Muhammad West – God’s Greatest Miracle, Part 2

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The Greatest Pborough in Islam is a title that is not science-based and is a guide for people to reflect on the origin of the universe. The title is not a book of science, but rather a guidance for people to reflect on the origin of the universe. The concept of life being dependent on water and the potential for aliens to exist in the universe is discussed in detail. The expanding universe is also discussed, including the discovery of iron and the importance of guidance for women to receive guidance.
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We live in a shakedown rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sharif emotionally and Sadie now Mohammed not only he also he may remain my beloved brothers and sisters I said Mr. ecomark library go to

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Hamlet datamine always forever we begin with a phrase and the thanks of Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah, Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our love and our greetings salutations. So beloved Naveen Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his pious and his pure family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala listens to be amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah we are on part two of our series, the greatest miracle of Allah subhanaw taala which is the Quran and as I mentioned last week, and not to delve too deeply into that there was an incident in Finland, I

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think, was Sweden, where a Iraqi non Muslim Christian guy he disintegrated, burned the Quran, you know, wiped His feet with the Quran issue to the Quran. Really, why do they do this? It is to create a response. It is to it's to to make us antagonistic and violent and it's panela this is exactly what they did to the visa lamp the Sahaba and it will be our mistake to fall into the trap of being aggressive and being violent and going into extremism. Rather, as the Quran is insulted or the Quran is

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mocked that we return to the Quran and we recite will show we will recite the Quran more, we will become

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as much as you dislike the Quran will show you our love for the Quran. We will memorize the Quran more and we'll talk about the Quran more and will create a deeper love and that is for Han Allah every time was the Sunnah of Allah, every time. The deen or the Rasul Allah the Quran is mocked at Allah sends people who will love the Quran even more than the hatred. And so that is why we're doing the series so that we can look at the miracles of the Quran. So that when you leave the masjid in sha Allah, you can have a conversation with your co workers with your family, and to really say, Wow, this is really a book from the Lord of the Alameen, the Lord of the universe, this without a

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doubt, is not manmade. We spoke about the Quran from a linguistic perspective. Last week, we spoke about how the Quran is a literate. From a literature perspective, it is a masterpiece. It is without a doubt, the greatest, most influential book in the Arabic language. I'm not saying this because I'm a Muslim. But if you ask any Arab, what is the book that was the most important book in the Arabic language, it is the Quran, what it did in for Arabic and how we transformed the language and how it had revolutionized the world. It is the greatest book in Arabic language. And as we said, that ascribe this to a man who never read or write, like claim. The claim is that if Allah didn't produce

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the Quran is not from Allah, then it came from an abuse or salah, which means that at least Salam, a man who could not read or write, wrote the most important book in the Arabic language.

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The first book in the Arabic language, the book that changed the language completely, which said that is impossible. We also said we want to prove in the series miracles that could not have been possible that could not have been replicated, and today inshallah we're going to talk about certainty

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scientific facts that are mentioned in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned certain things with regards to science. And you need to ask I need to ask myself logically, honestly, 1500 years ago, could anybody have mentioned these things with? Well these facts, what was preached or believed at that time? Or was this something completely new? And how is it possible that it is correct? And so we'll talk about some of the scientific facts that are mentioned in the Quran. Remember, again, as I said, as last year, the Quran is not a book of literature. It's not a book for for entertainment. It is also not a book of science. It is a book of guidance, but these things are mentioned as the IEA

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as a sign for people to genuinely reflect honestly reflect and say, where did it come from? So let's talk about some of the scientific miracles of the Quran.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned Ambia verse 31, our mural Medina Cafaro and Assa T will Ottawa Canada. erotica car finance for Tapana Houma Allah says, Did you do you not see that the two justice those who disbelieve in the Quran will believe in this believe in Allah not see that. Once upon a time, the universe, the heavens and the earth were all joined up into one, one substance everything was together. And then we tore it apart we separated we caused it to to come apart. Well Jana middleman equally Kula che in here. Also, and from every living we've made from every living creature came from water. So in this ayah, there are two miracles. The first medical Allah saying

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the origin of the universe, is a type of separation is a type of creation, where the universe was one and then it expanded. And today, we know that to be called the origin of the universe is the Big Bang. It's exactly what Allah mentioned in the Quran. Now, it's a theory, and it still needs to be said, but Allah says at some point in time, all of creation was in one point. And then from the, it's separated, the second part of the idea, which is very, very clearly, and this is a lot more explicit, Allah says that for life to exist, there must be water. Allah says every living creature is dependent on water. And today, if you work for NASA, the space agency, the number one question

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is, Is there life in the universe? So they're looking for life some way? Are we the only ones in the whole universe? Or are the aliens out there? Now? How do you look for aliens? If you ask the scientists in NASA? How do you look for aliens? What do you look for? They'll say we look for liquid water. Important, liquid water. Because if the if the, if a planet or a moon is too cold, the water is frozen, it's ice. And if it's too hot, it is steam, it boils. So we need to find a what they call the Goldilocks zone, a planet which isn't too hot or too cold. It's just right, for water to be liquid. Once we have liquid water, then the chances of life is possible. Allah sees exactly that. If

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you want to find life, you need to find MA and MA is liquid water. It's not ice, it's not steam. And so this Allah says is the origin of life. And it's exactly what the most advanced brains and scientists in the world are doing now looking for liquid water again. Is this a coincidence? Could someone living 1500 years in the desert were most of mankind must have so believed the Earth was flat could mention something like this? We move on to another area. So that is cosmology space. We look at

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In the time of the enemies of Salem, we know that the Arabs had a custom where they would bury their daughters or life. We all should know this. Why would you like to be even being quoted that Allah says He will ask the baby girl? Why will you kill a baby? One year old to a few months? Why did you die? Who killed Why did you Dad kill you? What kind did you do? Now? It was the practice of the Jamelia Arabs, that if a woman gave birth to a daughter, she's the woman was blamed because because of you as deficient, a bad wife, you gave me a daughter, not the son something wrong with you. Then Allah says, wait us, the boy and the girl come from Allah says one no Hanukkah. So Jane is the

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carnival. Spaniel, even this ayah needs to be explained. Allah says there are two sexes, male and female only nothing else. He is the one that created the male and the female. Where does this come from mean neuter fighting in a tuna from the sperm as it emits. I take you back to your biology in high school. You know that in every single person. No matter what you identify with your genes, your CRO your cells are either x x or x y, x x x x year ago, if you're X, Y, you're a boy. Women only have the X chromosome. Women cannot code for the y. But in the in main, our sperm either as the Y chromosome or the X chromosome. So depending on which sperm which cell reaches the egg, the mom

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It will be determined if it's a boy or girl. So Allah says that six of the child, the gender of the child, is dependent on the man of the woman. And this is very, very clear, explicit. Allah says, the boy and the girl will come from the, from the sperm of the of the man. Coincidence, and this goes directly against what was believed at that time, by all customs and cultures. Nobody on Earth believed this. Now we know it is scientific fact. When Allah speaks about, in detail how the the baby develops in the in the womb of the mother, Allah says so mahalo

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that you begin Subhanallah if ever you feel great, you got a promotion, you got a raise, you feel good about yourself. Always remember where you began, you were nothing more, then a drop of discharge that if that will lie that fell on your clothes, you would throw it in the washroom, you wouldn't make Salah with it. That's where you and I began. That's where you and I began. What comes out of our academic Mala of our parents. If it's on a pad or something, it's thrown away. That's what we began with. Allah says you began from that minute.

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And then from the NHTSA we made into an adult, and Aloka is a thing that looks like a leech. Now, if you look at the picture of Allah, the first stage of embryology, what does this thing look like? Well, this is you look at the sperm and the egg comes together, and then it forms a zygote, which looks like a leech. And then that thing, the anak becomes a Maha Mudra is when you take raw meat and you chew it and you split it out. That's what a mudra looks like. You look like a Muhtar for that haha canal mudra Ivana and then we turn that lump of chewed flesh into bones, the full skeleton forms FACA Soneva Malama and then we covered that bones with flesh from and Chetan now Halton up and

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then we made him into another coalition, Baba Cola, Arsenal, Harlequin and Glory be to Allah the most perfect of connectors. Now if you look at the pictures

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you have on the previous picture, you go back one,

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you will see the baby at the beginning is discharge coming together. Male and female fluids coming together, then it looks like a leech kind of a creature. That's the when if you go again to the moon hot. The next slide. next two slides.

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If you look at look at what it looks like, that's a bubblegum that is chewed. Allah calls this thing a mood ha something which looks like it's chewed up flesh that is chewed up, that is exactly what we see. And look at the picture of the embryo, how it looks like. And then Subhanallah something which is only discovered like 50 years ago, the entire skeleton of the baby is formed. First you have a miniature person, tiny, tiny skeleton, hands to the even the bones of the hands, the toes or the and then the rest of the creature just grows and develops, goes against what scientists believe throughout the centuries. So Allah subhanaw taala mentioned us indeed again we ask is the lucky

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coincidence in this detail, that an Arab which at a time when even spectacles literal, a microscope was developed, could mention these things in explicit detail, stage by stage, sexual discharge, when the zygote in the embryo then the skeleton and in the the clothing of the of the skeleton.

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Allah talks about resurrection, so that is the beginning of creation. Let's look at resurrect or what Spangler says to me.

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I accept will insan to you as in something I learned that Jeremiah Varma Do you think we will not bring your bones back together?

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Sparta look at the transition we start from the we're going to love strong they will become sick and old are granted a long life but then we die. Not only do we die we become we decay and decompose. Even our bones will become dust. You open the cupboard you don't even see anything anymore. Allah says do you not think I will bring you back together your bones? Allah says Baba Yes, I will call the Rena Allah and Musa we are banana. I will bring you back to the tips of your finger. Your fingerprints, why the time we're going to be so salaam Sahaba read this they accepted okay Allah saying we know now that people can be identical twins. The faces are the same. You can't tell the

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difference. But if they do a fingerprint scan, we know everyone has a unique barcode. Your fingerprint is unique. No two people have identical fingerprints. Everyone has a specific pattern like Allah has stamped every person I wanted. I'll bring you back to the tips of your fingers your fingerprints will be reconstructed exactly how it is again, of all the words someone could have chosen. Is it a coincidence that Allah uses the word fingerprints? Also, when we think about take your fingerprints, what do you think of caught arrested? I was told my piano will bring you back to your fingerprints, your tips, because that is the courtroom the greatest courtroom. Everyone must

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stand account for his records. coincidence that these words are used. Ilana, we move on

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Now we move to something completely different

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geology, the science of the Earth, or let's say

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another, Alam Nigel origami Haida, ALLAH ask us, did I not make the earth stable as an extinct like so the Earth is a place that you can live on? What Ebola and I made the mountains as pigs are stakes. What does this mean? Allah says when you look at the mountain, you look at this, but don't you realize the roots going deep into the ground the mountain so many of us might not even notice that the mountain is like a tree, it goes deep into the ground. In another IOSYS, which I did, I was an intermediary him which if he had Fijian Subala Allah says very explicitly, we have placed within the earth for mountains, less they should shake less the earth will check. So Allah not only

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explains that the mountains have deep roots, but the reason why the mountains have deep roots is it keeps the Earth from shaking. If you go into a look at this geology textbook, right? Look at this. This was a book that was written, and it's a university book about 20 years ago. It says the fact that mountains have deep stakes like roots clench the Earth from shaking, right? This is how why? Even though the earth the land we are on is floating on liquid underneath. It's like

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lava, and everything floats on it. Why do we not shake like we were on a boat? Because when you have two planks that are together, they are going to slide how do you keep two planks together, you put nails in them, the mountains are like nails. So Allah explains very clearly very explicitly. The reason why the Earth does not shake, you don't have earthquakes all the time, is because the mountains keep in place. No one knew this until the last 5060 100 years. No one knew this. And that it's again explicit in the Quran. It's not even inferred. Allah says I've made the mountains from so that the Earth does not shake. Now we move to something else we do move from the mountains and the

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ground to the sky. Allah says, We're under Sama, Sakaba Mafalda. We have made the sky the heavens, a roof over you, to protect you, protect us. Now we would understand and Allah does mention that the sky seems rain and the clouds, but the adjective here to protect you protect us from what why? Why does the Why does the what is the sky protects you from if you look at all the planets around us, there is no life on those planets. Why? One reason, if you don't have an atmosphere, like the moon, if you don't have an atmosphere, the water can't. You can't have liquid water. If you don't have an atmosphere radiation from the sun, if you have an atmosphere that is too thick, like now we're

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talking global warming, if we mess up the atmosphere, we mess up the ozone layer, it kills us here on the ground. So now we learn that the the sky the atmosphere that we have has several layers. And each layer is like a covering that protects us from the homes that are outside of the earth. We are like in a little bubble and it keeps us safe. So all are very clearly says the sky is meant to protect the Earth from harmful exposure.

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So hello, perhaps my favorite of the scientific miracles of the Quran.

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One that is undoubted. If you ever had a doubt Subhanallah about the Quran. This one should really push you over over the line.

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In the time, I mean, Einstein, Einstein, we all knows Einstein like the smartest man ever. And it years ago, the scientists had this debate, which has been going on for 1000s of years. How old is the universe? Does the universe have a beginning? Does it have an end? The standard belief, the belief of all the scientists was that the universe was eternal. It has no beginning it has no end, you won't find a starting point. And it was it was a discussion which only philosophers could could debate. So there was a philosophical debate if the if the universe was eternal, how do we begin, but there was no scientific evidence of this. And so the people like Einstein, they believed that the

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site the evidence suggests the universe has no beginning. And therefore, no beginning means no creation. No creations means no creator. We don't have a beginning. It didn't come out of anything. It was always the one of the denial. One of the strongest debates of the atheists back in the day was because the universe has no beginning it cannot have a creator. But no one could prove if the earth if the universe had a start to an end. When a man which you will come to know Edwin Hubble, the telescope is named after him, Edwin Hubble Hubble, he was observing the universe. And he discovered that we live in a galaxy called the Milky Way galaxy. The Galaxy next to us is Andromeda.

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And he found that there is movement between these galaxies. Over time, these galaxies are moving.

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And he discovered that everything in the universe is in motion. And things are getting

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So for example, if you're looking at about, you look at the boat, and then you look away and half an hour, you look again, you see the boat is further away. So now that boat is moving away from you. And as far as you look in the universe, everything is moving further and further away. He therefore understood that the universe is expanding like a balloon, it is getting further and further apart. Not only that, he also proved that it's not only expanding, its expanding faster and faster, the universe is growing bigger and bigger, bigger, quicker. So the question was, if we are good, we are expanding outwards. If we rewind time, what happens it will come closer and closer and closer. And

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they got to a point that if we rewind it 14 billion years, we'll get to a single point in time, the big bang

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it when Hubble discovered proved that the universe is expanding. And because of that, he proved the universe has an origin. And because of that he won a Nobel Prize and the telescope is named after him and is one of the greatest scientists of all time. 1500 years ago, Allah says in the Quran, was Santa not what semi Well, Allah says the heavens the universe Bernina hubby Aidan, we made the summer mighty big, huge. You can't understand how big the summer is? Well in musi own, and we are now continuously expanding it the universe is getting, it's expanding outwards. This is not in the past since the first part of the IRA is in the past since we created the universe with might, and

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now we are continuously expanding outwards. Although they didn't say a Somalia well aren't the heavens and the earth Allah say the heavens only. So this fact that the universe is expanding. And the universe is moving away from itself

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is something which, as I said Navitat Salam should have won this Nobel Prize. If you claim you don't the Quran, when he was the first person in human history to prove that the universe is expanding.

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Stephen Hawking's that famous scientists have passed away. He says, the discovery that the universe is expanding was one of the greatest intellectual revolutions of the 20th 20th century.

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But I can get Mr. Watkins, you didn't discover the universe is expanding in the 20th century.

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In the fourth century, the sixth century, the Quran says the universe is expanding. How is it possible that a man in the desert, we had no telescopes, who at a time when people believed the Earth was flat is saying very clearly the universe expanding? And on that point, staying with space, I'm sure all of you learned in in your class that we revolve around the sun, the sun is in the middle, and we move around the sun.

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The church, for most of its history, preached that the earth was the center of the universe, and everything moves around the earth. And then of course, telescopes were developed. People like Galileo proved that the earth is moving not the sun. And so because of that he was condemned and he was banned and all those wonderful things. The Quran says in Surah Yaseen was sham surgery, Mr. Karela Dalek attack, as he's learning that the sun moves in its orbit. And so many scientists, the times in your Quran is like the Bible. It's nonsense. It talks about the sun moving, we know the sun standstill. But now they've revised the models. Now in the last 50 years, they said, Yes, the moon

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moves around the earth, and the Earth moves around the sun, but the sun is also moving. In fact, the sun moves at 72,000 kilometres an hour, the sun is moving, and it moves around the galaxy. The sun is moving around the galaxy. I didn't say

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that the earth the sun was

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ALLAH says that the sun touched it in Kerala, the sun moves according to its orbit will be further two years back and when I say that all of it the sun, the moon, the heavens, the stars, or whatever it is. Yes, but yes, for humans to swim, everything is moving in its orbit.

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Very precise, specific wording of the Quran. You cannot find any of the words it's choose chose us. We conclude this panel there's so much more to discuss with the last one. Something which stumped even if a cerium even the great

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translators the great commentator Quran even explained this idea. But Spangler today science can explain it.

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Allah says in total Hadid Hadid means iron.

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The name of the surah is named after the metal ion. Allah says Lakota Arsalan rasuna built by Hina we sent our Ambia with clear evidence, once a noun will Kitab almazan And we said without Ambia books and evidences and the criterion, Lea Kuma, NASA because so that they can teach people guidance, then people can be on the right path when I was in the same higher ones in Al Hadid and we sit down iron and Zelina very clear. The same analysis we sit down the revelation and we sit down the rain we see

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iron down to mankind since it opened, where do we get it from? In the minds we did before it deep in the earth?

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How does iron come down? And so the first city in the only way they could explain this is a Mr. Quran. Allah use the wrong verb, or they said no, you know what it's metaphorically, Allah means metaphorically iron is a blessing. So he sent you the blessing of iron. No, Allah does not use words without knowing what words he used. So now we ask where did it come? Yes, it is deep in the ground of the earth. Where did it come from? to produce iron to manufacture iron, you need so much energy and pressure and heat to produce iron, that the only place in the solar system that produce iron is the heart of a star in the heart of the sun.

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It is so hot and so pressurized that the elements from iron, we can't make it on Earth, we can't manufacture them. And so the stars they produce iron. So how did we get from the star to the earth, because like comets and meteors crashed onto the earth. Now, the scientific belief is the formation of the element iron requires such a large amount of heat and pressure that it forms in the heart of dying stars. The Earth lacks the ability to form iron on its own. The only way I could reach the Earth is that this metal was pushed out of the star or the sun and it like it fell down like meteors and rocks deep into the earth core, which we are now extracting. So very literally, literally not

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figuratively. Allah says we sit down iron to the earth. And that is what Allah calls a surah su Hadid. This is for us to understand. This is for us as a medical why Allah put this in the Quran, it had no relevance, we could say for the sahaba. And they they couldn't understand it. But we can understand very explicitly, a person who wrote from its own Hawa would not have put this ayah in the Quran would not have put the ayah in the Quran, at least you understood it which was impossible to understand. I said until modern times. So there are so many other facts and are basically this is only half of the and we can talk all day. But of course our time is always against us. The point of

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its vanilla. As Allah mentions, he calls these things as I said, Not Marchesa, these are not miracles. These are not going to amuse and astound you. Allah says these are ayat that if this book

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with all its signs is correct. When similarly when Allah tells you about guidance, speak well speak well to your parents, give charity don't take riba This is coming from the Lord of the Alameen the one who made the stars, the planets the universe, the One who created everything, the One who created you and will bring you back. Trust the Quran, you know Subhanallah we put it out GPS we have no idea where we going but we trust this app. This app is gonna tell us you go that way. Even though the road doesn't look so great, but okay, GPS it so I trusted. Allah said this is your GPS to life. The destination is Jana. Have no doubt if you're ever confused, this book is from the Lord of the

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aisle. I mean, the one who knows everything. And so inshallah I hope that in the series we create a deeper love and appreciation for the Quran. Allah Subhan Allah grant the Quran to be the light of our hearts. The guidance upon which we live by Mala grants to pass away upon the message of the Quran, Amin Amin is just an announcement and hamdulillah as we come towards the end of the year, my lovelies, so have a good evening and a good start of 1445 and Mahara March will be Sunday, the 30th of July we know all the kids walked through the book up

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in the tops and just reminding that we've been here for so many 100 years Alhamdulillah and of course, the passing away of Mr. Potassium are very, very famous member of our community who has spent his life in the service of fighting oppression. for social justice, we ask Allah Subhan to grant him the genital theodosis to make easy for women to cover and to grant him easy May Allah open up his cupboard granted he said it could be in his high 10 But Allah grant him a seven year Sierra easily getting an Hello please see me Allah was General for those I mean Sukla what are some, let's say and I'm handmade ceramic marble, Alberta.

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