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AI: Summary © The video series covers 29 letters in Arabic, including a series of letters with different sounds and phrases. The series is about supporting video projects and asks viewers to support them by producing them. The series ends with a message about a book of Allah.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome to Video Number Nine The final in our Arabic sounds Video Series. Today be isn't Allah we are going to tackle the rest of the letters for today. So we finished off on lamb Mima noon. Now we're going to do Wow ha Hamza and yeah, so what I'd like you to do is practice along with me. These are very straightforward. So you'll know these as you go along. So let's try it together. Everyone say, wet, wet. Let's try the letter. Wow. See, when I turned myself to the side, am I owing my lips here? Wow. Wow. I'd rather you not say a wall wall. Let's try together. Say Wow. Excellent. Now you're gonna write two words for me here right the word wet. And

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the word what? It's closer to wet. Stay away from some our war, the war versus Where? Where? Great. Let's take some examples. The lips are going to touch. Oh, walla. Walla? Well, Wela Excellent. Don't forget your lamb. Your L is going to be used with the whole tongue. Oh, well, ah, let's try a simpler one. We're Ladda Walla. Walla, Sama, YT. Sama WA, were watch watch at home wore wore. Don't, don't press those lips together. Semih was the Great. The next letter is the letter.

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I want you to write the word give up. And you're just going to give up and just let a sigh of relief off.

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It's the ninth video I'm done. Say.

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Great. It's coming from the first part of my throat the first part of my throat let the air out and say

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that tongue comes out.

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That has let's try it in Surah Fatiha let the E out and then the IR E. Dena E. Deena na. Great, straightforward. The second to last letter is Hamza it makes the same sound as an Elif. So remember the word application? Ah, ah, and doom. And doom. Ma.

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L NA. Excellent. So if n Hamza make the same sound. And finally you have the letter. Yeah, say yeah, yeah. The only mistake that creeps up and really, I wouldn't be able to tell you through video, you might not be able to hear it yourself. But sometimes people let their Yeah, run away. So I wouldn't want you to blow the air in your mouth and get a ye Yeah. Yeah. Use your tongue. Yeah. Yeah. Make sure the air is being captured in your mouth and say, Yeah, let's try an example in yakka. That that will kind of be a little choked. IACA would kind of be letting it go too much. So let's try it together. Don't choke it. Don't let it run. E ya. E Yeah.

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Let's try it in. Yeah, aka excellent E. Yeah, cuz you just don't want it to kind of have a Jim inside of it, he. But don't worry, it's the last letter, you'll take your time, you'll get it. Now this is going to complete our series, we've done all 29 letters in the sounds. What we're going to ask that you do is if you benefited from these videos, then see how you can support these type of videos from being produced. That's what we ask. And we pray that if you benefited from them, you pray for those who produce them. And all the people behind the scenes because you can't see the guy holding the light or the brother holding the reflector or the persons who are coaching me behind the

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camera make to offer them and if you can support this by teaching others the correct way. And by supporting this cause it would be wonderful. Take care, Zack law Hidin and look out for the next video series was Saramonic Mark dilla. This year brother Wissam Sharif. Remember everyone in your prayers and stay strong and study the book of Allah