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Aarij Anwer
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of creation and resurrection in Iraq, citing examples such as the Surah Surah of man and the Day of Resurrection. They emphasize the importance of keeping in mind the context and potential outcomes of the study, including Hakeem's ability to pass judgments and rule, his twin sister's honor and wisdom, and his ability to create and pass words. The study is a deep one covering a variety of topics, including the Hakeem and Hoku names, and is a benefit for the audience.
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In part one, we spoke about how the concept of creation and resurrection in these ayat, how it's linked together, in the sense that the creation and the resurrection all happen, because of the word of a lagoon is command, MS Word cone creation from nothingness resurrection after, and how all of these words are Kadima to law that can never be exhausted.

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And he gives us an example of a particular creation, chumps and commerce, the sun and the moon, as part of the creation, and even though they're great creations, they are also they're only there to a certain time, Elijah did masama and that is the Day of Resurrection. So how this concept of creation or resurrection is tied together very exclusively in the city. And in fact, if we were to study the Surah Surah of man, you will find that this is a repeating theme throughout Iraq. Now, one thing that we also noticed is often you would notice in the Quran, if you were to read it, that was one of the ends the IOD by certain names that belonged to him. In fact, many times he ends it with a pair

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of names. So in aloha season, Hakeem on and the transition was, Allah is Exalted in Might that Aziz Hakeem wise, but there is more to it, there's something that's lost in the translation there. In the last semi on last year, Allah is hearing and seeing, Samir is hearing loss, you see, so this something, this is something that comes a lot in the Quran. But these names number one, the first thing to keep in mind about this is that the names the elephant dimensions, they are complimentary, so they actually complete the meaning together. They're complimentary, I don't think I've right time to space to write the entire words, but you know what I'm saying. And secondly, there is a very deep

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link between what's mentioned in the names, and what's mentioned in the ayah. And also what mentioned in the ayah that are around. So let's take a look at these two things. How there's, the names are complimentary, the complete the meaning, and in fact, they really make it something quite exclusive. And how the names are linked to the concept has been talked about, which is creation and resurrection.

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The two names of the last part of the we're looking at are Aziz, and Hakeem, they come at the end of the ayah in aloha season Hakeem. And then the second is the one that we were looking at in a lot of detail, your creation and your resurrection. These two names come just before it. So what we want to take a look at is number one, how these two names as these one Hakeem first of all what they mean, and second of all, how they're linked to this ayah and then how they're linked to this.

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So first, what that means I've scribbled down a little something here, inshallah, we'll talk about it quickly. Aziz. And before I begin, I must say, this is a disclaimer that this is not a comprehensive study of the names of Allah subhanaw taala. This is actually a very deep study. The scholars spend a lot of time discussing these things. This is just something very brief keeping in keeping in mind the context of the two ayat that we're discussing, and inshallah will be beneficial. Ozzy's could come from his right meaning he has Lahore Isaiah, he has honored he has a glory. This is his life. And it also could come from the fact that like a geezer who shy that nothing is beyond

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him. That's mighty right. Nothing is beyond me so mighty, that he could do anything he wants. That is might. So that's how actually the word the name rather is translated, exalted in mind. He's so exalted at night that nothing is beyond him. ladies who are also going to now start going to the word Hakeem now, the name Hakeem, it would come from hikma, which means wisdom, right? wisdom,

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having a reason to do something that was hacky, and also could come from the word Hoku, which means judgment, to pass judgment, to have the ability to give a ruling to give a verdict, that's hikma, or that?

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That is

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the ability to pass judgment a ruling is

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over trying to understand here is this combination in aloha season Hakeem.

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Allah is Exalted in Might and is wise. It comes at the end of this ayah man, this was a nama fill out demon shadow, and also it comes before this ayah right. So let's see

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See what how this is tied to the IRA? itself? And then what? How it's tied to the IRA afterwards. Okay. So, all smartlist Aziz, he has honor.

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He has he has, he's so mighty nothing is beyond him. And he's also Hakeem, he has wisdom.

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And he has the ability to give a judgment, he has the ability to rule. So, combination of this, if you look at what this ayah tells us, it says that

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if, you know, my nephew did Kadima to law allows pontoise words will not be exhausted. That is something that is extremely honorable. And at the same time, it's not something that's random. The words are random. In fact, the words are used to create

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human beings, animals, or the creation. So this is something that's incredible. Also, he's mighty Aziz that he has in mind, in the sense that nobody else has is this having words that cannot be exhausted, it's not beyond the last panel and nothing is beyond him. He's mighty, and help him with his words, he passes the judgment, when he gives a command. It's done. That is the ability that that that ability to pass judgment is.

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So this is how our season Hakeem is connected to the ayah in which these two names are connected to the ayah that they come in at the end.

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And then also these two names, the combination is connected to the IR after the IR after says mahalo Cuckoo. Cuckoo right now, hello, Coco, your creation. So alcoholic, the creator. What about the career? Right? Lahore is a he has honored he has extreme amount of honor, because he's the one who's creating.

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And also Hakeem he is, he's wise he has wisdom, because he doesn't just create for no reason. maharatna sanwa to autumn avena Houma La Villa, it's created for a reason. You know, Mahatma sumati will although avena Humala I mean we did not create this our sponsors, another part of the Quran will not read the heavens and the earth and all this glorious creation from fun and amusement to pass time. No, it's for a reason.

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Well, Mahalo to Gina will insert Illa, Leah wouldn't have created human beings and genes so that they can enslave themselves to me, this is what Allah wants that tells us so when he creates, he creates with wisdom, there's a point to his creation or the creation that he creates. There is some wisdom in it to Aziz, he does it he has honor he is at extreme honor. And Hakeem because he has when he creates, he creates with wisdom. It's not just random is not pointless. Also.

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He is also unbiased. He's the one who is going to resurrect, right. He's your creation and your resurrection, remember, so resurrection, the one who resurrects Is this something that's very hard to do. It's extremely hard to do. So why aren't you Zhu Li RG Zoo shy? It's not beyond him. He's mighty, nothing is not beyond him to bring somebody from the dead back to life. This is not beyond him. So Aziz, and he Hakeem vimana hokum leading the sense that he has the ability to judge so when he resurrects people, guess what's going to happen? It's the day of judgment. It's going to be the day when judgment will be passed. So Hakeem, he will give the judgment on that day, how exquisite,

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how beautiful how Subhanallah it blows your mind that this is truly the word of Allah, the Word of God, that how he's tying everything together. Right? And we need to take this and ponder over this. How incredible This is. I hope this presentation was a benefit. And whatever good is that was in it is from Allah. any mistake is from me.

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So Hanukkah lahoma will be handed over to the La Ilaha Illa

Coherence in the Qur’an – Creation and Resurrection

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