Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 16 – L157F

Taimiyyah Zubair
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What's your either name about Aachen and he has made me Mubarak, he has made me bless it. Roberto kizu. Cathedral high one who is full of goodness, one who brings a lot of goodness, abundant, good, full of blessings beneficial.

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So he has made me beneficial. I am Welcome to wherever I am.

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Any place that I go to, at any time, no matter who I come across, he has made me a source of benefit to the people.

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We're all Swanee. And he has enjoined on me this one it was the Cathy wood solid and Sokka, madam to here, as long as I remain alive,

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until I die, he has commanded me that I must praise for that, and I must give this okay.

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Now, this is an amazing quality, which quality

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of being

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that a person is beneficial to people where ever he is. Whether he's in the mall, or in the classroom, waiting at the doctor's office, at home, he is thinking about how I can bring benefit to people.

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Usually people bring benefit to others only when it's their duty.

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that I will only help someone with something if I have been given that duty to do so.

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Like for example, it's my turn to cook therefore, only then I will cook. And if I see somebody else's cooking, it's not my turn to cook, even if they want to help and I'm going to help them why because it's not my duty. But Mubarak is who someone who benefits people, wherever he is, whenever whether it's his obligation, whether it's his duty or not. This is where Mubarak is.

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There are some people who wherever they are, they bring harm to others. But there are others who are mobile.

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There are others who only help others when there is some personal benefit, otherwise they won't help them. This is not mobile.

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So he has made me robotic wherever I am.

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And he has commanded me to pray salah and gives a cat as long as I remain alive. What do we learn from this? That's Lynette Enza cat are also prescribed. Were also given in the previous videos.

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And also it shows to us that Sadat is forced upon a person until the last moments of his life

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until he dies.

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So that is mandatory upon the person whether he is sick or is it a journey, allowances are there but the obligation remains the same.

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What about non duality and I have also been made beautiful to my mother. Your hair listening was validated. Over here. We were led because we started this when I'm only had his mother, he didn't have a father. So above them barely that he was a major on me and he has not made me a bell when Shaka year. One who is wretched. a tyrant No, rather he was obedient. He was humble. He was helpful. He was kind

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was Samurai the year and peace on me. Yo ma will it do on the day that I was born will yoma mo do and on the day that I will die Will you Obara suhaila and on the day that I will be resurrected? The day that I will be brought alive.

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The same was said about you hear this.

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We learned that restart his son and when he was born Chitwan was not able to book him. Just as Maria rheinhessen Hamilton when she was born, she was not able to book her. Why?

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Because of the drama that her mother had made. We're in need redo hair with Lucy yet.

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So was Salam Walia yoma Willie, two he was saved from the evil of shaitaan. In the day that he was born, we moved to another day that I will die and also on the Day of Resurrection.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that he carries seven Imodium that is the reality of reciting Samson of money. This is his reality, I will help the word of truth This is the word of truth. This is what happened in reality, but people have made other stories, other inventions, other details. But this is what actually happened. olan Hulk and Lady v m de Lune concerning which they doubt

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people have doubts about a scientist.

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Some say that he was born through Xena, that Maria Maria Santa Rosa Villa, she committed dinner with someone

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and others say that he is the son of a law. That How is it possible for someone to be born without a father? He has a father who's his father, Allah is his father. What's the evidence behind that? They don't have any evidence.

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Oh, they'll help color DVM Tarun.

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mccannon illa he, it is not possible. It is not befitting for Allah. It does not suit him. And yet the hidden Mayweather that he should have a child. So behind who Glorified is He? He does not need a child. He is above this weakness. It's people who need children. God does not need a son. It's people who wish to have a son and if you relate this with the previous ayah the

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With the previous incident of Zachary Arneson, he needed a son dindi. For his work to be continued.

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But Allah does not need a child. He is above that need

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either codominant. So you might say, How is it possible? Well, it's not difficult for Allah to create someone without a father, when he decrees a matter for Aiden ma akula, who can buy a call, he just has been an inheritance. That's it? Why do you doubt the power of a law? It's not difficult at all.

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If you look at it, the bunny is right, we're prepared for this miracle because the career in Islam had a child who was born to extremely old parents. So if Allah can do that, to extremely old parents, a mother who is barren, who cannot have any more children, a man who has become extremely old, that his bones have become weak, they have a child. That's amazing.

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So if Allah can do that, he can also create a child without a father. It's not difficult for him. Why do we underestimate the power of Allah?

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What in the law how to be and Indeed Allah is my Lord, what a bookworm and your Lord. Meaning he sort of said, I've said to the people, that Allah is my Lord, and he's also your Lord Buddha, who so worship Him, had that sort of thing. That is a street but he didn't say to the people worship me, what did he say? Allah is also my Lord. I am also a servant. I need to worship as well, which is why we see in the Bible, even so many places where you start to serve as mentioned worshiping, isn't it? So?

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What does that show that he was a servant, if he is worshiping for Buddha, who had a sort of

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recitation of the signs.

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Miss Wallace

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shocked he was

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He was

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shocked. He was

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If you think about resorted to them about his birth, about Maria Maria Salaam, there's so many interfaith disputes out there discussions, even within Christianity even within Judaism. But what do we see over here? Allah Subhana Allah says that this is golden. This is the word of truth. This is exactly what happened. But OLED TV and throne this is what they doubt about this is what the dispute over.

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And what's the reason behind that? That people cannot understand how can someone be born without a father? But the fact is that one who trusts upon the power of Allah, who has yet been in the ability of love for him, it's not difficult to understand. Look at the determination with which the Korean a salami Dora the Rola I don't know how from where but do you give me a solution? You give me a Willie, because I know that you can give me

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similarly, for a lot of panel data to create, restart Islam without a father, not difficult at all. It's not impossible for him. And we see the way that the prophets are described over here, the way their stories are mentioned, the Korean restaurant and your Heron is around. Then Miriam. And then he started on how their accounts are mentioned over here. There's so much beauty in them. It's so detailed. It's such a detailed description. The qualities are mentioned, were bedroom, BYD, they want me to conjure Baron Aasiya is our listener mobarak. So all of these qualities, the way they're mentioned over here, you don't find these descriptions elsewhere. There isn't that beauty.

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We see that Maria. She was so obedient to Allah soprano. She had dedicated her life completely, but yet she was tested with such a big test. And what was that? The Birth of a son?

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That look when she's going through the labor even What did she concern about? What are people going to say? And she's saying, Yeah, later, you need to cover their hair, they will come to Nexium and say, yeah, nobody ever knew me. Nobody ever noticed me. Because the more righteous someone is, the more noticeable they are. So it was her position. Because of it, she was afraid that how are people going to react. So if someone as obedient as righteous as JS as her is tested, she is made to go through such a difficult situation in life than others, it's understood they will also go through difficulties.

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Another very important lesson that we learned is that we learned earlier about other restaurant as well that Allah created him without a mother and a father. And so for him to create a salad salad without a father, it's not difficult at all.

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We see the way that the story is mentioned in the Quran. It's one of the best ways of doing our, we see that Java ribbon, we thought, well, they learn who he also recited. These if and what happened. The Najafi the people, they were in tears.

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So these are of the most effective,

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especially for a person who knows the story already, the way that the birth has been described over here. You know, there's so much emotion, so much feeling, anybody who's gone through giving birth and understand the way that it has been described over here for a while. mojado illogical inequality. So it's so detailed. There's so much feeling in these.

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So when you listen to them, when you recite them, it definitely impacts the heart. So it's one of the best ways of doing that. We're telling the story to people and everybody loves listening to stories.

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And with regards to eye number 33 if you see was Salam O Allah Yama willing to wear yoma emoto way over. So here. Now over here, we see that about Islam, it's mentioned that peace is on me from Allah on the day that I was born, and on the day that I will die, and on the day that I will be resurrected.

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Now by death over here, what do we understand that when he will return, and then he will be taken in that? Because the fact that Salam is upon him on that day, what does it show? That if people say that he was crucified, then what does that show that he was not saved? Right, he was tortured. And Allah subhanaw taala protected him from that that's his promise. Therefore, he has not died yet. He has not been crucified. Well, Masada boo, Omar pata loo and instead he will return and then he will be taken in that and his death is going to be that which is going to be very peaceful because Allah subhanaw taala says over here was sent out

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This will be upon him and also on the day that he will be resurrected.

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Okay, let's continue with it number 37.

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First NFL, miserable, then the factions, different men banning him from among them

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is a plural of the word his. And his is a group of people affection. So the different groups of people, they have differed amongst themselves about to about resizer.

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So what are the different groups of people out there?

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For example, first of all the yahood What did they say with regards to resign as soon as they said that he is what are the Zener he has been born out of Xena that no the villa his mother, she had committed Zina, and as a result of that, he was born the Christians, what do they say about reciting to them? That he is one of the law, that he is a child of who is the son of Allah soprano.

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Similarly, amongst the Christians, even there are many differences. Some say that he is the Son of God, some say that he is God Himself. Whereas what is the correct position? What does Allah subhanaw taala say?

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That Miriam er has said if she was a chaste woman, and Teresa Addison was born by the kalama Khan, he is not the son of Allah rather, who is he are the law, because he said any of the law. So fast data, for example, mundaneum. And they have continued to differ. And as time goes by, they only increase in their differences.

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Which is why we see even today, people are coming up with new and new stories, new versions, that for example, if some said that the Jews are responsible for getting resized, according to their opinion, today, they're saying that no, they were not responsible. So, this difference, these disputes, they only continue. Why? Because when a person does not believe in what Allah subhanaw taala has said, and rather he is speaking on the basis of assumption on the basis of people's opinions on the basis of what they have suggested, what they have fabricated, then differences will only increase disputes will only increase. So far tala fella has a woman binding him for Waylon so

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Whoa, destruction for who levena cafaro for those people who disbelieve

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for those people who disbelieve who refuse to believe in what Allah subhanaw taala has said, whether it's whether God's Teresa Salah or something else, those who disbelieve water them machete from sin Yeoman, Arlene Have a great day have a tremendous day. The word Mashhad is from Linklaters, Shane hadden, and shahida. What does it mean to witness something? And Mashhad is isn't what kind of Islam is this? Love, it's a place or time of witness. So, a place that is witnessed a time in which a person is present. So my shed is the scene view site, the place of assembly, the place of meeting.

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So what is the scene? It is off Yeoman Aleem have a tremendous day. What is that tremendous day, the day of judgment? And why is the day of judgment the tremendous day because it is the longest day it's the most serious day.

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It's a day that is full of fear for people. So, those are disbelief for them, there is destruction, why when at the scene of the tremendous deep

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meaning on the Day of Judgment, while they will be present, what will they receive? They will only receive wave destruction as they will witness that day. This is what they will receive

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a smear beam how clearly they will hear what obviously and how clearly they will see a smear by him what obviously, what is this? This is known as seal off the verb off wonder the verb of Wonder fairing that are

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that look at them how good they will hear and how good they will see. Right now they don't open their eyes and ears. They pretend that they cannot hear they pretend that they cannot see the evidence is right before them. They listen to the words of Allah but they do not accept

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but on that day, they will hear and they will see very clearly. On which day yo my tuna on the day that they will come to us

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but right now lacking it

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lolly Muna but the wrongdoers are the oma this day they are feeling Alamo being in a clear

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right now when the truth is presented to them when they are told about the true account of our listener, what happens to them, they don't believe in it. They don't pay any heed to it. They don't reflect upon it, they don't wish to accept it. However, on that day, the reality will come right before them and they will be unable to refuse it. There'll be unable to turn a blind eye to it.

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I swear by him will ever say it has also been understood in another way. That a smear is an it's an imperative. It's a command that has been given to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that all prophets are allowed is on a smear be him meaning Make them hear what obviously and make them see. Make them hear make them see. Tell them make them visualize, inform them, make them realize about yo maya tuna about the day that they will come before us. So warn them about the Day of Judgment very clearly. So it is as though they can hear they can literally see describe it to them this clearly a smear by him Well, obviously, yo my Duna

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lacking a volume owner, but rather, no matter how much you tell them still these wrongdoers, Leo mafia blood alley movie they are in a clear error today.

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ones in home and warn them, meaning warn the people, Yeoman has ready about the day of regret. warn them about Yo man hustle it about the day of regret.

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hustler is from the ruthless has seen.

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And hustler is such regret. It is sad sadness, that a person experiences on losing something

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that he wishes he had not lost it.

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For example, if a person loses an opportunity, let's say a person had an appointment, a person had an exam to take, but they slept through it. And when they woke up, they realize that half of the time has gone.

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So what is the state of their heart going to be has such extreme regret, that they lost a major opportunity, they lost something that was very important.

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So hustler is regret, sadness over losing something from one's hand. When a person loses a chance, when a person loses an opportunity, and he does not have any more chances left. He does not have any more opportunities left.

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So warn them about the day of regret, what is this day of regret? It is the day of judgment. How why is that day, a day of regret? How is it going to be the day of regret.

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Because every single person is going to regret that day. Every single person from the most righteous to the most disobedient, every single person,

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those who will end up in Hellfire who will end up incurring the punishment of Allah, who will end up bearing the hardships of the day of judgment because of the sense that they had committed, obviously, they will regret as to why they lost the chance of doing something good. Why they gave up the chance of repenting to Allah of seeking forgiveness from him that they had the time but they didn't do anything about it. They had the time, instead of using that time to make their alpha, they wasted that time in enjoying their donia.

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So every person is going to regret even the righteous ones are going to regret for what

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for not doing more, for not doing better.

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Because they know they will realize that they could have done better, but they will only have regrets on that day.

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Think about it when you get your report. When you get your result when you get your test paper.

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And you see even a point two five mark is missing. Even a point two five, you have your marks 90%. However, that minus point two five also makes you regret. How could I miss this? How can I not understand this? How could I just miss these two letters, and because of that I lose my marks. Even the slightest loss makes a person regret.

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So imagine the regret on the day of judgment

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and the romeoville hostility is totally unreal. And this regret is especially going to increase when Kalia mo when the matter will be concluded which matter which affair that of that.

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

So for the year it will be concluded it will be carried out meaning it will be finished that day.

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is going to be finished.

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We learned from a hadith

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recorded that I was sorry that he said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once said, when the people of Paradise will enter Paradise and the people of Hellfire will enter Hellfire death will be brought in the form of a handsome ram it will be brought in the form of a ram and it will be placed between paradise and hellfire.

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And then it will be sad or people of Paradise Do you know what this is? Then they will turn their gazes and they will look and they will say yes, this is death.

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Then it will be said oh people of Hellfire, do you know what this is? Then they will turn their gazes and they will look and they will say yes, this is death, then the order will be given for it to be slaughtered. And it will be said or people of Paradise eternity and no more that and oh people have Hellfire eternity and no more debt

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than the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recited this. What ended homeo mal Heseltine is totally unreal. Then the Prophet sort of all sudden made a gesture with his hand and he said, the people of this life are in the state of heedlessness of this life. Right now, there heatless as Allah subhanaw taala says we're home feel of Latin and they are in need lessness right now, they're still wasting their time. They're still not availing the opportunities that they have the moments that they have been given or whom law you may know and they do not believe why because of their hoffler

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so warn them of this day of great regret is pullian Umbro, and his audio omro has also been understood as that everyone's matter will be decided, meaning each person will be given his recompense His judgment and will be sent to his final abode. And after that, what's going to happen? Death is going to be slaughtered in the form of RAM.

00:31:59 --> 00:32:02

So nobody is ever going to die after that.

00:32:04 --> 00:32:21

Now imagine if a person is in Hellfire, when death has been slaughtered? What does it mean? He will remain there forever. He's never going to die. Never way up the hill, motoman Colima cannon wama, who will be my yet

00:32:22 --> 00:32:31

remember sort of Ebrahim that death will be approaching the person from every place, but he will not die, he will still not die.

00:32:32 --> 00:33:14

Similarly, the people in general, even they will not die. So this is going to create a lot of regret in the hearts of the people who will be suffering from punishment and loss. What ends zil homea will hostility is probably along. However, right now won't feel of Latin, for whom la You mean, right now they're in LA Fleur. They're in heedlessness, they don't take a lesson. They don't avail their chances, their opportunities. Think about it. Every time we receive our test, and we see a minus point two, five, a minus point five. Those people who are serious about their studies, what happens to them? They notice that mistake, they take a lesson. And they try their best never to repeat that

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mistake again. Who can do that? A person who has really learn from his mistake and a person who is very serious about his work, very committed to his work. But a person who's not that committed, what's going to happen? He's going to get the test. Okay, this is the marks that I got fine, put it away. That's it? Where's your test paper? I don't even know where it is. Where did you lose your marks? I don't know. I just lost five marks Why? I don't know I never really went through my test. Now if a person does not reflect on his mistakes, how is he going to improve? How is he going to improve?

00:33:47 --> 00:34:06

Generally people who are just a little shorter 100% they want to improve. Similarly, those who are below the passenger just right below it even they want to improve. So like for example, if the passing mark is 60 and somebody is in the range between 70 to 90, they will not care generally.

00:34:07 --> 00:34:49

They are heedless, generally they're like we're fine. No big deal. But those who want to really excel, they want more chances and those who realize they're not doing that, well. They want more chances as well. But typically, what happens to people that they don't learn from their mistakes. Why? Because they are in hoffler they think they are fine. What is the state of love, love applies when a person does not care is egoless. It's like a person who is sleeping when a person is sleeping. He doesn't know who's going who's coming he doesn't pay any attention. So similarly, the state of love law is when a person does not take a lesson from what is happening. He does not see

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the opportunities. He does not work to improve himself. He does not care about the consequences. We're home feels reflecting our home, let me know

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We learned integrative calf as well about the story of the man who had the two gardens. What happened to him when he lost his two gardens, but also by her, you can leave a cafe here Alabama and for coffee.

00:35:13 --> 00:35:29

Now, this is dunia. When you suffer from some loss, you can somehow make up for it in the future isn't. If you lose one opportunity today, maybe you'll get another one tomorrow. If you fail a test today, maybe you will be able to take a retest.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:42

However, when it comes to the matter of zero, there is no retest. There is no retest, there is no second chances. That is the only chance.

00:35:44 --> 00:35:55

And think about it. If a person has only one chance to pass a very major exam. What is he going to do? He's going to give it his best,

00:35:56 --> 00:35:57

isn't it?

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Is he going to take it lightly? No, he's going to give it his best. He's going to work very hard, he's not going to lose even one moment, he's not going to ignore even one aspect, even one part of the exam.

00:36:13 --> 00:36:24

Now imagine the exam of the Hereafter, it is the most important one, there is only one chance. And it's a matter of eternity.

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It's not a matter of a few years, a few moments, it's a matter of eternity. But unfortunately, many people are home fields of Latin or home law, you know,

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in National Medical, indeed, It is we who will inherit the earth woman or lay her and whoever is upon it, meaning everyone will die. Every single person is going to die. And what's going to happen, Allah will inherit the earth. Meaning when everyone has finished, Allah subhanaw taala will remain only Allah,

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woman or lay her and whoever is on it is going to die. And who will remain a law who will remain what Elena your German and to us they will all return.

00:37:12 --> 00:37:28

What is this I assure to us that only Allah is eternal, everyone in this dunya what's going to happen to him, he's going to go away, he's going to finish every soul is going to die and who is going to remain a loss apprentice.

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And then Allah will resurrect all the people in National Medical artha woman earlier

00:37:38 --> 00:37:39

normally what happens

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the child of a person he inherits, isn't it. But we see that Allah subhanaw taala is the sole heir of what of the heavens and the earth, He does not have a child, he does not need a child.

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He does not need any child, he will inherit the earth he has ownership of it and he has full control of it

00:38:03 --> 00:38:13

the earth and everyone upon it is waiting to finish and only Allah will remain and everything every person will be brought back to who do

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what Elena your job therefore, what should we do? We should prepare for that return. We should prepare for that journey for that trip back. Because every single person is going what Elena your

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If you look at it, there are so many people who have a wrong belief with regard to the hereafter with regard to so many prophets. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is told and did warn the people. He is told I will set a smear became what I will say make them listen, make them see tell them unfortunately, what is our behavior? It's their choice. It's their decision.

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We leave them as they are, we don't even discuss with them. We don't even warn them. But the fact is that this is a matter of eternity. This is not a matter of few years. It's not like if a person chooses to become an engineering instead of a doctor or chooses to become a shopkeeper instead of having a proper career. And if a person does not make that much money, you advise him if he doesn't bother, take your advice, you leave him. Why? Because it's not really a big deal. Eventually, things might change. Eventually, this life will be over. But when it comes to the aha, it is a matter of eternity. So we cannot ignore it.

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We learned in total Caf right at the beginning Leon's era, but essentially even especially who those people are Latina Carlos de Haan Allahu Allah de those people who say that Allah has a child, that Allah has taken a son.

00:40:55 --> 00:41:05

So it's our duty. It's our obligation to warn such people because the Day of Judgment is going to be given hussle death is going to finish.

00:41:06 --> 00:41:12

It's going to finish no one is going to die. If someone is in *, they remain there eternally.

00:41:13 --> 00:41:19

If you don't want to be there, how can you want somebody else to be there? You have to warn others.

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El amin alim

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de Rumia woman has one

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alarm will be hamburger, Chateau La Ilaha Illa and Mr heruka Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Maryam 1-40 Word Analysis and Tafsir 31-40

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