Wisam Sharieff – Part 05 The Prophetic Dynasty

Wisam Sharieff
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He means shame on your wangi

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what is

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hiro Bella alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool de Nabeel Karim Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Here of belie Allah means alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah vasudha. him Nabeel Karim. We praise we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for the means of communication, we praise and thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for this week, it's a blessed week, we were given much of hamdulillah we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala for the dough feat to even come. The inclination on Wednesday afternoon that hey, I'm going to go do a class about the Prophet something prophetic dynasty. This in itself is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when we say that we are pleased

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with Allah when we say things that please Allah, He will increase us. So one of the things that I'd like to do and I'd like to make this a practice is before we start our lectures, let's try three times the smallest durood, the smallest salams that we can send on the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if we do that together, it'll become a practice. You'll do this on every occasion then Allahumma

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swaran Lee was sudden limb.

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Allah Nabina

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So three times we'll do it together. Allahumma

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suad li was son Lim

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Allah Nabina Muhammad

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Allahumma suddenly was suddenly

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Alana Bina Mohammed.

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Excellent. The next thing that we asked him Allah subhanho wa Taala and I pray that you started to learn these two as we've recorded them, they're placed online for you. Allahumma inni s iluka Allah we ask you,

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for your love, will help by May you have a book and the love of those who love you. What how bommali you curry boonie ella herbig and Oh Allah make us love the actions that will bring us close to your love. It's one thing you say Allah subhanaw taala love me. And Allah, Allah will shine His mercy upon you and you will feel happy. But when you start feeling good about reading Quran, when you start feeling good about talking nicely to your neighbor, when you feel good, and you feel empowered, when you're at the doorstep of sin, say you're right there in front of the computer about to sit, and you're like, you know what Allah, I want to, but I'm not because I love you that the

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time when you can be you can walk up to the doorstep of how long you could walk up to the movie theater and say, Not this time. You guys go this, it's fine. We can go next time. But this time, I'm doing it because I live alone. This time. Yes. Going to these places. His job is we can go wherever we want. But one time when you feel a little bit uncomfortable in your heart and you say, You know what? This time I'm not going to do it for Allah.

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You ask Allah subhanaw taala to help you love the actions that will bring you closest to his love. That is positive doing good deeds, and that is also staying away from certain deeds. Think about it. If you were going to watch a movie all night, what's something better you can do? Give me something better that you can do? Don't Don't be over religious. Just be real. There. Well, we could pray all night. No, no. What could you do technically? What could you do instead of watching a movie all night long sleep, that what you're going to say?

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Okay, something else do we know as a class just to stay within our time, a way to praise Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in the sound narration, if you make wudu if you make widow and go to sleep right before right before you sleep make a light will do. Don't be dripping. Then you'll be all fresh and awake again. Make a light we'll do the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said your soul stays in such that the whole night.

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How simple is it to make Voodoo before you sleep? Trust me, if there's something that bothers shavon it's the easy good deeds. So I recommend to you, at most to the best of your ability make Voodoo and these type of things you can do instead of watching movie all evening.

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Have fun. Instead of getting lost in you know your friends are shooting the breeze. Your friends are starting to backbite maybe pick up your phone. That's one of the times not when your wife is talking to you used to pick up your phone and start looking at it. But when someone starts to backbite about someone else's, like hey, I just need to grab this. divert the attention. It is a way for us to show Allah subhanaw taala our love so today after duden salaam and profit after asking for less power to others love I add one more that I have not been making here in our class Allahumma inni Allah we ask rubrica Allah I asked your protection, min zelle wyrley neomatik from the decrease in good when you

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get your paycheck when your wife cooks a nice meal, say Allahumma inni. Our ob come in Zawadi. neomatik. One day your hijab falls nicely. You like the way you look, say Allahumma inni Ooby comienza awani neomatik over LA I ask your protection from the decrease of good deed or the decrease of good you know, sometimes life is going good and you don't want a curveball. Why not make the watch like look a lot I'm happy here. I won't do any since and you don't give me any tests just for the day. Just for the day. I need a break. I need to be tired. What the * Moly I see it what Pooja at informatique wotja Marisa Kotick La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lah, hula hula hula

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hamdu lillahi wa you need to have a high in la mode

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has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who Allah he tawakkol to was water bhullar Sheila when we read and say if you can say with me has been a law.

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Allah is sufficient for me La Ilaha Illa Who?

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There is no other God creator sustainer ILA there is no other rub. There is no other who who has more authority. And what did we originally say? Ilaha. Because today, the statement lie that had a lot is going to come under attack. That's what the story of new Halle salon is. So tell me what did we say? Alif Lam? Ha, what did it also indicate Lord God sustainer The one who has the most authority and ILA and he will remember,

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the one who has the most authority to be loved. The one most worthy of your love, compassion, of your intimate relationship is Allah is Allah subhanho wa Taala. And sometimes we minimalize our relationship with Allah. So when something goes good you make when something goes bad, you make dua, but when you are lost, you're depressed, anxious, you're sad, you you did something and you lost. Do we turn to Allah subhanaw taala then do we have the ability to say to Allah, I don't? I don't know this is not fair. Can we complain to Allah subhanho wa Taala and accept that Allah has given us the best can we We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from amongst those has to be a law and this sign

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is going to be coming up for the rest of the day. So don't worry about it in sha Allah has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who there is no other Illa anyone other than worthy of our love and admiration other than a law.

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Allah He talkin to we place our trust on him well who are bhullar she loves him for him, for he is the one the Lord of the hour she loves him. I say unto you, as the angels will say to you, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Today B is an Allahu taala we have a few goals to tackle number one, we have completed a hamdulillah three prophets you will give me one fact inshallah for each Prophet, then we will introduce and complete the introduction of new hallae salams first, about 400 years. It's a lot to cover today. And with that, we'll realize that works.

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We have to take some lessons from the life of new hairdresser. So let's start off together. Can you give me one fact about the creation of men? So I welcome you to I believe this is our fifth session of prophetic dynasty where we're not just studying the lives of the prophets or a salatu salam, but we're looking at them through a new lens looking at them through the lens of well, to us, it's not 100,000 years to us. It's other Melissa she thought a sudden, it is new. We see them as one after the other. So can you tell me something about the creation of man any fact, but preferably something that would benefit us here? What was one fact that the creation of men anyone can give me?

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Man was made of dirt the dirt was made, it was a clean the it was like a clay. And the types of dirt that were given were multiple colors. There was dark dirt, there was purple, yellow, all types of dirt was made and man was created from dirt. And we said the jinn were created from fire. And also the angels were created from light anything else that you can remember? What what what happened that first day when Allah subhanho wa Taala created all of the souls. This is the important part. This is why stories of the prophets have to stay with you. What happened on the first time surah Allah subhanaw taala created all the souls not other Muslim physically. He created everyone and he said

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LS do me wrong. We can call Oh, Bella shahina. We did Kobe Bryant did the kid who's gonna be born next week did and the guy who made the Simpsons, they all said follow Bella shahina we said God, we testified that You are our Lord. Then Allah put us all to sleep and we came to this world. But all of us Muslim non Muslim coffee or fire worshipper, bad people good people. We all met a lot and said Bala Bala shahidullah I think that's fair. If you have any other facts that you want to add to creation of men then that's totally fine. Any other facts that you want to add? If not tell me one fact about other monies set up for you many things we learned about the profit other monies. Sam,

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can you tell me one fact about him? Anything.

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The devil resented him, the devil was very agitated by the fact that he had risen above the angels. And now all of a sudden, there's this new clay creature had an empty stomach. The stomach was hollow. He said, I'm going to get him here. Remember that? it believes came and knocked on other money. Sam said you're hollow. We know this. Something else about other money, Sam's life, anything that you can tell me something? Five minutes.

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He was promised 1000 years and he gave 40 years to his sisters

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to Idris double that was trying to do that. Hmm. Because he saw the light between his eyes. He was beautiful. So he said I want to give him 40 years. And upon that when the angel came at 960 years, he said it's time to go What did other malayalam say? He said, it's time to go. He said I live for 1000 years. And the angel reminded him the angel said,

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No, you gave those 40 years to that. Whoo. What did Adam say?

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No, I didn't add them for God. So the narration is there, Adam for God. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, we forget guys. So I need you to take this from that lesson. I need you to take away the fact Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive mankind in the beginning, if we can't forgive each other because your aunt came to your house and said something to you, because maybe someone mentioned something about your cousin, your brother got into a business contract with you. It's been some time if the wounds have healed for that in the name of a law who forgave them. Forgive. That's the lesson I want you to take from other money some and if you learn nothing, it's quit prophetic

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dynasty after this and said, You know what, I'm gonna forgive. I'm going to be quick to forgive. And it's gonna take a long time to get angry than try for how can we have the dignity to come in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala at 723 in the morning and say, Allah, sorry, I missed fudger Allah will say, Did I miss one breath? Did I miss one breath when you were praying? Did I forget about when you were tired and you were sleeping and you had an itch over here? I allowed you to stay asleep, but your body took care of you so that you could eat yourself. You can't forgive the slave of Allah. So please take one thing from other than a Salaam you forget. I forget. Let's try our best at the end

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of the day. You can tell someone who keeps singing Hey bro, you forgot a lot of times. Go take focus factor. Go drink some ginseng tea or something. You can point it out. But after a while.

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Let it go. Let it go to the extent where people know I'm not afraid to talk to him, he'll give me a chance. And on the Day of Judgment, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the two RAMs, you know, Rams that had the horns are ram that has long horns and a ram that has short horns. Allah will judge between them equally, because you lived your whole life with short horns you lived with long, Allah will do justice between them. So if you gave up and yes, you got stepped down sometimes, and someone didn't treat you exactly the way you felt like Allah will take care of it, because you're more invested in the hereafter. Fair enough. Who is the next prophet?

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She thought is gonna tell me a little bit about it. What happened is she thought he said our time we no introduction of God

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introduction of the musical instruments right introduction of the sounds, and what else did he do so for the non religious people of

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Kane's time Fabio's time, what did he do? He told them about music, but what did he do to the religious folk who lived up in the mountain without a setup? What did he do?

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Excellent. He made them question fantastic, along with the faculty who fit Dean like, give him understanding of the religion. Allah subhanaw taala set down this test to them and to sheets, people, the people who take classes, the religious folk, he said, But why? He constantly questioned he constantly questioned the fact but why why can't you go down? Why pray five times a day? Why wear a job? why that's all he had to do. And then what did he do to the sisters? So she saw a salons young young man came to the party. Saturday night was bumping? What did the girl start to do?

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makeup and flicking their hair and Lalalalala and the whole nine was there be the Burj Al the first barrage, the first fluttering of their eyes shaped lawn taught them how to invite how to talk with their eyes, how to say what needs to be said without saying a word. And this was the different attacks. So first, he's going to tell us, you know, it's just a little bit of music. It's not that bad, bro. Don't worry about it. Are you? Are you mad bro? Don't be mad. Right? He will be like, Oh, it's not that big deal. Just relax to us religious people. He'll be like, oh, but find out the reason and finally he will push the sisters and he'll say he could use any attack on you. So now

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we're in a time where we said call us the tricks of shavon we're we're in what Isaiah Can someone tell me so that we know we benefited from last week. from Surah Bunny is Salaam Li a number Nintendo

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64 Thank you very much. I threw that one out there. 64 I had number 64 of surah Benny slaw he was Z's money stem for dummies mean whom is slow take Allah said go to the people and if you can deceive them with your voice will actually bother him behind equallogic Wireshark config maliwan Ola. So we said koalas we were done there. Someone tell me something about Idris Sorry, sir. So we learned creation of man a lot and no one said the narration even though it was weak, who recited the Quran 1000 years before the creation of men. Allah subhana wa tada a law said.

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Allah said, Yes, he see.

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And the angels heard a law and said who gets to say these words? What am I will get this book creation of man.

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Before his body was even alive, he started picking for the fruits of the inconsistency of the belly. The tricks of shavonne that were used upon sheath already set up. Now one thing I'd like you to write down the word is, and I'm gonna have I'm gonna use a lifeline to pronounce it correctly. Can you please enough? If we can all repeat so that you can hear it say he Nah.

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This is the

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biblical Torah version of the name Idris, this is an opinion. I want you to know this so that when you get into discussion, you will realize that Islam is not a religion of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam brought the message of all of the prophets. So sometimes we as Muslims, when we give Dawa we kind of cut the message off, we make it look like the Prophet of the religion of Muhammad Sallallahu it was on them. So what I would like you to do is start giving the Dawa more friends election time, people are willing to talk about touchy subjects. It's election time. So when someone asks you republican democrats say I don't know but I was

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wondering about this God issue. Boom doors open.

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I've been flying for the last two, three weekends. You can talk to God about anyone during republican time or during election time. That's all I can say. So enough is the name of the Prophet Idris. Now, can you tell me something about the Prophet Idris? One major fact? And I said, I summarized for movies by giving you one lesson. So now you don't need to waste your time on that. What did we say it really sorry salam, Allah subhanaw taala told him told Idris that one day, every day that you do actions, it's worth more than the good deeds of everyone who's alive. You're one day's good deeds are better than everyone. So he was a mathematician. He goes more life, more good

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So he what he said to one of his angel friends, what did he say? Let's go talk to Allah subhanaw taala. They went up to the fourth heaven, and the angel of death came to him and said, What?

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Time to go. And he was like, No, but I was going to talk to you about staying here for a little while. And Allah subhanaw taala was said what in Surah, Maryam, what are from now who mccannon Alia everyone say Alia.

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Alia is this raised status in the fourth heaven, the angel found him and the angel said, Allah told me take your life in the fourth heaven. And the angel was like, What? How am I supposed to do that? He's in there. He's in the earth. Allah subhana wa Tada. So the point is, wherever you go in life, whether you become Versace who died in his bed, killed by his male lover, or you live in a castle, or you go and fly to the moon, wherever you go, you will meet a loved one. I think that's fair. I think that's fair that we've established that. Now with that we introduced the Prophet new Ali salam, let's take four major points about new holiday salam, right now, friends, I want you to

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understand, I could lecture 60 minutes on the dot without blinking. But then what would be the point if I kept pouring it on you? And he kept falling on the floor? And you said about I'm thirsty. So try it. When I asked these questions, throw any fact that you remember, and I'll expound on it. I'll embellish it for you. But if you listen to the lecture, it's good. If you absorb it and regurgitate it, it's better because these lessons will come up. I am telling you, we're going to start the profit of profit news right now. I'm going to take a two minute side tangent. This was early 2000s. We didn't talk about the profits, the knowledge of the profits was being left from left. It was left

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and right. People didn't know the story of new people didn't know the story of Musashi, salaam Steven Spielberg made Prince of Egypt, Muslim kids started asking me so did this happen? Did this happen? I was like, actually, no, that's not correct. But Spielberg taught them is correct. Then that Bruce Almighty business came out where they made a movie about a man who was God. God came down and said, okay, you can be God for a day. And we all laughed it up. Right? We jokingly watch it after a Juma Salah. We were okay watching. But this was blasphemy. And then right after Bruce Almighty, what did they do? As an almighty? They decided to say we're gonna make another movie. And

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you all might be like, what's the point of discussing this? If we don't know the history and legacy of our profits, then someone else? Steve Carell will teach you a comical version of what happened to new Holly center. And let's face it, they're not necessarily thinking about the rewire of bunnies raw eel and how close to the Senate it is. They just want to make you laugh. And in that when you laugh, when you cry, I can slip things into your mind. Hitler said it, make them laugh or make them cry. And then you will be able to change the way they think the way they breed the way they understand. So if we don't know the legacy, and you don't give me something back, then some comedian

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is going to come and tell you. Yeah, you believe in Santa Claus. And I've heard this bill maher said this. He went to 1000s of people. He said, Do you believe in Santa Claus? Everyone said, No. He goes yeah, that's a pretty ridiculous thing to talk about. Why would you believe if some guy who could fly around that's as ridiculous as some guy sitting on a throne in the in the heavens, and he can hear all of us

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constantly attacking. So let us know our heritage. In that let us know that in new era ceram we reached a brand new level after other malaise ceram chief Idris, the first rhassoul the first profit that came to all of mankind and open call was new holiday Sam, we see this in Surah number 33. Iron number seven where Allah subhana wa Taala talks about what new had a Salam went through let's go through some of the historical facts. Number one new holiday Sam came and gave our to his people for how long 950 years so let's we're gonna refer to it as 1000 minus 50.

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Because 950 has been said so many times, let's say backwards. He called his people for 1000 years minus 50. In this, what did he call his people to? Because you all read it with me last week? What were the people of New up till now, something had never been done in history before. What was the first thing that came up? Should the association with the partnership with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Before this, there was music, there was zinna there was not obeying a law but no one had done shift. So Allah subhanho wa Taala points out and this is Ayah number 23. wallula

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kume that they and they have said, that, shall you not leave Allah subhanaw taala is asking.

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I'd like you to know these names. The prophets a lot is lm is sitting in Makkah, talking to the people they're quoting names of people who were pious. So there were five pious people. They were swap yahooza, Europa and NASA, these five people, they were very pious shavon came to the people right at the end of their generation, and said, Oh, my God, she Fulani is going to die. Maulana Fudan is going to pass this shape this koree these people are going to pass, we must remember them. So let's make a picture of them. The first generation made a picture. Then they passed on and then second generation looked at the statues and said, Oh, yeah, it's a full on. We should do good

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things. In the Christian religion. We have the idea of saints. You know, when you lose something in Catholic school, they teach you pray to St. Anthony. So it's a it's something that they teach you. Okay. falana Maulana is going to die. So someone says, Look at him, you'll think of good things. The third generation started to do what asked these pious people or Mawlana, Fulani O'Shea such and such, can you pray to Allah for us and generation by generation, eventually, me and the kids in the back we were like, Well, our parents go there, kiss it, they touch it, they hug it might as well be God, whatever, I just need to get back to school. Okay, so whatever, I'm gonna hug it and pray and

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do whatever I want. So this event, this physical event of shear, first time it was introduced during the time of new artists around 1000 years minus 50. And this was iron number 23. If you can jot something down for me, it'd be great Surah Hood, I am number 24 to 48. This is going to be the platform of discussion that we have is Surah Hood, I am number 24 to 48 where Allah subhanaw taala discusses a V story of new holiday Salaam in its longest in its longest entirety, the most is used. And if you want to make a notation 20 sutras of the Koran talk about new at a certain 20 times in the Quran, his historic story brought up so let's move forward. What was the first thing that he

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told his people do not associate partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So in this if you could white write the word shitty, for me, sheen or cap shearing, the word ship has three levels in it. And if you want to, you can realize it is naturally and I'm sure everyone here knows it like you know about the flood. The greatest calamity that Beth befalls human being is associating partners with a lot. So there are three levels to this. What's the natural example of shoot that you all know about? What's the simplest example? If I say shoot, what would you think?

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What do you think? I don't I always think Hindus, just natural inclination, their worship, right? You think oh my god, the only people who do share a check and the only mushriks are Hindus, right? That's why we're obsessed with their movies and listen and dress like they do. Call us. We leave it at that. So we move to the next level. Shere Khan has three levels, number one, worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:29:13 --> 00:29:39

And putting something in front of him saying, Yeah, there is a God. But this is a statue. And this statue, it saves me It protects me. So some, there are some people who acknowledge here there might be a God in the sky. But this is also the God of money. This is the God of love. This is the God of anger. So the first form of fear is to worship something other than Allah subhanho wa Taala whether you accept him or not, what's the second form of fear? Does anyone know?

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When you take an attribute of Allah subhana wa Taala and you give it to a human being, you give it to one of the creation around you. Now this could be as simple as you know, those little amulets, the necklaces that sometimes people wear colors, not for the not for the beauty of it, but sometimes they'll wear a little amulet.

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It's silver, it's black and not knowing they'll say This protects me. Now in that you're taking the protection and de Mola and Tawana. Allah is the Protector, and you put it down into, into an amulet. Now carrying these things for dip for your sickness, that's a completely different story. But when you meet someone who says this amulet protects me, then you're taking the one attribute of a lie and putting it there. The third level of shear. The third form is when you take a human being, when you take a characteristic of a human being, and you attribute it to Allah. Now, this is what I want you to, I want to discuss today, I want you to have an understanding. When I say this boy is angry, you

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all can fathom, okay, he's angry. Anger has its understandings as human beings. But when I say a law is angered, you can't see it the way we see anger here. You can't take the human characteristic that well Allah subhanho wa Taala is angry. So now the loving relic Allah is offended, or Allah is off, his mood is off. We don't worship idols, we don't attribute a less good attributes to the human being. And we never say Allah subhana wa Tada. A human being a human characteristic is with Allah. Are these three fairly clear when I say something like is a narration today that we're going to study its narrative and to authorities keep this for you. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah is delighted very hard. Allah is delighted pleased that you could say he is illuminated, like super excited when his slave turns to him in repentance, and says, A stole feudal law. A lot is delighted more than the person who loses his camel in the middle of the desert and suddenly finds it. Simple example for you. You're on the top of a hill, you forget to put your parking brake up, you're standing at the top of the hill watching me You, yourself car rolls right away, and you're like, Oh, my God. And as soon as your car is about to go into the intersection, it stops. Can you imagine the relief? And then you kind of like, yeah, that was

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awesome. We should put that on YouTube. Right? You get so excited you forget about the calamity of the car, and you get so excited and so happy. Allah subhanho wa Taala is more delighted, is more happy is more excited? When we say a stop through law. When you yell at your wife, and you know that you is his law for nafi Amina that you push the envelope, you got your sentence out five sentences ago, she got the point. But when you push the envelope and you yelled at her, and then you turn to a lunch, that alarm sorry, and you turn to her and say I made a mistake. A lot is more happy than when we leave when we find our camel that we lost in the desert. Now take a pause here two things is not

00:33:03 --> 00:33:43

amazing narration and what is the happiness of Allah? What is Allah being delighted? Is it like us being delighted? It's not the same. That's the key point that I want you to take from here today. Because many people will attack this they will say that God of Islam and Dr. Zakir Naik was approached with this question very harshly in Dubai, the God of Christianity. He loves everyone. The God of Judaism we just don't hear about the god Buddha Hinduism there's always happiness. But this Allah business that you keep talking about a shadow and light on the lower shadow under Mohammed Abdullah sudo, the man said him he goes but this Allah is always angry. He goes, Well, if Allah

00:33:43 --> 00:34:07

loves us so much, why doesn't Allah just let it go? Now this is something you could be approached with, but I tell you this much. Take literally wire right now to answer this question. We all remember the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam, what was the story of Ibrahim? What was the son of Abraham it Sana, redeem yourselves so that you can have answered some question? When Ibraheem alehissalaam used to eat what would he do?

00:34:08 --> 00:34:23

He always used to Yeah, he would say Bismillah he wouldn't eat alone. He would eat with someone now. Okay, you're remembering. So one day this is answering why the concept of Allah being angry and Allah does it doesn't like share quiet doesn't allow like shared.

00:34:24 --> 00:35:00

Ibraheem alehissalaam was about to sit down and he looked around, he couldn't find anyone. Then he said, Hey, here's a nice guy. They he said, Hey, do you want to eat? The guy said fine. This man happened to be a fire worshiper. So they sat down to eat. They put the food Ibrahima Sam is always a great host. So he said you take some food have some food first. And he took the food he put it to his mouth and Ibrahim Ali Salaam said say Bismillah the man said no. I worship fire. I think you missed that point when you invited me to eat in many sir No, no, no, no, no you don't get it. You can't eat. He goes no Look, I have a

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

eaten for 40 years. And I've never said Bismillah Why am I good? I didn't need the food bro. You called me. So you know, are you mad bro? Don't be mad. Just chill just for a second. So he says, you have to say Bismillah and if you don't, you can eat with me. So what did the fire worshiper do? Keep your food. I don't need it. He got up and walked away. Being the friend of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke to Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and said, Ibrahim. I fed this man for 40 years and he never said this man. I've had this man for 40 years to move food when in his mouth, and he was nourished and he never said Bismillah you couldn't let him go once. You couldn't let him go one time.

00:35:45 --> 00:36:25

Ibrahim Ali Salam felt the shame he ran over and he said, Look, look at my mistake. I didn't see you don't get it. I'm a prophet. And he said, Oh, yeah, he goes, and Allah subhanaw taala told me, he said you for 40 years and you never said Bismillah I'm sorry, come meet with me. And the man said in the way in knowing when a prophet speaks to you. It's not the same as wisdom, narrating it's using the eyes of a prophet and he realized this man is a prophet, and he accepted and he believed but in this if someone tells you Well, I was angry. No, no. Allah subhanho wa Taala feeds the mushrik. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives life to the one who says there is no God, Allah subhana wa Taala gives

00:36:25 --> 00:37:11

children to those who never praise Him. So when you think about schilke, think about the fact that it displeases Allah, and who is allowed the one who loves us more than anything else. So in this, we now realize a completely different level of ship. If I may, though, we have to understand a few words of ship that have been ingrained into our, into our vocabulary. First off, we talked about music a little bit when we hear these verses of poetry or music, that challenge a lot. Love is the most sublime, right, love is the most sublime more than the love of God. Or when you hear a love song or when you hear Romeo and Juliet one of these concepts, it starts to edge into the territory

00:37:11 --> 00:37:51

of Allah. So I tell you this much when you hear comedy, when you hear jokes, whether it's a comedian here in the States or overseas, we have a lot of Muslim comedians overseas, who joke about Allah. Right. Omar Sharif has some very famous right we all laugh, it's hilarious, but then he'll talk about, he'll talk about Jenna. He'll talk about Allah know where to draw the line in these things. Because this in essence, helps us to get into a place where you would never realize but you are challenging the magnanimity of Allah subhana wa Tada. And this leaves us in a very awkward position. So now let us take surah 71 and that was your homework for last week was to read Surah 71 we'll

00:37:51 --> 00:38:22

start in Isaiah number eight 910 11 and see what the message of no holidays around. So it took him 1000 years minus 52 combat ship, associating partners with a law saying something was greater than Allah subhanho wa Taala. He came to his people. He said, Yeah, I'll be I have given the message to the people for years and years, up to 400 years. He gave the message and he turned to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Upon turning to Allah, he said, for a boon to stone

00:38:23 --> 00:38:25

Banku in Nauvoo

00:38:28 --> 00:38:44

for people to use and I told them his stuff, back home, turn to Allah and say sorry, it doesn't matter how great the sin is. Just turn to Allah that Allah made a mistake a lot. I'm going to do better next time in rural Ghana.

00:38:46 --> 00:39:34

Indeed, Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the hood Ghana, if you're taking notes, Ghana denotes allow is merciful. Allow was merciful and Allah will always be a glorified or the one who cleanses us from sin. So when you had a Salam said to his people, for whom to sell Pharaoh say, a selfie Allah, they said, take a selfie with Allah, and see how easy this is on the tongue, a stole feudal law stole feudal law. Before this, take one narration. The companions are the Allahu Allah and this whether you're religious or not, this should affect you some way. The companions are the Allahu taala. And they used to take pebbles, flat pebbles, and they would place it on top of their tongue so that they

00:39:34 --> 00:39:40

could go to the bathroom. Why do you need to put a rock in your mouth when you go to the bathroom? Anyone know? Because

00:39:42 --> 00:39:59

because they were so used to saying a cell for the last of last that they were afraid while they were in the bathroom, the tongue might say what this pleases Allah but trust me, we need to say a little lie in the bathroom. We have come to the point where that's how

00:40:00 --> 00:40:11

sin has come they will put stones in their mouth. But this was not what pushed the people of New. New hurray Salam told them ask forgiveness from Allah who can have a father you will see

00:40:17 --> 00:40:58

if you say a lot to Allah subhanho wa Taala eurisy this summer Alaykum mudra that he won't just forgive you over there but you needed a job right? You see this summer, Allah would pour from the sky middle la mirada is pouring relentless rain. What does rain mean for us guys? Any contractor in here? Yeah sustenance. Anyone work per diem contract? Anyone it? What does that mean? A law will send you contracts, keep making stuff for the law, something goes wrong and homeless stuff to the law. Kids are not listening to the law. clothes don't fit comfortably through the law. And Allah said he will send you your CV.

00:41:00 --> 00:41:06

He will send you contracts and risk and finance abundantly when you need it.

00:41:12 --> 00:41:47

And you might say well, brother Alhamdulillah I'm doing well in my finance. So a person of new holiday Salaam said I don't need rain. I'm doing well financially while you did the combi um, while you were burning and Allah says if you make a difference so feudal lords so feudal law consciously turned to your Creator, Allah subhanho wa Taala said that he will increase you in your children what is this children? What is children by the way? What are children to you all you can see the faces of people that are like that I know blessing. I don't see any blessing. Where's the blessing of children? Children are blessing in what though?

00:41:48 --> 00:42:27

manpower your strength. The when you no matter if you're you fought with your wife and you spank the kids before coming here. You know what happens when you walk in? I'm like, wow, that guy's got like five kids, man. That's amazing. You see the pride. You see the manpower, you see the ability? No one knows what's going on inside your house. But you see, wow, that guy's got like five six kids, Mashallah good family. They're coming from a good place. It shows manpower, it means honor in society. Whether it means to you that you have a lot of children here, Irvine Diamond Bar, Irvine more, it's the kind of dog you carry. Because Allah would give you that to write Allah would give

00:42:27 --> 00:42:37

you what made you feel proud of amongst the people while you did come be a Malinois burnin with your finance and with your children he would give you increase

00:42:45 --> 00:43:24

if you didn't need contracts and constant sustenance, if you already had a lot of kids and you had a lot of wealth, Allah subhanaw taala said what your job and we said this Java means to make from something that's existing, Allah would make for you gardens and then even if you complain and said Allah but if you gave me a Ferrari who's going to maintain it Allah, Allah says, while you're gonna come and Hara will take care of it will give the reverse to take care of the flow and we'll give you a bumper to bumper warranty. We will take care of you. Then, new Hassan said the words that should echo throughout the rest of this week's lesson malla

00:43:32 --> 00:43:53

Malecon what, what's wrong with you? What is wrong with us with you people who don't ask forgiveness from Allah, wa Cora. Have you not recognized the honor the dignity of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And how did we translate what karma in the in the hood But does anyone remember?

00:43:55 --> 00:44:34

You best recognize a law the colloquial phrase would be why don't you recognize a lot created you in a womb from dirty water? You don't think he could have mercy on you? You don't think a lot could change your state just raise your hands and ask him how difficult could that be? Malcolm latur una De La Hoya Cora, you wearing a job someone's making fun of you. So your decision is to take the edge off no turn it the other way. See unless someone's making fun of me. And Allah will tell you in the Quran Yaga Hakuna, that they will laugh at you but on the Day of Judgment, you will laugh back complained to Allah turn to Allah. In that we realize from the story of new holiday Sam, the his

00:44:34 --> 00:44:46

title, his badge on his on his bio or on his cloak was Saba was patience. But what was his message to us? Tell me what his message was to us.

00:44:47 --> 00:44:59

ask Allah for forgiveness, make it stick. If the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was standing in prayer one night till his feet got swollen and his wife poked at them. I shall

00:45:00 --> 00:45:46

Allahu tada and she said Yasser Allah Allah forgive you already why why so much? And look at the psychology here we read this and sometimes we glaze over it. He said why not? I be thankful because watch if me and you pray to a friend the whole tahajjud crying asking for forgiveness, right cuz we know all the stuff we did already. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam What'd he say? He said Allah forgave me. So now I can truly make Allah happy. Now I'm praying not to get anything but only because Allah is perfect. Now I am praying not to say Allah give me good kids. Now I'm praying because I love Allah, the chain of command changes completely. The way we organize our thoughts

00:45:46 --> 00:46:28

changes completely because Allah subhana wa tada becomes the first utmost priority, and we turn to a relationship of love. Not of Oh man, I better do this. I better pray fudger because I don't want to go to *. It changes into Oh, Allah wants to talk to me. I can talk to a law, a law, a cover, it changes our psyche. And that's what I'm praying we do in the first movement, through the story of new Holly ceram, sober and forgiveness. Malcolm latur, Jr, the law he works to bring to a small conclusion, something that I'd like you to be able to understand. When the water came. First thing that I want you to think about. What did new honey ceram start doing before the springs shut up?

00:46:29 --> 00:46:30

What did he start doing?

00:46:31 --> 00:46:41

Start building about where was he? Most narrations tell us middle of the desert? So people like Yo, this guy is 950 years old?

00:46:42 --> 00:47:22

No. Okay, you know, Hey, no, we got to think about he got to think like a mushnik. Because it day and night he told he's complained to Allah. Don't you remember that? You read into a new one. He complained to Allah. Allah. I called them in the morning. I call them in the night. I called them publicly on Facebook, on Twitter. I put out post I gave out flyers. And then I called them privately. And I sat down with the people individually, all it did was increase them in their hate. So now after all of this, the guy who you see on the street corner, handing out flyers telling you that all Jews came from black from the black nations of Africa. You're like, oh, man, guys, kind of

00:47:22 --> 00:47:31

Cooksey. He built this ship. They laughed at him. Something that I want you to realize, though, beyond this get a little bit deeper than the ship. Don't we build ships?

00:47:32 --> 00:47:57

Go a little deep. What's one ship that we built? Biggest ship made a movie out of it. Titan? What did the captain of Titanic sisters help us out? What is the captain of the Titanic look this up? No offense. I just assume that maybe you would know. You wouldn't know from the movie. It's a it's actually was in a it was in a newspaper if I was correct. What did the captain of the Titanic say before it set sail?

00:47:59 --> 00:48:03

The unsinkable ship? They said impossible but then he added a statement.

00:48:04 --> 00:48:30

Even God couldn't when we and this is perfect. And I for a while. I thought it was fictitious for a while I was like no one is that like off their rocker? You know what? Why fish for Alaska? That'd be like, yeah, let's, let's see how bad we can get it. He said a ship that's unsinkable. And he couldn't have left it there we would have broken we would have celebrated with him. He said this ship that Allah subhanho wa Taala that even God couldn't sink. And what happened on its first voyage?

00:48:32 --> 00:49:15

It met its fate. Let's put it at that. And in the same way, when we challenge Allah subhanho wa Taala we will meet the fate. So why am I telling you this? When new Ali Salam built his ship, how did Allah subhanho wa Taala describe the waves. So the springs of the earth started to gush and the sky didn't rain according to the narration it opened. And, you know, there's one thing where it rains and it's one thing where you turn the faucet on full. What did Allah subhanaw taala say about the waves? What did he say? Kyle? zhiban. He said that the waves of that toss the boat of new had a solemn word like mountains, let's say average 500 feet. We're not talking tsunamis here we're

00:49:15 --> 00:49:59

talking about the a flood that is going to destroy the earth think 2012 think day after tomorrow. Think Big here. Okay. Allah subhanaw taala said that they were going that the mountains were dwarfed by the size of these waves. Did his ship get destroyed? Nothing happened to it. So was his ship superior to the Titanic? Not at all. But he had the walker in Alaska pinata. He did the first step. And in this we take three major lessons. Allah will bring victory we have to take the first step. New had a Salam built the ship and Allah made it stand up against the mountains of waves Moosa

00:50:00 --> 00:50:41

Sam's mom threw the baby. She threw the baby into a into a river that had little snapping turtles that was going to end up at ferons place. But what did she do? She trusted a lot what it knew knew he trusted a lot. When Miriam Salomon Aria was covered with umbilical fluid, holding a baby in front of her and Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Do what? Shake the tree. Have you all ever tried to shake a palm tree? Go outside, hug a tree, right? And then try to shake that bad boy. It won't move, let alone ask your wife after delivering a baby alone without an epidural in the middle of the desert be like, Honey, can you tap this tree for me? She'll smack you and you will dates will fall out of you.

00:50:42 --> 00:50:48

Okay, but she will not be able to move the tree at all. But what did she do?

00:50:50 --> 00:51:15

She trusted Allah. New Holly Santa built the ship. And you know, because we'll tackle this in our next session. I'm giving you hints. Heat at the end of the 900 years. He said to Allah, Allah wipe them out. They have marked the religion they have created shirk, and he wasn't angry at his people. It looks like someone didn't read through anew. I don't know who. But I think someone I bet you you know,

00:51:16 --> 00:51:28

try your best to read through it. It will help you a lot. At the end he told the last one with Allah wipe them out. Why? Because he said these people will give a birth to wretched progeny and shit will continue.

00:51:30 --> 00:52:14

Upon this, he trusted Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah subhanho wa Taala flooded the earth. And we close on one point does anyone remember from last week. So after trusting Allah subhanaw taala, placing our trust there, we realize that new had a Salam was a pillar, a climax of patient patience and is still far, we can do the same. We close on that scientific fact we were talking about last week, remember the atom gene. So there are two types of genes, we said that, historically speaking, it's a lot of trouble to explain the biblical version of our creation means all of us are about 10,000 years old. That doesn't work. That doesn't make it doesn't work chronologically. So there is

00:52:14 --> 00:53:00

a gene. That is you can Wikipedia this, we'll discuss this at another time. It's called the atom gene. So they say that one point there, whew, there was a huge gene pool, and then all of a sudden, and they did this to approximately 150 years, 150,000 years ago, all of the gene pool started to bottleneck, it's called the atom gene, you'll find out a little bit more about it. And it started to bottleneck and that meant most of society was wiped out. And there was a small little pocket left. And from that we have the legacy or the life that span that we have now, with knowing this. Why not turn to Allah subhanaw taala in three small lessons, every day, make it stiffer. Every day when you

00:53:00 --> 00:53:37

miss a prayer, or when you pray the prayer, make a stick bar and then make up the prayer. Have patience with the society around you, and have patience with those who you claim you love. Can you imagine if I gave this lecture next week, and all of you were yawning? And what what did the people of New hazzan do? Or answers it? They stuck their fingers in their ears? And I looked at him like Why? Why? Lalalalala right. They did that to him. And then they would put a sheet over their head and say, we don't want to hear you. After 10 minutes of lecturing, I would close my laptops and go home. And then I would come next week. And if you did it to me again, after that human being I would

00:53:37 --> 00:54:23

turn off sovereign patience is at a completely different level. He saw them sticking their fears and he waited too They pull their ears out and he said a lot. A lot stuff for a lot. And he waited and he was patient with them. This brings patients to a completely different level. We ask for these two characteristics is patience and knowing that Allah subhanho wa Taala has complete control over physical law. Allah subhanho wa Taala has control over physical law. So why not give into the fact that Allah is a man Rahim. He is the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, he has given us all and he has control over these things. We end on this point, today was very vast, a lot going on. I want you

00:54:23 --> 00:54:39

to take away from these stories. I want you to take away from the stories of the prophets and remember all of them had one message last to Rick Billa don't associate partners with a law and fulfill the rights of

00:54:40 --> 00:54:46

you all don't look to content so I will close on one small story I'll close on this story

00:54:48 --> 00:55:00

you all know that we did this in the Hulkbuster probably it's a it's a repeat for you it's the benefit of is still far you know i'm i'm a bit humble and can see most of the faces you know Mr. Mohammed even humble you all

00:55:00 --> 00:55:42

No Imam Abu hanifa Malik Shah fury and then in the last chapter he was still alive and then was came to our, our world, Imam Ahmed have been humbled. I mean, even humble was very victorious in the fact that unlike the other scholars, he wouldn't take any money from anyone. So if you met him on the street, you would see him kind of disheveled he wasn't exactly the richest person because he couldn't take any money from the government. During the time your mom Malik safaree they were salaries paid, it was okay. But he mom made him in humble couldn't get involved because this whole is the core uncreated business was going on. He said, I can't touch any money until the point where

00:55:42 --> 00:56:20

he didn't have clothes one day, and he he had to, he was a scribe, he used to write letters for people and get money. Anyone know his second job? two jobs. He was a porter used to carry bags, you know, the coolie at the train station. That was the mom, even humble used to carry bags on his head. So he was traveling once he came to the masjid and he wanted to stay in the masjid. No one knew who he was came setup and stuff. And cleaner of the mustard came and said, No, no, no, not on my watch. Get out of the masjid. He's like, Oh, yeah, I gotta sleep somewhere. But you know, the mustard. The mustard guy gonna keep his job. So he threw his stuff out into the courtyard. Ma'am, I may have been

00:56:20 --> 00:56:38

humbled, sir colossal stay in the courtyard. And then this the guy said, No, no, no, no, I'm locking this bad boy home. I'm gonna go home and eat my parotta and chappati and you know can I find I'm going to be happy. So that Mr. McMenamin humble is out in the street holding all of his stuff and he's like, so what do I do?

00:56:39 --> 00:57:18

And a baker walked by you can imagine the baker you know, all covered in powder, you know, just trying to make the donuts that Dunkin Donuts guy comes out. Kind of wipes off he goes, What are you doing? He goes man I got anywhere to stay. The baker said Come let's go. So as they were going home he said you can stay with me tonight as they were going home he kept saying stop stop stop. The baker kept making stuff for him. I made him in humble remembered these is that for calls to stop the robber come into Canada and he said this guy must be very wealthy, you indeed can be a Malinois. vanina judge Allah Jannati and and so he said, so they got home and I heard another narration as

00:57:18 --> 00:57:26

well. So they got home and he started to make the dole for the next day time to make the donuts right so he went out he's making his dough and he's saying his stuff for the last stuff.

00:57:27 --> 00:57:57

Mr. McMahon even humble came to him and said, You make his stick for a lot. You must get everything you ask. And the man said flat out he goes yeah, I get everything I asked when I raised my hands I get it. Except one thing I never got you mama really been humbled said. So what is this one thing you get everything because good business family everything I have. He goes what's the one thing that you didn't get? He goes and you know that guy Mr. amis even humble. That big shave, man. I wish I could meet him.

00:57:59 --> 00:58:15

Mmm, I haven't even humble looked at the man and said, a lot dragged me to your doorstep. Now watch when those words came out of his mouth. He might not have been humbled. What's that done that double take like, I just got thrown out of the machine. He saw the whole movie flashed by because

00:58:17 --> 00:59:02

he goes a lot dragged me to your doorstep. I am a mom. And humble. Make it fun. Allah loves it makes them happy. SubhanAllah because they are merciful no Sarah monada mercy and datamine. We close with Dr. Also need you to know that because next week is read. I we will not have our class. We will not have our class here next week. We will resume the week after I encourage you during the days of Hodge next week. Wednesday, no class Thursday, minimum minimum fast. Please try to fast it is the best thing that you can do is make it a bother. And the best thing that you can do is worship Allah subhanaw taala I'll say something slightly not offensive but just take it in grain. Even if you

00:59:02 --> 00:59:02


00:59:04 --> 00:59:41

you know that in the days of Hajj that where it's not recommended to cut your nails, which is the easy part. But there's also another thing it's not recommended to cut your hair. So I know brothers, you got to go to work and whatnot. You can pull it off, I promise. I've seen physicians I've seen corporate I've seen CFOs they just come in and be like yeah, five o'clock shadow, you can do it for 10 days. After that, inshallah it's between you and Allah subhanaw taala. But for this time, try not to do these things. It's the son of Mohammed rasoolullah Why not fulfill one of these summits Try not to cut your hair, shave or trim this trim until the day we're hedges complete. Make much

00:59:41 --> 00:59:59

everybody during this time and from myself, my family and everyone that I represent. Have a wonderful read. Please have a wonderful time. Spend time with your family. Enjoy the company that you have played family games together, eat food, travel together, enjoy read. We don't have much time.

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To celebrate, so celebrate on these days, so why not be collaborators at our mercy fonasa Ramananda mercy animal handler behind me was Sarah Marie kumarakom into law he wore a lot of cattle or less

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