Muzdalifa Forgiveness – Hajj 2018 Vlog Day 9, Pt. 2

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What a de Motorhead genuine Murata in

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a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you around you my peace emanate within you outside the barbershop today number nine Eid Mubarak to everyone Eid Mubarak to my from my hedge buddies had wonderful two highs yesterday let's get started with the date let me go shave the old noggin All right friends a day of auto eautiful a bada was personal and collective. And now everyone's ramped up to head over to the train. We're gonna take the same walk that we came to get here but now the train will take us to Medallia fall where we will spend the night there as we spend the night we will sleep will worship our Lord but we and every single one from the millionaire to the one who

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lives on the street. We'll all be there together and we will celebrate unity. Yes sir. Wait, you almost forgot this. Oh no, I almost forgot my Soylent

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the walk from min Arafa tents to the train station it is going pretty well.

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They're just mass number of groups so keeping our group together pretty tough in under one year meta like our one mole

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Cherie girl love bake along. At this point in the walk it had been approximately three hours and I got an idea of that the evening was going to be a little bit more comfortable. This was just the beginning as far as the eye can see

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this is the gate where we were being held before we went onto the train. Things got a little congested here.

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So it's been about two hours or a little less.

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And now we are waiting to open up this gate

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gate over here so that we can walk over to the train

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to keep everything fun. I'm wearing my sunglasses at 900 in the house i Okay i mean it's either I okay or

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will tell you do it

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Okay, so well I did put a timeline together somehow here but it is 12 or seven

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and I think it's been three hours

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there's a good story for a voice over here

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I'll save it for that

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as far as the eye can

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be removed

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all right, this is gonna be an update like you've never seen. We are back from Modelica

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How do I even explain this? Right so we stayed in was Delhi for for the night, half of the night.

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We were stuck on the street so as a result we ended up That's my guy over there hardware Brewer

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and now we have gotten back on the train. Came back to Jim rods collected our first seven stones we're going to stone and then go back to me now.

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It's all allowed. It all makes sense. It is now 230 though, so yeah, that happened

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it is 245 and we are here at gem rock. That is the large gem rocks small gem rock.

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And we are going to stone the large one today. Ron Do we have any extra stones?

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No stones, no stones rather?

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Gem rocks first day? Stoning. I feel like we need to talk about this more. Why are we stoning a wall? We're talking about in a minute. Gotta go oh my god guys. He placed this on his cheek and he's getting ready to fulfill the Kannada immediately when it comes when they you know a year Ibrahim called upon him yeah Ibrahim, just like ducked of what you have because it was a dream by him.

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same dream. He says you have you have, you have accepted, and you fulfill the Command of Allah. But you don't have to carry through. And a ram was brought down slaughter this instead. But before that happened when Abraham is about to do that, I mean, it's not something anyone can find them. No, I'm not a parent. So that's why I'm an expert in parenthood. For those of you that are parents, can you imagine having to do that to your own child? No, can't even imagine that. You can't even just trying to imagine that will give you nightmares. So don't. So imagine Ibrahim is trying to do that. And Shavonne comes to him to distract him. That's what you're gonna do really putting those doubts? What

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is it like he can do? He picks up stones and he throws him in jail? Three times. So

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that's why there's three different pillars three times about he was trying to get out of my way I need to fulfill the kind of so this job a lot. What is it? It is an act of worship, commemorating Ibrahim sacrifice, and Ibrahim's attempt to overcome the destruction of chiffon so he can fulfill the Command of Allah. That's why one of the great scholars who passed away in the last decade when he used to Gemilut some of his students told us he would be crying as he was doing Jamal.

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And many of us are making jokes about throwing our slippers so you're fine. He was crying. Because with each, Allahu Akbar, he was thinking of every time she had one was trying to distract him from obeying Allah, every Allah why do you say Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than this distraction. Allah is greater than this desire. Allah is greater than this addiction. Allah is greater than this bad habit. Allah is greater than the evil within me that I have allowed to perpetuate. That's what each technique is each stone. So think about the struggle of Ibrahim as you do that, think about your own things that you need to overcome. We throw stones

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After a day of soul searching and modified deep, vicar and deep remembrance, you get to some dark places in your heart, places where you have hatred, where you need to forgive yourself on a deeper level where you need to do forgiveness exercises all around. And there's something about the pull of the blade against the head. There's something about the shaving of the head.

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That if you just wait as the bleed pulls over your head, there's a cleansing effect. There is the just born like a baby feeling. You Mubarak, it came to you and your family. Keep celebrating the power that we have guys. Keep celebrating the power of connection that we have with an ultimate source.

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And after hutch, you're catching it later, feel that cleanse maybe you didn't recognize it when he shaved your head because He nicked you or something. But feel it now.

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Feel the moment of cleanse and forgiveness.

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I hope that you enjoyed please like and subscribe, and I'll see you on the next day.

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People from my HUD group, okay to take okay to have them post. How do you feel post? Amazing.

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How do you guys feel ritual Iran broken? And how you feeling?

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Yeah, there really isn't anything else. It sounds generic. But for the getting out of yesterday into normal. So let's get into it. So you born newborn Allahu Akbar. How did the blade feel on your head? How was it?

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A little, there's a little like concern when you start right? Yes. And then and then it opens up, it opens. And for everyone who's watching you see that third eye of his third eye is blooming right now. Like intuition and wisdom are raising

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hamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hamdulillah. So the shaving of the head is complete. The Kobani is complete. Rather we've done the sacrifice, which we can talk about in another time. And now I get to change into whatever clothes I want to and I think that is where the next transfer after being removed from whatever sins

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you have. You've relinquished everything in order. Here comes the time to put your clothes back on how you wear them. What you wear and how you carry yourself, I think is a big part of the picture.