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Wisam Sharieff
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So growing up, I've always wanted to memorize the Quran but I really didn't have the right tools around me. So I didn't have the right teachers, or the right program for me to be able to

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memorize a last book. When I converted. I remember starting to look at the Quran. It's just squiggly lines, it's squiggly lines. It's this is like, Okay, what is this is completely new language I've never lived in learned another language before, let alone try to memorize something. See, over the past, I would say 30 years, I've been attending different Institute's

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been with different current teachers. Because I was looking for something. That's something I kind of didn't know. But I just knew I didn't feel complete and I didn't feel home. I've been trying to memorize the Quran since I was about eight or nine years old. And after my first half's class ever ended with my teacher basically being deported.

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It's never really been the same. And I've tried memorizing in different ways over the years. But after that, it kind of felt like memorization was just something that wasn't really available to me, I used to do memorization and when there's a program, and after some time I got so busy with school and my work that I kind of just stopped memorizing the traditional path. You know, you have a teacher who is very strict with you and you know, you are just a rote memorizing and you just memorizing, memorizing, memorizing and that's all you're doing over here. Oh son was son some and his team have taken the approach to memorizing and turned it into something very organic, very

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holistic, you know, in that you're not just memorizing, but you're also working on different aspects of yourself, which is like self improvement, you know, you're working on your mind, your spirit your body. There's three things you usually think about when you think about a memorization hips program. Number one is you think kids number two, you think full time. Number three, you think about having a strong memory, something that when you're older, you might not have that memorized mentorship program takes these things and flips them around to show you how to really unlock memorization. What is really helpful for me about this program is that it breaks down the Quran for you in small bits

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and pieces so that you can distribute the amount of Quran that you want to memorize, oh, for your busy days been an amazing journey. I have absolutely loved it. Not only as he touched on actually memorizing the Quran, he goes through actually having a strong body, a strong mind, if you think about the Companions, the majority of them were older when they memorize the Quran not younger. So our program is actually directed towards people that are not kids anymore. They're professionals, they have families, they have work, they have other things in their life that they're juggling. But the difference is, their desire is deep inside to make Purana priority in their lives. If you're a

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person like that this program is for you benefits of this program is that you get a mentor, you can choose a mentor from a pool of really well skilled teachers. Now the memorization component that you may be looking into this program for, just like I was last year and in many programs before is designed to make you feel confident to take away any anxiety that you may have in memorizing the book of Allah subhanaw taala is the platform that brought everything together, all my personal development needs, my spiritual needs. And also, you know, being able to memorize the Quran, but not just memorizing the Quran, but coming a great individual in the process. The goal of memorization

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isn't just to memorize the Quran cover to cover, right, it's to memorize and internalize the Quran, right?

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To live the Quran versus just having it you know, in your head. And so that's what I'm noticed with an learn and experience from the memorize mentor, team, memorize mentor broke all the misconceptions that I had about myself, and my ability to memorize and to actually, you know, come to this journey of memorizing the Quran. And not only that, but it's a support group. So when you fall behind when you're, you know, slacking off, you know, life just happens, you know, they work with you to adjust your memorization rate. They don't berate you, they don't say, you know, they don't enforce any sort of negativity towards you, they don't project any negativity towards you. Instead, we focus on

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putting Quran as a daily activity in your life because there's someone that finishes the Quran as a half and they'll tell you the hardest part is not memorizing. The hardest part is maintaining it. Because unfortunately when you just chunk things together and you have huge classes 234 or five days a week after that the maintenance is not there. In the memorize program. We teach you consistency, we teach you how to interact with the Quran, how to love it, and what is exciting is about for me is having that intimate relation

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chip with yourself. So I got to know myself better for these personal development programs that are incorporated in this Quran memorization program. The reason why we do for adults more is because unlike children, although their minds are very sharp, adults have better memorization techniques. And so if you're able to unlock strategy of how to directly deal with the Quran, how to understand meaning as you're going through how to find the tricks of each pages, each part of the Quran, why this is easier, why this is stronger, why we start from this portion and not that portion. You can be someone that can memorize the Quran as efficiently if not more efficiently as a child. And if you

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don't believe me try out the program and you'll see not only are just memorizing, you're writing it, you're listening to it, you're speaking it, you're bringing the Quranic lifestyle into your life. And at some point, it feels like I went from my response, I was focusing too much on different responsibilities to the Quran becoming the focal point of my life. So for me, this program is really unique. It has always multiple components that are working together as a whole nicely next to the memorization of the Quran. And like I said, there's nothing never come across any thing like this in this world. And I know it's gonna get bigger and bigger than where it is right now. I really

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benefited the program. And I found so much happiness through this program and Baraka in my life, that I will recommend this program to anyone in sha Allah. For me it has been truly life changing. And so I highly recommend that you check out the website and you check out the link in sha Allah and that you join us and try and start your journey in sha Allah to memorizing the Quran.

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