Hadith Series – #25 – This Is Forbidden For a Muslim

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The speaker discusses the importance of protecting the honor of one's Muslim brothers and sisters, as it is difficult to protect one's own honor. They also discuss the difficulty of protecting one's own honor when faced with negative comments or comments from a foreign country. The speaker emphasizes the need to be careful and work towards protecting one's own honor.

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Akula Muslim Allah muslim haram said all of a Muslim is haram for another person, his blood, his money, and his honor.

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And so when it comes to our Muslim brothers and sisters, we need to be super careful. Most of us aren't going around killing each other. So that's not an issue. Most of us aren't cheating each other, though, that's something that's really important too. And also realizing that people are intended and we have a little bit of a problem in our community with expecting certain discounts, or expecting to get a deal, or expecting to get something from something for nothing.

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We can do a little bit better about that. But the real one, the real one, that's hard. And that takes a lot more work. And that we have to work on more is the honor, the honor of our fellow Muslim.

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Even the way that you look at somebody, the tone you take with somebody can be something that impinges upon their honor.

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And so we have to be in the process of building each other up and safeguarding each other's honor.

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It's got to be to the point where if somebody says something about a person, and they're not there, you have to be willing to defend them.

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And this is something I'll never forget a lesson that I learned

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early on, and I'm still struggling to apply as, as we all are. But when I was a very, very new Muslim, I went to a football. And I listened to the football. And

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a lot of things are going on in politics in those days, as they always are. And so, I happened to be a political science major. So I have strong opinions about politics. And I kind of disagreed with one of the political takes that the healthy you've had mentioned in his clip. Okay. So here, I have a new Muslim, and I'm getting a ride back with actually an email from a different machine. And he asked me like, Well, what did you think about the HIPAA? And the first thing I say, because I'm new and dumb, as well, I didn't like what he said about this, and that and the other. I thought that that was wrong.

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And the response from the Imam was so gentle. He was just like, Oh, that was just an example that he brought up. He had a good point.

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Subhanallah and I felt I felt so embarrassed for myself in that moment, because, and this is really something that people have to look out for if they're in academia, because in Western academia, we're taught to just critique, critique, critique, oh,

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Marx was wrong about this. And so and so I was wrong about that. And so, before you even established what the book was about, you're critiquing it. It puts us in this mindset. And I was in that mindset, where I come across anything and the first thing I have to do is criticize, and I felt embarrassed for myself, what poor manners I had just started criticizing this gentleman that this brother and his hookah when I had a lot of good things about it, even if there was some one thing I didn't agree with.

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And I tried to take that story in that lesson to heart as much as possible. So protect the protect the honor of your brothers and sisters in the faith and try to do what we can in that way.