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AI: Summary © The "childhood fantasy's virtual reality (VR) project is preparing for a preschool event, where students can see and listen to recorded videos, live classes, and see and listen to virtual reality (VR) content. The virtual "slack spaces" concept is discussed, along with a "breaking space" concept. The virtual reality (VR) experience is a way to see and listen to recorded videos while also being able to see and listen to live classes. The AQL Yeah virtual tour is also mentioned, where students can learn about AQL and memorize jobs and culture, and students have a personal creative desk and sister's workstation. The segment ends with a tour of a library where students can learn about AQL and have a personal restroom.
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Salam aleikum, friends my name is Wissam Sharif. We're working on a childhood fantasy for many years which is putting together a center where people could study come on through I'd love to show you guys a quick snippet into our beautiful masala but you've definitely seen this during the Ramadan programs we shot the whole journey project in there. Whoa yeah sure come on down guys, you wanna check this up.

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So, masala area, and I know I'm gonna get some lights for you guys.

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Bang, I know that you have seen this. It's the our famous blue carpet. All of my our hood bizarre here. We've had a postures of prayer here of Quranic transformation. And you've probably seen this shot many times for in Alhamdulillah Naghmeh who want to start you know, who wanna stole the room. One may not be here wanna don't want gun wily? And is that trust that I relied upon to build these next few rooms so that this is our prayer space.

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And what I'm more excited as you can tell, to show you what's going on. These two rooms previously were daycare rooms, so we're not really going to agitate them yet. But when the time is right, guys, I'd like to give you a little glance. So right now it's was set up for the preschool that was here before my son went, like, you know what a blank canvas like this means to a production person. And what we could do in terms of kids learning, and it's, it's another blank space. So keep this in mind as we keep growing. But ever, all the real fun is behind back here, there is an office there, that's my personal office, everything now as soon as you come in here, you have to understand it's like an

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Amazon fulfillment center. We we have unboxed all of this happiness here. And this is the glass board that you may have all seen already. But this is a work in progress come on in this my friends.

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Were waited for two years to be able to build the light have the safety and space to be able to record and do all of our green screen work. So if you've seen any of our kids programs, the programs that are geared towards children and recitation anything with a green screen, Bada bing, and yes, we have to still soundproof some of the rooms there is another I'm not sure if you want to get the

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blank, the blank canvas

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is the pull up bar we need to see the pull up bar

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come on through let's get you guys to see another blank canvas sorry below

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another blank canvas which you'll see what we do with our empty spaces. We teach classes and give people the immersive experience that's why when you take one of my classes it feels like he's walking around he's moving around it's an entire experience so for those of you who have seen check out the bar sorry friends

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for those as a storage room and in work there

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we're not going to look over there it's a room full of stuff but for those of you who have seen any of our overhead work this is where a lot of the magic happens to Barack Allah and we thank our Lord for that that power to be able to bring a see arm in so if need be an entire camera can be reached here not just an iPhone right now it's an iPhone setup. Oh and we have we have a camera set up there for the front face. We have lights behind our of the black screen and this is where I don't know below how much recording have we done in here? We've We've recorded You just reminded me that this has been years now you've been years yeah, this is the one of our oldest rooms and if they want to

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see the leftover of our of our soundproofing, come on through gang. So

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yeah, we're this is a lot meaning this is to be used. And please, if you want to work in an office environment, get yourself a ball to sit on. We can call on come through here. There's a lot going on. How do you stay fresh and fit? Get yourself a tweeter table hanging upside down. And from the wheelchair days when I had to get my hips and body back in in place. Family Inada it's a company I think they got bought out by Panasonic. They made these custom chairs back in the day. And yes, it did. Help me so much. Post

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wheelchair days, come on out gang.

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So now you see the chaos. I want you to be able to envision this whole place completed with a large screen here playing all AQL greenrevolution content that we've made already. I have made bins for plaque

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For example, Bilal and I record when we recorded every word for recite I have the mic I have all of the components we used and I want to make

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Oh no, I didn't do recite Quran with you, but I did some grand revolution stuff with you. And I want to put up another plaque for that over here. So I thought to kind of enshrine all the work we did

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the frames yeah no the frames

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the walls are on no one knows like a chocolate color. Yeah.

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if you guys were gonna paint this I would I wanted to paint it our colors. What color would you all paint it? Leave a comment below. But imagine accomplishments on the wall, top AQL classes stand recite kind of the retirement jerseys. What God is here is what I would love to see. And I was in shy, vulnerable to show you this all torn up guys. But now you get to see this. And once it's all pulled together, then this is the beginning of my 300 acre studio plot. Tyler Perry. This is the beginning where we grow where we produce classes and we continue to give you that immersive online experience. Thank you so much friends for checking us out here. AQL Yeah.

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Oh, there's a lot going on in my office right now.

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Okay, so we have a quick, quick public room.

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If we're going to do some live classes, we'd love to have a smaller group in here. Work on this free empty space together we have a small kitchen

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Yeah, just play some with Arabic letters Gron revolutions in process studio right now. So there's everything going on back here. That's my workstation for Quran revolution and memorize mentor work. This is my personal creativity desk. Yes, we're in a lot of moving so it's not always so intensely crowded. But one of my best sections here is my key man. And my sister just got me these.

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Yes, these teenage mutant ninja turtles from I don't know, I was gonna say birthday out loud. This is

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um, yes and no. Yes. These are definitely the new ones but I don't think they're action figures as much as they are like display. They're sharp. Like the edges. Some conservatorship is like what is yeah, what's happening? Why? I had the Avengers on my wall one time, no summit ticket. These are classic man. I like when I worked at KB Toys. I got these. This is some good stuff. I know. This is the new masters like what are they showing? My old bike helmet? And my giraffe. Those mean a lot to me. And yes, I do have this displayed all the time. Irvine Ranch is where I used to work in Irvine.

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California. Yes, Irvine, California. Irving got me. I'm the guy and then Wilbur lives over here if y'all want to meet him. Wilbur is tired and he's off the clock. So he's not going to be speaking or talking. You're good brother. He will see you guys afterwards. So anyone who's seen the green screen, you know what it's about? You know what we do? And one huge inspiration. I think we have a lot of dolls in this room.

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Bob Ross Hey, I watched him paint for hours. And I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to paint Quran. So thank you, Bob Ross. And for anyone else who has been inspired. Yes, man, he did so much. And for those of you who know Bob Ross was not a celebrity. He was truly a tutoring painter. And one of his students said what you do is so amazing. Can I just record you can we put you in front of in a studio and they ended up making the Bob Ross series and you can look that up. So friends. Thank you so much. And I think I'm supposed to show you a fridge but I'm just going to cut to the Okay, now get out.

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MPD Crips are anyone who's seen these? Someone was really confused. Why do you have a lady and I never I never stopped and said Oh, it's a lady. I guess there's biomechanics and anatomy. Yeah. I understand. I respect everyone who's gonna keep you know who sees us but it's put your put your head in the right game, bro. That's all I'm saying. And so to everyone here, wait till what we showed you gets to grow. Wait till we should we put some Puranas in here. It feels like too small. But I want to put something nice last time there was any fish in there? Pre COVID. March my Yeah, that would want to preschool here. It was great. Thank you. And it even said please don't touch the fish tank.

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But truly friends, this is the beginning. We've got a lot going on. As you can tell. Having a place where I can work, develop and grow is tremendous. But also having the health stable enough where when we originally started shooting, we couldn't get a place because I was leaving every half an hour to go to the bathroom. And they were just wasn't the stability and Bilal has been through a lot

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Through with recording, not only is held stable but everything here is it's the must have even set up personal restroom for me gave me my own office and then the rest was history. So friends, I really want to say this please reach for your greatest fantasies because if you said I would be able to have this much room have excess rooms, I'd never be able to do it. So let's wait till this hallway gets full of accomplishments where we fill the walls with classes, courses, and names of women and men who fall from around the world who have memorized. I can't wait to fill all of this out together. And you're going to be there for the journey. Thank you for joining us for our tour

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was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah