Wisam Sharieff – Taqwa Through Breathing – Hajj 2019 Vlog Day 4

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The host of a virtual coffee class introduces a breathing exercise designed to help people connect their consciousness and become aware of their breath. They will use a mattress and sauna to practice breathing exercises and record thoughts using a microphone. The class is meant to help people become aware of their breath and connect with their consciousness. The exercises are designed to be done at least five times a day, flexible, and meant to be flexible.
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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La ilaha illa Allahu Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar what Illa Hill Hamed, day number four. Let's get on with our first approach to breathing

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As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah I love that artwork over there. So it is to three hours after rest we came back from minimum prayed I got a chance to run randomly the the gym here at the Hyatt was good enough. It ran just kind of refocused myself, then I did get rest. I can't say whether it's like three hours or about three hours. And until I felt good, I got up showered brushed II. That's a big sensitive thing for me like my full hygiene routine. And I felt fresh. So we're going for round two of the 100 Maybe so I picked it from yesterday. It was awesome. I will see you all as we are moving up there. Maybe a few clips of our group. But here we are possibly. Finishing out day three

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or beginning day four. I'll see you guys as breathing, stillness, awareness, silence and acceptance becomes a part of who we are and what we're striving for.

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I'm humbled.

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That's the Steam Room, and that's the sauna. I totally need to do uma with you, bro. So inshallah I will see you this evening. But it's been amazing so far, when the going gets tough tomorrow. And the days after, let's use this moment, this positivity to kind of get through it together. As salam o aleikum, wa Rahmatullah. So the hutch prep is now two days away, right? We're going to go to midnight on Friday. So the real concepts that I want to talk about today

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is breathing. I took a moment, they're going to collect my thoughts. I feel a little overwhelmed after the Dogit experience, it was really beautiful. So today, breathing, being able to watch the breath is one of the first things that you will need in the 10 days of hutch, because friends, when you're not really picking up mood, what's the first thing you hear a take a deep breath, right? Take a deep breath and you'd like that angle I do to

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take a deep breath in. So today we're going to do a few breathing exercises. If you've been with me before you've seen anything on the channel or you're amongst the patrons, then you know, I'm all about breathing. I have the idea that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was very aware of his breath while in the law of hit on the cave. So as a result, I would like you to become aware of your breath and start connecting Taqwa mindfulness, awareness of Allah subhanho, wa, taala, to your breath. So if you want to consider Dakhla consciousness of God, be conscious of God when you take your first breath. And then we'll do some breathing exercises together. And for those of you who are

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brand new to this, you might be like breathing. Yeah, bro, like in through the nose, out through the nose, consciously aware of the life that you're bringing to your body. Just imagine how much sugar grace and abundance you can, you can understand and realize, once you understand and watch the breath, so I will see you all as we grow. And I hope that you ask these young people to help and make do offer them that they do well. Let's watch the breath as long

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as salaam alaikum. Here we are in day four. And I wanted to insert a breathing exercise. A lot of us may be looking for some type of activity like this, or you're catching this as a vlog 2.0 Friends, let's do it. We've talked about it, find that pelvic bone, find your pelvis see that I'm just rocking forward. But the pelvis is not just moving back and front like this. There's a rock. If my pelvic bone and the spine was like a cereal bowl, I want you to pour it out, see it? Pour it out, you feel it? That right? It's very dynamic. So pour it out and there you go. Baraka Lo Fi comm. Let's pour out that spine. And once you gain access to that, let's pull air in through a straw. So

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the spine, we're pouring out the cereal bowl, you got it and I know you can feel it. Now once that's done, I want you to roll the shoulders forward. Find that make sure you're breathing while you do this. Find the shoulders and I know you'll you'll be surprised as to how far in the joint is and how sore it can be. But turn those turn the shoulder joints in and pull your elbows back. Oh yes. And now tuck the chin in. Now from here, I want you to take a big straw like you're drinking a big beautiful healthy shake.

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There you go. You're pulling the air the chest doesn't lift the shoulders don't lift.

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Now I want you to blow the air away from yourself.

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deep breath and again.

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Chest doesn't lift belly doesn't have for filling the air in and again, use the throat

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deep breath in at the top. So allowing for more air and now I'm holding and I'm pushing

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bring the air back in

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and hold, pull the elbows back, make more air for room for the air, chin down and blow

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deep breath in and take control of your breath. That was exercise number one, find a pelvic tilt to pull the shoulders over and elbows go back. That's a little tight part there. Oh, sternum up,

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chin in, and now it feels tight. But when you put your chin in, you're like, wait a minute, I don't need to be tight. Right I don't need to be it's just the way your chin is up all the time. So from here, breathing exercise into the big straw, you're having

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a big hearty vegetable shake. I'm trying here. Now number two, I want you to try that abdominal spasm I want you to get that * breath. It's an abnormal, not normal, abdominal stomach, lower belly interaction. So I want it in and out, it's abnormal.

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From here, get to the belly button. I know you might have a gurgle in the belly

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deep breath in, something you can do on your own, and opportunity for all of us friends. Whether it's the inhalation up in our deep in hold and then blowing from right to left, not with but all the way across all the way across. A sense of salaam be upon your friend or it could be that abdominal See, never try not to do more than five to 10 at a time it could cause you to be slightly lightheaded, deep breath into the head out

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all the way up and to the bottom.

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Sense of Salam upon you all just Hakalau Clayton friends, a breathing exercise for you for day number two, where we work day number one where we were talking about breathing and this can be an installment for your day for vlog Zach love Karen friends. Please treat breathing as important as you treat your taqwa your consciousness of Allah. See you all soon.

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Getting ready to step into the days of hudge friends, I hope you're enjoying thank you for doing this exercise with me and see you on day five as things get even more intense.

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