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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the assassination of the first Islamist in the US by the military and the confusion surrounding the title of the first Islamist in the United States. The Spanish-led golden era was a tragic event, with hundreds of deaths and bodies lost. The American-led golden era also had horrors, including the loss of hundreds of people and their bodies, and the use of "will" and "will" to describe burial processes. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from the spiritual experience of the time of arthritis and pride among people, as well as the physical presence of the Prophet Muhammad and the fitness of people in their workforce.
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This window and our human Hyundai local bid Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Mohammed water. Li wasabia, Jermaine was salam at the Sleeman cathinone cathedral. My boss Ohana Quran when Allah ma alumna in niganda Halima Hakeem Robbie Shahe. So wa silly Emery wa unlock them listening you have to who Kohli on my God.

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So we are now today at the final segment of the life of automotive and I found all the loads that I earned. And today we're talking about some of the key events that took place leading up to his assassination and including his assassination. So the very first thing is that as I've said before, that the people who are the rebels are no different than what you have today. There are people on Earth who claim to be Muslims taking the life of other people in justly misinterpretation, the Quran, and the same type of people were found during the time of orthonormal ortholite and often are the allotted time. And if you remember I said this also, that these people who are considered as the

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holiday edge, the people who are considered as the holiday edge, this group began to form during the time of arthritis and I found on the yellow line, but their official title as coverage was designated during the time of audit. You haven't ever thought about the yellow Dylon Okay, so even like for example, you have people like these groups overseas who claim to be Muslims who are terrorizing tribes after tribes cities after cities, they are the Allamah mainstream orlimar today regard them as the coverage so these kinds of people existed even even during the time of ortholite even the iPhone or the Allah Tala and in fact one of them came to arthritis and I found all the

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Allah that on and said that you there is an AI of the Quran that actually refers to you and arthritis and often said that what exactly is that either and he in this person who was a rebel he recited od in that in that arena yukata Luna, Vietnam who were in the wahala industry, him la cadena, which means that permission to fight against the disbelievers is given to those believers who fought against because they have been wronged. Now this rebel he is saying that basically I am the one who was wronged. Okay, and this is why I've been ordered to fight against you. Oh Arthur, I am not a fan. And Arthur, I am not a fan of yawata on is sitting with a group of people. And he

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reads not only this I have a he reads the following IOD which is in sort of homage. And he explains that it is not these people who are the oppressed. In fact, these are the people who are the oppressors. And I am the one who has been oppressed by these people. Because it is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who said that I will be given the Khilafah the promise of Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that data will be will be, people will try to * the Khilafah away from me. So hence I'm the one who's being wronged over here. It is not you who's being wrong And subhanAllah when you even see, you know, this is one of the biggest problems when you come across Islamophobes

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they say that these people, these people who are terrorizing places who are taking the lives of innocent civilians, around the around the world, and whenever there's an attack, they always claim that this was our attack. These people they use the same Quran and this is why many non Muslims they have trouble understanding that if you claim to be a Muslim and they claim to be a Muslim, they say they use the Quran, you say I mean they say they use the Quran you say you use the Quran, and you both claim that the Quran has been unchanged, then that means that the Quran is a violent book, but that is because they miss interpret the Quran they misinterpret the Quran. So these kind of people

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existed during the time of ortholite final the allotted time when this happened, or finally but I found he again went into some details that trying to remind these people that Who are you trying to disrespect first of all, he said that Do you remember the time when I was on Hara with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet SAW Allahu Allah you ascend the mountain is shaking little. And the Prophet alayhi salam says Ozcan Hara o Hara stay still on Felisa Arnica in Burnaby Yun, O Sadiq on OSHA hidden that there is no one upon you but a prophet, a Sadiq and a Shaheed now some of you may be saying that this is probably in reference to Ahmed or the Allah Tala. And because

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one time the province Allah was on better, I mean, it was an awkward and our heart began to shake and that is when resourcer Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, that there is a prophet upon you, a severe upon you. And there are two Shuhada upon you there are two Shahed on you, in reference to Amara, viola, Donna and Arthur I have not found on the Ultron however, in this situation, there was only the Prophet alayhi salam along with obika or the Allah Tala and ortholite. Finally Allah Tron. Then he said he reminded them that do you remember the time of Davia when I was not present there and the Prophet SAW law while he was put his hand in place of my hand up

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Because of Earth man does not a year. I am pledging allegiance on behalf of Earth man, the prophet I think the sun will not do this for someone who has voted in their nature, the person will not do that. Then he reminded them that a person came. I mean in fact the Prophet sallallahu it was some he came in he asked the Sahaba that whoever money men you will see oh Lana behind the bait Phil Masjid be bathe in the hoof and Jana, the prophet Sam said whoever will incorporate his house into the masjid in return for a house in paradise. And North might have not often said that I am the one who will stand up and I will give my house into the Masjid. How would you call me Why would you call me

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someone like this? Why would you refer to me that I am a lot and not only that, but in North I have not finally even reminded them that he was the early one the earliest converts and Soheila one thing that one thing that we find the books of history that I am just just purely amazed or some I have an iPhone said and he not say this out of the Yeah, he never said this out of boastfulness. He kept his quiet. He did things for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. But what happened was that you know, he said this situation, he said that every Friday Subhana every Friday, I free a slave

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you know, the reward of freeing the slave he says every Friday I free a slave and the Fridays that I don't have a slave the following Friday, I free two slaves, not one but two slaves. How Why would you refer to me as a person like that? Now, when all this began to take place, the Sahaba of the alotta and who came to the rescue and the to defend with my time or the allotted time. I didn't know the ultion and Zubayr or the Ultron. And many of the keyboard Sahaba or the alotta and when they came to defend with my iPhone or the Allah to line, but what happened was, and not only that, but many Sahaba Yeah, they even offered their help to even offered to defend or thrive now finally,

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Allah denied, but in every single situation are thriving, the iPhone would say that, look, I don't want your help. I don't need your help. Because I am not the first person who wants to spread bloodshed in the amount of resource Allahu alayhi wa sallam. I don't want to start doing my time. If these people want to come and take my life, let them come and take my life. But there was another reason why, with my beloved fan, he said this, because the day he passed away the day he passed away, he was sleeping he went to sleep. And some people say that he saw it the night before somebody will say that he saw it that same day, nonetheless, the day he passed away, oh the day he was

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martyred. He was fasting and the Prophet sallallahu it was some salt with my internet I found in his dream. And he says yeah, it was mine. After indena Aloha Villa that you tomorrow, you are going to break your fast tomorrow when you are going to break your fast with me.

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You're going to break your fast with me and northwave and often he knew that now the time has come to an end. And not only that, but the Prophet sallallahu. It was something he also says in a hadith, the medina German Salat and fucka Naja. Whoever is saved from these three calamities has truly saved themselves then and he said it's three times the first one he said motif my death. Why do you say my death is because there are many people who turned away from Islam after the death of the sorcerer Allahu alayhi wa sallam. The second thing that primarily is some says, what the job and the indeed the job of the Antichrist, that anyone who is saved from the jail he has truly saved himself. And

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then he says, What quaterly Khalifa 10 Most Tabellen Bill happy Mati he and he says the murder of the Khalifa who is killed, adhering to the truth and fulfilling his duty and this was in reference to or it might have been the iPhone or the Yolo that I'm now we come to the point that are three people that I found on the yellow line, as I said last week that while these rebels made their way into Medina, they started leading some of the salaat they even gave a football one time in the football they just completely verbally abused or thrived but I found all the alotta and they were very disrespectful towards me but I finally Allah tonight however the last Friday in the life of

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worth may have been found with the Allah tonight. He gave the hotbar and in the football he emphasized upon the idea. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran. Wow. Tassimo be humble in LA he Jamia Anguilla, the Federal hold on to the rope of Allah subhanho wa Taala and do not divide yourselves do not become divided. So as many of you know I'm fine with the Allah today when he first of all, of course as all the qualify would do, and all the Sahaba would do the first emphasize upon Toccoa they emphasize upon following the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then he emphasized upon this idea now, or Thunderbird, I found with the alotta on the

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day he's killed. What happens is that that day, they managed to come into the house of or thrive on the iPhone or the Ultron. And this was their first attempt doing

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In the first attempt you had the Son of God, Allah Tala Hassan. And so the other Sahaba of the alotta and home who defended or thrived often they were slightly injured because once again at that time they didn't have pocket knives, they had swords. So when they came inside, they began to attack one another. Some of the Sahaba were injured, but they were able to get they were able to push them away and make them go away. Later on, there was another person who came to possibly cause some possibly cause some fitna and when he came to when he came inside the house of arthritis and I found with the Allah that I know if I'm not fine told him that look right now I'm reading the Quran, go

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away, go away. That person went away. As soon as he went away, another person came inside, and this person came. And he first thing he did was that he strangled or throw I have not found all the yellow that on. And then while his wife tried to come and help him out, he attacked her and cut some of her fingers off. He then took the heat then first of all, he began to strangle him. And then he took the sword and he stabbed or even an iPhone with a yellow line. And that instantly took away that in that was at that same moment, or if I have not found on the allotted line. He went he departed from this world and he passed away. It said that some the drops now even at that time when

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Earth man tried to defend himself is said that some books of history mentioned that that his part of his hands were cut off by the sword and the blood that dripped on the Quran was at the IEA were ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and so the Bacara he says first Syriac fika whom Allah wa who was Samuel alim, what is this? I mean, this Iommi is the ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will suffice for you against them. This is the idea that he was reciting. And the drops of his blood fell upon the Quran. And at that time would happen was that someone, one of the slaves or one of the servants of Earth might have been orphaned, you saw this. So he came and he attacked the person who had just attacked or fiber,

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not a fan, and he took his life. And he took his life, another rebel saw that his fellow rebel was killed by one of the servants of Earth man. So he came and he took the life of this person. Another one saw the and then when this when this rebel did that, this rebel was such a he did after that. He went to the wife of Arthur Obernai fan, and he pulled her a buyer off. And not only that, but he did some things to her that could be that could fall into the category of sexual harassment at this point. I mean, think about this. You're doing this to the wife of a companion of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you call yourself these who will call themselves Muslims, at that

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time, another servant of authority, but finally the time came and he took the life of this person. And then another rebel came and he said, that why is it that we only take the life of the Khalifa if we took the life of the Khalifa and we spilled his blood, his house is ours too. So they came inside the house of us man. They ransacked his entire house, they took all the jewelry that was in there, the women who are wearing their jewelry, they took the jewelry off them, and they began to go away and they left

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the Sahara, the alotta on whom they came they heard about this. They came to the house last night and I found with the alotta on to see that the Khalifa has passed away.

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Of course, there was extreme sadness that took place in Medina. There are times when I find with the Allah Allah I know there are some books of history that mentioned. They don't mention exactly where he was buried. Nonetheless, this habit of the alotta on whom they bathed him, they enshrouded him, and they took him to the graveyard. Now, listen to me very carefully. If you go to Madina, Munawwara outside the museum of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. There are many historical and many ancient pictures of Medina,

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aerial views, you know, like a bird's eye view of what Medina was. So if you look at old Medina, before even the expansion were gentle, Bucky is gentle, Bucky was extremely small, gentle, Buffy was extremely small. So this time when when we went to Medina, I took my group who were with me, and I showed them these pictures because that picture was very important because if you actually look at the old pictures of Medina and old pictures of Bucky, what happened was that there are some reports and these are the are some authentic reports that

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some basically there's some authenticity to them that when the Sahaba took the body of a thriving farmer Viola line, the rebels who were still there in Medina did not let the Sahaba bury or thrive not found in Bucky at that time. Because but he was I extended the way it is today. So they let him burn they made him they

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made the Sahaba berry or thigh Blackfan right outside Bucky. So if you if you understand what I'm trying to talk about, here's Medina. Okay. And here's Bucky. So when you get out when you get out from Bible salaam, um you enter from Bible salaam, you come all the way you're sending your blessings upon the prophesy summon your salaams upon the prophets of Salaam. And then you keep on proceeding until you meet you get out from Bible book here. The next door you get out, after sending your blessings upon Moses Salam is called Babel Bucky? As soon as you get out from Babel, Bucky, why is it called Babel bacteria, because right in front of you is geratol. Back here. Now, if you see

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the expanded pictures of gentle bacteria, right in the middle, see, one thing is that when we when we went out this time when I went to gentle bacteria, one thing that they are very particular about is that they don't tell you who's gravest, where they don't tell you anything. So I even asked one of the one of the people over there, and he said that he's not going to say anything because people don't come and they do Bah, okay, and they started worshipping the graves and so forth. And not only that, but you know, peep, there are people who do who exaggerate and respect that they began to worship. While there are some people who go on the flip side and they will go to the Sahabas grace,

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and they will curse them and you know who exactly what I'm talking about. So what they will do is that they don't tell anyone who's ready to wear however, the people who are there in Medina had a friend of mine, he informed us that if you look at the expansion of Nokia, right in the middle of Bucky here, there is an area where there are two big blue signs, there are two big blue signs. Right there right in the middle is where I thrive and often all the time is buried. That's exactly where he's buried right in that area. He is very, which was not actually initially part of Bucky but then it was expanded and hence his grave came into Baqia. Okay, now there is something else I want to

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share with you which is very interesting.

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If you look at the the the the grave of the Prophet salallahu Salam, if you have been there recently, they don't, they don't let people go and see inside the holes they don't want to see and they don't want anyone to look inside because people are fighting about it. So they have blocked off they have put a barrier there where you just have to see from afar and you cannot really get a really good glimpse of what is inside.

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If you look at the graves, the way they have been lined, the way they have been lined, is that first comes Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam Then comes obika and Ubercart Sol Sol Sol obika is right below is right next to the Prophet SAW Salem. And then little more this way is Omar Cataldo the Allah Quran Okay, is going to photogra the Allah tonight. And once again, that was the place of who I shouldn't be allowed to enter but she gave that to on ricotta Rhodiola. And now, the next place according to a Vive Hadith nonetheless, there's a hadith base of the Hadith that the next person who's going to braid over there is the Saudis sunnah, okay, but that's you know, there's there are

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some questions about that authenticity but we won't talk about that right now. What you see is this is that you have the prophets of Salaam obika or the Allah Tala, I'm an almond or the Allah that iron and then outside a cross right exactly across and but in bhakti, who's very ortho I have not found on the Allah Tala. Now listen to the story.

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One time during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He was sitting out he was sitting in a garden

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of a Musa Allah actually of the Allah Tala and he is sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And he says that there was a knock on the door, there was a knock on the door. And it said, that was I went to the door, and he said, The Who is it? He says it is Abu Bakr, I wanted to come in. He says, You wait here while I go to the Prophet salallahu Salam and I seek permission. Now, there is a very important lesson to be learned in this right now. But I won't cover that right now. We'll cover that some other time. Or it's my I mean, almost I went to the province of Salem and he said, he also Allah it is obika He wants to come in. He said give him the glad tidings of Jannah and

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permit him to come in. Oh, buckaroo, Radovan came inside, and he sat right next to us was a Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and he dangled his feet. There was a well over there in that garden. He dangled his feet inside that well. So you had the problem Salem and on one side you have overcome, after a while, another knock on the gate of the garden. And when Musa goes Who is it is Amara or the Ultron. He comes to the Prophet alayhi salam, Omar wants permission to come in. He says give him the permit, give him permission to come in and give him the guy tidings of Jannah he then comes in and he sits right next so on one side you have a source of asylum sitting on one side you saw the person sitting

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over here on one side you have overcrowding Allah to run. On the other side you have now on what are the Allah Tala and then another knock on the gate? Who is it? It is Arthur, I have an iPhone I want to come in. He goes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he comes back

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And he says, he says if I'm about to do something or someone wants to enter, he says give him the glad tidings of Jannah but after some trial, okay after some trials because the person knew that during the time of birth I'm not fine there will be some fitness that will occur and that will emerge.

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So what happens is that are slightly but I found with Yolanda on comes in, and he sees that the Prophet Allah is some sitting over there. On one side you have Oba Kurt and on one side you have Omar. So where did Earthman sit? He said right across Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said right across the Prophet alayhi salam, O Bakr and Omar and the Hadith and they say that if you look at the graves, it is exactly the same.

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The Prophet alayhi salam, O Bakr and Omar and right across right across you have automatic now family Athan and buried in Buffy. It's amazing. So this is no, no of course we do know that. He of course right after that. There was a lot of November right after that, of course after he was buried, they appointed Ali inevitable the Allah denies the Khalifa. But he was the last Khalifa and the reason why God Alana was the last Khalifa is because after this, people began to have their own leaders in their own respective areas. They have begun to have their own leaders and their own respective areas. So they did not feel the need to have one Khalifa. While there are many groups

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today who believe that we need to we need a Khalifa we need a philosopher. There's a lot of explanation. And there's a lot of discussion about that. But we're not talking about that right now. But this was this was the door of fitna that opened during the time or it might have been offline or the Allah Dawn and these fitness began to occur. And these fitness have never ended till today.

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These fitness have never ended till today. So it is very important to understand our history that this is exactly where all the fitness began to occur. And they haven't began to they began to occur during the time of arthritis and are fine but still think about this Earth man does not want to cause any kind of fitna, the people who are coming to defend me says I don't want you to defend me. Don't worry about me. Just don't worry about me. I will defend myself Allah will take care of me. So I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala will go in and stop right here regarding the life of our time and our family Allah tonight of course after this so many Sahaba Viola on whom they expressed their

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their, their sorrow, even after this is said that my vinyasa even if I'm not vinyasa is some people had began to accuse my vinyasa. vinyasa was probably or possibly he had been with the rebels. But there are so many, there's so many iterations that there's so many historical texts that is available that proves the innocence of a marbling acid, I'm not being acid would not go and play into the hands of the rebels to take the life of of Earth. I've not found all the data and yes, there was, yes, absolutely. There was some, there were differences of opinion. Absolutely, there was some disagreements, and there are always going to be disagreements. But at the same time, it was not

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as if these people played along with the rebels who take the life of the Khalifa, or cyber dolphin or the Ultra. And so I pray to Allah subhanho wa taala, that first of all, he gives us the ability to learn from the life of Iceman will do a lot and on May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the characteristics of arthritis and I found on the alotta on his modesty, his connection with the Quran, and how the person was pleased with him, his eagerness to give sadaqa and to give for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. He was one of the front runners when it came to giving sadaqa. So this is, you know, these are some of the important things that we learned from from them. And more

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than ever, I'm sure that for a lot of you, we have probably heard these stories, like what is you know, the stories of online and offline and how he was attacked, and who what happened during his time. But this is why it's important to understand our history. And this is why I went through the through the entire story of arthritis. And I found out Viola that I'm not the next one who we were going to be talking about is I live in MP, Pauline. And of course, there was some fitness that occurred during his time, and we will talk about them. But remember one thing, and this is the last thing I'll mention, never never, never the Sahaba and they had differences amongst themselves, but

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never should we began to say that this hobby was right and as a hobby was wrong. We are not in that position. But ancestors. We are not in that position. These are people that Allah subhanaw taala said Radi Allahu anhu, middle Diwan, that if Allah is pleased with them, then who are we to complain about these people? Who are we to point a finger and raise a finger against these people, we are not in that position, and we leave it to Allah subhanaw taala However, it's important to understand our history and to see what is going on. But this is why it covered that but never should we have this, this, this, you know, this arrogance in a heart that I know so much and I can sit here and judge and

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say he was right and she was wrong or she was right and he was wrong. We are never in that situation. I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us the ability is that

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Hello Hey Subhan Allah we hundy Subhanak Allahumma we humbly connected into the selfie look I wanted to relate exactly Allah Hi Santa Monica Allah here what I've had to do

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