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The host of a podcast introduces a new video about "ships and the plants" and mentions that the video will be filmed outside. He also mentions that the video will not be a distraction and that the audience will be able to see the videos themselves. The host then gives a brief overview of the show and mentions a new video he plans to share later.

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either shum suku will want.

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Welcome to Saturday, I'll see you all on the inside, because it's raining outside. And the whole family schedule got thrown off. And there is recording in 20 minutes.

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And there's no reason to make excuses. So yes, your phone will get wet in my case. And yes, you will be uncomfortable, but you will work hard. And it doesn't mean you need to go swim in the rain, it means you need to get out on the rainy days, you need to figure out what it is it's going to take you to motivate yourself. And you're going to get there. I take 10 seconds right now, friends, This channel has multiple users, multiple creators, and everyone has a different process for creating their videos. I love the videos that are going up, and I haven't seen all of them. So yes, some of the videos are edited with a template that has music in the background. And I recognize that and we

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don't listen to music together, or we don't listen to and you may not listen to music. So as a result, I'm going to label it appropriately. But I can't control the creative space of our creators. But you can always comment and say no, I appreciated the video because you got to see all the insights. And maybe seeing Quran and having music in the background wasn't settling for me try to figure out what's uncomfortable share with us and see how the feedback we grow together and not point fingers at each other. So friends, I'm not telling you music opinion or not. And you don't want to hear the opinion. I'm telling you to use these videos as motivations, and the ones that

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don't suit your appetite. And you'll be able to see which ones are for you which ones get you going and which ones are get you into the old pattern. The old mindset of is this good is this bad, right? Wrong? Black White hell heaven. Let's try not to go into the boxes immediately see through that as continuously for guidance. But do your best. I'll keep it in two minutes. Thank you again, friends. Let's get out there.

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All right, made it into the studio. Wanted to share. We haven't talked a lot about books yet. But I started a new one today called the plant paradox by Dr. Gundry. So I'll keep you all posted on that. It's on my 2018 list. So I've been making lists of the books that I want to read and that I've read from 2015. And I think that's something I should start sharing with you guys. But as of today, the plant paradox, Dr. Gundry I'll give you some highlights. I hope you enjoyed and this is the beginning of our week together. Let's see what the rest of the week has in store and I hope fitrah RX, and all the new shows we're going to start are something you look forward to