Tafseer As Sa’di #15 Surah Rum-Luqman #1

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The history of the European Union and the implementation of the World War II campaign have caused corruption on land and sea, causing people to feel sorry for their actions. The experience of corruption on the land and sea is similar to the experience of the war, and people should not be caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught in the trap of being caught

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nomadic movement Allahu wa barakato

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa RT but today

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a lot of aalameen

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should do hola hola hola hola hola hola Shakira hola hola. Well in order for your English to do and then the Vienna Muhammad Abdul who are sold on Mustafa Al Amin la masala was selling Mubarak in artdeco sadaqa Muhammad Anwar other early he was r&b Marina My bad. So today's the 15th today in the reading on the commentary of this portion of the Book of the seal the seal Karim Rahman vtct Colombian manaan morphemes Do you notice that there's zero Saudi by the moment that Allah Muhammad Abdul Nasir, a Saudi who died in the year 1376 of the Hijra Rahima hello to Allah material wasa and we are currently on the 21st Jos Surah two room verse number 14

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Our the villa Hamina showing up on your on G Bismillah. Your manual and watching along with leather Johanna Cancun from Morocco come from Miami to come from Maggie Come help me Shoraka. Many of whom is

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me che Subhana.

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Sreekumar is Allah Who created you, then he gave you a provision, then he will cause you to die? Then he will bring you back to life? Is there any among your so called partners who can do any one of these things, Glorified and Exalted be Allah far above the partners so they ascribed him? Here Allah subhana wa Tada tells us that he alone created you and provides for you, he caused you to die and gives you life and none of the so called Partners upon whom the politics call have any share with Allah in any of these matters. So how can they associate with the one the one who who alone does all of these things? Others who have no control over them at all? May he be klore glorified and

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sanctified and exalted form of their so called Partners, that does not harm him. Rather, the bad consequences thereof will come to them.

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Valhalla and Feser don't feel very well Bahai be Mac as EBIT, aiding nice EU the car whom you the Cancun bubbeleh The I mean Lula Allah whom yakgear Who to corruption and disorder have appeared on land and sea, because of what people's hands have earned. Thus, Allah causes them to taste the consequences of some of what they have done, so that they may turn in repentance, that is corruption has appeared on land and sea, meaning that their livelihood has declined, with blight, damaging the crops, sicknesses and epidemics sweeping over the people and so on. That is because of what their hands have, have wrought and crop these that spread corruption far and wide. Allah azza wa jal says

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in this first Laurel facade, you'll feel better you will bow corruption and disorder, you finally land on sea. Then the author Hamlet, Tara mentions most of the things that take place upon the land and not the sea. So most scholars with their seal, there are those who say that the meaning of on land and sea land is known, well known. And what is meant by sea here is those villages that are by the sea, so villages by the rivers and by the sea, that has always been referred to here as opposed to on the sea itself. And other scholars said, no, what is actually meant is on the sea as well, that there is going to be turmoil upon the sea, whether that be for example, storms and other types

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of natural disasters, or whether it be something else. And from that is the statement of even our best or the Allah one woman, when he gave an example of these two types of corruption. So the corruption on the land is like the the murder of or the killing of the two sons of Adam, one of the sons of Adam killed other that's an example and the corruption upon the seas like the example of in the story of Musa Hodel. When the King comes and he takes the boat of the poor people, that's corruption upon the sea. And so Lars will do this thing that there will be corruption upon the sea and on the land, because of what people have wrought of their own deeds and by their own hands, the

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things mentioned have occurred so that Allah might cause them to take the consequences of some of what they have done, that is, so that they may they might realize that he is the one who requests people for their needs. So he gives a foretaste of the require for the deeds in the world and Allah azza wa jal says here ulica home bombala The hamilo that they may taste some of that which they did, that they may be punished for some of that which they did not all of that which they did, because if Allah azza wa jal was to punish every person in accordance to their sin immediately, then, no one would remain upon the earth everyone would die as a larger dimensions upon the earth, elsewhere in

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the Quran, that if everyone was for us to hold to every person to account for every sin that they committed immediately, no one would survive upon the earth, because the sins that we commit are many in nature and the oppression that we do is great and far reaching. And so Allah azza wa jal gives to people some of that punishment as a reminder, so that they may stop that they may understand that they may reflect on

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So Florida has his wisdoms in doing so. And if those people don't stop, they don't reflect they don't make Toba then Allah azza wa jal will give them the rest of their punishment in the next life. And if they stop, they repent, they turn back to Allah azza wa jal, Allah forgives them, so that they may turn in repentance from their evil deeds, which have resulted in so much corruption and harm and they may set their affairs straight globally to to the one who brings out about blessings through his trials and tests and who bestows grace through his punishment. Otherwise, if he causes them to taste the consequences of all that they have earned, He will not leave any living creature

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on the face of the earth

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or will see your roof will be fun. Okay if I gonna deliver to the lady in Kabul, can axon shrieky in say, travelled through the land and see what was the fate of those who came before you. Most of them ascribed partners to him. The command to travel through the land includes both physical travel and mentor intellectual travel in the sense of pondering the fate of earlier nations. Most of them ascribe partners total to him, and you will find that their fate was the worst of all, namely a punishment that eradicated them all. And criticism and curses from the people who follow them, as well as going on discreet as as well as ongoing disgrace So beware of doing what they did. Lest you

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meet the fate same fate, for the justice and wisdom of Allah are applicable in all times and places.

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For ugly module her Kelly Dini will call ye maman. cobbly a TA.

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Della Wamena Hello, young man eating your sludge down

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here exclusively and sincerely to the right religion, before they come from a lot a day which no one can ever on that day that humankind will be separated. Man, catheter filing he co fro woman I mean asali

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Valley, forcing him head to whoever disbelieves will suffer the consequences of his disbelief and whoever it is righteous deeds, then it is for him for themselves, that they are preparing a place in paradise.

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Lea Josie Alladhina

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Kamino Solly her team in fogli in a hula bowler Caffee in so that he may reward those who believe and do righteous deeds by His grace fairly He does not love the disbelievers that is focused with your heart. Turn with your face and strive with your efforts. In order to establish the true religion comply with his commands and prohibitions with utmost seriousness, carry out his duties both inwardly and outwardly and hasten to make the most of your time, your life and your youth. Before three comes from from Allah a day before there comes from Allah a day which no one can ever, namely the Day of Resurrection, for when it comes, it cannot be averted and people will not be given

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any extra time to start doing good deeds, rather the time for these will be over and there will be nothing left but required to have deeds on that day that humankind will be separated. That is they will go in different different directions on that day, and will be separated into different groups to be shown that their Deed Whoever among them disbelieves will suffer the consequences of his disbelief and will be punished himself. For no bear of burdens will bear the burdens of others of another and whoever it is righteous deeds which includes duties towards Allah and and towards other people, both obligatory and recommend