My First Real Job Was Laying Sewer Pipe

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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where they worked for a construction company in Maryland and lay pipe, but eventually found themselves in a situation where they were not allowed to work. They later worked for a construction company and eventually found themselves in a situation where they were not allowed to work.
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It will be he Mina che on your Raji connect with the breath.

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Take that small pause there

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you know, I did their job, bus piping for sewage.

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Yeah, what they're doing out there when I was in Maryland I worked for I lay pipe.

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And I was the guy in the street who was in the hole laying pipe. For Vegas. This is before Vegas. Yes. Let's just say, frail South Indian man with developing Crohn's disease doesn't belong in the Maryland winter.

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laying pipe was not my project coordinator. It was good. But eventually you have to get in the hole. Sometimes they're like, You don't belong here. Like, I would be at the site. You have to be at the site at like six o'clock in the morning, it's freezing. And those guys would come out like they've been doing it for 10 years are driving the rig for like, 12. Okay, here we go. What compelled you to marriage for no, like, marriage, I was like, I want to get a job that's like, that has something to show a father in law. It's because it was Project Coordinator, which was really nice, because it sat at a desk for two days a week, but three days a week. They're like, Oh, you need to get in the

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have any experience. They're like no one has experienced you just go and learn. Okay. I mean, they went on to the serenity builders, they went on to do piping and then they went and built like 60 Custom Homes, like the guy bought a plot of land, and he did great. He even offered financing on his house, like

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Sharia compliant financing, like they were selling at a certain price. And if you spread over 30 years, he did great. He called me later he's like, how's it going? Do you want to still work? I was like, No,

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I'm good. I teach. But like, why? That specifically, I look at it from my own perspective. This was like, I would go do something it was before I knew what I could do. I had worked at Toys R Us I'd worked at KB Toys and I was trying to take this business associate degree in business and put your degree to work. And I learned the lesson even and then eventually my boss saw me speak somewhere he's like, this is what you're supposed to do.

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Note to self last two pages for each section. Do a singular noise reduction clean up not.

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For the last two pages below, I'll do a noise clean up from the airplane from the blower from the chainsaw and from any outside and the rattling of the AC