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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses Verses 44 to 62 which are recited from Surah Yusuf and explanations are provided in the video ahead.

We are acquainted with the three types of souls of human beings: 

  • Righteous and pious soul
  • Soul that rebukes itself and amends itself
  • Corrupt soul that deviates from the worship of Allah.

The king now requests for Yusuf AS to be brought to him and be made into his camp for his honourability and his chastity. After speaking to Yusuf AS, his prestige for Yusuf AS rose even higher and gave him position and authority. He gave him Makeen and Yakeen as titles. Then, Yusuf AS asks the king to make him the incharge of all the produce of the agricultural lands .

A minute should be given to ponder on the fate of Yusuf AS from the confines of  prison to the most influential position of the city of Egypt. This is the Qadr of Allah and He gives to whom He is pleased with and who is grateful to Him.


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hamdulillah Isla is niram

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Camden County Ebony Allah Bullock

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to another episode of our series towards understanding surah Yusuf, I'm your host Yes, sir quality. In our last episode, we had talked about the story of use of alayhis salaam, interpreting the dream that the king had seen. And in today's episode, we will continue from where we left off, and the king

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. We continue, along with our beautiful discussion of the Tafseer and interpretation of pseudo use of in our last episode, we had just finished the section in which the wife of Aziz admits that she was the one who tried to seduce use of alayhis salam, and that use of Allah His Salaam did not do any crime. In fact, he didn't even incline towards her. And she says, I now confess to all of this so that my husband may know that I never cheated him. There was probably some doubt in his mind, there was probably some suspicion on the part of many people. So she says, I want everybody to know that the actual act did not take place.

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And then in order to clarify that she's not saying that she's totally innocent, she said one that will better ofc, I am not saying that I am fully innocent. Rather, every soul inclines towards evil, except those whom Allah subhanho wa Taala has mercy on before we move on to the next series of verses there just a small point I'd like to mention about what she said that the souls are inclined towards evil. And this is something that we need to understand that from our religion, we believe that the general state of our souls is that our souls inclined towards good. In other words, man by his or her nature wants to be good, and man appreciates good. But there are also evil souls out

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there souls that are evil in their nature, and these are souls that have corrupted themselves, not that they are corrupt, that they have corrupted themselves. Every child is born with a pure and innocent soul. And that soul loves good and loves to worship Allah and this and loves to come closer to Allah. But if the soul allows its desires to be met, and to be fulfilled, and it does not believe in Allah or worship Allah properly, then the soul becomes an evil soul. And this soul is what she herself refers to, that the soul commands itself to evil in the next step, the amount of zombie soup, and some of the Muslim psychology some of the Muslim scholars that analyze these types of

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spiritual matters. They claim that there are three types of souls, there is enough sell multiple, or the righteous and pious soul. It is content with itself. It worships Allah and believes in Allah and loves Allah. And the opposite is enough set amount of his suit, which is what she is talking about. And in the middle is enough, Silla warm enough cielo llama is the the soul that rebukes itself and feels guilty for what it has done. It knows it's done a wrong so it feels guilty. So it is always chastising itself. So this is a person in the middle. Other scholars disagree and they say No, in fact, there are only two types of souls, the purely the good person, and then the one who is not

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good. In other words, he doesn't believe in Allah and worship Allah. And this category, the third one that is called knifes, Aloma, it, in fact, applies to both of them at the same time, because the good person always regrets that why isn't he better than he is? And he always regrets even a small sin that he's done. So, he is always chastising himself, why did you do the small sin you could have avoided it and the evil person is always regretful of more greedy things of more evil things. So some scholars say that it can be divided into two righteous God fearing people and then people who are inclined towards evil and the knifes that the the the Nuff said no one or the chastising knifes

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applies to both and other scholars say no there are three different categories. There is the extra righteous there is the moderate, and then there is those who are evil. And indeed, Allah knows best which of these three, which of these opinions is correct. We now move on to the next series of verses and as our as is our custom will recite them before explaining them.

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So today in shallow data we will recite from verse 44 up until verse 62

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rubella hamina showing up on your nnaji Bismillah

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welke or maliko junaidi a stealth Lil solina fc phenom kalama Okada in NACA, Leah omala. Gina McKee known me, God.

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Allah hawza in in

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in me happy Nani waka, Nika

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him, Isla

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de la Munoz Giroux ro.

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So, the king says wakad and Monaco chunichi. Bring him to me. He has said the same thing a few verses ago, when the messenger has come and told him the interpretation of the dream. But now he adds on a phrase, a stock this whole enough See, I will choose him for myself, I will prefer him over others, I will make him of my close entourage. So without even meeting use of his salon, without even speaking with him.

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The king says I want him in my camp. I want him with me how and why? This King is not a Muslim king. He is a pagan. He's an idol worshiper. But he has seen something that even a person who doesn't believe in God appreciates, and that is chastity and honesty. And this shows us as we had just talked about now, that nature, human nature by itself is attracted to good human nature once and likes that which is good. In fact, sometimes you find the worst type of people on earth, when they see some good, they feel guilty for not being like that. And they feel attracted to that purity. And here is the king of Egypt. Here is this evil person, when he sees the chastity of use of without

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even meeting use of when he sees here is a man who was honorable who refuse the temptations of a woman, even though this is a slave in a strange land, and he was the one who was seduced and yet he refused. When the king sees his chastity, he knows this is an honest, upright moral character. And when he understands this, he says, I want this person in my entourage. I want him close to me. So he calls us up and now finally, after so long use of leaves the prison he only leaves it after his conscience has been cleared. And we said even the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was amazed. He said the prophets of Salaam said had

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I've been in the place of use have, I would have rushed to get out of the door. As soon as the messenger came, I would have rushed to leave. So use of alayhis salam is now brought in front of the king, respected before having seen him honored without having spoken with him. Salamanca lemahieu after speaking with him, the Kings

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the kings, honor of use of the kings prestige of use of Allah His setup, even rose higher final Maka lemahieu color in nickel, yo Medina, Makino me, he said, today after I have spoken with you, you are now a person I trust, you are now a person who has position and authority. So, because the king had a good impression of use of and then after speaking with him, the impression was only increased, which meant that use of Allah has set up during the conversation with the king, he managed to prove his upright character, his intelligence, his honesty, his trustworthiness, all of these characters were proven. So, the king says today after I have seen you, after I have witnessed this, you have my

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full confidence my full support and he gives him two characteristics. He says you are McKean and you are a mean and this means you are a person who enjoys power in my eyes, you are a person I will respect and you are a mean which means I think that you are trustworthy. So when the king gives him this platform, when the king has praised him to this level, now use of speaks and he says College and the other has a in in the field around him, he says put me in charge of the produce of this land. In other words make me the Minister of Finance if you like make me the minister who is in charge of all of these grains and livestock. I will be in charge of all of this produce agriculture

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that comes out and everything make me in charge of it why I am Hatfield and I am I mean I am trustworthy Hatfield. I'm not going to allow anything to be taken under my watch, as far as I can prevent it and I am a lien I am knowledgeable, knowledgeable of what of how to take charge of this grain and make sure that it is utilized to the best way so that nobody is harmed during the years of the drought. He has already shown he knows the solution to the problems, he has already shown that the drought he has already shown that the people who are going to be suffering he knows how best to take care of them. So use of Allah His Salaam says, put me in charge of the Hassan in which means

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the treasures of the land. I am Haffield and I am I mean, so Allah azza wa jal says, This is how we gave use of power in the land, so that he could go wherever he pleased. He had the power to go wherever he pleased. We give to whom we want of our servants we give our mercy to whomever we want, and we never allow the efforts of those who are righteous and pious to go to waste. Allah says this is how we gave power to use of this is how Allah azza wa jal plotted and planned for use of look at where use of has come from use of before this was in prison, and before that he was a slave. And before that he was a child alone in a well and Allah subhana wa tada says everything was planned.

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You didn't know what the future was. We knew what the future was a lot protected him through each of those stages, until lo and behold, he becomes the minister of the land of Egypt itself. This leads us to the short break inshallah. When we come back, we'll continue talking about the story of use of it his setup Stay with us. lafonda ganas de casa de Maria

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de una de

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la casa de Canas II, II, II,

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Salam Alaikum. Welcome back. So we were discussing the fact that the king offered use of Allah His setup, basically, he opened up the doors for him and said, you are a person who might trust now what would you want to do for me. So use of allocate, Sam himself said, put me in charge of the produce of the land. Now this tangent here, that we're going to go into now is actually a tangent that deserves much more time. But unfortunately, we don't have the time to get into it. I want to just make a shout out pointing out one of the benefits of the story here.

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A lot of scholars have derived from this, the permissibility of a Muslim, a righteous Muslim, getting involved even in a non Muslim government in a non Islamic Society for the benefit and good of the people over there. Now, this is a topic that as I said, requires a lot of study and it requires a lot of conditions to be placed. But the general principle is quite clear. And that is that use of only his solemn will

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volunteered himself to work for an entire institution, an entire government, an entire system and network that was not an Islamic system. Why? Because he could cause a change and it was a positive change. He didn't have to accept the evil of the country. He was a Muslim, he didn't worship the idols, he was not upon the religion of the people in charge, but he still offered his services. Also, this shows us that occasionally, this is not the general this is exceptional. Occasionally, one may advertise one's credentials and qualifications like use of a celebrity. Generally speaking, modesty is the rule of thumb, generally speaking, you don't go on advertising, but there are times

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when it is of great benefit for you for the entire community, that you advertise your skills. And in this case, there is nobody in the entire country who is more qualified to take charge of the grain and the produce then use of and if use of does it add to his setup, then it is possible that a lot of lives will be saved. And that is exactly what happens. So Allah says, What can we can make use of this is how we gave use of the power so that he could go wherever he pleased, after being imprisoned in the in the cell in the jail for so many years, not even going outside of his room. Before that he was a slave and he could only go where his master let him before that he was trapped in the well for

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Allah knows how long now for the first time, Yusef is not just a free man. He is a powerful minister. He can go with his delegation and entourage he can do whatever he pleases. Allah says this is the rewards. This is what we give to those who deserve it. While our nobuhiro General mazzini we do not cause the efforts of those who do good to go to waste. Whenever we do a good deed. Don't expect to see the reward within one instant use of alayhis salam lasted and persisted in his righteousness in his piety. He always was upright, he was morally of the of the highest caliber. He refused even the most difficult temptations he refused them, stood firm to Allah, honesty, his

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principles, what happened, Allah says, This is how we rewarded him. In the end, look at the rewards of use of and there is yet more to come. After all that he has gone through. Still at a young age Yusuf Alayhi Salam is appointed to perhaps the most powerful position after the king, and that is the position of the minister. Now, he also said that this is an indication that a Muslim living in non Muslim lands, he should try his best to see how he can benefit society we have some people, they are unfortunately a bit strict in this regard. They don't understand the goals of the religion and they say it is impermissible to to help non Muslim societies. This is something that I think is

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extremely incorrect and wrong tend to phrase it like this. Rather, the correct position is that you look at the situation and scenario you are in and you help out to the best of your capabilities, where it is legitimate and permissible to help out and here use of it, his system is able to help out in a very positive way. And perhaps it will lead to many people also accepting Islam. I also want to mention one point and that is that we have noticed that pseudo use of called the leader of Egypt, Al Malik the king, and it does not call him down or Pharaoh. And this is very strange, because the kings of Egypt are called Pharaohs. And in fact, when we talk about the kings of Egypt,

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in the times of Musa alayhis salam, Allah clearly says call the Pharaoh and Pharaoh and says, okay, for our own comes down goes Pharaoh. But when it comes to pseudo use of, we don't find the mention of Pharaoh, the entire pseudo use of does not mention, anybody called the federal rather, a law refers to the leader of Egypt as a king. Why? When we look at the Old Testament, we also see that the Old Testament talks about the king of Egypt at the time of use as a pharaoh, and yet the Quran does not. Well, modern research has shown that use of alayhis salaam was living at a time when there was an outside invading army that had come in and taken over Egypt and had broken the Pharaonic line

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of kings. There was an intermediate Kingdom called The Hague, SOS Kingdom, and the hixar Kingdom. It was an invading force, a temporary, it lasted around 110 years or so. And this exhausts kingdom, the rulers were not Egyptian they were Asiatic, and they came in and they conquered the pharaohs and they expel the pharaohs for over 100 years until finally, the the dynasty of the pharaohs The Middle Kingdom came back again. And they managed to expel the Higgs sauce from where they came from. This also explains why the king of Egypt was so willing to allow a foreigner to become a minister of the land use of as a foreigner and yet he becomes a minister why and how because they themselves are

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foreigners. They themselves are not pure Egyptian, the rulers of this time and this is one of the the miracles of the Quran. Look at even the Bible that falls into a mistake and it calls the kings of Egypt the

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Pharaohs but the Quran because it is from Allah and Allah azza wa jal is obviously the the one who is the most truthful and the most precise, the Quran does not refer to the king at the time of abuse of as the pharaoh because they didn't call themselves Pharaohs. They were, as we said, a an outside nation, an invading force that was from Asia. And that is why also this explains that use of it his son was able to take charge. And this also explains why many centuries later when the when the pharaohs came back and the Egyptians came back. They truly humiliated the Bani Israel, the children of Israel, because they consider them to be a foreign entity. So when the pharaohs regained power,

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and then after a few centuries, when that by the time that monster comes along, I think is set up, they consider the bunny Israeli to be a foreign an immigrant nation, and so they start persecuting and torturing them. But when Yusuf Alayhi Salam takes charge, this is a time when we said the exhausts were rolling, and so they were a foreign nation anyway. And they allowed the foreign use of to take charge of the finance affairs. And Allah says, This is how we give our mercy to whomever we pleased. But then Allah reminds us, what a jewel filati highroller larina. And what can we attack on, even though what Yousuf was given was great, and money and wealth and prestige is a big blessing

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from Allah. Allah says, better than this is the reward of the hereafter. For those who believe and those who are righteous, don't get be dazzled by the glitter of this world. Allah says it's a mercy. It's not a curse, to have money to have power. Generally speaking, if you utilize it wisely, it is a blessing, it can become a curse, but if you use it properly, it is a blessing. So Allah says, We gave this blessing to us. And then Allah says, but never forget that there is a bigger blessing and a better blessing. And that is the blessing of the hereafter. Now this part of the story finishes with for fast forward a few years use of alayhis salam has established himself for seven years, the

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lands have given produce, he has stored the grain acted wisely, and then the famine hits. So now we're fast forwarding. And this is the beauty of the Quran, that the Quran only tells you that what you need to know. And you can fill in the gaps by the context of the Quran. So after all of this time, Allah azza wa jal then skips and fast forwards a few years. And the story begins, which is what we use. So this is another scene, the curtains are lifted. And now we're all of a sudden, the brothers of use have come. This means now use of has been Minister for at least the seven years, probably eight, nine years by now, and the famine has started. So he has stored the grain and the

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famine has started and it has affected not just Egypt, but right next to Egypt is Philistine Philistine in Egypt are connected, right? So the famine and the drought has spread all the way to Philistine as well. And that is where his own family is living his father and his brothers. So use of has acted so wisely, that even foreign people have to come into Egypt to buy grain from them. There is so much grain in Egypt, that it not only feeds the Egyptians, it feeds neighboring cities and countries as well. And people are sending in their businessmen to purchase the money to purchase the grain from Egypt. So the brothers of use have come for the holiday and they entered in upon him.

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He is the minister, any foreigner who wants to purchase grain has to go through use. And this shows you he didn't just deputize he didn't just take somebody else to do it. He is in charge, he will make sure everything is done properly. No stranger comes wanting grain, except that have to go through use of and make sure everything is legitimate. He cannot just give people as much green as they want to they have to get a particular amount if their situation is proven for the holiday hit the enter upon him. For our for him, he recognized them immediately. Obviously, these are 10 people coming. And there are many I mean, the youngest did not come. So these were the 10 brothers of use

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of who came. And obviously you should have seen them when they were already young, when many of them would have been maybe in their early 20s. in their late teens. Yousuf was still young in his, as we said seven eight years old. So now we're fast forwarding 20 years. And these 10 people come and it is obvious to him who they are. Further Hello alfalfa home, well homeless woman killed one. But they had no idea who he was. Now they left use of when Yusuf was a small child, six, seven years old. And now we're fast forwarding maybe 2530 years maybe. And they entering upon the Minister of a neighboring country. The last thing on their minds is is this use of or not, they're not even

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thinking of use of they think is long gone long dead, whatever, they have no contact with him. So they have no inkling that this is useful. You can also imagine he must be dressed in the Royal garments of the ministers and he must be surrounded by all these people. And also as we said he has grown, they left him as a boy. And now he is a full man, unlike use of who saw them as adults. So they come back as adults as well. So what am i

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has a home he has seen him. When he gave them what they wanted. He gave them each a as much as they wanted, they required. He said, Bring your brother to me the beanie, I mean his full Brother, don't you see that I fulfill all of your requirements, I have given you all that you asked for. I gave you your full measure, and I was so hospitable to you. But if you don't bring him to me use evaluate Sam says, then I will not allow you to take more grain and you will not allow you will not be allowed to come close to me. So they responded back and they said, We will try our best to seduce his father, his father, not even our father, seduce his father, to allow him to come and you will see we will do

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it. But Yusuf Alayhi Salam did not leave it there. He said to his servants, his private servant, put their goods back into their belongings, you're going to give them sacks of rice, sacks of grain sacks of corn, the money that they have given the goods that they have given, put them back in the very sacks that they have, but put them deep inside so that they will not be able to open it and find it out until they go back to their families. When they go back to their families. That is when they will open it up and they will find their merchandise returned to them. This was the plan of use of what happened from this plan. We will ensure a low data continue our story next time. I hope to

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see you then until next time, I said I'm wanting to come to LA he was about to catch lafonda gonna fee