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The speakers discuss the use of "claiming to" and "will" in the Spanish language, emphasizing the importance of keeping a balance between volume and pace. They also cover various topics including a phone call, a restaurant, and coffee drink. Overall, the speakers emphasize the need to practice reciting in Spanish language.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. I welcome everyone to our Quranic reading circles. For surah. Yaseen. It's the second page in sha Allah. Today, we're going to be focusing on the 200 speed, which is the speed at which we're only focusing on the tweed, places of pronunciation. In the last video, we stopped off on talking about our throat letters. So let's remember that Elif Hamza Ha, I in her, and then the third part, line ha are the throat letters, and the letters that are always pronounced heavy, or the letters that we call the awesome letters are all saw, bah, bah, wah, or Hall and Hall. So let's get started today advocating Quranic literacy is praying that these videos are helping you.

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It's kind of me trying to be there to hold your hand through the recitation, but you have to remember at the end of the day, it's a recording so I can't correct you necessarily you have to take the time to pause and go back let's start application apples

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Ruby love he mean I shade on you Raji.

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Minimum stretch here we're gonna go for there's mud Moon firstly, and motorcyle you're going to be hearing these words. Overall, it's a squiggly line going from east to west was Salwa on Isla de him

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though whom I love I'm doing the home. Love you mean you and I are one What was our

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own I lay him

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though though who home

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to the home. Love you mean you can keep it slow and consistent. And when it comes to simple things like noon Sukkot and followed by that, you know that that is not one of the throat letters, so tongue not touch uncle

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though whom

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lum doing the home and remember Ross sukoon it's going to be light in this case did and it's going to be heavy Ville in this case. And as you go forward you'll see noon with Zuko and you'll look at the letter before it is number 11 Full nasal sound in nama in nama to the route Mani Dabba. We smoosh this together a lot of times when there's the shudder, money Dubba Veeck or many Uber Ivic, Orwell Hayashi or RA, Myrna B little boy

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the room I need

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Vic orwa hall she ra Myrna be lovely bye bye Ferber she hooby Mel feel auntie who jeering carry him for best she'd sheen with the kasra rasool and so this case definitely yes it's light for her but she who be Mel feel on do you

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be male or female or do you edging carry him? Then when double accent followed by calf it's not in the throat so say the word Inc. was urging carry ring. Ring carry

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I number 12 In

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no no yield no.

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One or two boom by the moon where

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or whom? What?

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Or whom? Work who? Lashay in che in a

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che in slang houfy Email me

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will be

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aisle number 12 reads in

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no no yield moto onec to Buma Are there more

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or whom were cool Lashay in sliding who fee EMA mean Mubi in be sure I'm pausing EMA mean Mubi in I like to say I like to say the word holding now pausing

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what you're going to make the full sound the sound is going to echo throughout your mouth. Echo may not be the word for you but it's going to vibrate throughout the mouth like a wave while the burl while dribble while the DB while the biller whom Mirtha learn method Aladdin else

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RIA while the villa whom masala and else

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called Ria, stereo sound, bring that humps in at the end of hobble Umbria Yeah, yeah, yeah. If Jeff

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Moore saloon let that walk completely formed more saloon is our cell

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ELA he Muth Nene for Lebu Houma again, if our cell

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ELA de he moves Nene, forget the Boo Uma.

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Then forget the Boo and for Isaiah Xena for AZUZ Nam for Katha boo Houma Pfizer's now be leasing bring the tongue out Zan tongue out. Third tongue out. Be Sally Theon sell all Lou fell or Lou in

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ELA, more sadoun more sadoun good hamdulillah you're keeping along you're keeping a pace. you're pausing you're repeating after I'm done. And this keeps a constant pace when reciting with a video it's a it's a something that's going to have to come up throughout the video. You try to match the tone of the reciter which would be me in this case, and you'd end up ending up over here you have a very high pitched voice and that throws you off. Don't try to recite above me try to listen and then repeat afterwards when you recite along with me. It gets very high pitched and then you can't find a clear voice for you. So let's go back. Let's take iron number.

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Iron number 15 here and start out with the

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keep it flat paste or do

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to eat love shell room Ms. Luna so try not to get above the voice you don't want to get to pizzazzy here or you all you need

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to eat

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shell room meet Luna Wah ma

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ra ma Norman che in in and to

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me che in in to eat

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tech the moon

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wama Angela Walkman make that lamb to rock transition. One ma

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Lau ra ma Norman che in in two in Doom.

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Tech The moon is 16 all who? Buena orlu buena yah Lambo in

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la cual la Merced you moon again all Liu? Buena rah rah buena yeah Lambo in

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na e la KU l'amour saloon i a 17 one ma Aileen eel Bala will Mubi in one ma Lena

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Bella who Mubi in let's try it again. Why am I Lena Don't rush into one ma one ma one

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Lal Bella hula Mubi in

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is number 18 or Lu in full nasal sound or Lu in

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Tao Paul delta we did this in the 100 series to make the transition clean here. Or Lou in Tao boy yell Nambi Kume la eel

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the who learn now or juman now go while I am son now comb while I am a son now comb make a full nasal sound while I am a son now, I'm mean

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either born early

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I am number 18 together all due in

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Dell boy yo nah be cooler

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though who Llanowar juman Kume y la yeah my son nalcor Me mi na minha either Bowden le I number 19 all who or Earu COVID

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ma Kume make sure you're following through or Lou or E ruku.

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Malcolm is killed to bail and to tomb como I'm most the foon now if you choose to stop here, Latin zoo killer tomb then you won't make the floating. You won't have to bring the invisible button. So let's read it again. Let yours zoo killed two. But if you continued LA Zoo gear to

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two or more.

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Most V foon watch the Masuri phone. Last two is for minimum stretch. What Jeff

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mean elbows on Monday night deal or Julie? Yes.

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Now what Yeah, I mean, apple slaw wotja I mean, our all soil Medina the Raju Louie Yes.

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Yes. I Raju lonely yes I separate the scene the blowing of the scene and nine or layup faux meat. The B roll more Sally and Sally in all

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owe me. There'll be rule more Sally.

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The last idea on this page. It W look at the third letter. It has a line on the bottom Khasra if it had a photogra Khasra the line on the bottom or on top? We always add a line on the bottom to start it Derby or will touch your fingers. It that it Derby room?

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Yes l womb and Lou comb. Complete the pucker the lips. It there'll be room.

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Yes. Lou comb agile home. Agile long wire home. Complete the wow a lot of times we say We're home. We're home.

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Well, who's more Dadoo soon? That completes our 200 series. We're going to complete today's page by saying that we're going to practice it one or two times and in sha Allah that's going to help us build fluency in our dweet and also comfort in recognizing the rules. I'll see you all on our next page of Surah Yaseen for AQL. Online. I'll see you soon in sha Allah wa salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah.