Opening Up Our Joints & Eating Regimen – Vlog 12 – 40 Days To Umrah

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AI: Summary © The host of a video on breathing and practice breathing provides tips on various activities such as planks, bouncing out feet, and permanentmealings. They stress the importance of practice breathing and encourage the listener to use their hands and focus on the plank. The speaker also emphasizes the need for a permanent meal and offers guidance on planning and achieving goals. The busy day is mentioned as a potential break from work.
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As salam o aleikum, wa Rahmatullah Peace be upon you, around you and made emanate from within you. Welcome to our pre Omura blog. This is now day 12 Baraka Alfie Kohn. Welcome, everyone. So I hope that you enjoy day 11 And that you saw a few few things that you could do. Could you, like, roll out your toes? Would you be able to use the lacrosse ball? I'm not sure. But if you can, then start you know, making that a practice. Can you keep it right next to your masala? Can you keep it right next to where you pray that they do a lot for us, but sometimes to bones, bones. And if we could

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very warm in the healing center today. So what are we going to do? We're going to continue to spend today stretching out today is she waves Amin shuwaikh, finished reading the Quran with terminal Shindig. So of course, I want to get ready for that. But before we do, some of you might have started with some of you might have received your door gym, some of you are starting to say well, I still do want to stretch out my joints, what do we do? Day 12, I'm going to start asking us to even if it's stretching to touch our toes.

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Or even if it's going to be hanging on a pole, we go to the gym or somewhere just hanging on a pole. Whatever way you can get your joints opened. Or today I'd like to show you a different plank, a plank where we're going to come down onto our forearms, and then we're going to shrug the shoulders, we're going to shrug, we want to expose as much as we can have this part of our shoulder want to start opening up here. If we can open up our joints, we're gonna then start opening up in our pelvic in the joint area. And that's what I really want from us is to be able to focus on our joints and be ready to embrace Omar.

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Okay, before we do our, our planks, the where we're going to help to open up our joints. Yes, I'm getting a quick car angle here.

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I wanted to talk about when we went for trips to a party it had it's like one of those fun areas where you can play video games and do laser tag and it was really, really cool. And that is really long buffet. And I know we're in day 12 And you might not be thinking it yet, but I have to say this a month in advance. When you go to Macedon Moca Rama and Madina Munawwara A, you get the most opulent buffet that you you've ever seen. I've had buffets around the world, I've had the largest seafood buffet in the world. And then you go there and it's opulent. And what you need to do is because here you're like oh haram can eat it not allowed, not good. And over there, you're like all

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but it's all halal. And then if you don't have an eating regimen setup, you know what, I'm not even going to go into it. We're gonna give us two simple points. It's been set on online so many times, we eat for one of two reasons. Before we go to Iran mine the the angle, maybe I should play into the angle. There are only two reasons for you to eat. One is eat, eating for ritual.

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And eating to refuel. When you go and you wake up in the morning, you're like I'm really hungry. It's a hunger for a ritual meal, you need to sit down. You also need a ritual meal for family events and even Islamic events we get together we eat. Except the idea for eating to refuel. That's completely different. I want to be agile. First off, I want to be able to go and not eat too heavy so that I fall asleep for a long period of time. So if you're ready to hear the words in this dark fashion, that let's get ready to control our diet. And I mean this from the bottom my heart if you're going to Omaha, or at least you're in this mental mode. Some of you are like I'm not going

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but I'm with you in the journey. Then look at it this way. Why don't we go to the Kaaba and pray to God that we go to the most beautiful buffets in the world. And leave the buffet there in Makkah Tomoko Rama and Madina Munawwara let's leave them alone. Don't like to give you guys a long lecture. Food was something that came on my radar today, salad bar, dessert bar, a lot of pastas. And because it's there, and because we've paid for it, there's something in our mind saw I have to eat it.

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With the many times that we have gone from everyone in our group has always made an effort to start meal planning before you go. I'm going to be talking about it with you. Over the time. This is all I wanted to spend on meals. Let's go do some planks. Let's shrug and see if we can roll out our feet tonight.

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let's get started with Well, I have two lacrosse balls today and if you have the chance you can start rolling out your feet one at a time. You could sit on a chair or do both out but make sure you're looking for the knuckles. We talked about that. And today to close up before it gets a little bit too late.

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The plank was really important to turn our hands in to turn our hips in. And today, I would like you to put your hands down, go into your plank.

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Then you're just going to try to raise up opening opening up just a little bit you're not raising your belly but you're putting your plane down and highlighting your shoulders. making as much space as you can. You feel it here in the shoulder blade. And as you do that Bismillah Hiller the liable reminds me che on film all the way life is Summer was semi arty

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Bismillah he led the lie Adorama asked me you che on fill out the villa is you will who was sunny with Aileen Bismillah he led the lie your door romancing he che on Phil all the what if is mama what was Milani bring your knee into hold yourself and then rotate back up.

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It's not a lot of work. It's just that attention you need to put in it is pretty late. I hope that this was an opportunity for you to get in at least three planks today's da was Bismillah he levy ly your do rumours me che on Phil are they were life is summer. What was me it

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and that's pretty that's a lot to say. Plus, when you're done, just pull all that air back in. If we can conclude out tonight with with a quick rollout and I don't know how much time you're putting into this. But if you do it now, you'll start getting used to rolling out some of the things that right now you're like, Oh, that hurts so much. You start rolling with me now. Just imagine in 18 more days, I will have opened up some of those harder tissue. The tissue that's really just hardened out in almost feels like it's calcified. So let's work on that. This has been wonderful day hamdulillah had a really good time but didn't spend much time with you also, I hope you had an

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awesome day as well. May there be peace upon you around you and within you.

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Villa Umina shaytani Raji one in Ludhiana Kofoed all built on being him either Bucha one

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will be sending him asleep either goofy semi arugula how shall he are? Either?

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Kofi Semir hula Harsha he call? sure he'll come we're here to fool the caribou Tama years Amina ye Gu llama VFE fellow Jones Allah whom set Allah who was Anna to

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the community. We read these eyes again. I thought we revisit them Surah Mulk catch up with you tomorrow, guys.