How To Increase Self Esteem Or Self Respect Among Children?

Yassir Fazaga


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Just as lolicon My question is helping to increase the self esteem in children. Okay, good question. By the way, self self esteem, the way self esteem is brought into us is that it's our environment that either determines where we have a low self esteem or a high self esteem. And that is why again, I take back the example of slavery because slavery, it was a systematic way of convincing the slave that he or she is nothing but a slave. And for this, they employed all psychological tricks to convince the person that they are absolutely no good, and the fact that they are slaves, that is their destiny, and they should be accepting of their destiny. So what did they do? Now listen to

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this, they would go into public humiliation, so that black people will be gathered, and they will be taken all naked in this, they'll just be paraded naked in the streets. Now, that is part that's very disrespectful. But the idea is, we are going to absolutely leave you with not even an iota of self respect. So we're going to make you naked in front of every Joe unmown. And then they would say, for a whole month, you're not supposed to take a shower. So you are now so filthy, so dirty, so unclean, that you hate yourself. Not only that, but you also hate the people who are like you. Because now everybody, every black man was not there. So you don't want to be with your own. Because they're

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being deprived of that your God given right to clean yourself. And the idea is we're going to do this to you. In addition to was public humiliation, we're going to call you names. We are going to call you a nigger. We're going to call you a big huge man is called boy, your boy you do this boy, you have young kids looking into a big old man say boy, Come here, boy, you do this. So I am going to use derogatory terms and I will use them publicly in order to crush your spirit. Sometimes, as parents and sometimes as cultures. We are guilty of this. We crush this