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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of forgiveness and acknowledging oneself. They emphasize the need to pursue forgiveness and not just for personal gain, as well as the natural rhythm of sales and the importance of listening and hammering to it. They also mention a teacher who taught children to make up for themselves and emphasize the importance of avoiding negative consequences and following natural rhythm.
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Welcome back to an episode of the nine nine names. I am your host B laughs on and I might have stopped touching the mic stuff. Sorry I shouldn't touch it. Yes wanted it to come a little closer. You want to want us to move a little bit closer? That is a good idea you could do that. So

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I am working off of over what 30 hours now waking hours no sleep, and we are ready to roll and rumble so if you find me to be a little bit more delirious than usual, that is the reason. So good to know.

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So a month, so hamdulillah salat wa salam ala so we'll be going over the name then to a Jeep

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that we do on my jeep

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that's a good question. See, folks I have been taking notes so we can stay on track but

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no, we have not done so Almaty follows up corrib so Kareem is the one who is near and then mujeeb is the one who response

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Eliza that he says for stuff euro tomato boo la he in Arabi caribou Jeep. So allies are Yes. So seek His forgiveness and repent to him. Verily, my lord is corrib and mujeeb. The one who responds and curry Okay, when he says eg Buddha dairy Exactly. Got it. So mujeeb is the one response and ouji means I respond God so and Mooji is the one who responds to so what ajeeb that is exactly

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a jeep. If I said Egypt would be a command to respond, okay. But what he Vianney, that's IGA, IGA with an iron. Well, that means strange, amazing, something like that. I've been called on many occasions because you are.

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So and he is

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the one who responds to the call of those who asked, and

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Allah azza wa jal response to,

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to us when we invoke when we asked him, Eliza gel requires in that very verse that you quoted a lies we just says foodista Djibouti, what do you mean ob? Allah says them? Let them respond to me? I am near me. I'm available. I'm accessible. I'm near let's talk. So let them respond to me. Don't turn away from me. Don't not knock on my door. Yeah, right. When I'm giving you full access, let them for this Digi bully. Let them respond to me and let them believe in me, yeah. Because part of you know, what manifests what causes a person to raise their hand. And supplication is the realization and the firm belief that a lot of it is actually going to respond. Yeah. And that a lot as I get has the

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power to better their situation, or remove from them the harm that they fear or what have you. But if a person never ever finds themselves raising their hand, to make drop, then that indicates that there's a little bit of a problem with the rest of their faith in the first place. I mean, it could be a problem with their faith, it could also be a problem with their understanding of who Allah is and how to reach out to them. Because sometimes people be like, Yo, I'm too bad to be reaching out. That's true. And that's where you have people who come in, they'll say, Make dua for me, brother make da for me, brother. Yeah. And it's like, do you make the offer yourself? Well, you know, you're

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righteous person. You're any Mom, you're this, you're that? No, everyone asking dead people to make the offer. Yeah, that's that's exactly the mentality that, you know, they had when they said, These people are our intercessors, in the sight of Allah, or these people will bring us close to a law, we're not as pure or as holy or as righteous. We don't deserve or we don't have access to God. And so we're going to have saints do it on our behalf. But that's been the mistake of nations of old, right? Yes. And it is the most,

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it is the most popular way for people to fall into shitcan. That's the exaltation of saints, right, and this desire to make them intermediaries between them. And God, I guess the question that comes to mind is,

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is there a convincing factor like no, like, Look, you don't have to be the most pure person. They will watch. It was almost the line of poetry of that guy. Who was like, I mean, if you don't, the guy who wrote the poetry in his deathbed? Yeah, he said it'd be an album at zero because Hello 10 felucca died him to be enough for the album. He said, oh my lord, if my sins are great, because of their number, I know that your forgiveness isn't greater. Your forgiveness is greater. I'll be I call upon you as you have commanded in humility. So if you don't forgive me, then who's gonna forgive if the only people who can request you are the righteous then who is going to answer the

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call of the sinner? The criminal the mistakes? Yeah.

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I have no path to you except

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hope. Yeah. And your beautiful forgiveness and the fact that I'm a Muslim. So that's exactly that right, that everybody has access towards a lot.

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Religion and it may be that a person who's made a million mistakes. Yep. You know, the Prophet taught us the story of the man who killed 99. And this guy's a serial murderer. But

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when he Yeah, he's a serial killer, but when he walked towards a lot, and he actually conversed with a scholar, scholar taught him and he said, hey, there's no one who can stand in between you. Yeah, and the forgiveness of God. But you actually have to take real steps. You have to you got to pursue that. Yeah, you have to move out of your environment. I mean, I had this reflection earlier, I was thinking about how

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in marketing and business development and sales, you got to knock on those people's doors. Even the worst salespeople, the worst presenters can outsell the slickest, fast talkers, if they just knock on more doors, and I was a numbers game, it is a numbers game, it really comes down to it granted, you know, if you make your presentation better, the chances of you getting more sales increases, no doubt. But when it comes down, just thinking about this is just reflecting on a divine level divine development, divine business development, divine sales, like the more times they reach out to Allah, the more likelihood of what you're asking for being manifested, or increases likelihood. And a lot

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of promises, he says will follow buko madonia Cg bellicum he says call upon me. Your Lord has said, Call upon me and I will answer you. And that's why I thought he had a very profound statement. He says, I'm not concerned about the response of the drop. I'm concerned about the data itself. Right? Because I know that the response is presentations, he's like, I'm worried, I'm worried about being inspired to make drop, because every single one of us and any one of us who's viewing, you know, you can reflect back to stretches of days or weeks, maybe even months, where you didn't make a single, sincere.

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It's just all mechanical, maybe, you know, Doctor soda or something like that. That's why one of my teachers don't necessarily even a bad thing. If you're the kid and you're the odd becomes habitual. But you might be losing, you lose the focus and the concentration and the heart and the spirit. Okay, which is all very good. It's better than not doing it. Okay. But it's not, it's not ideal in any sense. Gotcha. You know, you have to the idea is to be conscious in your efforts, because the essence of that is the brokenness of the heart. And the feeling of I am in need of allies again, in this moment. Yeah, I mean, we gotta we got to reach out, we got to connect, we gotta make the

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conscious effort and be humble in our Yeah, because the Prophet said that some of the lightest send them that Allah doesn't

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respond to the heart that is distracted. And so if a person sends up a heart, a supplication in which their heart isn't in it, that's a problem. And I'm reminded of one of my teachers who said that when he was teaching kids, in Sunday school, he would actually teach the kids to make up for him. And the kids prayers, because he knew that people are so robotic, that they are actually going to make that for a long time, a long time, maybe even their lives. And he said he ended up meeting one of those kids from the Sunday school like 10 years later, yeah. And the kid said, I've been making doll for you and every prayer, because it was just that mechanical, you and we all need to

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make sure that we change our supplications that we revisit our prayers or supplications that we revisit,

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you know, the wordings that we revisit the concepts, the things and make sure that we're always refreshing it, excuse me that we're always refreshing it because you want to be conscious, and you need to be present, your heart needs to be present in the present. Yeah. So I guess what was the takeaway? The takeaway is the number of things with regards to data. And it's really number one,

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do it. Right, do it sponsored by Nike, just do it? Just do it. You need to make sure that you're actually calling upon Eliza Did you know the profits of the lightest send them in a very powerful statement, he said, and this tradition was narrated by our 40 companion, so it's, it's multilateral, it's narrated by a lot of companions. And he says that a lot as it descends in the last third of every night, in a manner that befits His Majesty. And he asks three things, who is asking me that I may grant them who is seeking my forgiveness that me forgive them and who is repenting to me that I might accept their repentance. And so the purpose of this is to teach us and to remind us to

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actually wake up in the last third of the night and to seek out what is with Allah as legit right, his kingdom. And so the scholars, they commented on this Hadeeth and they said, Whoever says they want something but they don't have the due diligence. Yes, to make the ask for it. That must mean that they don't really want it or either they really want

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But they don't understand the importance of divine connection with divine zeal development for their faith needs to be rejuvenated, yes, they need to,

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they need to reconnect with a lot, they didn't recognize that, if you're going to knock on everybody's door in this world, if a lot is not decreed that door to be open, there's not going to be opened.

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Okay, so that's number one is to actually just do it. The second thing is to not just do it, but to make sure that you take the steps, you take the steps, of course, but

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what I have to indicate is

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the importance of halite sustenance with

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okay. And the Prophet struck an example in a powerful Hadith where he said that a lot as a generous, pure, he only accepts that which is pure. Okay. And then he gave the example of a man who is dusty and disheveled having travelled, he's cut off. Yeah. And he's raising his hands toward the sky. And he's saying, God, I'll be out up in the province comments on that. And he says, but his clothes were held on his nourishment was hot on how can his daughter be accepted? Right? And so this person was a person whose wealth was hot on his food that he ate was hot on his clothes were hot. Um, and so because he was immersed in that, but then the question becomes, if somebody might understand that

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maybe the things that they're doing in life, would categorize them in a situation like that person? Yes.

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And they might make the argument that well, everything that I'm doing is hot. I'm so how can I like set my da? And so the response that would be the wrong response? The correct response is to get out of the house.

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Okay, do you see what I'm saying? Yeah. That I don't look at it like, okay, I should stop making diet, my diet is not going to be accepted. Anyway. A lot accepted that there is a police, but the province of Allied SLM is teaching us you need to make sure that you're not in that type of a scenario. Yeah, so your dog can be accepted.

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Sadly, maybe we'll pass was known as one of the companions who was the most

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his dad was always manifested. So okay, immediate was like some exam. The secret of that was that the province of a lighthouse and I've told him, he said,

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the province of the lesson him said, Oh, sad, he asked the province of the lies and if you want it to have this manifested like that, and he said, make sure that your food is always pure, you will be Mr. Javid. Okay, and eat lots of fish.

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There's lots of fish, but it goes to diligence with regards to your work true. Okay. Right, that you don't get paid for work that you don't do that you are always making sure that your income is hot. Yeah.

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Right. And that's, that's part of it. And then of course, you have the severe you know,

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I guess.

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ascertaining food, making sure that it's hot. You know, I'm in Norway, for example, is a big example of that he didn't use to eat the food of the city, and he used to have his father shipping food from his from his town, the food of the city. Yeah.

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He wouldn't just go and eat the food from the marketplaces. Why? Because he had critiques. He had his own critiques with regards to where the food came from and how it was going and things like that. Okay, so we're talking we're getting into the whole organic non GMO organic non GMOs Yeah, and so but that was his his personal progress his diligence with regards to purity he wouldn't get fed to it based on that but he would tell us his own personal Yes, okay. Okay.

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Also very important. So number two you have making sure that your your food is hot. Yeah, number three is actually being confident in a lot as legit so making sure that you know what,

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a lot is going to actually manifest this okay. Zachary says amaco to be the Eco bishop. He says oh my lord you know I've never lost when it came to making datu and zakia has become an old at this point in his hair His hair is white is that as white as he says yeah, and his wife is barren and he's still making the offer kit because he's like I've never lost when it comes to making doll for you. So he always having this confidence and not letting that confidence waver. If you're a college student and you've studied you look at and you make then you walk into that exam and you should have confidence you shouldn't feel like oh no, I'm I'm gonna flunk this No, okay. Either law

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or law into machinability Java make drama and be certain

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that you are going to be actual license your drive is going to be actualized.

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Zeki his story. It was easier profit. Yes, he is okay. But he was but he wasn't like But did he have his own script or anything like that or

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not that I know of. Okay of him. Actually. He was like a follower of Moosa is all of the prophets who came after Moosa from Venezuela it followed his so he's considered part of a nice, right. Yeah, for sure. Got it. Okay. For sure.

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Okay, cool.

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So three action points, just do it. Yes. Right be and take advantage of the third night. Second action point. Make sure that you're not a fish. Taking advantage of the third night I would say take advantage of every moment in which is Yeah, well to be accepted, like if you live in a city like Houston where it rains every other day. So whether it's the dissenter, rain, or whether it's between the man in the armor, whether it is after doing a righteous action, like prayer

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last night or the night that we mentioned after making mobile Yeah, there's lots of different times. Yes. So I guess the question that comes up is what is your daily habit? coming up with a daily habit, I think it's incredibly important that you sit and you just figure out, you know, you prepare for your day out like you would prepare for anything else. We spend so much energy preparing for everything else that we do to tackle the world on a day to day basis, you know, and that is as important if not more than all of that. Got it. Cool. All right, and have confidence in a lot that you will manifest it and we end here also listen and hammer to it.

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 22nd episode he talks about the name of Allah – Almujeeb

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