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I'm gonna take a break after this page. It's the first time back it's it's heavy, it's hard. And the word is that manana but it's supposed to be pronounced and you'll have to look at me for this. That men you have to move your lips without making any noise, the prophets Allah whatever, Salam when he said the word that Manu guna he said that men Isla Yusuf no joke that my took me three days my teacher was like do it I was like that might not know I was like that man God he said that's the only way you can get each other so I was like word Mohamed Salah do some did it so we does. We're looking for ones twos, threes, fours and fast I'm gonna build my stamina backup. I'm gonna read it

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once Fallujah Ivana like Allah, mon now Allah you so if we're in no one in law, who will honestly hone our seal hermana la de da y lab. We're in Allah hula. Have you alone? Allah in nila zunow Leia zoo Nguni Mooney, and that that that the Habu be he was awful. I Kula who the booyah and on who offload

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Don't you think that's a little telling that their dad says to them because their dad's not dumb? Right? So when your kids coming with a plot, and so their dad says I'm afraid a wolf will eat him. I just think it's like, I know you guys are plotting and he's called like he's calling their bluff. Like you're not going to come back and tell me oh wolf ate him right. And that's their exact plan like the exact plan is don't kill a lot Dr. Lu use of don't kill him that you know will get in trouble. rather say that a wolf aid him that scene one scene to his dad is saying, I hope you guys are not gonna say when you come back a wolf aid. There's no, there's no further explanation. But

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I've as a dad, I feel like he was like your eyes are up to something. So there's, there's just that telling sign there. Did he as a dad say no in his heart. And then Yusuf was like, Oh, come on, Dad, can I please go? Come please go and he liked you so much that he let him go. I don't know. There's just is a scene there. How does he know to say what are they just infested with wolves in their area? He could have said that he fell he got hurt. He died. Someone kidnapped him but their dad picked out and goes you're not going to come back and say a wolf Edom, and then they come back in this ad. They're like hitting their faces and ripping their clothes. Oh, Wolf eight. I think at some

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point the dads like Yeah, right, Wolf. But he's also got to acknowledge his kids emotions, right? They already think he doesn't like them. So or that he doesn't like them as enough and now we're like Yousuf is dead and you're you don't believe us? There's I don't know. I felt like there was so much to if this was a movie, there would be like such little nuances to pick up from it. Okay.

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Yeah, little things like why did I lose you they could have just come back. Hey, usurps dad. Sorry, dad. Life sucks. But this whole back and forth and OSBI law All right. Ready? All.

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Hello, whoa, learn

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My name is history and I'm a boss.

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All right. Three, two, let's ride