray that Allah Subhana Allah protects our school, our staff and our students, our parents and our teachers, that Allah Subhana Allah leads our board and administrators and our principal to that which is pleasing to Him and deters us and turns us away from that which is sinful laughter Dhawan

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and 100 in Europe de la alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik Eric Alessi Dino heavy now whenever you know Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah you are sending them up in the sauna

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we'll be really led in one prayer by our product chef Martha's in charge

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smuggler you're

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hungry to learn hamdulillah you're in

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a rough manual Rafi Maliki a

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year ago now

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Ghana's dying

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a mouse well all

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we are the immortal

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Bismillah Ar Rahman name one

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One Langley there is Alfie vaniqa levy

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and until Can you follow Olga vi

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eromanga de la

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and lead Isla Moo la homie

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was a Moodle Levine Andrea. Robbie, no

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more fear on

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Vimeo calm feel

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Google some thought

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a moment

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and Hungary

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our rock man you're rocking imagine the the ganado

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dinos are all stopping him also all

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Sam will either

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be Roman

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here is Babu

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can lead to criminality

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miski what that goal Oh

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What are

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you getting our low that can that

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goes off

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y g

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Elma Ed Evie

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them to the higher at my own in the blogger level

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yo I had

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probably yet by therefore he either the holy

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semi Oh

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So hello, Molly.

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So I'm like I'm just a general announcement. If you didn't scan in, please scan in before you leave in shutter bar, just scan into the CWA or just sign the register in the office in general. Does that come up often