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Alhamdulillah Allah,

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I live he was having me on that

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last round that I said

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what else even sila daily decree?

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As I mentioned the story of masala Solomon

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when was at a salon when

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to take the fire

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and doesn't matter that I give him an award

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that's why the Bible said the llama well now the lady said

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that you didn't camo sassy booty while

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the ivelina go very

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well as della said to Salah Salam

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in the knee, I love that it is five Bodine opinions Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala introduced himself

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and said establish the salah for my Zika

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I remind myself I knew that

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when we talk about lack of concentration in Salah

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if we lack concentration on Allah subhanaw taala in Salah.

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Then where will we have concentration on Allah

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because the purpose of Salah is to establish the vicar of Allah.

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So the vicar of Allah Subhana Allah escapes us even in Salah.

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Then when we have this ego, which part of our life

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see the Salah, the Salah is the essence of Islam.

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As we know, as Allah is Allah xlm and

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zillah zillah zillah develop Allah Masha, what three things

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he asked him about Islam. He asked him about a man and he asked him what

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I see the Salah in the context of these three things.

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Islam is the entry

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a person before he enters Islam is not a Muslim.

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So when he enters Islam, it becomes a Muslim. And how does he enter Islam? He enters Islam by removing, cutting himself off from all Viola and concentrating on Allah.

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He enters Islam by saying I shadow Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah who worship when

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he cuts himself or everything else and he says nobody is worthy of worship except Allah.

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So he enters Islam and inshallah I see that as the first part of Salah, which is the fear.

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When the person stands and he says Allahu Akbar that we're at the Hara, he has cut himself off from the world and he has entered the Presence of Allah.

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Formerly, we are always in the friendzone or formerly is entered the presence all of our data

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with a bit of a hover, or is it Allah Akbar? And he entered Islam.

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And when he entered Islam, what does he do?

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He has to recite the Shahada thing,

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the two Shahada

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we sometimes we will do with a Shahada and we think it is one we say two parts of the kalama essentially is not wrong, but actually it is to kalama

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Chateau La ilaha illallah wa has one now Mohammed or Rasulullah. If someone

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accepts one part of this caliber, he cannot go Muslim he has to accept both.

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So therefore, inshallah, what does he do when he said Allah Akbar and he stands in the way the timer is entered Islam. And there what is the rule? It is a total

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without which there is no Salah.

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And then sort of what what is he saying? He's saying he can Avaya can assign after praising Allah subhanaw taala. And glorifying him and accepting his

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ownership of everything, including the Day of Judgment, what does he say? He can

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All I worship only

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and I'll tell only from your

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first part of the conference.

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And then he said, once he has entered when he once he has accepted the oboe, viola Rotella then what does he ask his inner citizens to be?

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And what is that Sara?

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Sara Lee and I'm dilating who are from Delhi Anima Allahu Allah, him in an OBE and I was at the piano Shahada, it was it

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and who, who is the observer of those? My mother Rasul Allah Allah.

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So then he's saying Yeah, can I was Oh, yeah, gonna stay hidden and set up the loose tabs or the legend and I'm telling him about the wedding. Well darlin, he is accepting the second part of the gala.

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So then no I'm a little sort of law.

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What is the meaning of zero?

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Is it nearly intellectually accepting as Bahamas? Allah Allah Allah is Allah maybe Abdullah bin Abdul muttalib al horas yamaki was the Rasul of Allah Allah is it is that what governments

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accept the historical events?

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Is that Gulliver

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eyeshadow namaha masala

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is to accept

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that from that minute onwards

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I will follow Muhammad, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah

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and not anybody else.

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That is the meaning of the government

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that I will follow only one masala

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not anybody else

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in the son of the Navy comes and anything else comes, I will reject that and I will follow them.

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So, in that case, the person has entered salah

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and he has actually accepted Islam

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when you accept Islam, but what happens

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even in Kazakh

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so what does he do? He makes it a war.

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He Bhagavad was honored that

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when he won entered that he cannot stand anymore.

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He cannot stand anymore. He was doing well as well. So, viola de

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la de

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la voz. De Allah insha Allah was done that accepts these demands and Samia la Oliva

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club burn our local hub.

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And then what does he do?

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After Islam in standing?

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Imani logo. What is the next level? Allison?

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And that was a la danza de la Freelander. Gandara, no era, he goes into the festa.

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And there is a term that that in the sense that the slayer is closer to Allah

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says that between the robber is that

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there is no third party this.

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There's nobody there's Trump

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in the sense that his closest ally is making

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his forehead is not on the earth. His forehead is before the shofar ah

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the level of a son

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and when he is in the level of anxiety speaks with

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Allah Dante

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And then when he finishes that, and exits

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he says Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Are Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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is Salam on the right in this column on the left?

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There is goodness and higher for everyone in the world.

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From that, of Allah, who accepted the Buddha Dhamma

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there is only goodness that can come from the Muslim to the whole world.

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And the Salah is the symbol of this.

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It is a symbol of Islam

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is a symbol of Islam in the scanning in the pm is the symbol of human in the record and it is a symbol of race and in the sense that Shannon was that.

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ask Allah Subhana Allah to open do in case

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of our hearts have the meaning and the essence of salah

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and to fill our hearts with his nose and to give us the sweetness of obedience to Him in our lives.

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So that like the visa Lola Ali was I was alone and all those who understood the meaning of Salah we also look forward to the Salah like they used to look forward to salah and that Salah becomes the ferrata line for us like it was for the line for the visa Lola ourselves

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and then the Salah becomes the source of taking from the treasures of Allah and giving to the rest of mankind. That the Salah becomes a source of plugging into the

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powhattan power and glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala and taking from it and giving to the rest of the world

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and that is what is the meaning of the salah and that is what is the importance of the Salah. And imagine the one who prays like this five times a day not once a week, not one someone not once in a lifetime not even once in a day, five times in a day

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what will be the state of the art of that individual what will be the state of human of this person what is the state of power of this of this human being?

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Today I remind myself that my weakness and my EMA my weakness of EMA, my weakness in my whole life is because there is weakness in myself.

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My heart is full of here, and my heart is full of the greatness and the power to go do good and do harm from the world from abroad. Because I do not understand the glory of Allah subhanaw taala

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My heart is full of these years because I do not understand the glory and majesty and

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I vow before Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah subhanaw taala I do not know

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if I did the such that with the knowledge of what is the center

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so Allah How can anything be my heart other than the glory of Allah?

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as well as well as data to give this to me and to give this to you and get accepted from us? Was Allah Allah and Avi Karim Hualalai was heavy as main