Make Takbeer! (Mufti Menk Experience) – Hajj 2019 Vlog Day 2

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss their upcoming workouts and graduation party preparations, as well as their importance of mentally preparing and the upcoming evening workout. They also mention their experiences with iced tea and a new Hodge terminal, as well as their visit to Iran and a lunch and lunch group. The group is at Munich Airport and is starting a drive to Makplaces, where they will drop off equipment and attend a party, and are joined by other groups. They also mention a recent disaster and a workout.
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Wanting love. He'll have a good morning everyone post Fajr in Dubai can grab some breakfast run, and the pool opens at eight. So let's see how the combination of the morning begins. We leave Dubai at 6:30pm for gender. And I wanted to catch this before that really began. So maybe we can do a workout together and get mentally ready. And the prep is done. This is all for personal happiness.

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I may walk or jog for the purpose, but this just to release endorphins to be happy. So let's have an awesome day. And we are going to end this evening. Looking at the GABA if I'm correct by midnight this evening, I should be leading our Omar group. So let's do this. I wonder how the day will come up.

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So the craziest story came out at eight o'clock to workout I ran for about 45 minutes out here. It was fantastic. Really, really nice. And then I guess I was running and then three people up here in the hotel. They came down you can tell that they're going on their way to Hutch. And three ended up being three brothers from Australia. We hung out for the last three hours in the pool, three hours talking, having a great time. And then one of them was like, Hey, you guys like Mufti Menk? And we're like, Yeah, sure. And we thought he was gonna pull up a recording on his phone. So I was like, Sure. And he had his phone and so I came up to it. And he was FaceTiming Mufti Menk. So shirtless in

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a pool for the last three hours. I got to have a FaceTime conversation with Murthy make which is absolutely fabulous. Monthly make it if you ever see the vlog that was an amazing experience the three brothers from the three brothers from Australia

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and Mohammed who had FaceTime it was amazing experience. So guys Hutch miracle all the way super exciting. For those of you who are not aware multi make one of my biggest inspirations, inspirational speakers that I've heard, that I've taken inspiration from in his work, in his words, in his direction, in the approach and the openness that he has. So amazing feeling out here. We drink iced tea by the

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the pool, the pool bar, I guess I was looking for the right word. But yes, I've always wanted to do that. And I was super awesome. We ordered iced tea and paid like $57 for two, two rounds of iced tea, but it works out it was a wonderful experience. Thank you to the brothers from Australia. As salaam aleikum, we still have a little time before we leave for Monica salaams gang we are in a haram and headed or rather started at home having made intention and headed to leaving Dubai headed to Jeddah. Let's get on the plane and I hope to make that mental transition and I hopefully you can hear it in my voice. When I enter it from May God protect me from joking and wasteful talk. Allah

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will bow to bow long walk

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in a long, long, long, long walk along one

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really cool elevator system in Dubai Airport. A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah friends, we have reached Jeddah and we are in the State of Iran. Lubbock Allah Mala beak, we are in the Hajj terminal, something you did not get to see before so patrons This is a glimpse into the new Hodge terminal. And it's super duper state of the art. A set on why they cannot have the law landed in Jeddah. We are headed to through immigration which you just saw. And then we'll drive over to muckety muck Rama Umrah within the next four or five hours

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on long walk about what he loves

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the beak Allahu Allah beak we reached muckety muck Jeddah and now we're beginning our drive at 1106 to reach Makkah, and then find a time to start on. The flight was great little tyre.

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Salaam friends super raw Dubai Airport to jet landed customs baggage, drove here all fungible weird checkpoints and here we are at the Hyatt Regency next to us another group is our half

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Our group is at the Conrad

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irritations are already started I want to share it, there's just the one off comment of oh look you're showing off or some little pinchy comment that gets at you. And so, I have learned that we're even trained the body a lot you need to drain the mind and we all need to learn to control the comments that come at us, and how comfortable we are dropping those comments when in a state of Iran, so it's hard to get to practice. Let me get inside check in and then we'll go from wrong

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Hello, my name is

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the bake Allah Allah bake loveawake Allah Sharika bake in Alhambra. One near Mata like our modal la sharika. We made it out. I have one of the most gorgeous groups.

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They're They're glowing already. We haven't even started.

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If you notice, you can't see the right you cannot see. The sky there's no like crazy crazy, strong sun. So there's this overcast but it's just so much sand. But you cannot feel the car. You can't feel the sun. Really is something spectacular guys. Just finished. A mommy love vehicle long Mala Bay love vehicle setting Saturday

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in an Honda one near Mata, like our mole Sharika luck. I didn't get much footage of the camera. It was such an amazing experience and so intimate with my group. It was it was really really, I didn't even think to touch my phone. But now we're here. And I feel amazing guys, Lubbock Allahu Allah Blake. Those of you who helped me get this far, the lunch good went amazing. And I won't joke with you. My camera was even better donors. As I walked around saying a humble a lot of the project going along. It's another word thing on my head. So as it was going on, it was amazing. Thank you for helping me reach here, Mohammed Rohan, and everyone else has made those bigger movements bigger

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donations is apparent. But as Hutch begins, let's complete it out. And I'll continue making the odds with you from God just finished camera one minute ago.

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All right, got some rest.

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AC kills my voice, but 100 I feel good. The camera was really unique guys. We had I had a transponder. Rather I had a mic and my entire group had transponders. So virtual dwarf happened in their ear as we walked around as a group. Then we did sorry, as I read Quran to them, like I would normally and not I didn't lose my voice. It feels this has come back. This is just sleeping in the ACC. And it was an amazing experience. So as always, I don't try to be generic and be like, Oh Allah will beat your expectation. This time again, notably and measurably one of my best O'Meara's and Allah subhanaw taala will continue to outdo the experience. I'm gonna close out this day too, and

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start beginning our topics, the topics for how much breathing and I'd like to go get a quick workout and he shot last you all up Maghrib I'll finish Margaret prayer altar and vulgar prayer. We are having dinner now Al Hamdulillah I did manage to bring my Hewland Soylent so got together then later on dinner. And now our evening talks will start at 1030 and then I will be leaving 200 for our group at three o'clock in sha Allah.

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That's it for this evening. I will see you tomorrow morning in day three. As the HUD vlog continues. I just thought I say disaster law who played who does that to you for your support? I'll see you as the days continue.