The Importance of the First 10 Days of Dhul-Hijjah

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The importance of good deeds in luxury events is discussed, with emphasis on the importance of writing a good deed and shaping individuals to fit in with Islam's values. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to act differently and practice differently, while also reminding listeners to write a best deed and offer assistance. The segment also touches on the actions of Allah and his success in achieving goals, including his mission to achieve Islam's values.

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The best days that Allah created that Socrates of rasool Allah sought was the best days someone created, that he loves. The good deeds in them is these 10 A luxury and he called it luxury. And that's why the verse is not one that does comes and says, Well, Fajr Well, I have been asked by the Dawn by the 10 knights are these scholars differ this way, I want you to give me your heart. They said they are even some groups as they are even these days, the days are better than last 10 days of Ramadan.

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And some says the days are better than the last days of Ramadan, and the nights of Ramadan better than the last nights of Ramadan. And the third group, they say they are equal.

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The hadith was the Sahaba the companion hasta la Soiree. So it was not even jihad, three sebelah not even somebody went for fighting for the sake of Allah and did not come back, died. And he said, not even that.

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So don't take it lightly. Here's why I want to remind everybody, myself number one. And if you are, I'm sure majority of you in our groups remind each other, we remind each other for a lot of things remind people about this, because when you live in the West, you don't know it. You know, because nothing changes, except when is the aid when it's out often. That's good. shows the form is going to be Friday are often at Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday mornings. But the point is reminding each other number one, every text you send to people, to remind them of a good deed, it's a good deed for you, let alone the person if he did it, or she did it, not only they will get the reward, you will

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get the reward also, you will get the rewards of sending it reminding, and you will get the reward of someone doing a good deed. And what is the best good deeds is done in these days. It's a thicker to thicker in these 10 days F in general, every good deed is a good deed because he said the hammer saw that he said good deed. But then when you see the actions of the Sahaba So you've now Beloved Muhammad is very well known honey, I say not a lot and I want to say now Google regular used to go together and enter into the malls. These days, they call it market to do what not because there is a sale. Not because let's go on by let's go and have a coffee. Only one reason they enter from one

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door and exit from another door to remember I'm not pantalla and to remind people, and they used to say it loud, they caught a ticket Bureau look like this 10 days you say Allahu Akbar. Anytime, everywhere in your home, in your room, in the car at work. If you're not working in a Muslim place, then at least inside you. And then when the ad starts comes in, they called a beautiful island or resource saying Allahu Akbar, after every sauna, you see it, if you come to massage it even here, they will do it. So don't forget this. Make sure you have a list of good deeds of good deeds. Everybody is different. Some people can't fast. It's very difficult. They see it and it is not easy.

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Some people can fast but they cannot do camera lay some people can do Quran, whatever. Put a list of good deeds, good deeds with you and Allah. And don't forget the second group. What I'm gonna say

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the good deed between you and people. Don't forget this good deed is not only between me and Allah, it's between me and and you and you and me. Forgive. Pardon. This is huge good deeds. We don't look at it as a good deed. You can fast forgive somebody who have done wrong who had wronged you. That's a good deed. Give, be generous. You can't give money. You don't have enough. People are different. You can smile, you can make someone happy. You can help someone even by a good word, by a text. How are you feeling this morning? Write the best deed I see it reflect around you. And look at the beauty of Allah's creation mountains. How many of you look at the mountain and think of Allah

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subhanaw taala and then remember the verse when Allah said it's all of money and I said all economy Jeeva they asked you about the mountains. They asked you what's going to happen to them for calling and see foolhardiness. Tell them a lovely destroy them. Allah will make them like earthquake Theodorou ha ha and soft sofa. It will become ashes and like a plain Earth. That's a difficult. You look at a bird. You look at the weather. It's very nice to talk to people who doesn't live in the same place because they see things you don't see it the changes of the weather in one day here.

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You wake up in the morning, especially these days and what do you see? Oh

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A lot of fog. I mean the other day, I couldn't drive literally I couldn't drive I had to stop. And then after an hour or two, the beautiful sun and the beautiful breeze, and then by 12, or one o'clock, very hot, you're Allah right 90s And then by before sunset, beautiful breeze, the beautiful sun, this creation of Allah, this is all signs of Allah. This is not you and me. This is a vida This is act of worship. So make sure you all do this Hukm of Quran it's like Ramadan, do your best to read. Read if you can finish one you can finish two. If you are not yet comfortable with finishing at least pick up couple of iron and understand what Allah is saying.

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And Kabiru ha That's why it's when when you have them sha Allah for him. Now, taqwa group, Allah says it also for hygiene in the chapter of hygiene versus time of hygiene by the way, we don't feel it because we're not there. But these are the days of hygiene. And Allah says is also had in between talking about the hygiene itself is anyone, woman anybody, glorify the symbols of Allah is a sign of your Topo

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and the 10 days of the hedgerows, is symbols of Allah, why the 10 days Allah chose it. Why not the 10 days offshore. That's why it's my Taqwa I submit to Allah. Don't forget, for those of you who can pass the whole 10 days, the day you do your best to fast is out of

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our office, it will wipe the sins of the year before and it's only for the people who are not enhancing the hedges they are not supposed to actually at all. It's fun Allah because the entirety of our offer when you're there the act of worship when you are there is

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May Allah invite us I still didn't lose hope very unlikely, but you never know. What is the act of worship on day of out of if you're there.

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Dua only you only make dua there's no solemn actually, in fact, Salah is combined and shortened. Yep. May Allah invite you all. There's nothing it's only to have he still stood at his office around from after Salah to Baba, he did it together, he gave a hot way gave his settlement till the sunset on his class while raising his hand making dua.

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It's about four or five hours we cannot do five minutes to the point I was I'm trying to remind you because by next week, if Allah give us life, and our meat to the hotshot already entered, so take advantage is not time for having fun while doing this or doing that. It's exactly like 10 nights of Ramadan. If not even as I said, Some say it is more. So make a covenant with Allah do your best to act differently. Even dress differently, literally dressed differently for Allah, more pleasing to 200 Allah we all do that but let's do it even more. You know what I'm saying? And I say this to myself before anyone any law here on the best show Allah the best of you.

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You know, when you get invited to somewhere or somebody is coming to your home, and you're so happy and you want to show them the best, we all do that. Do this in attendance inshallah.

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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking